City Dreamin’

I wanted to do a circuit workout at the gym today.

I wanted to get my heart rate pumpin’ to the tune of mountain climbers, plank holds and pushups, but the scrapes, scabs and bruises on my elbow and knee from Friday’s bike accident ruled out that possibility.

Instead I brought back a treadmill interval incline workout!

incline interval workout

I forgot how hard interval treadmill workouts are… especially when you throw inclines in the mix. The speeds and inclines on this workout weren’t particularly crazy, but I was super sweaty at the end.

I completed the treadmill workout after a light 20-minute warm up on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the stair master.


I changed up breakfast a bit today!

egg sandwich 004

Okay, that’s a blatant lie, but I did swap the muenster cheese on my egg, cheese and jelly sandwich for sharp cheddar.

Things are getting craaazy up in here!

A sliced apple was served on the side for some added sweetness and fiber.

egg sandwich 003

City Dreamin’

On Tuesday’s hike with Ryan and Sadie, Ryan and I began talking about our desire to go on some kind of a vacation in 2012.

Longtime blog readers may remember when our initial honeymoon plans to St. Lucia were canceled 48 hours before we were supposed to leave because of a hurricane.

We ended up going on a “Tour de Florida” which was really fun, but we promised ourselves that we would make it to St. Lucia for our one-year wedding anniversary.

honeymoon cruise

Well, that obviously didn’t happen.

With our unanticipated move to Ocala and Ryan beginning a new job, taking a week off work didn’t seem like a good idea, so our St. Lucia plans have been postponed. We’re now thinking St. Lucia might make a good five-year anniversary trip.

Anyway, we are hoping to take some sort of a vacation together in 2012. When we began talking about what we were looking for, we both agreed we want an active vacation with lots to see and explore.

The more we talked, the more we realized that a city vacation is what we’re looking for at the moment. New York City? Barcelona? San Francisco? Washington D.C.?

We obviously have no particular city in mind and haven’t started to research places yet, so I figured I would look to you guys for guidance since you always provide the best recommendations when it comes to travel.

So, I ask you…

Question of the Morning

  • What is the most memorable city you’ve visited and what made it so special?


  1. says

    I love how you added Barcelona. 🙂 I’ve been to New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. and ALL of them are amazing, but my personal favorite out of those three has to be D.C. I wasn’t too thrilled to go at first (I went for a PR conference) but as soon as we got there, my mind was changed. The history and culture of the city is so fascinating and I am dying to go back!

    Have you thought about going somewhere REALLY far away? Another personal favorite of mine is Alaska. We went in the summer and it was incredibly beautiful. The glaciers and wildlife will definitely be something that stays with me forever.

    Happy vacation planning! How exciting!


        • says

          That’s what we did! We did a cruise in July 2009 and I suffered from severe post-vacation depression as soon as we got off the ship. Glad someone else agrees with me! Some people just look at me funny when I tell them Alaska is a great vacation spot. 🙂


      • says

        Another ditto to Alaska!! It CHANGED me, literally. So peaceful and wonderful up there–so much to do and see! Go in June or July–my sister married an Alaskan, so if you guys decide there, I could hook you up with sweet deals and ideas. Just let me know 🙂

        love incline workouts!


        • says

          I just went to Alaska this summer too. The views are breathtaking!!! I went on a family trip which was tons of fun, however aside from the sightseeing, I didn’t think there was too much to do.

          That said, for a couple’s city vacation, I have to vote for San Francisco! I also went this year with friends and cannot wait to take my fiance! It is such a great city, and so close to Sonoma and Napa, which I think is paradise! Good luck!


    • says

      I live in Alaska, and it is interesting to read about other people’s experiences in Alaska. Everyone I know loves in for their 1-2 week vacation, but after living here for 4.5 years–and experiencing it year-round, your viewpoint changes. (Well, at least mine did.)

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, but I just had to comment about how interesting it is to read everyone’s take on Alaska.


  2. says

    OBVIOUSLY you should come to DC. No question. It’s much more compact that NYC but can offer you a cleaner subway system, more historic sites, and still plenty of great eateries to keep you entertained for a short trip. And it would certainly be active – there’s plenty of urban hiking available, lots of running trails, a gigantic national park in the middle of the city, and you have to walk everywhere. So come visit, y’all.

    I think a big question is which time of year you plan to go. DO NOT go to DC or NYC in July or August. DO NOT go to Boston in January or February. Etc.


      • says

        Considering Victoria and I live 2 miles away from each other in DC, obviously I am with her 🙂

        DC is really an incredible place to visit – you’ve got hiking trails, monuments, water, amazing food, nightlife, museums, etc. And, the best part is that SO much of it is FREE! Whenever I visit other cities, I am always so surprised to have to pay to see so many sites. Not here!

        Other than DC, my favorite US cities to visit are San Fran, New Orleans and Chicago.

        My top US city on my “to visit” list is Seattle.


        • Arwen says

          As another DC resident, I agree! DC is spectacular location for a visit. I wouldn’t recommend coming in the dead of summer due to crippling humidity, but otherwise it’s a great time! If you do end up picking DC, I would be happy to give you some more specific ideas (like a boat ride along the Potomac from Georgetown’s waterfront).


    • Rebecca says

      DC is a great place to come! As many people have said, lots of the museums are free, and it’s very tourist-friendly! The metro isn’t too hard to figure out and with Groupon/Living Social deals, I’m sure you and Ryan could find a great deal online for a hotel. There is also great food here too 😉


  3. Sarah says

    The husband and I have been to FL, Texas, Mexico, France, Ireland, Maui and our favorite by far was Ireland. We were based out of Dublin but you can travel anywhere in Ireland in less than a day.
    It was beautiful, fun, lots to see, and history everywhere!


    • Bridgette says

      I’m gonna second Ireland. I went with my grandfather for my college graduation gift and wow, it’s something I’ll never forget and can’t wait to go back. We traveled so much of the country(excluding Northern Ireland), cities, country, hotels and bed and breakfasts. There’s soooo much to do and see. My ultimate goal is to go back and do an entire trip visiting different places but only stay in the bed and breakfast’s. There are sooo many and they’re EVERYWHERE! I loved the hotel we stayed at in Dublin, The Conrad, but the quaintness and charm of the Bed and Breakfasts we stayed in just couldn’t be beat.


  4. Kim S. says

    I would definitely recommend San Diego! I am slightly partial, since I got engaged there in May, but it is an amazing city with beautiful weather and some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. You can rent bikes around Coronado (just don’t try sneaking up on anyone this time!) and it’s a really great time.


  5. says

    NYC is always fun, but I really like Portland, OR. It’s a really neat city with so much to do….the Ocean & the mountains aren’t far away…and the city is very walkable. I really like hiking up behind Multnomah Falls, having a picnic lunch in the Rose Garden, & exploring Powell’s book store. I’d recommend going in the summer when it doesn’t rain as much and is so green.


  6. says

    Tough question! I grew up in DC, but I still really enjoy visiting it with friends who have never been. It gives me a chance to play tourist, which is always fun.
    In terms of most memorable cities, I know it’s totally cliche, but I do love me some Paris. I think I’ve been at least 7-8 times, and every time, I find something new to love. La Sainte Chappelle is a phenomenal sight, and much like the song says, there’s nothing quite like Paris in the springtime (or the fall, or summer when it sizzles, or the winter, when it drizzles). In fact, I think one of my favorite Christmases was spent in Paris. We went to Notre Dame de Paris for the Christmas Eve service. Amazing. And highly recommended!


  7. Elizabeth says

    Jule- YOu can’t go wrong in DC or NYC. Both are AWESOME! It depends on what you are looking for–DC–history, museums, etc–Virginia is fun to see as well–hiking, biking, the Shenandoah. We combined our trip and toured Virginia and ended up in DC. It was awesome! NYC speaks for itself–shows, shopping, people, etc. E


  8. Jessica says

    Definitely Chicago or DC! Both are beautiful cities with tons of free things to do. Also both cities offer great public transportation to/from airports as well as getting around the area. They are both unique, clean, and offer a lot of culture. If you go to Chicago, I highly reccommend the Chicago Food Tour. Our guide was fantastic, and we learned so much about the various neighborhoods and it’s history.


  9. says

    Julie – maybe you should peruse for some vacation ideas… 😉

    If you’re looking for an amazing time in Europe, I definitely recommend Paris. It’s romantic and there’s tons to do.

    Also, Tim and I just went to NYC and it was so fun. I’m about to write a blog about it very soon!! 😀 I hope you and Ryan are doing well.

    We need to meet up soon!!


  10. Laura says

    I live in the DC Metro area, and especially due to the fact that your fabulous ST LUCIA trip was cancelled, I would DEFINITELY go somewhere outside of the US. Barcelona sounds very exciting, or Paris (romantic!!). DC and NYC are all “long-weekend” trips that you can do anytime. Ramp things up and go somewhere awesome. Don’t get me wrong… DC is cool, but far less exciting than somewhere completely unknown to you, like overseas.


  11. Brita says

    So I know it’s slightly random, but Edinburgh, Scotland was the most fun city I’ve ever been to. Tons of neat castles and history, but also pretty cool nightlife. I highly suggest it!
    In the U.S., you can’t go wrong with San Francisco. Don’t tell my current boyfriend, but the most romantic weekend of my life was spent there with an ex. There’s SO much to do, the weather is beautiful and there are some great hikes and such right outside the city 🙂


  12. says

    I live in DC so I am totally biased. But it is an absolutely amazing city.. I’ve lived here my whole life and even with almost 24 years under my belt, my boyfriend and I still find new exciting stuff to do every weekend. Just last week we randomly took a double decker bus tour! Spring here is beautiful (think cherry blossoms!) — New York overwhelms me but I still have a fabulous time everytime I go. Just a bit intimidating to me! Looking forward to seeing what you guys decide- obviously down the road if you choose DC i’ll be happy to throw tons of suggestions your way 🙂 My boyf and I are going to San Fran next month (i’ll be there for work and he’s meeting me out there) and are *hopefully* going to make it to London for the Olympics this summer (He’s from there and I’ve never been!!)


  13. says

    You will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Barcelona! You have the beach right there, plus amazing architecture, the crazy Gaudi constructions everywhere (the Sagrada Familia church has been in ACTIVE construction for over 130 years, how mindblowing is that?), the food is great, the town is super laid back and bike friendly (they have a “bike share station” in every block). I absolutely loved Barcelona!

    If you want to travel further, both Hong Kong and Taipei were cool cities I visited this year (off to Singapore tomorrow, and we’re doing Bangkok in a couple of weeks when my parents come to visit).

    I say it’s your anniversary, you can ALWAYS go to NYC (so easy!), but go outside of the country and make it count! My vote is for Barcelona!


    • says

      Oh, and I don’t vote for DC at all. Like NYC you can go anytime, but it’s not that exciting (take it from a person that lived there 7 years…). Why don’t you plan a race at some point in DC (Army Ten Miler is a good one — my favorite race!), and use that as a reason to travel. But anniversary trip? Too boring.


    • Andrea says

      I’m with Carla – if you have the vacation days to take a trip to Europe, make your city trip a real vacation and go to Barcelona. It’s an awesome city with so much to do.
      And while you’re in Spain – go to Valencia. Definitely my favorite city in Europe for city trips, it’s so pretty, has tons of things to do and isn’t very touristy.


    • says

      I vote Barcelona too! We went there for our honeymoon and loved the mix of architecture, museums, beach, boat trip, nice restaurants, shopping etc… Lots of fun things to do!

      Having said that, we’d also love to go to NYC, but that’s more, from a UK perspective, for all the different food!! 😀


  14. Nicole says

    Washington D.C. is so fun with a lot to do and if you never went, it’s wonderful. I would have to say in terms of exploring and everything San Fran would be an awesome choice too! My parents rented a car and drove up the coast, said it was so fun! New York City is the BEST! (can you tell I’m a New Yorker?!) You must come one of these days because there is wayyyyyyy too many fun activities packed into this big city. It’s pretty incredible. Wait til spring, we’re around 20 degrees today 🙂


  15. Anonymous says

    New Orleans, hands down! I’ve been to most of the major east coast cities and tourist destinations, but New Orleans was by far my favorite. It’s not all partying…you can do plantation tours (check out Oak Alley Plantation – gorgeous!), Hurricane Katrina tours, look at the beautiful homes in the Garden District…and the food was INCREDIBLE (seafood galore!). Everything was also very reasonably priced – yes, even hotels! We stayed at a nice Hampton Inn on Carondelet (2 blocks from the Bourbon St for quiet at night) – it was $89 per night on weekends, clean, updated, and included free breakfast. Flights are also reasonably priced. Iowa Girl Eats has great recaps on her webiste.


  16. Katie says

    I lived in DC for two years but I just moved to San Franicsco and you should definitely check out SF if you have never been!! There is so many different parts of the city to explore, plus it’s such an active and outdoorsy city. Plus you are so close to Napa and Sonoma to go wine tasting. Not to mention some of the best restaurants in the world. I highly recommend SF!!


  17. Elisabeth says

    I vote for DC! I love visiting there – I’ve been 6 times & never get tired of it. My favorite place to go there is the Air & Space Museum 🙂


  18. Molly says

    New Orleans!! It is such an underrated city, and is by far the best city I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot!). The food is AMAZING, and the whole city is a live with culture and is so vibrant. The locals are incredibly friendly and are always eager to show you around and talk to you. There are tons of historic sights to see, beautiful architecture, incredible jazz music, and great shopping. Although Bourbon Street is definitely something you have to see at least once and is very very fun, it is not all that the city has to offer. Many people think that New Orleans is just about partying really hard, but that is far from true! Also, everything is SO affordable. You could go to the best, fanciest restaurant in the city and it would cost the same as a mid-priced place in NYC. I highly recommend checking it out!!! Every neighborhood in the city has something to offer, and since the entire city is not that big, you can easily see everything in a 4-day weekend.


  19. says

    My sis lives right across the Hudson from Midtown Manhatten so I’ve been to NYC a lot. I can go back many more times as there is always something new to visit!

    I haven’t been outside the US besides the bahamas, but we were cruisin’ so I didn’t see much of the city.

    Inside the US I LOVED Breckenridge, CO. That is the cutest little town EVAH. Paul and I rented a house with some close friends and went on a snowboarding trip for 6 days which was AWESOME, and super cheap since we all split a house, and more fun too! That would def be an active vacation for you!


  20. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    Well my favorite city of all time is Chicago. But you probably already know that!!
    I did love visiting San Francisco back in high school, too.

    Also, just random, but my newest project at work is with a company in Ocala. I thought of you. I’m working on an analysis of an antenna piece.


  21. says

    DC was an amazing vacation, and I’m headed up to NYC in two weeks, which I seriously can’t wait for. I’m a city girl at heart and can see why y’all would have a blast exploring an adventure-packed city…my vote is for NY! (Or Miami if you want to stay a little closer – that one’s a blast too)


  22. Angie says

    My husband and I are on our first real vacation that doesn’t involve a tent since our honeymoon in Hawaii 7 years ago. We are in NYC right now and it’s awesome. I would definitely do something that is easier to do when it’s just the 2 of you and there are no kids involved.


  23. Sara says

    Have you two ever been to NYC? If not you absolutely have to go. It’s my favorite of all the cities I’ve been to (even more so since I got engaged there 3 weeks ago!), and I live in NY! I get down to NYC pretty frequently but it just never gets old. There’s just soooo much to do there, shows, amazing restaurants, the best shopping, great museums (Natural History is my favorite), my list could go on and on. If you do go, you should go on a running tour of the city, Susan over at susanruns.blogspot.comm recent posted about a running tour she led. What better way to be active on vacation?!


  24. says

    If in Europe … Paris and Barcelona are one of my favorites although Rome, Florence and especially Venice are near and dear to my heart. No August visits though.

    Before moving to the US we went to DC … I had never been and was so pleasantly surprised … actually it was amazing … so easy to plan and visit … I did a lot of internet planning prior to the trip, which was the best thing I could have ever done.

    San Francisco is another favorite of mine …


  25. says

    I live in DC, and I love it here. If either of you are history buffs, this is the place to go. Plus, the majority of the museums are free so it would be relatively cheap. Plus, there are plenty of great restaurants and some great trails to run on! However, although I’ve never lived there, my best friend lives in New York, and I try to get there every couple months to see her. I would never want to live there, but it’s unlike any other city in the world. The culture is so different. The people watching is amazing. The restaurants are fantastic. Plus if you’re trying to let loose, that’s the place to go. The bars and clubs don’t close until everyone leaves. I’m not much of a partyer, but when I go to NY I frequently stay out until 4 am and don’t even realize it.

    Also, Vegas is pretty fantastic, whether or not you’re a gambler.


    • says

      Also… I wouldn’t take the opinion of someone who hasn’t been to DC in the past five or so years too seriously. This city has had a real resurgence. It’s become a lot more fashionable, and a whole bunch of famous chefs are opening restaurants here now (Bobby Flay, for example!). It’s not the stuffy, scholarly place it once was.


  26. Heather @ Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife says

    NYC is my favorite “city” experience by far…but I’ve never been to San Fransisco. Those would be my top two!

    Being a fellow Floridian, I get excited for the hussle of the busy city life for a few days. Although many might say Manhattan is where it’s at, I actually have enjoyed the culture, restaurants and nightlife of Soho and Upper East (or West…I can’t remember now!). Central Park is an obvious must, and it’s always great to go see a show on Broadway and eat at the infamous “Serendipity” <– one of my fav movies!

    We're actually dabbling with the idea of dropping everything and moving up there! *Dare to dream* 😉

    Good Luck picking your City Vaca!


  27. says

    I went to DC a few years ago and loved it. We stayed a little north of all the museum but were able to take the train to everything. All the museums are free and I think the only thing we paid for was a bus ride through Arlington because after 6 days of walking I was happy to pay for a ride. Also we contacted our congressman for tickets to go on a tour inside the white house and see congress in session. They did a background check on both of us and I think sent us a ‘ticket’.


  28. says

    If you’ve never been to NYC or DC, you guys should definitely go to one of them. My husband and I go to both a lot since we live in Philly (literally 2 hours away from both cities!). No matter how many times we go, we always find new things to do or restaurants to explore. San Fran is also amazing. I’ve only been once but I loved it. My sister goes there a few times a year to visit her boyfriend’s family and can’t get enough of SF!


  29. Sarah says

    I would have to say D.C. I lived in New York my whole life, i tell ya, it’s nothing to gaga over 🙂 But that may be different to someone outside the state. We go to NY and DC a couple of times a year and it is more fun in the District. And sometimes if you are lucky you see a politician… and throw a tomato… haha. Just kidding. Especially the fact that Busch Gardens and Williamsburg isn’t too far away. Lots to do and see! Or you may want to come right here to Virginia. Actually the state’s ad motto is ” Virginia is for Lovers”. I moved here a couple of years ago and the people are SO nice. There is that small town atmosphere around the state with the big city attractions. And it is not as expensive as the major places. Hope you consider it!


  30. says

    I live in DC so I have to vote for DC first. There is so much to see and do here so if you want an active vacation, DC is perfect. You can bike the sites, go for a nice long run on the National Mall around all the monuments, and even run over the Memorial Bridge out into Arlington National Cemetery. Another great thing about DC is that a lot of things are free: all of the Smithsonians, the Zoo. If you do come to DC, you have to get drinks at the W. It’s one of my favorite places in the city: you can see all of the monuments from the rooftop bar. Happy to share more suggestions for where to stay and where to eat if you decide to visit DC.

    My husband and I went to Chicago at the end of October and absolutely loved it. We were only there for the weekend, and my husband was working, but we had a really nice time and look forward to going back when it’s warm.


  31. says

    When you were going on your trip to Europe with your family, all I could stress was getting to London. It is by far my favorite city in the world.

    Since you’ve been there though, if you haven’t been to NYC, I recommend it. I live in CT so I’ve been able to go a bunch of times and it’s something you have to experience at least once. It’s crazy there.

    I’ve been to DC a few times and that’s also an awesome city.

    I’ve heard Barcelona is amazing. Edinburgh, Scottland is pretty cool too…not sure if you went there or not but it’s an awesome city.


  32. says

    DC was by far my favorite cities to visit within the US, and I haven’t been to many. Outside of the US, I would pick any place in Italy. Rome, Florence, Milan, Pisa…. or any small country town along the Italian Riviera.


  33. Morgan says

    DefInitely go out of the country if you can! I’ve been able to go to Paris and Barcelona and both of those were AMAZING! I went with about 50 other high school kids 2 years ago. Paris is a bit more spread out in my opinion with a lot more tourist sites. My group and I had a strict schedule everyday, but it was totally worth it! We actually spent 4 days there and took an overnight train to Barcelona, which was such a cool experience. Barcelona was more lively and we were pretty much allowed to do whatever we wanted there (lots of shopping!!). I loved being able to explore on my own with my friends. Both were such incredible cities, but both completely different! If you’re looking for a lot to do, I would definitely go Paris 🙂 plus, they have these bikes that you can check out in one location and ride anywhere around the city until you find another bike rake, which are ALL OVER THE CITY! Anyways, goodluck on your decision!! 🙂


  34. says

    My favorite city may not be as big as New York or DC, but I think it’s the most beautiful! My absolute favorite city is Denver, CO! There is so much to do right downtown including plenty of shopping and dining. The main drag has a ton of independent restaurants that have been around for years. Being such an active city, it is extremely walkable and there is skiing or hiking available if you don’t mind driving a bit. My husband is a huge Denver Broncos fan do I took him there for his graduation present. We took a tour of Invesco Field, went to a Rockies game, and to John Elway’s restaurant downtown. I obviously wanted that trip to be all for him, but I would for dure go again in a heartbeat!!


  35. Aditi says

    I love city vacations! My fiancé and I are currently trying to decide where to go on our honeymoon this summer and we definitely want a city as well! We live in NYC so I would definitely say New York if you want a fun city to explore for a few days! Between the museums, the restaurants, central parks and even the boroughs, there is so much to do and see! San Francsico is also another favorite (my fiancé is from there) but I have heard wonderful things about Barcelona too (it’s currently on our list of possibilities for a honeymoon!)


  36. Kimberly says

    Chicago is an awesome city! Whenever my husband has a business trip there I try to tag along. I would recommend going in the spring or summer of course. Have a Happy New Year!


  37. Michelle says

    I am an Orlando native now living in Washington, D.C. and LOVE it! It is a wonderful city that provides for a different experience – we are a city filled with international transients, are the hub for American history and are the “movers and shakers” for political change.

    BUT I think you and Ryan should look at where you want to be in the next few years. If you all are thinking about starting a family sooner rather than later then go abroad now. Madrid and Barcelona are two incredible cities that are relatively easy to travel between (think overnight speed train ride). I have been before and am traveling back with my boyfriend this March. They are both very romantic and exciting cities filled with passion, good eats and culture.

    If you are thinking anywhere in Europe remember the Olympics are in London this summer which means travel around the summer months are getting pretty pricey. I was able to nab my flight for March at a good rate – around $600 which isn’t terrible for Europe.

    Happy traveling 🙂


  38. says

    NYC or San Fran. NYC is awesome just cause it’s NYC, but lately I’ve been thinking more and more about how much I LOVE SF. It’s just got a really amazing vibe, and the weather can’t be beat! Plus, you could make a week out of it and spend some time in the city, some time in wine county, and some time hiking on the south peninsula. Beautiful.


  39. says

    I love D.C. My fiance and I stop there often on our drive to and from Florida (from CT) twice a year. It’s a cool city to explore because there is so much culture, as well as shopping and food. I’m sure all of the other cities you listed are great too!!!


  40. says

    This is a big trip- but you should consider Sydney! The city is absolutely gorgeous and SO laid back compared to US cities! And, within a mile you can be downtown or on the beach at Bondi. Plus, it’s Australia. 🙂


  41. Angie says

    My sister-in-law lives in DC and I love visiting her. There is so much to do and great restaurants. I went to San Fran a few years ago in the summer and loved it. My favorite European city isn’t a big city… Zermatt, Switzerland. It is the ski town at the bottom of the Matterhorn. There are no cars (only electric vehicles), the hotels and ski chalets are amazing, and the skiing/hiking is amazing!


  42. says

    I loves Seattle and San Francisco! Both cities had so much to do, from museums, to shopping, site seeing, and the most important thing for me – very walkable! I especially loved morning runs along the marina in San Francisco, followed by a coffee shop stop on our way back to our hotel. I also found awesome hotels in both cities with great prices and locations.


  43. says

    Chicago is my fave US city to visit – been there more times than any other city besides NYC. It’s fun, clean, the people are friendly, good shopping, good restaurants. I’ve been almost everywhere you mentioned and this would be my #1 recommendation. Been to Barcelona, too, and if you’re thinking Europe I don’t know if that’d be way up on my list.


  44. Bethany @ More Fruit Please says

    I vote for Seattle!!! There’s tons of stuff to do and see just within the city, but if you don’t mind driving an hour out of the way, you can find dozens of hiking trails that offer fantastic views of nature. Seattle is also very dog friendly, so you could always consider bringing Sadie!!


  45. Ashley says

    Hi Julie I have been reading you blog for a few months now.. never left a comment until today!

    Boston is one of my favorite cities in the US. So much history to see, you can walk almost everywhere if you want to or hop on the subway. Harvard, Sam Adams brewery, the Freedom trail, tour Fenway! Amazing Food and everyone was super friendly, you should definitely consider it if you haven’t been. Otherwise… NYC is always a good time 🙂


  46. says

    Awwww, St. Lucia is beautiful, I hope you make it there for your 5 year!

    My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and it was simply incredible. The combination of culture, history and the food, oh the food…. we returned for our 1 year anniversary and it was just as amazing. Some friends joined us on the anniversary trip, and it was so fun playing tour guide since we’d been there before!


  47. says

    Tokyo!!! My family lived in Japan for 2 yrs when I was little bc my dad was in the Navy. We were an hour away from Tokyo so we visited a few times. It’s such an amazing city!! I would def go back there first before exploring Europe.


  48. Joely says

    I’d recommend SF personally. Obviously that because I live in California, but I’ve been to SF several times and have never done all there is do to. There’s Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, which is AWESOME! Ghiradelli Square, and we must not forget the crooked street, plus more.

    Also Napa isn’t to far away from SF, lots of great wine tasting, but California can also boast Yosemite National Park which is amazing with all of it’s wonderful trails and scenery, and some gorgeous waterfalls.

    Best of luck with your decision. Wherever you and Ryan decide to go will be amazing!


  49. Hilary says

    Boston! I know that’s not one you mentioned, but it is by far mine and my husband’s favorite city. It may be pretty cold there now and for the rest of the winter, but it’s an awesome walkable city.


  50. Kate says

    I love DC. There’s tons to do and it’s very inexpensive (lots of free museums leaves money for great restaurants and shows!). I went to school there and lived there afterwards.

    My brother lives in San Fran and loves it too. It’s very active and healthy lifestyle focused. There are tons of great restaurants and it is beautiful there. It’s also close to many other places like Sonoma, so you could easily tour wine country too, maybe stay at a B&B there for a night.

    Internationally, I’d say I loved London best, but I think you’ve been there. My mom and brother lived in Barcelona for a semester and absolutely loved it. You could also take day trips to other parts of Spain.

    Wow, I guess I’ve just told you all the places you were thinking of would be great. DC definitely isn’t as pretty as San Fran or Barcelona, so if I were going I’d probably pick one of those two.

    Ohh…one you didn’t mention is Boston. I loved visiting there. It’s also near the Cape so you could visit there too.


  51. says

    I’m from NYC and obviously love it, so I could give you some recommendations if you choose to come! Obviously, given your pandora playlists, you’ll have to go to a broadway play (or two!). There are great museums, restaurants, parts of brooklyn, etc. Also, it is pretty dead crowd-wise in January, Feb, and April (March=spring break).

    But having said all that, I LOVED SF and really want to go back!!!


  52. Rachel says

    My fiance and I went to San Francisco last December and LOVED it! There are so many awesome restaurants in the city, tons of things to do and Saulsalito, Miur Woods and Napa is super close too. We unfortunately went on the wettest week of the whole year so we had an umbrella attached to our hands the entire time but it was an incredible trip.


  53. says

    Well if you want to go abroad I have several cities that I absolutely LOVED: London, England; Budapest, Hungary; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Paris, France! Budapest is seriously was one of my favorite cities! But I also am in love with London :D. I’m sure you two will have fun wherever you decide to go!


  54. Kristin says

    I’ve traveled quite a bit and recently went to NYC for the first time. It was incredible!! Of all the cities you listed, I’ve visited them all, and NYC tops the list! There is so much to do; it’s a blast!

    That being said, I have to say, of all the places I’ve been, my top 3 (I can’t pick just one), are Rome, Barcelona, and Alaska.


  55. says

    I lived in Florence, Italy for about 6 months in college and fell in LOVE! It is not only beautiful and full of really awesome art and architecture, but there is never a dull moment. You would have thought that after 6 months I would have seen everything, but I really haven’t. It has everything, romance, fun, great food. If I could move back, I would in a heartbeat. I actually would recommend looking into renting an apartment for a week, it’s less expensive and then you could use it as a hub and do lots of day trips around the country.
    As for the US, I fell in love with San Francisco within 2 seconds of landing. I thought it had so much to offer and a ton to do. It’s easily walkable, and we stayed at the Hyatt in Fishermans Wharf, which I would highly recommend (and it had the BEST breakfast place across the street).
    The boyfriend and I are currently trying to plan our vacation, I want Europe, he wants US, we’ll see who wins!


  56. says

    Vail, CO is awesome. My family is not really into cold weather so we used to go to Vail in the summers. It’s a nice break from the hot summers we have in TX (and you have in FL) and there is a lot to do, like hiking and biking and shopping. I also second San Diego, though. Beautiful city, great weather, lots to do.


  57. says

    I love Chicago but you are well versed on that city already!!

    My next long trip will be San Fran – I really want to se the city, the surrounding gorgeous shore towns, wine country, etc.


  58. says

    my husband and i were just having a similar conversation last night at dinner! we wanted to take a vacation that is scenic, active, and somewhere we haven’t been to before or at least explored much. i think we decided on San Francisco. i’ve been there once but it was a short day trip and wasn’t nearly long enough to see all the sights. there’s so many great cities out there to visit! it’s hard to choose.


  59. stevie says

    I loved san francisco! There is so much to do there. I was there for 3 days and still didn’t get to experience all the things they had to offer. Great food, a lot of history, west coast beaches, and they even have a china town. It’s a big walking city, we walked everywhere!


  60. Rowen says

    NYC is pretty cliche, but honestly you can’t really beat it. It’s amazing, just beyond incredible and for a city vacation it’s the best there is. No doubt about it!


  61. Danielle says

    I’m partial to NYC since I live so close to it! It’s a fantastic city with so much to do, obviously.

    But I studied abroad and Spain in college, and few places are like it. I studied in Alicante (right on the southern coast) and it’s amazingly gorgeous. Barcelona was INCREDIBLE. Definitely recommend Barcelona!

    D.C. is also so awesome, so much history, and so much to do!


  62. says

    NYC!! I love it. There have been 4 sites/sights in my life that truly invoked shock and awe. They completely lived up to my expectations. They were the Grand Canyon, Eiffel tower, the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland) and Times Square!! It is awesome. There is so much to see and do, I could go back over and over! Shopping. Eating. Site-seeing.
    Plus, so many movies and television shows I love took place in NYC, so I loved being there. (Especially as an avid S&TC fan)


  63. Becca says

    I’m from D.C. and think you and Ryan would love it! The city is full of history, free museums, and so much activity. I think y’all would fit right in as you see physical activity wherever you go–amazing running and hiking trails, kayaking on the Potomac River, pick-up soccer games downtown, etc. San Francisco would be amazing as well–I’ve never been but I’m dying to!! You can’t go wrong with any of the cities you mentioned.


  64. Kaella Carr says

    NEW YORK!!! I’ve been so many times and ,love it so much, I had a NYC themed wedding. You can walk around Manhatten on foot and see all sorts of different neighbours and landmarks. HIGHLIGHTS: walking or running around Central Park– Taking in the memorial at the site of the World Trade Centre– Admiring the views from the top of the Empire State Building and going to a Broadway show! Times Square at night is magical, having lunch in a small deli in Greenwich Village makes you feel like you’re not a tourist and shopping in SOHO (or Canal St for deals) is so fun! I really loved taking the FREE Staten Island Ferry to sail by the Statue of Liberty and Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center as well (if you go in October-February.) Honestly, I could keep going and going (I’m the go-to NYC guide for my family and friends) but I’ll leave it at that. If you have any questions, let me know! I always say being in New York City really makes me feel…Alive! Good luck on your trip planning!! Jarod and I are hoping to go there in the new year as well 🙂


  65. Lauren Rees says

    I personally love NYC. I’m from Tampa,FL and just can’t get enough of NY. My husband and I went for a fun trip with my sister and her bf and fell in love with the city. Then, last October we went and we got engaged and then when our Mexico honeymoon was a disaster, we up and flew to NYC. My advice in do all the exciting touristy stuff but definitely eat in the random places. We never eat at the “ny spots” but rather in soho where the locals go! Makes things much more affordable and better tasting!


  66. says

    As an East Coast girl, I would suggest a West Coast city, for sure! Seattle is awesome–easy to navigate and lots to do, see and eat, you can also make a side trip to the San Juan islands, which are simply incredible! San Francisco is one of my all time favorite places–again, here I recommend a side trip! Napa and Sonoma are beautiful and have lots of outdoor options and tasty wines.


  67. says

    My husband and I plan summer “city vacations” around baseball. We love traveling to new cities and going to baseball games! Our favorite so far is St. Louis. We grew up in a baseball/hockey city (Detroit), and now we live in a city with a team (Cincinnati) but we REALLY loved St. Louis, so much that would could consider moving! 🙂


  68. Mary says

    Go to Chicago in the summer! It’s gorgeous you have the beach with the lake tons of parks, and running/walking trails.the cuty is very active and pretty. A lot of fun stuff to do and the heat won’t kill you there’s always a nice breeze. The architecture is amazing


  69. Sarah says

    My parents, husband and I spent four days in Rome this past March. It was amazing and I would do it again in a second. I can’t decide if my favorite part was the private tour of the Vatican (worth every penny), the gladiator training right down the street from the Coliseum, or the hours we spent drinking wine at cafes. 🙂


  70. says

    Most memorable: Maui – there was SO much to do there. Downhill volcano bike rides, white water rafting, hump-back whale sightseeing, hiking to waterfalls and in bamboo forests, luaus…
    Fabian and I did so much stuff there and loooooved it.
    Second fave was def NYC. You will never be bored there.


  71. says

    All 3 are wonderful! I think you should think about the theme or your trip. Do you want it fast paced, more historic, more culture? NYC is great for shows, shopping, the random little bars, cafes, etc if you want to do that. DC is just more historic and the sites are incredible to see. I am ALWAYS up for going to another country and getting out of your comfort zone. And take your budget into consideration as well! We are going to San Francisco in a couple of weeks and we haven’t been for years so I am pretty excited.


  72. Isabel says

    Love DC (I am history obsessed!) and London- definitely a couple of my favorite places that I’ve gone. Recently, though, I have to say that Estes Park, CO (or CO in general) iss a front runner for a repeat vacation spot. It was where the hubby and I had a REAL vacation. Estes Park is so laid back and friendly and super close to RMNP where we did TONS of hiking! Plus nearby towns had awesome ziplining and white water rafting opportunities that we enjoyed as well! Definitely a great place for an active vacation!


  73. Kristina says

    I live in New York and am absolutely obsessed with all that the city has to offer, but I definitely think Barcelona/somewhere outside of the US is the way to go for your anniversary trip! However, if you are leaning towards a US city and you have a week, why not do DC and New York in one shot? There are plenty of easy methods of transportation in between the two cities and if you travel during non-rush hours, it’s only about 4 hours!


  74. says

    Barcelona!!! I went in April, and it is an absolutely beautiful and romantic city! Plus, there’s a beach there, too. All of the different neighborhoods there are very distinct and unique, the food is amazing, and the people are wonderful. I highly recommend it 🙂


  75. says

    We’re trying to figure out where we want to honeymoon, and we really like the idea of New York because we’re getting married in December so we’ll get to see all the Christmas decorations. Our first trip together was to DC and it was wonderful. We hiked, biked through all the monuments, and had a really active trip, which was fun.


  76. Tiffany says

    I vote SF! It’s not as busy as NY but its still got a nice city feel. I also love how it’s a walkabke city and it won’t be as cold either! Also there are some preeeeetty awesome foodie places as well 🙂


  77. says

    My husband and I went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon and loved it! It’s definitely a vacation worth going on 🙂 I’ve never been to NYC, but loved going to DC for a wedding last year, and wished we’d had more time to explore the city. I’ve also always wanted to go to Seattle, and have heard nothing but good things from people who have visited and/or live there.


  78. Nicole says

    Buenos Aires, Argentina is my recommendation. The city is so diverse, so my husband and I did a walking tour of a different neighborhood each day, using Frommer’s Day-by-Day as our guide. We absolutely loved the city. And the food was amazing too!


  79. Lisa says

    Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a vacation (visiting family in the “sunshine state” doesn’t count for me). I have been to a number of places in my teens and my 20’s so here are some of my favorites. San Francisco, Boston and London. So many things to do and see in these places. Just keep in mind if major events are going on while you’re there (ie London was probably a bit crowded during the royal wedding). Happy planning!


  80. Natalie says

    I love D.C, San Fran, and Seattle! All so much fun with so much to do. However, as a Colorado girl I must say Colorado! Maybe Denver! It is a city, but yet so close to outdoor fun, also!!


  81. says

    Actually I just got back from studying abroad in Madrid and it was amazing! Madrid is such an awesome city–it’s really big and there’s lots to do! I would love to write up an “itinerary” for you if you’d like! You could even do half in Madrid and the other half in Barcelona!

    Of course, New York City is awesome too–I could give you lots of recommendations!


  82. says

    I’m a bit biased to NYC since I live here. You can’t go wrong here with all the stuff to do! My husband and I went to DC over the summer and that was fun too. Perhaps you could do a NY/DC trip. Its a 4 hour drive, 3 hour train ride…. hour flight 🙂 lol
    I really love San Francisco too. Renting bikes and going over the Golden Gate bridge into Sausalito was amazing! (Plus I sang the Full House theme the entire week ;)ahh ahh ahh ahh…


  83. says

    I traveled to both San Francisco and Washington, DC this year, and I loved both! San Francisco seemed more “adventuresome” to me, especially with the proximity of nature (ex. Muir Woods, Point Reyes National Seashore).

    DC was great for the history of it all. I think it’s one of those places everyone should visit at least once, and I wish my husband and I had more time there to actually tour the Capitol and White House.


  84. Nadine says

    Another person said it, but consider where you’ll be in 3-5 years . . . if that’s starting a family than go to ‘Europe NOW. Flights might be expensive, so stay there as long as you can. And the euro is pretty good against the $ right now. Considering how many students backpack across Europe you will definitely be able to find places within whatever budget you choose and enough food, sites, activities to excite you. The only thing you have to consider is that while many people speak English, it is not an English speaking country and you may become frustrated if you expect everyone to understand you. If you speak the language though, that’ll be a HUGE help! And if you rent a car, make sure one of you knows how to drive stick. Enjoy and can’t wait to hear your decision. It’ll be fantastic no matter where.


  85. Amy says

    Maui was by far the most amazing active and beautiful place I have been. Words do not describe the beauty of Maui and there are so many active pursuits as well. Hiking up to a waterfall through a bamboo forest. Need I say more?


  86. Erika says

    I’m originally from NYC (now residing in FL) but I have to say my heart belongs to London. The history, shopping, and activities are endless. I mean where else can you buy a side of beef and a designer purse? Only at Harrod’s! While Paris is spectacular, the language barrier and general “isms” of the people and city can take away from the experience.

    London is great because you can experience so much without the language barrier and it is very similar to the states in a variety of ways while being unique in many others. Now the country side especially Stonehenge is incredible!!! If I could go back today or any day I would. Since you like to frequent Starbucks, I think you would get a kick out of visiting a pub or experience high tea. Just food for thought.

    Good luck!


  87. Amanda says

    Boise, Idaho! My aunt lived there for a while and it’s so beautiful! Such an active lifestyle town, great green ways for biking, trails along the mountain for biking, running or walking and plus the campus (Boise State) is awesome! I highly recommend it!


  88. says

    Wow – all amazing cities… I’m sure y’all will have fun wherever you choose!

    I truly hope you go to St. Lucia for your 5 year anniversary! Daniel and I went on our honeymoon (even though it was hurricane season), and we absolutely LOVED it. We were planning on going back for our 5 year (which would be Oct 2012), but some other travel plans may push it back a year. Eventually we will get back there! 🙂


  89. Becca B says

    I just got back from spending 9 days in San Francisco for “work” and it was amazing! Fresh seafood, amazing scenery, lots to do. I biked the Golden Gate bridge, through Sausalito, over to Tiburon, and rode a ferry back. It was so much fun. Also, the food there was amazing and there was an awesome farmer’s market at the ferry building on the bay. It was a really great trip!


  90. says

    Barcelona was an amazing city … I loved every minute of it.

    London was a lot of fun last month. We definitely did a lot of:
    a) walking
    b) exploring
    c) sightseeing

    Plus it’s not too far of a flight (I think they do directs from Tampa) and definitely doable in 4 days.


  91. Kasey says

    If you are looking for an active vacation, I would definitely suggest San Diego! My boyfriend and I went a couple of years ago for 5 days and loved it. We did surfing lessons (holy workout, my arms were sore for days!), walked the super hilly zoo and visited Blacks Beach which required a serious hike down to the beach and back up.

    If you are looking for true city, New York is a must!

    Enjoy, the planning is half the fun! ; )


  92. says

    Personally, my favorite cities = NYC (love, love, loooove – i lived there and wish I hadn’t left sometimes!!) and San Fran (and wine country, though that isn’t city-ish..) – I want to live THERE too eventually! But I live in D.C. now so if you want to visit I’ll point you to some yummy restaurants if you want. 🙂


  93. Kate says

    Those all sound great, but Boston is a lot of fun too! A little more low key but still plenty to see. New Orleans is a blast and the Mardi Gras marathon/half marathon is in the beginning of March this year! Everyone dresses up and it is quite the event.


  94. says

    NYC at Christmas time. My boyfriend took me to dinner at Il Giglio and then to see Chris Botti at the Blue Note. I followed Chris’ tour manager on twitter and tweeted that I saw him there…he moved us to front and center seats. Best night of my life!


  95. Kelly says

    I love how you snuck Barcelona in there amongst all the other American cities. If Europe is a possibility I’d say Paris or Florence (I’ve been to both and would go back in a heartbeat – very walkable and beautiful cities). If you are planning on staying in the US I’d say San Fran! I’ve never been but that is high on my list of places to see!!


  96. says

    I live near D.C. and it’s a cool city because there’s so much to do you probably can’t do everything you want in the time you’ll have..unless you’re here like a month and that will only give you time to find more things you want to do. Plus, you can day trip to Baltimore and check out another city that’s cool but with a totally different vibe than D.C.

    But my absolute favorite city trip was San Francisco. I went a few months ago for my 30th birthday with some of my girlfriends. I’m already wanting to go back. I spent just under a week there and only wish I had more time to check out some of the cool little “less known” places and to spend more time in Napa. We went to Napa for a day trip and I’m itching to get back there for a few days. San Francisco is super tourist friendly and it just has the coolest vibe ever.

    Another favorite city? San Antonio. It was my favorite US city until I went to San Francisco. I’ve been there multiple times and never tire of it.


  97. says

    Rome! There’s SO much to do and see. You’ll be walking everywhere unless you rent a scooter (also super fun). Rome also has a great restaraunt and night scene. There is also plenty of hiking opportunities just outside the city. Hands down one of my favorite cities to visit!


  98. says

    I am visiting NYC right now for New Years and I love being here. You could probably stay for weeks and never see it all and do everything. I live in Atlanta so I also love the real winter here.


  99. Traci says

    I was recently on a work trip to San Diego and fell in love! There are miles and miles of amazing restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter, Coronado Island, the USS Midway, Balboa Park, and the beaches of course! I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat. I’ve heard San Francisco is a great city to explore as well. I live 30 minutes from NYC and if you’re looking for a lot of tours and culture, definitely check it out. DC, as you mentioned, is also great for that.


  100. Cat says

    I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, and I’ll be visiting San Francisco for the first time in February! My favorite “city” would have to be Banff in the Canadian Rockies. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world!


  101. says

    Washington DC is one of my all time favorite vacation destinations from when I was a kid. All of the museums and monuments and history are just so much fun. We are actually toying with doing that this year, with a stop in Colonial Willamsburg (I know, crazy fun, right?) on the way up. Other awesome places – Southern California, San Fran (then you can do all of the fun Northern CA stuff like Muir Woods and wine country), Chicago (all time favorite city). Ooh, I wanna go on vacation now!


  102. says

    I’m actually not so big on cities, I much prefer visiting small towns and places with great hiking or other fun things. I highly recommend Colorado! If you go in the summer there’s rock climbing, white water rafting and hiking! Denver is also a very fun city with great restaurants and lots of sports teams


  103. Anna says

    I recently studied abroad in London and we went on a weekend trip to Interlaken, Switzerland over Thanksgiving. It is the most beautiful city I have ever been to. We skydived over the swiss alps, went hiking up a mountain with the most incredible view of the city (the city is between two lakes), and even rented a “fun car” and drove around the city. We made the trip adventerous which is what made it so memorable and fun.


  104. Jessica Corbin says

    Well, it was not really a city, more like a cruise! In 2008, (wow its been a long time) we did the Western Caribbean Cruise and it was AMAZING! I think Cozumel, Mexico was my favorite because that is where I first snorkeled so it was just wonderful. Jamaica was so beautiful and fun as well!!!!


  105. Kristen says

    San Francisco and Napa Valley! San Fran has everything you’d ever want and it’s very walkable (a workout, even, with all those crazy hills!). You can easily spend a few days there, then rent a car and drive to Napa for a few days. I went about two years ago and L.O.V.E.D. it! I’m kind of a travel snob (I generally turn my nose up at domestic travel. Silly, but true!) but this trip had me thinking twice!!


  106. Lauren says

    I’m surprised no one has suggested Charleston, SC. Definitely one of my favorite cities on the east coast. Charleston is so uniquely quaint and full of history, not to mention amazing restaurants! Its a very walkable city with so much to see and do. Exploring the 19th century homes, going on walking ghost tours, going to the old city market, and Folly Beach are some of my favorite things to do there. Since yall live in Ocala it would probably be easy to make Charleston a long weekend trip.

    Ive also been to NYC before and I have to agree with everyone who suggested it, if you havent been before then you definitely need to check it out. Its so vibrant and full of life with countless things to explore and do. I would definitely try and go for 5-7 days if you can so you can really get a true feel for the city and see all you can.

    If youre thinking about going the European route I would definitely have to suggest southern Europe. Venice is my favorite European city, its so romantic and unique. Other places in Italy I would suggest going to are Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast (absolutely breathtaking). I went on a cruise throughout Greece and it was a faboulous and pretty inexpensive way to see all of the Greek Isles. If you really want a culture shock I would also suggest going to Istanbul, Turkey (my second favorite European city). The mosques in Istanbul are so gorgeous!

    Im sure whatever you and Ryan decide to do will be great and I cant wait to read all about it!


  107. Christina says

    New York City is one of my favorite cities in the US. One of my sorority sisters moved up there after we graduated and I have been up there multiple times to visit her. I’ve been there 3 times in the past three years, and I still feel like I haven’t seen everything! Also, everyone tells you an NYC vacation is so expensive, but there are ways to save money! A lot of the museums have free or reduced admission on certain days, public transportation is much cheaper than taxis (and more entertaining), Central Park is my favorite attraction and it is 100% FREE and we used groupon deals to make our restaurant eating cheaper. My vote would be New York, plus DC is only a short train ride away and would be easy to make a day drip out of!


  108. Rachel says

    I LOVE D.C.!!!! I went when I was younger with my family and have been dying to go back! I also agree with Lauren about Charleston, it is one of my favorite places to visit and always get so sad when we have to leave. Another favorite is New Orleans, but I live in Texas so it is an easy weekend trip for us. I have been dying to visit some places in Canada, I hear it is beautiful this time of year. Can’t wait to hear what y’all decide!


  109. says

    One of my favorite cities is Boston! I think it’s so beautiful especially in the fall or winter. There is nothing like clam chowder in a bread bowl. Yum 🙂


  110. Catherine says

    We went to NYC for our 1 year anniversary and then to Napa Valley for our 2nd anniversary. Napa was amazing! I would LOVE to share my itinerary with you! We had the most incredible trip on a budget (people are shocked how little we spent and how many amazing things we did). We were able to stay in the heart of the town you want to be in, eat at the top restaurants, and have a driver… we learned all the secrets before we went out there. Can you tell I am proud of the planning I did for that trip? 😉


  111. says

    Consider me biased because I live in NYC but I think it’s such an incredible city for a couple to visit. It’s the perfect mix of fun and romantic. Whatever vibe/mood you’re looking for you can find it here. If you go in the spring time it’s truly amazing. The city really comes alive in May/June after the cold winter months. I can’t even begin to list all of the awesome things I’d suggest!! 🙂


  112. Jessica says

    I went to San Francisco this past summer with some girlfriends and it was AMAZING! We had the best time exploring-Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the different neighborhoods which each have their own culture. The food was amazing-especially the seafood and the Ghirardelli Square! My favorite part of the trip was our wine tour in Sonoma Valley. They will pick you up right at your hotel and you are in the heart of wine country in no time!

    If you go to New York you have to stop by Peanut Butter & Co. and Max Brenner! I went a couple weeks ago and both had really scrumptious desserts 🙂


  113. Jenna says

    Julie-I love your blog!!! I read all the time. 🙂 I would say DC is amazing! There are so many things to do (cool restaurants/bars, historical places, etc.) We visited friends last summer and we definitely needed them to help us navigate around the city! They knew the hot spots. California is just gorgeous!! So much to do and so many places to see and explore. San Diego was my favorite along with Laguna Beach! Very neat local town. Good luck choosing!!


  114. Bianca @A Healthy Gourmet Lifestyle says

    My favorite vacation was one my parents and I took when I was 13. We went to Washington D.C. but made side trips via rental car to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Mt. Vernon, Jamestown, Gettysburg, etc. etc. My mom and I were so mad at my dad because he wouldn’t let us drive up to New York City. When we got home my mom and I looked at the map and we had been 80 miles away from NYC and about the same distance from Boston (where I was begging my parents to go)! I would go to D.C. because you are already so close to everything up there, it doesn’t take long to take a side trip to NYC if you wanted to.


  115. Lynne says

    So many good responses here but just thought I would throw my hat in the ring as a Scot who has travelled a lot in both the US and Europe. If you stay in the US my choice would be San Fran – great city with loads to do and see in the surrounding area. In continental Europe definitely Barcelona – it is amazing! But of course my top vote goes to Edinburgh which is one of the most vibrant cities in the world – and Scotland is so small you can do city, beach and hills all in the same day! And you can come stay with us if you like! 🙂


  116. says

    DC really is fantastic, especially if you’ve never been. There is so much to do and see, and most of it is free! Plus, you’re only a stone’s throw from Baltimore, which is another great city to explore (yes, I’m biased because I live there, but I swear it’s great!)


  117. Courtney says

    I went to college in DC and go back pretty often, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s such an amazing city with so much to do, and so much of it is FREE!! There are great bike trails, museums, cultural exhibits, restaurants, plus it’s an easy city to navigate by foot or public transit.

    That said, the most memorable city I’ve been to is London, hands-down. It just has an aura around it that can’t be beat. The history and charm are amazing, plus it has everything a city could possibly offer. And the outskirts have some amazing sites to visit as well (think Stonehenge, etc.). You can take a ton of great day trips, but the city itself offers so much to do, too. And maybe you’ll spot some of the royals!!


  118. Vanessa says

    Perhaps as I Canadian I am biased, but Vancouver BC is AMAZING! This is one of the most active cities in Canada, and has the most stunning views on top of it! I have been there 5 times in the past 4 years and would return in a heartbeat! Lots of mountains to climb (Grouse Grind and the Chief are my fav’s!) kayaking, running rollerblading or simply walking on the sea wall. There is SO MUCH to do in this beautiful city!


  119. Krista says

    If you crave the city…. I say New York! There are mounds of things you can do there – Broadway shows, walks in the park, shopping, or just cozying up in the hotel for an evening is fun when you have the city bustling in the background – it’s exciting to look out your window and see so much happening!

    But you should also consider Seattle! It’s very different from Boston or New York…but you definitely gotta get to VooDoo Doughnut…it throws you off at first but their doughnuts are delicious!!


  120. Erin B says

    Boston! We just moved here and it’s a super fun city for a long weekend (3-4 days). There are even running tours of the city that you guys would love. You hire a guide, tell them your pace and distance, and they becoming your running buddy / city tour guide. Here is a list of things to do on TripAdvisor –> Wait until spring to come here though…otherwise it may be a bit chilly 🙂 Happy planning!


  121. says

    barcelona is AMAZING. i spent a few days just wandering around a couple months ago and there is so much to do there!

    on the other hand, san francisco was so awesome i ended up moving here. its the best city for food, walking and sightseeing i think.


  122. Kristen says

    I’ve never been to New York, San Francisco, or Washington D.C…..but I have been to Barcelona and it was AMAZING!

    My sister actually went there for her honeymoon for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it as well. I was only there for 3 days but that was enough time to take my breath away–horseback riding in the mountains, dancing to Spanish music in local hangouts, leisurely walks through the beautiful city streets..I die:)


  123. Courtney says

    I really want to go to New Orleans! That would be so fun. We recently had a blast in Philadelphia. The city is SO walkable and most of the historical things are free. It was a budget friendly, but very fun trip! Tons of museums, tons of bars and nice restaurants, cheesesteaks!, America’s first zoo, Liberty Bell and shopping 🙂


  124. says

    100% Barcelona. It is by far my favorite city in the world – it is insanely gorgeous, fun, and romantic. I studied abroad there in 2009 and fell in love with Spain so much I moved back there for a year after college.

    I love US cities (NY, DC, SF…) but there is something about Barcelona that is insanely magical! Here’s a link to my write-up about my Barcelona “musts”:


  125. says

    Las Vegas is our #1 favorite place to visit. Even though my husband and I used to live there, it is still one of our favorite places to visit!

    Our next vacation with either be an all-inclusive resort or cruise out of Boston that doesn’t require a flight (and stops in Bermuda for a couple days)…

    Here’s a recent blog post I wrote about 10 places I want to visit…


  126. says

    Edinburgh, Scotland is HANDS DOWN the best city I have ever been to! It is gorgeous, historic, and there is TONS to do! The scenery is breathtaking–lots of places to hike and bike–and the castle is one of the coolest things you will ever see. The city itself is fantastic–so vibrant! It has an incredible artistic scene, so if you are into shows, music, visual art, film, etc., there is no shortage of amazing entertainment. Not to mention the nightlife is out of this world! Lots of classy and gorgeous clubs/bars that aren’t too “snobby” like so many european clubs are and aren’t the least bit trashy. As you can tell I love Edinburgh!! You should really consider a trip to scotland 🙂


  127. jamie says

    lots of good suggestions above, and i send many of them – i love nyc and lived there several years . new orleans is hands down one of my favorite cities in the world (and you could go soon as it doesn’t get very cold – you do NOT want to go in the summer as the humidity is unbearable or go in april/may for jazzfest, aka the most fun ever). abroad? oh, there’s a whole world! one place that i will always love is edinburgh, scotland. one place that changed my life is buenos aires in argentina. i loved south america so much i moved there – you can do a lot down here for not so much $. i’m in chile now and of course recommend my adopted country. bonus? it is summer in south america right now!


  128. Stephanie Clement says

    Hi Julie!! My husband and I went on our honeymoon to St. Lucia just this summer and it was SOOO amazing. We stayed at a Sandals and HIGHY recommend it. The all-inclusive was key to really being able to kick back and relax. If you keep checking in on the Sandals website they often times offer their vacation for 65% off (and with one free airfare ticket). If you guys still have your hearts set I would really look into this. It was perfection!! Also, feel free to email me and I can give you a couple of tips as to what to do to make it even awesome-er 🙂


  129. Katherine says

    Hi Julie! I’ve been to NYC, San Francisco and DC and absolutely loved them all. If you’re looking for a very active trip with lots of walking I would definitely go the NYC route.But I would have to say that San Francisco is absolutely incredible. There is so much to do and the city is truly beautiful. I would recommend starting in San Fran and making your way down the coast thru Carmel (a gorgeous sea side town) and then onto Santa Barbara which is such a neat place!


  130. Amy says

    San Diego! I did an internship there one summer during College and I loved it! There was always so much to do. You can rent bikes and ride along the beach. If you do this, go to Coronado Island for that, it is breathtaking. Parasaling is also a must while you are there. Old Town San Diego is also great, lots of cute little shops and restruants (Fred’s if you like Mexican). There are also lots of cute little town’s within driving distance… Laguna Beach, maybe see LC there, ha! Good luck!


  131. says

    From your list, I’d pick Barcelona. Spain is definitely on my must visit list.

    I LOVE NY and like DC a lot, but I wouldn’t spend a whole vacation in either place. Since you live on the east coast it would be pretty easy to do a long weekend in either city. So, if you want to stay in the U.S., I’d definitely pick SF over those two. Denver/Boulder or somewhere in the pacific northwest like Portland, Seattle, or somewhere in BC would also be an awesome, active city vacation.

    My absolute favorite city in the world is Cape Town. It’s just incredible. Has a city vibe with great food, beaches, lots of outdoorsy stuff (hiking, scuba diving kayaking), tons of history, and wine country and other incredible activities are right outside the city. Ah! Love it.


  132. Jackie says

    Our most memorable vacation was London. Traveling overseas together and navigating international travel (albeit in a friendly, English-speaking country) does something good to your relationship.

    We saw Bath and Salisbury, too, as well as Stonehenge. The city was gorgeous and there were so many things to do and see and visit and explore that it was ridiculously hard to choose what to do.


  133. briana says

    I loved SF and did so much walking while I was there it was an amazing city with lots of diversity, but it is very expensive! A quick question how do you plan your trip? Orbitz or Expedia or do you go through a travel agent?


    • says

      before for our honeymoon that we didn’t end up going on, we did all the planning ourselves. when i went to europe w/ my family my mom used a travel agent through triple a. for our trip, i think ryan and i will likely book it on our own and do a lot of comparison shopping for a good deal.


  134. says

    I live in Washington DC! It’s great to visit, and there’s a LOT to do at all times of the year. Because so much of the city is open to the public or outside, it can be very cheap! There are great restaurants too!


  135. says

    There are so many great cities to hit but San Fran and San Diego are amazing! I have been to both and love them equally! There is so much to see (city sights, redwoods, coastal highway, herst castle). My suggestion would be to start in San Fran and drive the coastal highway down to Carmel and San Diego! You will love it!


  136. Katie says

    Save D.C for when you have kids. I live right across the river from D.C. and I would recommend visiting when you have school aged kids. You could invite the grandparents along. There are tons of free / low cost activities that are great for kids and there are many good date night activities for you and your husband (theater, river cruse, and tons of great restaurants).

    Mid to late spring, very early summer, and fall are the best times to visit. Don’t visit during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The crowds are totally outrageous.


  137. Claire Petitt says

    This topic really interests me so I’ve worked up the courage to comment for the first time on your blog even though I have been reading it for a few months now. Your blog is so fun to read and I really appreciate you always keeping such an upbeat attitude, you are truly an inspiration to me. With that said, I will say that those city choices are all amazing, you really can’t go wrong! I will have to admit that New York City is my ultimate favorite because there is always something do and so much history and culture. I have not visited San Fran yet, though I am actually planning to next August and am extremely stoked! Another city you may enjoy is Charleston in South Carolina. I loved that city and wished I could have stayed longer than I did! Good luck with your decision, hope you guys have a blast!


  138. says

    Jason and I went to Indianapolis for a “city vacation” a few years ago and really enjoyed it. They have a gorgeous city center, a fantastic zoo, it was also State Fair season so we went to a Jessica Simpson concert while we were there, great restaurants, etc! I also love NYC, Minnespolis, San Fransisco! Have fun deciding! 🙂


  139. K Brady says

    I vote for Alaska — but I’m slightly partial, as I live here 🙂 The only downside is, if you’re looking for a city adventure it definitely wont fit the bill. Anchorage is our biggest one (and you the one you would always fly into) but its about 200,000 people, and has only a handful of delish restaurants to try, etc.

    As far as nature activities, scenic views, charming small towns, water and rail adventures though — you can’t beat it!


  140. says

    San Francisco! There is so much to see and eat in the city, and I love that it’s so close to beautiful natural areas for outdoor activities. When I visited, I attended the Foodbuzz conference, but had time for active fun like biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and tackling those ridiculous hills.


  141. emily says

    Honestly if you wanta active and city you and Ryan MUST come to Vancouver. There is so much to do and see. I live on Vancouver Island, in Victoria, and you guys could try visiting Tofino. Google and check out its beauty. I am heading there for surfing and new years fun!
    Another idea? Alaskan cruises come into both vancouver and victoria ports, so you could fly to Van, explore, then board the cruise. 🙂


  142. Keaghan says

    As a Canadian, I gotta suggest going to British Columbia! There is whale watching, mountains (glaciers are absolutely unreal!), the ocean, TONS of walking and running trails.. and so much history!


  143. Stephanie says

    NYC is probably the most incredible city I’ve ever been to. There is so much to see and do, it’s impossible to do it all. When I went, I went with family but I would love to go back with my boyfriend – I personally think it’s an incredibly romantic city. Wherever you decide to travel though, especially if you go to a city like New York, you might consider using – a friend of mine and her family rented an apartment in New York and saved money on hotels AND on some food because they had a full kitchen to eat meals – mostly breakfast – in. 🙂


  144. Mary says

    Also may be biased as I am from there, but if you are looking for hiking, biking , shopping, eating, canoeing, etc. try Banff,Alberta. So close to other great places like Lake Louise and only a little over an hour from the Calgary airport. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede so there will be lots going on here in Jult.


  145. Nicole says

    I would throw Boston into the mix. You can do and see so much in the city and then take drives to some cute, historic towns. If you want to chat about Spain, let me know – I used to live there and have all sorts of recommendations!


  146. Ashley says

    I really wouldn’t recommend St. Lucia honestly! I went there and had an absolute awful time. True it looks amazing on the bachelor (Vienna met Jake’s fam there) BUT its totally unsafe to go off your resort. My dad went for a drive late at night and was almost run off the road by an angry man with a machete. Instead I would highly recommend turks and caicos, st kitts and nevis and st. maartin. I know it’s five years down the road but really I wouldn’t feel right without telling you about my time in st. lucia. In the meantime, with your new love of hiking, what about visiting colorado? Its amazing in the summer!!


  147. says

    New York City is amazing! There is so much to do! Every time I’ve been, it’s proved to be nearly impossible to tackle everything on our list but it’s SO worth it.

    If you want a “bang for your buck,” I’d definitely recommend tackling Boston and Providence. Providence has amazing eating spots and there is so much history (and shopping!) in Boston. I might be biased because I’m a Boston gal but it really is fantastic!


  148. Ivy says

    I live in Oahu so of course I would recommend the city of Honolulu. There is a lot to do, great hiking trails, fun activities such as the Haiku stairs & Koko head. Diamond head is a little touristy but still fun to see. There are neat little farmers markets to go to and of course the beaches!


  149. Ashley says

    My most memorable city trip has to be San Fransisco! I’ve been there numerous times and everytime brought joy. You can rent bikes and travel around the city as well as walk anywhere. If you go over the bay to Sausalito you can hike the redwood forests…amazing!!

    I live in Nashville now and it has also stolen my heart. Great city with great music, hiking, FOOD, and history. Also home of my very first half marathon 🙂

    I think you guys would love it here since your interests are similar to my boyfriends and mine. It would also make for a fun roadtrip.


  150. says

    Definitely Montreal!
    It’s a really fun city to go to on vacation because you feel like you are in Europe but without the price of an overseas flight!
    There are so many incredible restaurants and cafes and the city has a great, hoppin’ nightlife.


  151. says

    I’m a DC girl born and bred! IDK if I’d consider it one of the best places to “vaca,” but rather a fun place to visit- to tour the sites, etc. but not to unwind and relax… I’m planning a trip for my fiance and I tonight actually to visit NYC in February- there are tons of great deals right now 😀


  152. Morgane says

    DC is very fun, and there are so many museums to explore (if thats your thing). It is definitely a city you should see at least once and is easy to explore via metro.


  153. Crystal Coppel says

    I love vacations!! I am from the San Francisco area. Born and raised!!! Love it!! My fiance proposed right on Pier 39 on a beautiful night. Now I may be a little biased because I am from there and got engaged there BUT SF is a FANTASTIC city!!!! There is so much to do there and there are a ton of fab napa wineries less than an hour away! The weather is beautiful and you just can’t beat the rolling green hills of California!! I have taken a ton of friends and family around the area when they come to visit and just love it! Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, SF Giants and SF 49ers if you are a sports fan, great food and shopping and the hilly streets of SF are a sight to see. Pier 39 is a great area to go to, seeing the sea lions that are always there and Chinatown is the best!! Fantastic hiking is also in the area! 🙂 Let me know if you want more info on the area! Happy Planning!!


  154. TamTam says

    Croatia! Many people only think of Spain, Italy or France because the countries are better know ,but Croatia is absolutely amazng! I suggest going in late spring/summer because you can go to the seaside which is beautiful!


  155. says

    VIENNA!!!! I studied abroad there for a semester and it is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world. It literally looks right out of a fairy tale and you would DIE for the desserts there!


  156. Annie says

    San Francisco is amazing! There are so many different neighborhoods that are really fun to explore. It’s a really active city, and there are many different parks and outdoorsy spaces to explore. And so many places to eat! I’d definitely recommend it.


  157. says

    I agree with those who said you should use your time to go back to Europe. Barcelona is an amazing city that perfectly merges city lie + beaches. It is full of adventure

    Also, I’m really surprised no one mentioned Austin, Texas. I think the city is made for those who have healthy living in mind. The Whole Foods hq, the outdoor trails, the neat music and food scene – plus you can take an hour drive to see the beautiful San Antonio. I’ve only been once but totally fell in love


    • Shell says

      I second Austin TX. Very active and healthy living city with TONS to do. Not as pricey as big cities like NYC or Chicago. I would recommend going canoeing on Lady Bird Lake or having dinner/drinks over Lake Travis!


  158. says

    Come to DC, come to DC! I’ve lived here my entire life, so I often take it for granted – but there’s TONS to explore around here, millions of great places to eat, and so many great places to stay. I highly recommend it! (And let me know when you’re in town, of course 😉 )


  159. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    SAN FRANCISCO!!! Although I’m partial to that because that’s where i live – however if you come here you can meet-up with me and Shanna from ShannalikeBanana!! Am I tempting you yet? 😉

    In all seriousness though, New York City is by far my most favoritest city I’ve ever visited…but S.F. is most definitely high up there…especially in the activity department 🙂


  160. says

    I’ve enjoyed DC everytime I went but wasn’t blown away by it. I live in Boston and love it here. I love the history of this city and there’s so much you can do in the city and even on the outskirts.

    I loved San Francisco. And for European cities: Galway and Zurich.


  161. says

    Well I happen to have just returned (as in one hour ago) from a quick little trip to NYC with my boyfriend, and we loved it! The hotels there are expensive, but if you haven’t been there (which I hadn’t), there is SO MUCH to see and do!


  162. april says

    Consider Charleston, sc. Beautiful, romantic, and active. I love to travel but it is the only city I continue to go back to time after time. The humidity is terrible in the summer so I suggest spring or late fall.


  163. Christina says

    Hi Julie! I am an avid blog reader and have somehow gone this long with posting any comments..but I just had to for this one! I was born in D.C. And have lived fifteen minutes out of the city my whole life. It’s wonderful here and a WONDERFUL place to visit. We’ve said that even living here we feel like we are on vacation we go into the city and surrounding areas. Its great because you have d.c. Itself with all it’s landmarks and history but there are so many other places close by that are equally as great. Old town Alexandria is just a few minutes away and is right on the river, full of history but also has great quaint shops and wonderful places to eat! The new great attraction is national harbor which is GORGEOUS. it’s waterside, has the Gaylord hotel which is phenomenal and you can shop and eat right by the river it’s fantastic! Georgetown is also just as close offering the same amenities in a historical waterside city area. There is so much more to d.c than just the city itself I highly recommend it for a vacation spot!!


  164. Rachel says

    New York City and Paris are the two cities that stand out most on my mind. I remember losing my breathe when I saw NYC for the first time at age ten. I recently lived in NYC doing a master’s program (from August 2010-August 2011) and every single day I thought it was amazing to be in such a vibrant city–even on the days where I was stressed out about writing my thesis and it was freezing cold. That said, I am an LA native and lived in the Bay Area for six years, so you really can’t go wrong with LA or SF. As for Europe, my mom’s from London and that city is great too, but Paris won my heart over in just a day.


  165. says

    I’m from just south of San Francisco and while I love the city and there is tons to do there, it still is just a big city! And the weather is definately not ideal here (I’m so jealous of how warm its still in Florida!). I went abroad last summer to Paris and loved it, but I also was able to take a weekend trip to Barcelona and FELL IN LOVE. It was such a vibrant, fun, and happy city! The people were so nice, it was gorgeous and there was so much to do! I cannot wait to go back some point in my life!


  166. erica says

    If you have an entire week off, my vote is for Northern California-San Francisco, Sonoma/Napa (one hour from SF), maybe Tahoe or Yosemite too (3 hours from SF). You get it all-City life, countryside and wine, gorgeous mountains and hiking, beautiful weather, friendly people…. September would be the best month.


  167. nina says

    Vienna is one of my favourite places, beautiful around christmas and during the summer. In a couple of days I’m travelling to London with my boyfriend. We had plans to go to New York but the flights were crazy expensive right now so we’ll stay in Europe 🙂 Paris is the next trip in my calendar, we have booked a trip there over easter break 🙂


  168. Raquel says

    i am partial to NYC, but why not knock out two cities in one trip and do a joint DC and NYC trip? 4 days in each location maybe. They are only about 3.5 hours away from each other by train, so you can leave one (early) morning, and still make it to the other by (late) morning.


  169. Brittany says

    DC is such a fun city to visit ! The sights, the history, the food.. It’s all there and quite affordable ! They have plenty of things to do for active bodies too- running trails, bike rentals, kayaking, etc. DC gets my vote !


  170. Grace says

    Seattle is my favorite domestic city! Lots to do in the city, beautiful hiking and water activities close by. The salmon is out of this world. Also, you can go on quick excursions to Portland or Vancouver!

    My favorite international city is Rio de Janiero. Amazing beaches, hikes, dancing… And food!


  171. lindsay says

    in the US my all time favorite place is Charleston,SC. It’s so beautiful and so full of history and things to do! You also have the beach just 15-20 mintues outside of the city!
    Outside the US- Venice, Italy was the most memorable city. It’s sites are breathtaking, and not to mention the food is incredible! Also in Italy I visited the islands of the Italian Riviera- Cinque Terre (means five lands) This place is unbelievable! it’s non commercialized and there are no vehicles allowed onthe islands. you have to take a shuttle from the mountains down to the village and then you can visit the other 4 islands by hiking or by train. Definitely recommend!


  172. natalie says

    I love NYC and live in DC and both are great. I am from Austin, Texas and it is a really amazing city to visit especially during the summer time. There is a great running trail around the lake near downtown. GREAT food. Great live music. In the summer there is an event called blues on the green that is very fun. There is also a huge natural springs pool (Barton Springs) where you can swim and hike and dogs are totally welcome. It’s a very dog friendly city (just in case Sadie wants to come with). Not as big as NYC, DC, etc. but very fun, relaxed city!


  173. Shannon says

    NYC=crowded and dirty….there isn’t the pretty landscape, and you always have someone touching you at all time. I would def say that San Francisco is super fun


  174. says

    Scottsdale was one of our favorites. They have some beautiful resorts where you can lay by the pool or relax at the spa, but they also have unbelievable hiking and great weather for outdoor activities. Also not far from the Grand Canyon!


  175. Alyssa says

    San Francisco, hands down! I’ve lived here for pretty much all my life so I might be a little biased when I say it’s a pretty great city. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s SO many different things to do and places/attractions to see! And, you can always rent a car and make the short drive to Napa for wine tasting if you’re into that kind of thing. There’s also a lot of nice hiking trails all around too! Plus, there’s a lot of diverse places for food both in the city and along the coast 🙂

    I just recently started reading your blog a few months ago but never really commented until now 🙂 Happy New Year’s though Julie!


  176. Lindsay says

    Not sure if you have a specific time in mind but if you end up going with DC, wait ’til it’s at least cherry blossom season or later in the spring/summer. So much prettier


  177. says

    My husband and I just honeymooned in Santorini, Greece. It’s not as tropical, but it’s on an island, which was incredibly fun to explore, and Oia, where we stayed, is probably the most magical place I’ve ever been.


  178. says

    Surprisingly, one of my favorite vacations ever was Denver, Colorado. We had a blast exploring, visiting breweries, and trying tons of great restaurants.

    However, my suggestion is actually San Francisco. It’s my favorite city in the world! Amazing food, great shopping, beautiful views, and terrific walking! I know you guys love hikes, and San Francisco is the world’s best city for urban walking! Tons of hills and lots of great places to stop along the way.

    Can’t wait to see where you guys go!


  179. says

    Hi Julie,

    I know this post is a couple of years old, but I just found your blog via Pinterest, and I love it–I’m training for my second 5K, and will be stuck on the treadmill for the next couple of weeks (I live in New York State, and we just got hit with a foot of snow, so running outside isn’t really an option right now). I’ve just started interval and incline training, so I’m really excited to try this one out.

    Thank you!


  180. says

    Learning to swim is a very daunting task. I recently overcame my 20+ years of swimming. I have sat on the sideline and watching everyone else have fun, but me. I tried taking several swimming courses over the years, This video is my testimonial to the current swim course I am in.



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