How to Make Overnight Oats

Good Monday morning!

We’ll talk overnight oats in a minute, but first let’s recap today’s workout!

overnight oats


I awoke this morning feeling rather sluggish. Yesterday’s day of rest also turned into a day of mindless eating as the night wore on, which left me feeling uncomfortably full as we went to bed. Blah.

All the more reason to begin this week on a healthy note!

Lately I feel like my snacks have been filled with more sugar and less nutrients than usual and my mission this week is to change that.

Full speed ahead! Smile

Today’s workout was a good one. Ryan and I began our time at the gym with 20 minutes of cardio split between the stair master and the elliptical. I requested 10 minutes on the stair master and Ryan grudgingly agreed, saying that the stair master isn’t a warm up, but a seriously legit workout. It is tough and I like how it almost immediately gets me sweating.

Then it was time for a leg workout:

leg workout

The final exercise really hammered it home for me because I took my time to do each rep incredibly sloooow. My buns were burnin’!

How to Make Overnight Oats

how to make overnight oats

I eat a lot of overnight oats. They pop up on this blog all the time because I think they are delicious and I love how they make breakfast so easy since all the prep work is done the night before.

I tried them for the first time after reading about them on a bunch of blogs. I thought they were disgusting at first because I never made them quite right and the texture was always off.

I know that there are tons of recipes for overnight oats all over the internet, so definitely check them out and try out a bunch of different recipes to find the one you most enjoy!

Here are some recipes I found that seem to get good reviews:

Many people make overnight oats with just oats and milk as a base, but I’ve found that my favorite overnight oats include four main ingredients.


  • Old fashioned oats
  • Milk (I’ve used both almond milk and regular milk and both work well!)
  • Chia seeds
  • Greek yogurt

It actually took me a lot of playing around with oats, milk, yogurt and chia seeds to finally get the combination that I felt like yielded the perfect consistency and thickness.

I now eye-ball measurements every time I make overnight oats, but last night I took the time to actually measure everything since I’ve received a few requests for my exact overnight oats recipe and had a lot of you comment and email me complaining about overly-liquidy oats.

First, I combine one 6-ounce container of Greek yogurt, two tablespoons chia seeds, 2/3 cup oats and 1/2 cup milk in a large bowl.


I then stir it up, cover the oats and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

They will go from this…


To this…



Very thick and chewy!

In the morning, I stir the super-thick oats and add in another 1/4 cup of milk to make everything slightly more liquidy, but still quite thick.

Then it’s time to top the oats with fresh fruit, nuts or nut butter and dig in!



A couple of notes:

  • To me, the key to my favorite overnight oats is the inclusion of chia seeds. These cannot be substituted because they add thickness to the oats that simply cannot be duplicated. If you do not have or do not like chia seeds, you may wish to reduce the amount of milk in the overnight oats to maintain thickness.
  • If I am using plain Greek yogurt, I will add about one tablespoon of honey or fruit preserves to the oats before letting them sit overnight for a bit of sweetness.

Question of the Morning

  • Have you ever tried overnight oats?
  • What is your favorite way to make overnight oats? Feel free to link to a favorite recipe!


  1. says

    I made them before but I used unsweetened greek yogurt so I had to add some honey in the morning. They’re very convenient! I agree with the chia seeds, they make everything so much better.


  2. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says

    I could never get used to the whole cold oatmeal thing.. I kind of fell off the whole oatmeal wagon sometime last year. I need to bring it back!


  3. Ada says

    Do you heat up the oatmeal in the morning or eat it straight out of the fridge? I’ve been wanting to try to make them for a while, but I don’t know how much I’d like cold oats!


  4. says

    I’ve tried overnight oats a few times but they’ve always been too watery the next day, I’ll have to try your way tonight! Do you think quick cooking oats work too?


  5. says

    It took me quite a while to get the consistency of my overnight oats just right too. Sometimes if I don’t have any Greek yogurt, I use cottage cheese. I don’t know why but I’m absolutely crazy about that stuff right now!


  6. Nicole says

    i never heard about overnight oats until i started reading your blog a few months ago, and now i am addicted. i think for two weeks straight that was the only thing that i ever ate! my favorite combo has coco powder and raspberries 🙂 thanks for all the great tips!


  7. says

    I haven’t ever made overnight oats but when I worked in an office (as opposed to my house) I would mix raw oats with one container of yogurt and let it sit overnight and eat it as my morning snack. So the same concept…the oats soakk up the liquid, expand and become chewy. Maybe I will try overnight oats tomorrow using your recipe since I have all those ingredients on hand. 🙂


  8. says

    LOVE your workout!! I need to get off the couch in about.. 5 minutes and get mine it!

    I also love overnight oats although I make mine a little different! Maybe i should prep them some night this week because its been a while!


  9. Teresa t. says

    I always include flax seed which I Think also increases the thickness but they always seems too mushy for me. I don’t know what the problem is, too much milk maybe.


  10. says

    i love overnight oats! i didn’t even discover them until i start reading some healthy living blogs, but i’m sure glad i did. i just use 1/3 cup oats; 1/3 cup vanilla soy; 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt with some flax seeds mixed in. eventually i plan to use chia seeds, but i have a huge bag of flax i need to use up! i usually add banana slices and a blob of peanut butter on top!


  11. says

    I made overnight oats last night for the first time with Chia seeds! I loved them! The chia seeds really do help with the texture and thickness. I also loved that breakfast took less then 2 minutes this morning (I added strawberries and some cocoa powder)! I am going to have to try putting greek yogurt in my over night oats next time!


  12. says

    I’ve been loving oats lately but have been cooking them on the stove because I was sick last weekend so my morning weren’t rushed- I don’t usually make oats for bfast because I feel like they take time but if I can make them overnight that’s a great option! I don’t have chia seeds so I’ll have to experiment with the ratio of oats to liquid… I wonder if flax seeds or ground flax would work?!


    • says

      see my first “note” in the above post about substituting anything for the chia seeds. 🙂 i just worry that the thickness won’t be there, so you might want to add less milk if you use flax seeds.


  13. says

    I’m a big fan of overnight oats, but usually in the warmer months. During the winter I prefer my oats hot. My recipe looks exactly like yours, and I think fruit or something else sweet (honey, agave, etc.) is key! The first few batches I made were really bland, but add some fresh berries and you’ve got an amazing, super-filling breakfast!


  14. says

    Yes and I 100% agree chia seeds area must! I have never tried mine with yogurt though, so I might have to this week! I love topping mine with fresh fruit (or frozen right now since its hard to find berries) and flax seed.


  15. says

    I tried it once, but the texture was terrible, the oats never softened, so it was like eating a bowl of dry oats in almond milk. Not good!

    Someday, I’ll try again! I don’t think I can get behind having a whole yogurt and a whole serving of oats and milk… that’s just too big of a breakfast for me!


  16. says

    Overnight oats is one of my fave recipes that I’ve gotten from the blog world. Even more so, I love faux-vernight oats: same thing but you make them in the morning and let it sit for 15 mins! The key is to use less liquid- love the taste of raw oats!


  17. dana a. says

    thank you for your post! i have been making them for the last 5 days and they are delicious! i kind of like how they are different each time depending on how much milk you add.

    happy monday!


  18. says

    Overnight oats are perfect for the summer and hot days. I like to use about half cup of milk, half cup plain Greek yogurt, half cup oats, 1 tbspn ground flax. I don’t have chia seeds very often, but I agree that when I use them it makes for so much more thickness! I like to top them the next morning with another half cup milk, drippy peanut butter, and maybe a tspn of nutella if I want additional sweetness. I like banana or strawberries in it too. Then I stir it up into one delicious and cold mess!


  19. Elizabeth says

    PB–I have been meaning to ask you–do you think that microwaving protein powder breaks it down any? (Breaks down the nutrients or protein?) e


    • says

      oh gosh, i hope not. i haven’t done enough research to really answer this question properly, but i’ve heard the claim before. not really sure what to think. perhaps someone else can weigh in who might have more insight?


  20. says

    Over night oats are my favorites breakfasts of choice! I usually just use 1/2 cup oats, water or milk, a scoop of chocolate protein powder and then add fruit and a scoop of pb in the am! Occasionally I will add some yogurt and it gives then a more creamy texture that I do enjoy.


  21. Kendalyn says

    I discovered overnight oats after reading your blog and a friend of mine’s (For the Love of Kale by Heather Waxman), and have been making it ever since! I follow a similar recipe to what you posted, but I like to use plain greek yogurt and then add in a tablespoon of pumpkin butter or apple butter to give it a little flavor and sweetness. I love how easy is to prepare and that I have a healthy breakfast ready for me when I wake up – it’s such a time saver in the morning!


  22. says

    I love overnight oats- I go through phases of alternating between those and warm oats. But, I’m not crazy about using Greek Yogurt- I think using salt-free 1% cottage cheese is SO much better! I’ve even used protein powder while traveling, and it works well, too. But the texture from cottage cheese is awesome.
    And I agree- you have to use Chia seeds.


  23. says

    I love overnight oats and I agree that chia seeds are necessary for. Great batch! I prefer mine without yogurt though. I think my favorite combo is oats, almond milk, vanilla extract, banana (soaked with the oats overnight), walnuts, and chia seeds. A close runner up is oats, almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla, shredded apple, raisins, and cinnamon!


  24. Laurie says

    I LOVE overnight oats. Learned about them on this blog too – thanks Julie! My favorite combo has 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup orange juice, half of a container of Chobani (either plain or lemon), and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Top that with some walnuts and crasins and I’m set.


  25. says

    Since I am weird and don’t like “soggy” foods I make my oats in the morning. I add plain yogurt to the oats, stir, let soak for a few minutes, top with cinnamon and peanut butter, then eat it up!


  26. says

    I love overnight oats! I made them last night! I’ve been making them with greek yog ever since I saw it on your blog and its delish! I also love them with pumpkin.


  27. Geraldine says

    When I first started reading blogs OOs were EVERYWHERE – I made them for myself so I wouldn’t feel left out 🙂 but alas they were nothing great. So happy to learn I just wasn’t making it right. I will definitely try this recipe to see if i can be converted! But I love how hot oats heat my whole body up in the morning especially in winter!


  28. says

    ever since Tina at BBF (formerly TinaFFF) started using coffee in her OO, I can’t get enough. coffee, chocolate almond milk, hazlenut butter, chia. Even my 3 year old is an addict.

    Because really, you should start em young on coffee. (jk, he tasted mine and loved it, ped says it’s fine and dandy.)


  29. Laura says

    what a coincidence! i made my very FIRST bowl of overnight oats (after hearing about them repeatedly on your blog) and they were delish!!! i altered the recipe just a bit because i only had fruity yogurts and i was going for a chocolate/dessert-flavored mixture.
    i used 1/2 cup skim milk (since no yogurt), 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp flax seeds (dont have chia seeds yet, so i figured next best thing?), and dash of cinnamon. it thickened up in the morning and was amazing. i’m sure it will only get better with yogurt, chia seeds, etc. i owe my delicious breakfast to you, so thanks!! xoxo


  30. says

    As I read this, I’m eating the most dreadfully bland bowl of oatmeal. I think I’m going to try this for tomorrow’s breakfast. I thought I could spice up my plain oatmeal with nutella and a banana. But, it’s still missing something. Thanks for the recipe Julie!


  31. Jamie says

    Have you ever tried Steel Cut overnight oats? Just wondering if they will work the same way since that is what I have on hand. Also, how much do you taste the yogurt? I am not a huge yogurt fan but I know it adds a lot of nutrients.


  32. says

    The other day I made them with plain greek yogurt. I thought they were OK, but I couldn’t get over the tanginess of them. I think I need to try again with flavored yogurt and see if that changes my opinion on them. I don’t mind the texture, so its just the taste I need to get right.


  33. Amy says

    I use ground flax seeds and get a great thick texture. My favorite way is to smear PB in the bottom of the container before putting in the fridge. Strawberries on top in the morning…yum! And thanks for the tip for jelly on the egg sandwiches… I’m addicted!!! 🙂


  34. says

    I actually JUST got into overnight oats after reading some suggestions on how you prepare them in previous blog posts! I didn’t like them the first time I tried them (a year or so ago) but now I’m hooked. I definitely think including the Greek yogurt is key! I’m having fun experimenting with different add-ins & just last week made “cake batter overnight oats” which was AWESOME!


  35. Jamie says

    I have tried them and I think that are totally gross. I also hate pumpkin oats. I tried them after so many bloggers raved about them and almost barfed. I am more of a savory breakfast person too and find that I need a high protein breakfast to stay full for more than two hours.


  36. Annie says

    ooooh I want to try different combos now!

    My usual is:

    1/2 cup of oats
    1/2 cup of yogurt
    1/2 cup of milk
    half a banana

    and then in the morning I add the other half of the banana and some berries if I have some.


  37. Krystina (Organically Me) says

    I never use chia seeds in my overnight oats and they’re always super thick and perfect without them. I just use oats, equal parts milk + plain Greek yogurt, honey, and banana/other fruit. Perfect every time.


  38. says

    I have seen overnight oats on a million different blogs. I have tried them a couple times, but the consistency and taste is never quite right. I will try out your recipe and see how I like it. I want to like them, because they always look so good!


  39. Christina says

    Great post! I have to try your recipe. I use my digital scale to make sure my proportions are exactly right. Also, I have to heat mine in the microwave for 30 seconds so they’re not so cold. I eat overnight oats every morning!


  40. Keri :) says

    Wanted to share my random Smoothie Concoction with you 🙂 It isn’t perfected yet, but I thought I would share!

    I mixed:
    1 White Choco. Macadamia Luna bar (crumbled)
    Skim Milk
    Peanut Butter

    (portions are to your discretion…I was trying it, so mine made approximately a cup.)

    It is yummy..and nutritious! 🙂


  41. Merri says

    Great post -definitely on my grocery list tonight!!

    Topic Request: Healthy foods during the frigid winter months!

    I always crave salads over summertime but when it’s freezing out I crave HOT but usually high-fat comfort foods. I usually end up just defaulting to lean cuisines which are such a drag! A post of the best healthy HOT comfort foods would be fantastic for us northerners!




  42. Ruth says

    I use steel cut oats and soak them overnight in just water and microwave it in the morning for 2 min. Then I add in the greek yogurt and fruit. I love that they are ready to go in the morning, no big cooking to do.


  43. says

    I agree you DEFINITELY need to play around and find a thickener that works for you to make them palatable. The first time or two I tried them I didn’t understand the appeal at ALL. I still don’t get the breakfast cookie appeal (ok Amanda let’s stay on topic), but as far as overnite oats go now? YUM. I can take or leave the chia seeds personally (I like them and usually include them, but I find sometimes it makes them TOO thick for me), but MUST have the greek yogurt (plain for me, but I add a lil stevia). Just milk and oats (almond milk for me, always) is gross and watery and goes down the drain. I especially like overnite oats when adding a mashed banana and/or pumpkin, so maybe that’s why I find too many chia seeds to be too thick.


  44. says

    Loveee this post, I have been dying to try overnight oats but have never seen a good basic post for how to make them. Have you ever used steel cut oats? I heard they might be better for you as they are less processed. Do you ever heat them up or is that gross?


  45. says

    I absolutely LOVE overnight oats but I include whey protein powder in mine. I had some this morning and find that my necessary ingredient is cinnamon! I can NOT get enough of it! Any Time Whey – Birthday cake adds a yummy flavor too. nom nom nom!

    Your leg workout looks pretty stellar. Going to have to give it a shot on Thursday (leg day).


  46. says

    I agree with Ryan, the stairmaster is not a warm-up. lol Hardcore sweat coming!

    I love overnight oats. Just 1/3 cup oats with 1.5 oz of vanilla Greek yogurt and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. Nice and THICK the next morning. I love it being thick enough that I can pick it up and eat it with my fingers. Messy, but delicious. 🙂


  47. Stef says

    I love overnight oats! I just use milk (just enough to reach the top of the oats), old fashioned oats and a frozen fruit mix on top (bananas, strawberries and peaches already cut up!) In the morning 2 min in the microwave, a little brown sugar and they’re perfect! I even made them for my parents once and they loved them and that was saying something!


  48. Kanoe says

    I Have never tried overnight oats & I guess it’s time I tried them :-). I’ve been reading your blog for ages now & I keep seeing you mention how tasty they are & they do look tasty I guess my concern was the texture b/c I was used to oatmeal being warm not cold. I’m going to give it a try & then let ya know how it goes. Thanks for all the different recipes & ideas :-O


  49. Sarah says

    I’m toying with the idea of adding protein powder to my (not overnight–stove top made) oats, but it kindaaa terrifies me. At what stage do I add it? When they’re cooking? Afterwards? Any help would be great!


  50. Katie says

    Thanks for posting this! I was just trying to find your overnight oats recipe for my husband yesterday. I was also trying to figure out if you eat them cold or warm but I see you already answered that question for someone else.


  51. says

    I never thought to add Greek yogurt into my overnight oats! I would eat the same combination of peanut butter/banana oats over the summer, but I just put together oats, milk, and a strawberry Chobani to try in the morning with fresh strawberries! 🙂


  52. Whitney @whitlikes fit says

    Hmm, I just tried them for the 1st time today and the verdict’s still out. I used non fat plain greek yogurt and I feel like I just couldn’t get them sweet enough. I added honey, almond butter and a banana but they were just too sour. I’m thinking it might be better to do a flavored yogurt?


  53. Julie V says

    Hey Julie! Do you think maple extract would add a great flavor to the oats? I love maple & brown sugar oatmeal so I’m curious.


  54. Chelse says

    I made overnight oats for the 1st time last night and had it for breakfast this morning…. It was so good! I’m always looking for quick and healthy breakfast ideas!


  55. Lindsay says

    Quick question – how many servings does this recipe make? Is it all your or do you split it with your hubs? Since we can’t just whip more up if there’s not enough I want to make sure I start out on the right foot. Thanks!!!


  56. says

    This is such a good idea! I’m hopeless at thinking about what I want to eat in the morning so to have something tasty already prepared sounds perfect. I even have a pack of jumbo oats in the cupboard at the moment- will definitely have to give this a try 🙂


  57. says

    I just “stumbled” across your blog and I’m officially obsessed 🙂 I made these for the first time last night and they were wonderful! I’m a full-time working mom of a 2 year old and preparing breakfast the night before really saved me time (and a trip through the drive-thru) Thanks!


  58. Li says

    I’m an idiot! I honestly thought you had overnight oats hot – it never occurred to me that you’d eat them cold! I’ve never tried them as I figured my regular porridge is pretty much the same thin and much less effort. Ha!! Definitely going to give these a try now. And If I love them and end up cursing for not trying them sooner, then hopefully it’ll be a good lesson in reading things properly before 🙂



  59. Jenn says

    Ok, so after looking at this blog religously everyday I have started to use some of your circut workouts because I was getting bored with my current workouts. I tend to eat the same breakfast items throughout the week so, much like my workouts I have been getting bored so I decided to try over night oats. OBSESSED! So delicious and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since (I am currently eating lunch…). I was nervous I wouldnt like the tecture so I added a tiny bit of dried fruit, fresh fruit, and almond slices and I am totally hooked and make more for tomorrow (espeically in this heat wave in Massachusetts!) Thank you so much for all your tips, recipes, and positive attitude!


  60. Marie says

    I followed this recipe but didn’t add chia seeds and added a little less milk. They were SO delicious and I’ll definitely be eating these every morning for a cool summer breakfast 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!


  61. Isabelle says

    Just made my first batch of overnight oats! I used skim milk, oats, and plain greek yogurt and at first it was terrible…I vowed to eat a quarter of this batch and thought of a pretty good way to add some flavor and now I’m enjoying them warm 🙂 Made the recipe as called but without the chia seeds, as I haven’t found them at my store. Then added a small amount of hot chocolate powder (because I didn’t have cocoa or any other powder to add flavor) and then popped them in the micro and added strawberries on top 🙂 Next time I’ll be sure to use flavored yogurt! Thanks for sharing!


  62. Diana says

    I’ve heard of these SO many times and finally decided to give them a go when I came across them on your blog (which I adore, by the way). I think this is my new breakfast addiction for this warm summer weather. And the different ingredient combinations seem endless! Thanks:-)


  63. Ariana says

    So I just tried this…and so far, definitely not my thing. I didn’t like the taste so much. Texture was fine, temperature was fine, but I couldn’t get past the yogurt-y tangy taste. Any suggestions??? I want to like it lol!!!


  64. Kendra says

    I tried this last night and this morning I was greeted with a delicious, filling & healthy breakfast! I didn’t have flavored greek yogurt, so I used plain along with a squirt of honey and a tablespoon of sugar free jam in to add sweetness & flavor. I am a newbie to chia seeds and I just LOVE them! Thanks for the recipe!


  65. Sarahlee says

    Hey! Just an update- I am LOVING my overnight oats! I have been using the Quick Oats because I had them and didn’t want to waste and follow your directions- I use coconut almond milk instead of regular milk and in the morning I chop up some apples and a spoonful of almond butter YUMMERS!!!
    The serving works for two mornings for me which is AWESOME given that AM time is also super rushed
    BTW your blog has been SUPER keeping the workout bordem at bay- I am OBSESSED with your treadmill work outs!! Keep doin what your doin!!! 🙂


  66. Brittany says

    I just tried your overnight oats recipe and really enjoyed them. Almost couldn’t finish the bowl, they were still pretty thick (and very filling) even after the additional milk. After you’ve eaten something like overnight oats, how long do you wait before exercising? I hate that sick feeling at the gym after I’ve eaten too close to my workout. Do you have any tip or a good rule of thumb?


  67. says

    Tried an overnight recipe from another site a couple of months ago that was just tolerable… but I very much enjoyed yours this morning. But just wanted to check, is this intended to be one serving or two? I ate about half of it and had to stick the rest in the fridge. So filling! Yum!!! I do appreciate all your serving sizes though… like with your pancakes and such. The banana bread protein pancakes were an awesome lunch for me the other day. Thanks!


  68. Eden says

    I have just made a batch to try in the morning! I have been wanting to make them for ages and finally have given them a go! Can’t wait to try them. Oats are my fave breakky, I am addicted to a microwave packet – baked blueberry and apple bake (from here in australia)! But I don’t like the fact that I am eating porridge with preservatives etc in it when oats are such a simple thing to make. Thank you for all your recipes too, I have found my fitness and health mojo again after weeks of being off the wagon! I think its all thanks to you and your wonderful PBF blog, your VERY inspiring and I look forward to reading your blog every day! I have even been reading it while I have been on holiday! Now Im back its time to get back into healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle!


  69. Dylan says

    I FINALLY tried overnight oats and loove! I used my vanilla Greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk and lots of cinnamon (my true obsession) but they were delish! Thanks so much for the recipe! I also tried the coffee green smoothie the other day and loved that also, I’m a huge spinach fan and live off of coffee so it was right up my alley 🙂

    Big fan of your blog!


  70. Maureen says

    I tried overnight oats for the first time today! I liked it a lot, but don’t love greek yogurt. I used the greek yogurt with honey…ok to use other flavored greek yogurt or just “regular” yogurt instead? Also, noticed that Chia seeds are high in calories…would cutting to 1 tablespoon instead still make it thick? Thanks, love your blog!


  71. says

    Made these for the first time and had them this morning! I have a dairy allergy so I used almond milk and almond milk yogurt (how amazing is it that nondairy yogurt is available??). It tasted a little odd at first (due to the almond milk/yogurt combo, I’m sure), but once my palette adjusted I LOVED it. This will become a regular breakfast option for me. I’m a runner and it’s also perfect running fuel! Thank you for the recipe!


  72. Pedro says

    Tried my first batch of overnight oats this morning…I accidently got the Microwaveable (1-minute oats), and not sure if that is much different from the old fashioned, but followed the above directions and it is very tasty, but very thick. I think I’m going to try this again tonight, but add another 1/4 cup of milk to get the consistency right. Very filling and extremely healthy meal! Kudos for posting this PBF!


  73. says

    That looks so incredible! Overnight oats are delicious. I’m always curious which yogurt people like to add to it. Have you ever tried adding a flavored yogurt, like strawberry yogurt? I bet that would be delicious!


  74. says

    New favorite pregnancy breakfast! Its already ready so I can just eat it since I’m not into dealing much with food in the am. AND?? my toddler loves it too! BONUS! Thanks for posting, I’ve seen a lot of these floating around but they’re always so complicated! This was so easy! And the variations are endless but they are also good with just a flavored greek yogurt (so far my favorite is Toasted Coconut Vanilla with almond slivers, aaahhh…)

    Love your blog, I always read it on my phone during the kiddo’s nap time!


  75. Callie says

    I have heard of so many failed attempts at overnight oats without chia seeds but mine always come out just fine! I’m sure chia seeds have lots of health benefits and all that, but I just can’t get over the fact that I would be eating the same thing I used to plant in my Chia Pet — or that they are $10 a bag around here. 🙂 I follow the proportions in your recipe, using 2/3 cup quick oats, 3/4 cup yogurt (Greek makes the mixture thicker, but I’ve found regular yogurt works as well), and 1/2 cup milk (I use almond), and my overnight oats always come out extremely thick! I think it’s the difference between old fashioned oats and quick oats. Typically I try to sweeten my oats with just a little bit of Ovaltine/Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate overnight oats are my favorite!) or a really ripe smashed banana, but generally I just short-cut it, don’t worry about the added sugar, and use flavored yogurt right from the start! Blueberry, strawberry, and even coffee flavored are really good, and I never get tired of oats when there are so many flavors of yogurt to choose from these days!


  76. says

    So happy to have come across this. I’ve been curious about overnight oats but never knew which proportions to try and this was a good guide. I didn’t have greek yogurt so I used European style (from Trader Joes) instead. It’s much runnier so I used less than 6oz. I also added some maple syrup as sweetener because the yogurt is very tart. It was great! Thank you!



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