Will and Alex Get Married

Is there anything better than a wedding filled with enough love to make your heart want to explode?

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Our friends Will and Alex exchanged vows during a gorgeous beach ceremony at the Omni Plantation on Amelia Island in the late afternoon yesterday.

Alex looked absolutely gorgeous in a long, lace dress and the groom and groomsmen looked handsome in gray suits with lavender ties.

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I loved the color scheme of the wedding and the rustic, romantic feel of the flowers and reception space.

Alex and Will’s ceremony was short and sweet and when Alex started crying during their vows, all of the guests lost it. Hearing a couple pledge to be together forever and look at each other with so much respect, love and care simply warms my heart.

After the ceremony, guests met in the hotel lobby to take some pictures.

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Weddings are so much more fun when you are very close with the other guests. Having one of my best friends, Merri, and my sister at the wedding, as well as their boyfriends (Pete and Ross were groomsmen), made the entire wedding weekend all the more awesome.

After some quick pictures, we hopped on a trolley and were transported to the reception.

omni amelia island wedding 025-1

Talk about gorgeous!

The reception space was located out in the marshes and the views around the building were breathtaking.

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Our little group made sure to take advantage of cocktail hour and ordered lots of drinks. After taking a sip of Merri’s dirty martini, I decided to order one even though I’ve never liked them before.

omni amelia island wedding 020-1

I think I must’ve sipped straight olive juice off the top of Merri’s martini or something because two sips into my drink I ended up passing it off to Ryan who happily took it off my hands. I then ordered my typical vodka, club soda and lime. Much better!

While sipping our drinks, we ate passed appetizers (the potato fritters were my favorite!) and lots of nuts.

Around 6 p.m., we were allowed into the reception space and immediately oohed and ahhed over their adorable wedding cake.

omni amelia island wedding 027-1

Then Will and Alex arrived and danced their first dance together as husband and wife.

omni amelia island wedding 031-1

The marshes outside made the most incredible backdrop.

omni amelia island wedding 039-1

Guests then enjoyed a buffet-style dinner, complete with a potato bar and macadamia nut-crusted snapper, prime rib (my favorite) and stuffed chicken.

omni amelia island wedding 037-1 

omni amelia island wedding 040-1

I filled my plate and ate every last bite.

Then it was dancin’ time! I loved our table and feel like we were all out on the dance floor for nearly the entire reception, dancing to everything from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber. You know Ryan and I were pumped to hear some Biebs. We caught the Bieber Fever.

omni amelia island wedding 049-1 

After dancing for a couple of hours, it was time to watch the bride and groom cut the cake.

omni amelia island wedding 043-1

I was pumped when I  was served a piece of the chocolate layer of their cake, which included a yummy, fluffy chocolate mousse.

omni amelia island wedding 058-1

After more dancing, it was eventually time for the wedding fun to come to a close and guests were provided with sparklers to send off the bride and the groom.

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omni amelia island wedding 064-1

They took off in their wedding golf cart… the one Ryan and I decorated earlier in the day!

omni amelia island wedding 010-1

omni amelia island wedding 012-1

It was such a fun night!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!! Smile

P.S. The Fashion page was updated this morning.


  1. says

    Love the reception site! It looks similar to one of the places we are looking to host our venue- great inspiration :D

    P.S. The color and cut of your dress is adorable!


  2. Kaitlyn @ Pain Can Be Fun says

    Wow! That wedding looks incredible. It looks like you had a wonderful time. There is something about going to a wedding that makes people so happy and joyful!


  3. heather says

    wow. i hope they were happy with how their wedding turned out b/c everything looks gorgeous. perfect day for an outdoor wedding. amazing, clear sky. looks like a spring or summer day, really.

    is leslie’s dress black or navy? looks both in diff. pix.


  4. says

    Beach weddings seem like the best! I’m not married yet, but have had a beach wedding in my mind for years and years. :) Julie, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! I am absolutely in love with everything about that dress.



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