Targeting Triceps

My triceps hated me this morning.

I suppose they had a good reason to considering the workout I put them through:

tricep arm workout
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Doing tricep push ups right after tricep pull-downs was killer!

tricep pushup


Follow the push ups with tricep kickbacks and I was definitely feeling the burn.

Something I find kind of odd is that fact that I like feeling the burn during upper body workouts, but feeling the burn during lower body workouts makes me feel way more fatigued. I can quickly bounce back from upper body burn whereas I require much more recovery time with lower body burn. The glutes, quads and hamstrings are much bigger muscles than dinky lil’ triceps and biceps though, so I guess this makes sense.


After a few days in a row of sweet breakfasts, I was ready for a savory breakfast.

egg sandwich 018

I ate an egg sandwich made with two fried eggs, Colby jack cheese, raspberry jelly and a toasted Publix honey wheat English muffin.

egg sandwich 021

Question of the Morning

  • Do you prefer upper body or lower body strength workouts?

I definitely prefer upper body workouts and love working out my shoulders. My favorite, by far!


  1. says

    That’s a hard question. I love working upper body because I want pretty arms but I feel like lower body workouts get my heart rate up more. It’s a toss up…I guess I like them both for different reasons.


  2. says

    I realized this morning that i REALLY have no idea what I’m doing with strength training, but I honestly want to improve bc i think it would make a huge difference in toning my body and improving fitness.. I need to print out all your strength training exercises you post!


  3. says

    Julie, can you put a post up on how you’re finding the results of changing to a split body workout (after you ran your half marathon) please. I am considering reducing my cardio and focusing on weight training more so would love to read how its working out for you!


  4. says

    I always find tricep push-ups to be SO difficult when we do them at Body Pump!

    I definitely prefer upper body workouts! I feel like my legs are all muscle, but no matter what I do, I don’t have quite the amount of definition I would like in my arms!


  5. says

    Sounds like a great workout! And OMG triceps pushups are my nemesis! My preference for upper vs lower body sort of depends on the day… I love the feeling of having a sore (in a good way) lower body because it makes me feel like I’ve worked really hard, but it can make running on the following days very difficult! Lately I’ve been loving working my shoulders the most, but I still adore lower body because I can move a lot more weight!


  6. says

    I’m the same way – sore shoulders during a workout makes me feel like a beast, but sore legs makes me feel like a wimp, so I quit sooner. I see quicker changes in my arms too, as opposed to my legs, so I’m always more inclined to do upper body strength workouts.


  7. says

    I like working out my lower, because it’s stronger… but.. I love working out my upper, because it makes me FEEL stronger. There is nothing like doing an old-school chest press and feeling like Arnold! πŸ™‚


  8. Karley says

    So strange…I feel like my legs are MUCH stronger than my upper body. However, leg work outs kill me so much more. Weird!
    On another note…I have never tried overnight oats because, frankly, they sounded super gross! But after your post yesterday and reading the comments I did try them and OMG! I am loving every bite! My only question is, it seems to be a LOT of food! Do you eat it all in one sitting? It’s super filling so I was thinking I might save half for a late morning snack?


  9. says

    Funny you mention the recovery thing today. I was thinking the same thing during my spin class this morning. I love the feeling of working out my arms – the more of a burn the better, but with my legs, I still like the burn, but it’s just so much more intense. I know its because the muscles are just bigger but it’s crazy how different my entire body feels after both kinds of workouts.


  10. says

    Hi, this is going to sound like a ridiculous question but how do you make those pretty little boxes for your workouts. New to blogging and I am attempting to put in boxes like that for workouts and lists of things and I am finding it challenging.


  11. Jackie @ Bringing Home the Bacon says

    I prefer lower body. I feel like it is easier for me to get a little cardio out of it when it is lower body.

    Have you ever done P90X? A lot of your workouts remind me of it. I a couple rounds of it and learned a lot of great workout moves that I still use (tricep pushups being one of them!).


  12. says

    I know what you mean about feeling more fatigued when doing a leg workout versus an upper body workout! I feel like leg workouts get my heart pumping harder and require some more energy that doing say triceps pulldowns… I sure love them both though- feel the burn!

    By the way, I finallyyyy tried the egg, cheese, jelly combo on a bagel thin a couple weeks ago and I am addicted! Keep up the good work- I love your blog! and I’m from Orlando btw πŸ™‚ Have a great day!


  13. says

    So I LOVE my sweet & savory egg & jams… except my jams always rolls on down my fingers. *tragedy* But I still eat it after a hard workout!

    I will be trying to tricep workout…. looks great!


  14. says

    ouch! It’s going to be painful to brush your hair tomorrow!
    I LOVE lower body workouts. I tend to push myself a lot more on legs/glutes days and always try to get jelly legs. I find it harder to push it on upper body because the muscles are smaller and I don’t feel like I have as much power packed in there.


  15. says

    Upper body strength!! My lower body is already pretty fit and I like long/lean so I mostly focus on strength that includes upper & lower at the same time. The only bad thing about really hard core upper body workouts is how hard it is to type the next day! lol


  16. Jamie says

    I have been doing Body Pump and although my arms will burn it is nothing compared to the burning going on in my legs! That class is awesome!


  17. says

    I’m impressed with how well you can knock out the pushups…I feel like I am decently fit but I can only do a wimpy few (like…lowering myself maybe 3 inches) before I have to either switch to my knees or take a break. They are tough!


  18. Holly says


    I am wondering what is the reasoning behind doing 3 minutes of bicep curls? Is it to totally fatigue the muscle? And have you been seeing results from training this way? Sorry if you had a post explaining this but maybe you can point me towards the idea behind this?

    And also, do you use weights (or resistance bands)?

    Thank you!


    • says

      i use weights (2 10-lb. dumbbells). i was inspired to do training this way after seeing results from bodypump which focuses on muscular endurance and works muscles to fatigue all the time and talking with a trainer at my gym. i loooove it! i’ve definitely seen more results training this way when compared with traditional 3 sets of 15 reps.


  19. says

    I’d say I prefer upper body- I dread the thought of doing squats or lunges. Your workout looks tough!

    By the way- I always read your morning posts while I’m eating breakfast, and inevitably they make me wish I was eating yours haha. Yesterday you inspired me to whip up a batch of overnight, and while I’m absolutely loving them right now, man that sandwich looks awesome. πŸ™‚


  20. says

    Those triceps pushups are killer! I find upper body fatigue way easier to bounce back from as well. My arms are killing me today from a workout yesterday but that won’t stop me from working out later whereas if it were my legs, I’d probably scale back my workout or take a rest day.


  21. Bethany @ Hello to the Good Life says

    I prefer to do lower body workouts. I run a lot, so my muscle strength in my legs is much better than in my arms. My new years goal is to start including more upper body workouts and I find them SO hard! Your workouts give me lots of ideas to pick from, thanks for sharing them!


  22. says

    I need to start putting new exercises back into my routine. It will be a little while since I just restarted working out yesterday. I’m afraid of doing new exercises, though, without someone there to show me what to do. I need my own personal Jillian Michaels to follow me around the gym and tell me exactly what to do. Maybe one of these days I will be brave enough to try on my own!


  23. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    I’m the opposite! I really enjoy working out my lower body, but dread doing my upper body. My arms/shoulders are so weak and most exercises leave me tired. I guess that’s all the more reason to keep working on them!


  24. Kara says

    Upper body workouts are wayyy better. I especially like strengthening my chest, it’s gotten really strong! I have to do legs today and am NOT looking forward to it…


  25. Hannah says

    I prefer upper body workouts too. You feel more fatigued because your leg muscles are so much larger than your upper body muscles, therefore you burn more calories. That leads to the fatigue.


  26. says

    I love working my upper body – and I agree that it is much easier to bounce back from that burn that it is lower body. I teach zumba or cardio dance 5 nights a week, so my legs are always getting a workout, and I think that makes my actual leg workouts hurt that much more!


  27. says

    i had a sub at phys therapy yesterday. i’m there for the back but he throws in soe vanity muscle work for me and tris are part of that. the sub had me do presses but with my upper arms parallel to the floor rather than locked at my sides (still locked them….MUCH harder to do so though). it was a bit diff and def felt it.


  28. says

    I don’t think I can pick between upper body or lower body because I love doing them both. I do love working my triceps though. I always feel so good when I straighten my arm the following day after I work my triceps and my muscles are sore! Same goes with my glutes though! I love doing a superset of triceps pull downs and triceps overhead pulls on the cables 5 sets, followed by bench dips until failure! The burn feels so good! πŸ™‚


  29. says

    it also takes a lot more oxygen to keep those lower body muscles going. I’m just getting into swimming as exercise and learning how hard it is to power those muscles with the right breathing… that’s probably why you feel more fatigued doing lower body is the use of oxygen.


  30. Miriam says

    For my part, my legs are killing me this morning. I barely even slept because I feel so stiff from yesterday workout… But I love it! I love when I feel my muscles, it means that I did something right. And I don’t care if it’s legs or arms, I like to do both.


  31. Anna Crouch says

    I go back and forth….sometimes I prefer upper body, sometimes I prefer lower body. It’s weird, sometimes I just really need to get energy out of my upper body. Like if I’ve been stressed, I feel like I have to do something upper body! I tend to hold stress and tension in my upper back, shoulder and neck, so on those days, it’s an upper. On days other days I lean more toward lower body. Probably because I’m most familiar with it.


  32. says

    I love upper body work outs so much more then lower body! Leg work outs just take it out of me so much more then arms!

    Side note I have been thinking of trying your egg and jelly combo (not a huge cheese fan) and I finally bought Chia seeds loving over night oats right now!


  33. says

    I do total body exercises, 3 days a week. I can only get to the gym 4 days a week, so the total body is every other day. The off day, I do strictly cardio, and some planks.


  34. says

    Do you have a link to more detailed descriptions of each of your arm workouts? I’ve just started training for yet another marathon, and while it won’t necessarily do me much good for running, I want to utilize my “rest days” by doing some arm toning at home.


  35. Felicia @ Let's Talk About... says

    I prefer upper body! Arms and abs are my favorite. My knees are trashed though so most of the time I’m afraid of injuring them again so I baby my lower body.


  36. Elise says

    I love that you posted about a triceps workout! I need to work my upper arms and one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get into weight training. It just seems so intimidating! πŸ™‚


  37. says

    I totally know what you mean about upper body routines! I enjoy that burn too, and it’s just so much fun to work them out. I think tricep is one of my fave parts to focus on because it can be so challenging.


  38. Marni says

    this instructor once told me that the workouts/lifts you like the least are the ones your body needs the most…..hated her for it but I think it’s true…lower body lifting sucks


  39. says

    I don’t think I could pick between liking upper or lower body strength training more. I have a lot harder time going all the way with upper body things…like if I’m doing overhead shoulder presses, by rep 10 (especially if I’m just moving up to a heavier weight) I’m usually lucky if I can extend my arms more than 45 degrees. I feel a lot more accomplished after those ones, but lower body ones are a little easier for me to do several sets of, so I kind of like them a lot as well. Though sometimes my knees get twingy after too many lunges or squats, and that’s no bueno. I really just love strength training in general haha.


  40. says

    While I’m a cardio queen, when I do strength training I definitely prefer to work my arms. And it was way easier to recover from arm workouts because I use my legs a lot more. You can get up and move if just your arms are sore, but if your legs are sore, it’s much harder to do things!


  41. Sihomara says

    I definitely prefer lower body work outs. I like that even though they are lower body, they really work other parts, like your core. Plus, I have a lot of lower body strength and zero upper body strength, so I really struggle there, but I’m working on it! πŸ™‚


  42. Stephanie @ says

    I am always targeting lower body, def. have to work on making upper body a priority. thanks for posting such an awesome upper body tricep workout!


  43. Whitney @whitlikes fit says

    I actually like working my lower body better but for whatever reason my body responds so much better to upper body workouts. I could probably do squats for days with no change in muscle definition but do one set of pushups and my guns are rockin’ πŸ™‚ Funny story – when I was in high school my dad and I were at the gym and he said “I’m going to give you some advice for the rest of your life – always focus on your triceps so you don’t have that waggly turkey arm some ladies get.” That was over 10 years ago and I still think about that every time I work my triceps. And thanks to him, my triceps are awesome. Definitely my favorite (and most developed) arm muscle.



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