Cardio Circuit Workout

Ah! I am seriously so excited to share today’s workout with you guys. No surprise, it’s a circuit workout (my favorite) and really got me sweatin’!

After a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical, I set up a little station in the open area of our gym and completed the following cardio-heavy circuit:

cardio circuit workout

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I did the circuit two times through and it took me about 25 – 30 minutes to complete.

The workout was definitely one of my favorite circuits that I’ve ever put together. I set out to do a cardio-heavy circuit and combined a bunch of my favorite cardio moves (no burpees, hallelujah!) and ended up loving this workout.

The two hardest exercises for me were the box jumps and the scissor lunge hops. My heart was pounding when I finished those moves!


Brrr, baby!

It was 38 degrees outside when we drove to the gym today, so a hot breakfast was a necessity.

bagel banana pb

I made myself a toasted wheat bagel topped with chocolate peanut butter and banana slices

And then because I was a still a little hungry and wanted to use to oven to help warm up the house, I made a quick batch of granola to snack on.

homemade granola

I probably should’ve made more because I’m positive that granola will not last through 10 a.m.

Off to make myself a hot cup of coffee to help fuel me through my latest assignment!

P.S. The December book club selection will be revealed this afternoon!

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  1. Emma says

    That looks like a fun workout! I avoid cardio because I get bored doing one thing, but this would keep things interesting. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  2. says

    That does look like a calorie burner!

    Burrr baby is right! It’s 45 over in Brevard county right now. I’m thrilled to wear my boots today instead of flop flops! 🙂

    I’m anxious to find out our next book too!


  3. says

    I can’t wait to hear the December book selection! I hope it’s one of the 3 that I didn’t read already!

    What kind of bagels to do you buy? I can never find ones at the grocery store that don’t just taste like extra thick sandwich bread,


  4. says

    Love it! I’ve been doing box jumps for a while now – I used to SUCK at them – as in, I couldn’t possibly get my head around jumping up and landing with BOTH feet at the same time. I was so bad at them! But practice definitely helps. Great workout Julie!


  5. Kara says

    Julie I was pleasantly surprised when I learned you went to Fremd for high school. I went to Naperville North and I think we played you in sports! I also looovvved the cafeteria cookies, always warm and chewy lol


  6. says

    Gosh, I ‘m surprised it gets that cold in Florida! The temperatures were similar here this morning, and I was wishing I lived in a warmer state! Guess the grass is always (artificially) greener…:)


  7. Meg @RunRideLove says

    I always want to try circuit workouts, but I’m still scarred from high school track! We used to do the use intense circuit plyometric workouts that the next day no one on the track team could walk up and down the stairs without wincing. But…maybe its time to give it a try again, it has been almost a decade (OUCH!)


  8. says

    Circuit workouts are my absolute FAVORITE. I do them almost every time I’m at the gym!
    I do those scissor ones too and they are killer! I try to do them for a minute straight, and phew it is haaard.
    Loving this cold FL weather!!


  9. says

    Since its gotten too cold to run outside I have been all over pinterest finding cardio circuit workouts to help me beat gym boredom. I’ll be adding your circuit to my little workout book fo sure! 🙂


  10. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says

    I love when you make up circuit workouts! I’m sure i’ll see it on pinterest in no time.


  11. Tia says

    I love circuit, it’s definietly my fav type of work out. Maybe I’m crazy but I actually love doing Burpees, my least fav is squats.

    It was -22 when I left for work this morning, -30 when I walked my dogs last night LOL!


  12. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    Box jumps scare me so much. I do them and enjoy them, but it takes my brain a few minutes to comprehend what I’m about to do.


  13. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    You and Court are seriously in sync today! Circuit workouts FTW. Box jumps freak me out because I’m a midget.


  14. says

    Ooooo nice workout selection! Circuit training is my favorite too! It’s so effective and it really gets my heart beating! Me, I’m going to hit the streets for a run this afternoon hopefully… the wind is out of control here in NH so we’ll see how that goes! Hope I don’t get blown away!!!


  15. says

    Cardio circuits are perfect to get your blood pumping in the morning. Especially on chilly ones like this! I spent my workout building the perfect breakfast sandwich in my head and couldn’t decide between sweet/savory. Settled on an open top whole wheat english muffin: One side with peanut butter, banana, and sprinkled pumpkin pie spice and the other with a fried egg and turkey bacon. Perfect!


  16. Rosa - Fitness Food Fulfilled says

    Circuits are totally the way to go. They just make the time fly by so fast and they’re great for cardio. Love!
    You just can’t beat a PB and banana sandwich. I had one this morning too, but I used White Chocolate Wonderful. Delicious!


  17. says

    great workout!! it’s SO cold was like 10 this morning. that is NOT okay haha. i miss summer already…but i love xmas so i guess i’ll live 🙂


  18. says

    That looks like such a great workout! You always have awesome ones :D. I am starting to incorporate more of those types of moves into my workouts because they are so challenging, but they keep things really interesting! And burpees are something that I love and hate at the same time haha…one of my fellow blog friends has even suggested doing one-legged ones…um say what?! I dunno if I have that kind of abilities haha.


  19. says

    Mmmm if I were at home with that granola it would all be gone very soon too! Thank you for posting the link for the Angel tree! I’ve been wanting to do a an angel tree gift this year but have been out of town on Sundays and haven’t made it to church- I would never have thought to check out JcPenny! And I’m looking forward to seeing what the next Book Club book is!


  20. says

    When I was younger we used to always pick a paper ornament off the tree at our church and get children things they wanted and needed for christmas. I think it’s a great tradition and it’s great to do with kids to teach them that it’s the season to give back to others.


  21. says

    That workout does sound intense!! The more painful they are, the more fun they are~ 😉 But I’ve actually never tried box jumps with the real boxes! Well, I did something like that in my old house with my piano chair. But I don’t think that’s safe lol.


  22. Emily says

    That circuit workout looked so good that I just did it! It was awesome- definitely a workout. I’m a college student and that circuit was easy enough to do right in my dorm. Luckily my roommate is at class so she doesn’t have to see the sweaty mess I am after doing it. I switched out the box jumps with burpees because I don’t have a sturdy box to jump on in my room. I love that cardio based circuits can be adapted so easily!


  23. Carolyn says

    Thanks for the link to the JCP Salvation Army Angel Program. Since I read abut your gift from the Panera tree, I was thinking that I should sign up somewhere and give to someone in need. I just signed up to give gifts to 2 Angels in my area. Feels great to participate! Thank you!


  24. Michelle B. says

    I always incorporate cardio circuits on Friday, so I’m going to try this tomorrow! Just need to find something to use for box jumps in my basement 🙂


  25. Hannah @ running in freedom says

    I love all her accessories! I know its common to mix up genders with dogs but I would still get a little irked when people would call my little gal a boy when she was wearing a a bright pink harness! haha


  26. stevie says

    That happened on facebook the other day. My boyfriends sister kept using the term he in a comment she left about my dog in a picture. She’s part mastiff so she’s very muscular but it beats me!


  27. Amanda says

    Hey just found this blog last night and am hooked…found this workout because I’m ALWAYS trying to add new things to my workout…could u tell me what a skater is? I want to try this workout asap. Thanks!


  28. says

    I dug back through your old workouts to find this one, and did it on Saturday … my glutes are STILL sore! I blame the skaters!

    I’m normally a run/yoga type of person, but this was a perfect Saturday afternoon burst of energy. Great combo!



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