A Dog’s Life

This morning, as I worked, I boiled a bunch of eggs so I would have hard boiled eggs on hand for egg salad at lunchtime.

I ended up eating a bunch of them as a morning snack along with some peanut butter fingers (not together, obviously), but still wanted egg salad for lunch when noon rolled around.

egg salad 012

I made the egg salad by combining the following:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 hard boiled egg white, chopped
  • 1 celery stalk, chopped
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons Light Miracle Whip (mayo may also be used)
  • 1 tablespoon spicy mustard
  • 2 tablespoons sweet relish

Clearly it made more egg salad than could fit on my whole wheat hot dog bun, so I ate the rest on the side along with a Babybel light cheese wheel and sliced red pepper.

egg salad 015

egg salad 016

A Dog’s Life

I had a rather odd thought this morning as I took Sadie on her morning walk.

Sometimes I think Sadie has it made. She has no real stresses in life. No responsibilities. She is fed, housed and exercised daily and her biggest disappointment of the day occurs when we don’t give her every bite of food off of our dinner plates.

dog pajamas red 039

Other days, I think it would be awful to be a dog. You have absolutely no say in what you do everyday. You eat the same thing over and over again while those around you dig into food that smells intoxicatingly delicious. People are constantly telling you “no” and leaving you behind.

curried chicken 013

This morning I realized that how I feel about Sadie’s life – whether I envy it or pity it – totally depends on how I’m feeling about my own life.

I think her life is unbelievably amazing when I am stressed and upset and I feel like her life would be completely dull and uneventful when I’m feeling happy and joyful about my own life.

Thankfully Sadie seems to love her life! A stress-free and uneventful life seems to suit her perfectly.

That is honestly one of the things that has surprised me about dog ownership: Noticing the joy within a dog every day.

Every day I notice Sadie’s zest for life. She seems to absolutely love her life every single day.

She knows that little things are worth getting excited over…

vizsla 015

And that being around loved ones is the best thing in the world…



Every kiss she gives out is a passionate (albeit wet) one. She forgives quickly and doesn’t let little disappointments get her down.

It’s kind of crazy how animals living such simple lives can teach us something.

She’s so darn wise. Smile


  1. says

    I actually had vegan “egg” salad today. I picked it up at Whole Foods the other day. It’s made with tofu and dairy-free mayo. They use mustard to give it the yellowish tone. Surprisingly it tasted just like normal egg salad! Yours looks quite delicious 🙂


    • Mollie says

      I second this comment. It is the most amazing/most simple read ever and just puts everything into perspective and teaches us so much about life. You would definitely love it!!


  2. Emily says

    I love your take on Sadie’s life! I sometimes find myself feeling so guilty when I have to put AJ in his cage before leaving for work, but if you look in his cage you see an awesome doggy bed and lots of toys, so it can’t be that bad, right? Plus, his cage is HUGE, so he has ample amounts of room to play!

    I have a question about chia seeds– I like to put sesame seeds on my salads, I love the added crunch and saltiness. Do you think I would like chia seeds?


  3. says

    i never think of making egg salad… i need to remember it since i do like it and makes for an easy and healthy lunch option!

    i’ve thought the same things about our two labs… they’re always so joyful and happy go lucky. i love it. they always make me smile!


  4. says

    I have thought the same thing about dogs! It is true though, it’s only when I’m stressed out that I envy the dog life.

    One thing I have noticed is how good you and ryan are to sadie – it’s no wonder she is such a happy dog! 🙂

    We don’t have a dog yet because we are waiting to have our own yard for that, but I’m really excited for one someday soon.


  5. says

    Julie, I love this post! I’ve always had Golden Retrievers, and I believe that dogs MAKE a family, and you really can learn so much from them– their gusto for live, their love for their family, their loyalty.

    I studied English in college, and one of our professors encouraged us to listen to the “This I Believe” series on NPR. If you ever get a chance, this is really a great listen/read for any dog lover.



  6. says

    Glad to see your a fellow miracle whip girl! People in my life HATE it but I like it so much better than mayo 🙂
    And I agree about your feelings towards your animals life based on how things are going in your own. I find myself having the same thoughts about my cat!


  7. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    Your post could not have come at a better time! My husband and I are currently in the process of finding a perfect fur ball to add to our family and last night as we were reading about the breed we want it became apparent that the one motivational factor in a dogs life is to be LOVED by their owners 🙂 Such a cute post; Sadie is very lucky to have such a great life.


  8. says

    I feel bad for my dog even when I’m in a good mood. He spends a good portion of his day at home just waiting for me…literally. He lays down under the console table and just waits and waits for hours. Sometimes he’ll go eat and roam around, but it’s always back under the table. Sadie’s lucky to have someone who works from home!


  9. says

    I love this!! Its true dogs are so full of life and they forgive so quickly, whenever my dog would do something bad he would put his ears down and slink away and 2 seconds later he would be back to giving me kisses or wanting to be pet!

    and now I want egg salad!

    stupid question but what is miracle whip? I loathe mayo. Is it similar or would someone who doesn’t like mayo like it?


  10. says

    I think some people like to delve way too deep into a dog’s psyche, when really, they are such simple little beings. They are happy as long as they are loved. They don’t fancy food, fancy toys, fancy beds. They just want a warm loving person to pet them and cuddle with them, and maybe a old tennis ball to throw around. If only we could all be more like that.
    Thanks for the egg salad idea, by the way. I’m not a huge fan of Miracle Whip, so I think I may try subbing some Greek yogurt instead.


  11. says

    I had an egg salad sandwich for dinner last night! I will have to try adding celery, mustard, etc. I don’t know why but I have never thought to add any of those before! Looks good! P.S. I always love looking at your pictures of Sadie. She is so photogenic and your word bubbles are always funny! Have a great day!


  12. says

    Sadie looks so adorable in that little jammie outfit! Once I put a shirt on our Rottweiler, and my husband made me take it off him. Lol! I guess Rottweilers named Tyson don’t wear little t-shirts. Too bad because he’s such a baby cutie pie.


  13. Julie @ Orcas Health Journey says

    I feel like Sadie has it all compared to many dogs out there and I truly feel all dogs should be treated just like Sadie. 🙂

    Unfortunately for my 12 year old family dog, my parents recently got a new puppy….
    She seems to be hating the new company and is way too jealous. lol.


  14. says

    I LOVE this post! Ryan and I were talking about the same thing yesterday after I felt guilty for leaving our pup at home for a little later than usual because I had to stay late at work- when we got home he was wired!


  15. says

    I’m the same way – totally jealous of an animal’s life if mine is stressed and crazed. But how boring! I’d much rather be able to travel and choose where I’m going to go for the day 🙂


  16. says

    I actually know of a person who scoops out the yolk of a hard boiled egg and fills it with peanut butter. Although I’ve never tried it, it sounds gross!

    Love this post about dogs. They can teach us so much if we let them 🙂


  17. Shephalli says

    I love this post. Dogs really love unconditionally and little things make them so happy! I love how every time you get home – it coudl be after a long day of work or 10 mins at the grocery store – they greet you with so much passion and wagging tails. Having a dog is probably one of the best things we have done.


  18. says

    Cute post!! I love that you realized how it’s not her life that is better or worse, it is because of what WE perceive ours to be that determines our feelings. Crazy!

    I want some chicken salad now…..don’t love egg salad. But good idea!


  19. says

    I remember watching one of those “Fabulous Lives of…” shows on VH1 a couple of year back. One of them was profiling lives of celebrity dogs and I remember being sooo jealous. I mean those dogs had it made. They freaking had chefs, private doggie villas, filet mignon every night, spas and grooming sessions and so on…it was crazy. It made me want to come back as a celebrity’s dog in my next life.


  20. whitney says

    You can have the worst day EVER and all your pup has to offer is a sloppy, heartfelt kiss to make it better.

    For some crazy reason, it does the trick every time!


  21. Shannon says

    Aww, I love your dog posts. Even when you think about how boring your dogs life must be, just remember how grateful she is to have you in her life. She’s got an amazing life and by the pictures, she seems to thrive 🙂


  22. says

    that’s so true julie – on sunday night when I was stressing before my performance review at work on the following monday – i said to my mom (about my cat) I wish i could be him for the next 24 hours! he just looked so relaxed/comfy snuggled in his blankets. i just have to remember this quote:

    “Without rest, a man cannot work; without work, the rest does not give you any benefit”

    can’t remember who said it but it’s so true!


  23. says

    I love your blog for many reasons but the love you guys have for Sadie is a pretty big one! My husband and I recently lost our dog Katy (we have two other dogs that we also adore). She was my first dog of my very own. I didn’t realize how deeply I loved her until I had to say good bye. I’m not sure where I am going with this comment…..oh wait, yes, I have replayed her life over and over and realize, thankfully, I have no regrets on raising her. That girl had THE BEST life. So, even on days when you think Sadie has a boring life, just know she has the BEST life also! This was my video tribute to Katy I posted on my blog:

    Also, you mentioned loving Adele the other day…I have definitely ruined one of her songs for myself!


  24. says

    not sure if i wrote this here before but i read a hilarious comment once about how aliens might decide dogs were in charge given that people are cleaning up behind their mess w/ a baggie!

    i can’t have a dog but you and another blogger are great for “puppy porn” 😛


  25. says

    Ahhh I love this post and the last one you did about animal wisdom. The spin you put on it is great. I love our little Sadie so much too. She’s on my mind extra today because she managed to get herself hurt this morning and I am SO worried about her even though I know she’ll be alright. I went and checked on her at lunch and snuggled her up in her favorite blanket before I left. Only 1 more hour til I get to go take care of her! They seriously are the best. Natalie is right- they are all about the unconditional love. <3


  26. says

    I think dogs love it 🙂 They are so excited when you get home that they probably forget that you had been gone for a few hours or however long!
    I have been living in a 2 dog house for the last few months and it has changed my life. I love these little guys like my own babies!


  27. Jackie @ Bringing Home the Bacon says

    This post is so werid for my because on Monday, as I was getting ready to leave for a stressful day at work, I felt a sting of jealousy when I looked at my dog curled up in bed. Everything went well at work and that night I had a fun date planned with my fiance. By the end of the day, I could not believe that I felt jealous of a creature that stayed home all day long! This post describes my roller coaster of emotions that day to a T!


  28. says

    I totally agree! I feel like I learn so much from my puppies and I really love the way they seem to love each other! I hope if I ever have babies of the human variety, they have even half as great of a relationship with their sibling(s) and parents as the dogs seem to!


  29. Kanoe says

    Num Num Egg Salad! I want that now! And the red bell peppers are yummy looking as well! I love your blog 🙂 . I have to tell you it’s not a good day unless I read your postings 🙂 ! Thanks!


  30. Marcee says

    Awwww …… for Sweet-Sadie!

    They certainly entertain us! Also bring so much joy, pleasure and funny days. For some reason, my doggie knows when we are havin a down day. I mean, it is totally impossible NOT to love our poochies. Whatever pets we decide to bring into our lives.

    Hey Julie …. how do you do it? Eating and eating! How many eggs was on that plate? Or bowl? Your figure is incredible. Honestly. I guess you owe it all to exercise/workin out. BRAVO to U!


  31. says

    I had never had egg salad until I married Keith. Apparently it was a staple in his household and it was one of the first recipes he made me call his mom for. 🙂


  32. Emily says

    I have a little dog (6 pounds tops) and at times I envy her because she gets carried around all the time! I wouldn’t mind that sometimes… :p she’s also super fast and full of energy all the time! A little off topic.. I recently bought a Jillian Michaels dvd (8 bucks), and highly recommend it for those of you who don’t like going to the gym! Suuuch a quality workout!


  33. Sara says

    HAHAHAHA omg laughing out loud right now. When I hovered my mouse over the picture of your puppy on the bed it said “curried chicken” hahahh


  34. Alyssa says

    Sadie is the cutest. I sometimes feel sooo bad for leaving my little bunny at home for hours and hours all alone (I can just picture her sitting and just doing absolutely nothing) but at other times I feel like she absolutely loves being alone. Oh the dilemma, I am so happy that Sadie is enjoying her life!


  35. says

    Me and my fiance were talking about how our dogs are always happy the other day. They do not care about materialistic things. All they want in life is you and your love.


  36. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more about learning from your dog! Mine is quite spoiled too and I sometimes have the same exact thoughts.

    And by the way, Sadie looks very human-like in the picture of her lounging on the bed with a sweater on! Ha, love it!


  37. says

    Sometimes I think the same about my dog. One day I’m like wow her life is absolutely awesome, and then other days I think to myself “poor dog probably hates us when we leave her at home all day while we’re at work.”

    What puts me in perspective is that my office is located in a very poor neighborhood in Miami. I see stray dogs almost every single day, they roam through the streets digging for food and weaving in and out of traffic. Some make it out alive and some don’t. Everytime a dog wanders over to our office we always take them in, feed them, and find them homes.

    So when I think about it like that, then I know no matter what my dog has a damn good life. She’s lucky to be fed twice a day, sleep in a comfy bed every nightin the AC, and be spoiled with hugs and kisses 24-7.


  38. says

    I’ve always loved that picture of Sadie on your bed. She just looks like a feeble old lady- in a cute way! She just has that little desparate look, like ‘Mom, pleeeeeease don’t leave me.’ Just love her 🙂 I love getting my fill of Sadie from your blog, since we can’t have a dog due to Craig’s allergies….I still beg him every day 😉


  39. Dukebdc says

    You know, I was just thinking yesterday that I would love to know what goes on in my dog’s head. People (myself included) tend to anthropomorphize dogs and attribute human emotions to their actions, but I was really wondering yesterday what kind of emotions he does experience. He’s alone while we are at work, but is always happy to see us when we get home and take him for a long walk. On weekends when we are home, he mostly snuggles with us on the couch or sleeps on the floor. Time and time again people say that dogs don’t have a sense of time passing, so leaving them alone can be stressful or not depending on their temperment.

    Does he care that he eats the same food every day? Does he really not like other dogs, or are we misinterpreting his body language when he comes in contact with other canines? I wish he had one of those translators like the dog in “Up,” so we could be reassured that what goes on in their brain is “I love you! I love you! Food! Food! Oh, squirrel!!!”


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