Rustic Warm Potato and Polenta Salad

Houston, we have internet!

Right before dinner, we had a nice man from the cable/internet company come by and fix the issue. We’re back in business, baby!

I felt bad that he came into a house that smelled like cocoa oatmeal cookies and bacon. Talk about mouth watering!

I offered him some cookies (I figured offering bacon would be weird, no?) and he said he was happy that we were his last stop and dinner was in his near future. Apparently the smells in our house had him craving a bacon burger!

Tonight’s dinner was a big salad topped with lots of crumbled bacon!

roasted potato salad 019

In the mix:

  • Arugula
  • Bacon
  • Roasted potatoes (red, gold and purple)
  • Sautéed polenta
  • Goat cheese
  • Pomegranate dressing

roasted potato salad 023

Salads for dinner aren’t usually my thing (they’re more of a lunchtime option for me most of the time), but occasionally a salad is all I want for dinner. Bonus points if it’s topped with lots of fun toppings.

The roasted potatoes and polenta gave this salad a rustic feel and a warmness that made it seem perfectly appropriate to eat on a chilly evening.

roasted potato salad 024

We initially planned to put up our Christmas tree tonight, but with the internet issues, our night was delayed a bit, so the tree will go up tomorrow. The peppermint hot chocolate, however, cannot wait one more day.

I’m craving a warm cup of that hot fire right now!


  1. Mallory says

    what a colorful salad! i’m with you –usually they are more of a lunch option for me, but when the craving strikes for dinner i just have to have one!


  2. says

    Ohh that looks so good! Take out the bacon and that’s my kind of salad!

    So glad your internet is back! Ive lost internet before during bad storms and I swear I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve become so dependent.


  3. says

    Wow, I don’t think that salad could look any better! And what planet do you live on that cable companies actually resolve issues on the same day?! Our cable company is the worst. It will literally take me a day to get ahold of someone!


  4. Meg @RunRideLove says

    I think my guy would have preferred to have been offered the bacon!

    The salad looks beautiful I love the purple potatoes.


  5. kyla says

    Mmmmm that salad looks so yummy!

    Also this is a random request but I get sad when I don’t see pictures of Sadie every day. I’m at college and I miss seeing my puppy’s face every day therefore the sadie pics fill a void 🙂


  6. Alexis says

    Your dinner looks delicious! I’m so glad your Internet is back! 3 posts a day sometimes isn’t enough, can’t imagine days! I really need to find another blog, but yours is the only one that keeps me interested! Love it and thank you!


  7. Julia says

    was the polenta pre-cooked? the only polenta I’m familiar with comes dry so I was a little bit confused about how the polenta is sauteed.


  8. says

    I’m definitely not a salad for ANY meal person, but this one looks great! If I ever crave a salad, it’s Greek salad, my favorite. I don’t think I’ve had much polenta – I’ll have to try that! Yum!


  9. Katie says

    That looks awesome! We’re starting to feel the chill here in Delaware, so I’m starting to feel “homey” dinners just like that! How did you prepare the polenta–was it from scratch?


  10. says

    I’m glad that your internet is back up and running! I hate when that happens. It’s the worst.

    Your salad looks delicious! I tried purple potatoes for the first time last month and I loved them. They taste the same. I think it’s just because of the purple color and purple is my favorite color 😉


  11. says

    Beets are on sale this week at my grocery store and I was tempted to buy them but have nooo idea what they taste like, how to prepare them, whether they’re better hot or cold…

    Basically, beats are foreign territory to me! Any suggestions?! I do know that they suggest wearing rubber gloves when handling them cause they stain!


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