Our Fake Family

Say hello to our favorite family members!

egg sandwich english muffin 008

Okay, so these people are not even kind of related to us, but you would think that they were based on how long we’ve been looking at their faces smiling back at us from our bedroom dresser.

Ryan and I would say good morning and good night to them occasionally and eventually they just blended into the room and we forgot that we were looking at strangers every day.

When I was putting away the new clothes I got for Christmas last week, I saw them again and made a mental note to get 5×7 photos printed this week to replace their faces with ones that we actually recognized.

So long, fake family!

Hello, Sadie and yet another wedding picture!

egg sandwich english muffin 011

Married friends, is it just me or do you constantly default to wedding photos when you need “filler pictures” for around the house? I’m too lazy to sort through pictures from other events in our life and constantly just print off another wedding photo when I need a frame filler. At least we’re getting our money’s worth from our photographer’s pictures!

Last night I picked up the pictures right before dinner and came home to eat a hot meal with Ryan that included trout (looks like salmon, huh?) with roasted green beans and a clementine.

egg sandwich english muffin 013

egg sandwich english muffin 021

Then we read more of The Scorch Trials before turning in for the night.


My morning workout combined two of my favorite kinds of workouts. Intervals and circuits!

I started with a 20 minute incline interval walking workout that looked like this:

treadmill walking workout
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The incline never went over 12.0, but I was using my arms like crazy to keep up with the 4.0 pace. This workout definitely made me work up a sweat!

After the walking workout, it was time for circuits.

I did my 30-minute jump rope circuit which is seriously legit. It’s very cardio focused and goes by crazy fast thanks to only 30 seconds of rest after each move. (For those of you looking for at-home workouts, this circuit can easily be done in your living room!)


With a quality workout behind me, it was breakfast time!

egg sandwich english muffin 026

Two slightly burnt fried eggs packed a protein punch atop a toasted English muffin, served with raspberry jelly and a slice of Colby jack cheese.

egg sandwich english muffin 029

Time to hopefully wrap up an article!


  1. says

    I just printed off pictures to fill our frames yesterday! It was so quick and easy- I don’t know what took me so long! Love the Sadie picture 🙂 we have one of Koda enlarged, framed and hung in the hall. Everyone thinks it’s crazy but we love it 🙂


  2. maria @ a life to bragg about says

    Hahah I think it’s so funny that you and Ryan would actually greet your fake family lol. We always resort to our wedding pictures too but now that we have a kid I think pictures of him are going to be our new filler pictures. Your breakfast looks great!


  3. says

    haha! I feel like that “don’t hold onto the side of the treadmill” comment was directed at me. Guilty! 🙂 I feel like I’m going to fly off the treadmill on those inclines.


  4. says

    That’ so funny that you brought up empty frames. I got married in October and literally have ten frames around my house with nothing in them. I thought I could just wait until I get my pictures back before filling them, because I too simply forget to fill them in the mean time with pictures from any other event!


  5. says

    I was really surprised the first time I had trout how much it resembled salmon as well! Regarding the photos, I’m not married nor do I have children, but I bet when you do, it’ll be your kiddies in those frames! 🙂 Your wedding photos are GORGEOUS so I think it’s great that you’ve got them all over the house!


  6. says

    I currently have one empty frame, it was a Christmas gift. There is no fake family taking up residence though. I will be printing a picture from New years weekend.


  7. says

    I definitely defaulted to wedding photos for a long time but now I have been able to add more event type photos around the house.

    I like that treadmill work out…I am bookmarking that!


  8. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says

    im a picture nazi so i feel like im always printing one immediately for frames… we arent married, or engaged but still our house is filled with pics of us – mostly vacations! When we first moved in my boyfriend told me he was tired of seeing himself all around the apartment.


  9. says

    I’m definitely a wedding picture user! It took me forever to change my facebook picture, until I saw a blog somewhere making fun of girls who use their wedding pictures for years with a “there have been other days in your life, people” comment.

    Let’s just say that if I wore expensive dresses, did my hair, and had a professional editing out blemishes from every picture everyday, I might use other pictures other than my wedding day!!


  10. says

    love that pic of sadie! As I sit in the living room, I can look around and count 4wedding pics in frames in just the living room (one being a huge wall canvas!) So no you aren’t alone!


  11. says

    Printing out photos for my frames have been on my to-do list forever…and I’m pretty sure that’s still not going to give me the motivation I need to get on it!!


  12. says

    Ugh, I need to put up wedding pictures (and pictures in general) on my walls! I’m just SO lazy about actually getting frames! I don’t know why it seems so daunting- and with the cold weather up here, I should use a snow day as an excuse to decorate!

    I’ll be down in your neck of the woods next weekend visiting my in-laws (they live in Lecanto)- any recommendations for good hikes or local gyms? I’m hoping for WARM weather!!


  13. says

    Yes – I am totally with you on defaulting to wedding pictuers for frame. About 80% of the pictures in our house are wedding pictures. And we got married 2+ years ago. I’m just too lazy to find other pictures – and the wedding pictures are so pretty.


  14. says

    My grandmother buys pictures frames and keeps the original picture usually because she thinks the models are pretty. Growing up I always wondered who these relatives were I never met.


  15. says

    That’s hilarious that you’ve been staring at random frame photo people for so long lol. I guess it’s better than me. I have frames that need to go up, but I’m too lazy to print pictures, so my walls and random spaces are totally empty instead…boring!


  16. says

    Haha! Staring at a frame of strangers so sounds like something that I would do! In fact, I have a frame that has been sitting empty for potentially at least 2 years – no strangers though, it’s just been empty since I bought it. Oops! 😉


  17. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    I just got married in May, and when my parents came over after I had hung up a bunch of pictures, they asked “What did you have on the walls BEFORE the wedding?”

    Also, my husband got trout at Legal Seafoods the other day, and we were all convinced it was salmon just by looking at it. We did some iPhone research and learned that trout and salmon are very closely related. I never knew that!


  18. says

    I’ve had a fake friend on the shelf in my bedroom since July. I always look at her and think, “I should really change that.” I’ve even had a few of my real friends ask me who she is. haha!


  19. Angela @ Health, Happiness & Harmony says

    I’ve mentioned here and there that we needed to get rid of our fake families (yes, we had a few!) around the house, so for Christmas my boyfriend made us a framed collage for the living room of our relationship.

    On a side note, how did you prepare the trout?


  20. Cate says

    Your breakfast looks delicious! I have a question though, how do you have energy to work out before you eat? I’m trying to get into a consistent gym/breakfast plan and never know if I should eat before my morning work out or after.


  21. says

    My house is filled with black and white photos of family dating back to 1900! Great for our vintage home, but sometimes I think people wonder if we have CURRENT family and friends! HA! I need some color!

    …Love the treadmill workout. Do you feel guilty walking, as opposed to running? I mentally know walking is a GREAT workout, but something inside me says otherwise. Thoughts?


  22. says

    I’m definitely going to try that workout! I’ve been looking for a good walking workout to do in between my running days (trying to come back from injury, boo!) Thanks for sharing!


  23. says

    i always have the hardest time trying to find just the right pictures for frames that need to be used. although i’m not married, i generally put in photos of my boyfriend & i, or pictures of family and whatnot. for christmas my parents found a big collage frame and filled it with pictures from when i was younger, my prom, brandon & i, and various family pictures. it was a wonderful, meaningful gift that i have never received before!

    good luck with your article, julie! 🙂 have a good day.


  24. says

    I really don’t understand why that child in the picture has bright blond hair and bright blond eyebrows but both his (assuming) parentals are brunette…

    It doesn’t matter because Sadie’s way cuter than that kid!


  25. Geraldine says

    Ha ha that made me laugh because I have two frames on my mantelpiece that I have yet to fill. There is a picture of a castle and a tower and people keep asking if I took the pictures on my holidays. Erh no, they’re filler photos i’ve been too lazy to replace. Not quite as bad as having real people I don’t know in my frames though! 🙂
    I had an egg bagelwich today and thought of you. In a non creepy way!


  26. says

    Maybe one of your monthly “date nights” with Ryan can be to have photos taken?

    I see “Groupon” or “Living Social” deals with these all the time. I think it would be a fun excuse for you both to get dolled up (Sadie too?) and mugg it up in front of the camera!

    Say CHEESE!! 🙂


  27. says

    I actually just posted yesterday about filling photo frames! Worst part is I JUST bought them and I’ve lived with my boyfriend for over a year…finally got pictures printed and framed… woops! I’m not married but will probably have those all around the house when that day comes!

    How do you get the pin it button underneath you workouts? I always mean to ask you! 🙂


  28. stefanie says

    Hey Julie! So until recently I never understood why you raved about SIAB because for one, I rather eat my calories & two, my shakes never came out thick enough to have to eat with a spoon. Well the other day I tried 2 scoops protein instead of one, added Greek yogurt & lots of frozen berries & got myself the THICKEST and most delicious smoothie I had ever tasted. No wonder you were obsessed! It tastes exactly like melted ice cream… needless to say I’ve been having one every day & glad I gave them another shot thanks to you! 🙂


  29. Kristin says

    This is unrelated to this SPECIFIC post, but I wanted to comment that I tried “Ryan’s Shoulder Move” for the first time at the gym today, and I loved it! I only used 5 lbs (my upper-body is so much weaker than my lower – trying to change that now!), and at first I thought “oh this is too light.” But honestly reps 10 through 20 burned quite a bit! Thanks for the good idea! 🙂

    Um, and thank you for eating donuts every now and then. You’re one of my favorite healthy-living bloggers for that reason, seriously. Haha!


  30. says

    woww it’s nice to know that even the most organized people do that kind of stuff! In my family, my mom has always just put any nice picture in a frame even if the background fake photo is still there, and even if the sizes don’t match at all. 😛 I always thought, “why is our family so not good at this stuff?” haha


  31. says

    I am glad that I am not the only one who has had unfamilar smiling faces at me for way to long! I really like your treadmill workout. I do a lot of incline but hold on to the top. I am going to focus on NOT holding on anymore!


  32. says

    lol, gotta love fake family. I actually don’t have any wedding photos up. Probably because I was at my heaviest weight then and I look sooo different. I have much more recent pics around.


  33. says

    We had a fake family of our own for months! It eventually turned into a joke and we’d make up silly stories about them 😛 We don’t have any wedding pictures [will soon] but I def defaulted to older pictures since they were already organized and all I had to do was press “print”!


  34. LG says

    Thank you SO MUCH for putting, in large letters, “SPOILER ALERT” on your Violets of March post. It looks like a book I’d like to read, so as soon as I saw the spoiler alert, I was like “close browser! Close browser!!!” lol. I don’t know what you wrote there, but will check it out AFTER I read the book. :0)


    • Jen says

      Agreed! I did the same thing! I’m just about to start it and didn’t want to spoil anything. I’ll definitely be back to check out that post. 🙂


  35. Rosa - Fitness Food Fulfilled says

    I always resort to our wedding photos to fill frames. Why not use a picture where you know both people are absolutely the happiest and that you have such good memories of? I wish I could relive that day just as is and the pictures help take me there.


  36. says

    I am planning on trying your jump rope circuit workout tomorrow! I’ve had it saved in my workout folder on my computer for a week or so but have been feeling a little under the weather and didn’t get to it yet. Can’t wait to give it a try! I always appreciate workouts that can be done easily at home since I don’t belong to a gym!


  37. Jayme says

    Oh goodness… that incline walking business was no joke! i kinda scoffed at it to begin with. but I did it and powered through my shins screaming at me… then I followed up with your jump rope circuit… 1. I am terrible at jumproping… 2. when it came time for burpees I could only punch out 9 of them, granted they were the pushup kind (and i’ve never enjoyed the pushup part so much). kudos to you! i love the up-beat attitude you carry through life! keep up the awesome work of inspiring people like me to get out there and give things a try! =)


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