Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia for You

This morning started out on a sweet note with a creamy bowl of overnight oats.

chia seeds 006

After dinner yesterday I threw Coach’s Oats, chia seeds, strawberry banana Greek yogurt, milk and a heaping spoonful of strawberry preserves into a bowl and let it soak overnight.

(I highly recommend adding fruit preserves to overnight oats! It added the perfect punch of sweetness.)

chia seeds 011

This morning, I stirred everything up and added a bit more milk and a sliced banana to the oats.

chia seeds 013

I ate the oats out of a new bowl I got from my family for Christmas. I love the fun design and the depth. Perfect for stirring extra ingredients into overnight oats without worrying about overflow.

Whenever I hear back from readers who have unsuccessfully attempted overnight oats, the complaint is almost always that they were too liquidy. For me, the key to thick overnight oats is the inclusion of chia seeds.

chia seeds 028

So how about a chance to win some chia seeds of your own?

chia seeds 035

As you may know, I am a FitFluential ambassador and when the company put out a call for ambassadors who were big fans of chia seeds a few weeks ago, I immediately responded saying I looove the nutritious little seeds.

I’ve been eating chia seeds since the beginning of the year when I first tried them and haven’t looked back.

They’re great in cinnamon chia seed granola

chai granola

On top of pancakes, bagels, English muffins topped with peanut butter…

chia pancakes

Incorporated into smoothies or even in chocolate chia seed pudding

chocolate chia seed pudding

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a handful of chia seeds from The Chia Co, an Australian company that specializes in sustainable farming and the development of chia seeds and chia products.

The company boasts that their chia seeds are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Excellent source of Omega 3
  • High Source of Protein
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber
  • Endorsed by the Coeliac Society Inc (Australia)
  • Endorsed by the National Heart Foundation (Australia)
  • Grown naturally / GMO Free

chia seeds 034

And now you can win chia seeds of your own from The Chia Co! (Note: This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by The Chia Co or Fitfluential and is simply coming from me and the samples they sent to me that I’ve chosen to pass along.)

Two winners will receive two bags of the chia seeds and a chia tank top!

To enter this giveaway, simply comment below telling me why you want to try chia seeds for the first time or tell me about your favorite way to enjoy chia seeds if you’re already a fan.

I will randomly select two winners tomorrow morning.

Good luck!


  1. says

    I would love to try chia seeds to put into my overnight oats, which is always a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s really thick and creamy, other times it’s way too liquidy. And from what I see chia seeds are always the solution to this problem! :)


  2. Alexis says

    Pretty fantastic to see how many people want to try chia seeds! And now I am one of them! Simply from reading your blog. 😉 although when I realized it’s the same thing as a chia pet I was a little weirded out. Still would like to get some in my belly. (may not drink water immediately after)


  3. says

    Ahhhh, the chia. so fantastic. I put them in everything i can! I think my favorite way is in a smoothie. But I do love them in any oat mixture (overnight or regular…) So many ways, so many loves.


  4. abeer e says

    i just bought them and havent used them yet but i have tasted them in a chia drink and it was delicious! i had it after a cross country meet and there was no better refreshment than it!!!


  5. says

    I LOVE Chia seeds! I use them in my overnight oats too, and see such a huge difference between when I made overnight oats w/o them as opposed to with them – they do tons to make oats thicker. I also love them over yogurt with cereal… so good, and I love feeling good about eating them.


  6. Melissa says

    I would love for the opportunity to try chia seeds for the first time, especially after learning of all of their benefits on the Dr. Oz show!


  7. Leah says

    Chia seeds are delicious when you take a spoon, get a blob of peanut butter, and roll that in chia seeds. Then again, what isn’t delicious with peanut butter?


  8. tag says

    I would love to try them in m Green monsters & yogurt for extra healthy eats! Oh, also in my granola bars! Thanks for sharing your samples!


  9. Melissa says

    I just signed up to run my first half marathon this year and would love to try some chia seeds to add an extra punch of nutrition to my breakfasts to fuel me for my runs!


  10. Ashley says

    So how much do you use in your overnight oats? I would love to start mixing chia seeds into my morning oatmeal, but I’m not sure how much to use!

    Also, I think I’ve seen you use Special Dark cocoa in some of your recipies. Do you use this in overnight oats too? Where did you find it?

    Sorry for the question bomb! Love your blog!!



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