Greek Yogurt Protein Pancakes

One benefit of be unexpectedly sidelined from New Year’s Eve partying is not waking up with a hangover in the morning.

No hangover meant that I had no problem putting effort into making a yummy and healthy breakfast to ring in 2012.

greek yogurt pancakes 007

I made myself a plate of strawberry banana Greek yogurt pancakes by blending the following in a small bowl with an immersion blender:

  • 3/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 6-ounce container Chobani strawberry banana Greek yogurt

After topping the pancakes with a sliced banana and syrup, it was time to eat!

greek yogurt pancakes 001

greek yogurt pancakes 009

Definitely a yummy way to start the day.

I actually have a pretty bad case of the sniffles and feel all-around crappy and lethargic today. I really, really hope I’m not getting sick! I’m taking all of my vitamins and drinking lots of fluids to help ward of any impeding sickness. Booya!

Other than attending church, today has been spent at home with Ryan and Sadie. Ryan and I started reading The Maze Runner together a few days ago and are hooked!

greek yogurt pancakes 021

I actually bought the book for us to read together months ago based off of a recommendation I received from Michelle who swore I’d love it since I seem to find dystopian novels compelling.

She was right. It’s gripping! I think we may finish it today and I highly recommend it to any of you out there who loved The Hunger Games series or Divergent.

Other plans for the day include cooking up a New Year’s Day feast with Ryan, including all of the typical New Year’s Day foods!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever had a traditional New Year’s Day meal?
  • What are your “must haves” for a New Year’s Day dinner?

On our menu: Black-eyed peas, collared greens, ham and sauerkraut!


  1. briana says

    My whole life my mom makes lasagna and salad for new years day and black eyed peas on new years eve. I am keeping the tradition and making up a turkey sausage and spinach lasagna along with a blueberry trifle!


  2. says

    I had no idea there was such a thing as a traditional New Year’s dinner! Do lentils have something to do with it? A ton of my friends are apparently cooking lentils today. Hmm. I’ll be making tilapia and sweet potatoes, does that count?! ; )


  3. Elly says

    That book looks really interesting! Thanks for the recommendation – I love Dystopian fiction too! Another one you might like is Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve – another Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic fiction. As much as I loved Hunger Games, Mortal Engines is still my favourite young adult book 🙂

    As for traditional NY foods – I’m Australian and I think traditional food here always involves a BBQ – so that’s what we did (especially because it was the first NY day in a long time that wasn’t 40deg Celcius!). 🙂

    Hope your finger gets better!


  4. says

    Hey-o! I’m sniffly too! Happy new year to us! Haha. I’m also madly in love with dystopian fiction cause I’m weird like that. The Hunger Games is on my list and I’ll have to add this one, too!

    Generally speaking we traditionally eat all sorts of football-watching food on New Year’s…chips, crackers, fresh veggies, random Christmas leftovers…but since all the bowl games are tomorrow, we won’t be doing that until tomorrow this year. Boo for holidays falling on Sundays :/


  5. says

    Maybe it’s the moon or something in the earth’s balance (haha)… yesterday I totally wiped out on a typical morning run and the week prior I fell on a rocky hike. Bruises and bangs aching in the new year!

    My family always had “Hoppin John” for New Years Day. It’s the funny name of the standard luck-bringing black eyed pea, collard green meal. We’d always have cornbread, too. Southern deliciousness.

    Happy healing!


  6. says

    My mom just got a food processor… And I think you might have just made my breakfast for tomorrow. And I think you’re onto something with the flavored chobanis! I wonder if the ones with fruit would work….


  7. says

    I LOVE starting the New Year off without a hangover! Although, I do have a bit of a sugar hangover today from all the ice cream I had last night…lol.

    Feel better soon.


  8. says

    I’ve never tried yogurt in my pancakes. What a great way to get in more protein. We don’t ususally do a traditional New Years dinner because my hubby doesn’t love black eyed peas or cabbage. I hope you have a Happy New Year!


  9. says

    your pancakes look delicious and sound so easy to make! i need to try those.

    we’ve never really had a traditional new year’s day dinner. in fact, i didn’t even know what a “traditional” new year’s day dinner looked like until you mentioned what you guys were having. 😉 i think it’s a great idea though. we’re being lazy this afternoon and then some thai food is on the menu for this evening’s dinner!


  10. Heather says

    Been reading your blog for a while now. Love the pancake idea!

    Also, I love that you include the ingredients in your food! So many people post pics of their food, but don’t tell what is in them! I need all the help I can get!

    Hope you have a great New Year!!


  11. Marcee says

    Ohhmygosh. Another booboo Julie ….. geewiz. How are you today?

    All of us sisters have had similar accidents. Past tense ….. thankfully. I am super-duper careful. Really. Have been for lotsa years. Totally dislike ER’s. Ugh.

    Avacados almost cripled us. An orange and onion too. I am wise to them now. All fruits and veggies. Believe me. Our youngest sister ….. well, nevermind.

    I absolutely loved that you stayed home in your cozy pj’s w/your delightful family! Sadie is precious. Ryan too! HA.

    Please. Take care of yourself Julie.

    HNY 2012!


  12. Jenny says

    YUM!! Those pancakes look amazing!! I went on a 9 mile walk to kick off the New Years. I am walking a half marathon after not being able to run as I am going to be 7 months pregnant at the time of the race! Ho[e your finger is feeling better! That glue is amzaing!!


  13. says

    Yikes on the sliced finger! Hope it heals quickly.

    So glad you are enjoying the book!

    We don’t have any traditional New Year’s Day meals – but we do eat Chinese takeout every NYE.


  14. Vanessa says

    I’m so sorry you ut your finger. I cut mine on a can of cat food yrs ago and I almost passed out too!! I kept slinging my finger around the kitchen while screaming so our poor kitchen looked like a murder scene. Anyways, I had the best new yrs ever! My older bro, his wife and 3 yr old(my fav little buddy), my little bro all stayed at our parents house. My mom and I made like 30 appetizers that were super yummy. We always have hot fudge cake with ice cream on new yrs eve as well. Then this morning we went to church and started off the yr praising and learning more about Jesus. No other way I’d rather start the yr off. I just love when all my family can be together. I’m praying 2012 is a yr I can be more Christlike….and run more (get my times down to my college running times), drink “pop” (diet mtn dew addict) on weekends, and just cherish each day. 🙂


  15. tara says

    do you have a “go to” recipe for protein pancakes or do you switch it up every time? I tried someone else’s recipe a while back and it didn’t do it for me… I want to give these pancakes a second go 🙂 yours always look so good


  16. Cate says

    I may have to read that one too! I loved The Hunger Games and I can’t wait to start Divergent. I hope your finger is healing nicely. Happy New Year!


  17. says

    I really need to try making pancakes using Greek yogurt [not just putting it on top]- I tried a few weeks ago and it was a complete flop [I subbed the Greek yogurt for the eggs]… Did you add any baking powder?


  18. Charlotte @ Weekends So Sweet says

    These are so good! I like to cook my banana slices in the pan so they caramelize and get even sweeter 🙂 just sauté them with a little Pam!


  19. Sky says

    Just tried these pancakes out! They were soooo good! I used vanilla Chobani. I also put some peanut butter on mine with bananas 🙂 great greek yogurt protein pancake recipe!!


  20. Veronica says

    OMG!!!!!!! These are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them! Easy,healthy, and only 3 ingredients! I have just discovered your site and this is the first recipe I have tried, and it is a winner! I can’t wait to try more! I made them for my 12 year old son, and he loved them. He worries because I try to cook healthy and he worries about taste. He makes me laugh, he says, “Wow Mom, you make healthy food taste GOOD!”, and THAT is all I need to here to know when a recipe is a keeper. Needless to say, this IS one of those!
    Thanks! and keep up the GREAT work! Awesome!!!


  21. Celine says

    Hi Julie,
    Your website is great, thanks for sharing with us 🙂
    I’m about to make your greek yogurt proteins pancakes, but can’t figure out if the recipe says 1/6ounce of yogurt or 16…might be a silly question but I’m not used to ounce at all
    Thanks !


  22. Katie says

    These pancakes are awesome! Definitely not fluffy, but still fantastic. I used the apple-cinnamon Chobani and it was definitely a good choice.


  23. says

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