Cruise Formal Attire

It’s only January and I’m already pumped for my birthday… which is at the end of April.

Why? Because I’m going crusin’ with a bunch of friends!

About a month before I started blogging in 2009, a big group of my friends and I went on a cruise for Ryan’s cousin’s birthday. (Daniel was also the best man in our wedding and is one of the most hysterical people I know.)

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know that the cruise designates one night of the cruise as “formal night,” and guests get all gussied up in dressy attire.

Well, Daniel had the idea to have our group dress up in formal wear… ‘80s style.

80s formalwear

80s formal

Ryan and I had the best time scouring local thrift shops to find our outfits.

80s dress

That little gem of a dress was only $12! It was a velvet and gold dream come true.

This year we’re hoping to do something fun for formal night again, but don’t have any amazing ideas so far.

The best idea thrown out there as of right now is “flannel formal” which I think could be pretty amazing if our entire group of 10 is decked out in head-to-toe flannel, but it’s also not quite dressy enough to really pass as formalwear.

I figured that you guys are super creative and might have some awesome ideas out there to share, so if anything pops into your head, please share! We’re all ears!


Back to the usual business…

Today’s workout was tough. It started with 20 minutes on the elliptical. I’ve come to realize that my 20-minute cardio warm up is rather crucial to a quality strength workout for me.

I find that I really wake up during a 20-minute cardio warm up and by the time my warm up is complete, I’m ready to pour more effort into my strength training.

And put forth lots of effort I did!

I completed the following leg workout:

leg workout hard

Today I brought back the 100 squats challenge and it had my legs shakin’! I’ve been doing three minutes of non-stop squats (inspired by BodyPump!) at 50 pounds for a few weeks now, but upping my weight to 75 pounds and focusing on pounding out 100 squats with minimal resting breaks (taken when necessary) was tough.

I’ll be sore tomorrow!

The 100 squat challenge was inspired by our friend Ben Saperia who is an amazing personal trainer in Orlando. (He’s the same guy who taught the Blogger Boot Camp class I organized a year ago.) He had Ryan doing the 100 squat challenge a while ago and I would always hear Ryan talk about how hard it was and he was right. It’s no joke!


Breakfast today came in a cup!

silver springs park 001

A thick ‘n’ delicious smoothie!

Into the blender went:

  • 3/4 cup 2 percent milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

silver springs park 002

Peanut butter cup smoothies are the best!

Questions of the Morning

  • What is the best theme you’ve ever heard of for a party?
  • Any ideas for themed formal attire for our upcoming cruise?


  1. Angela @ Health, Happiness & Harmony says

    Your peanut butter cup smoothie looks delicious! Have you ever tried a milk alternative (unsweetened almond milk or soy milk?) Thanks!


  2. says

    You should definitely do a prom type theme! How cute would it be to dress up in a long formal, colorful gown again?
    Are you scared about the cruise at all because of what just happened with the Italian captain? I find that I am now a little reluctant to try out a cruise!


  3. Lisa says

    For formal nite – what about black and white theme or an animal print theme? I could see the girls loving the animal print theme, not sure what the guys could do with it.

    Also, I started going the 20 min ellpticial warm up and love it.


  4. says

    I’ve started doing my 2mins of cross training after weights and I think I prefer it as I’m more focused on my weight training. Luckily the 10 minute walk to the gym energises me!


  5. says

    In college we occasionally did birthday parties where everyone would dress up as something that started with the birthday girl’s first letter of her name…Since it’ll be your birthday you could have a J-party! Everyone has to dress up as something starting with a J. My favorite was an L party once…I was lara croft, there were lifeguards, lawyers, legos (hysterical), lakers, lance armstrong, leopards, and tons more…etc. Not sure if it would fit the formal theme but maybe for another night?? :)


  6. says

    Ohh your smoothie looks delicious! And your pictures are so fun! Looks like your last cruise was def a success! I think the eras are always fun– the 20s or the 60s would be cute! Or I like this prom idea that’s circulating! ESPECIALLY if you make it cheesy! My sorority had a formal that was brides and bachelors and so we all dressed up in fake wedding gear (much of which was from the 80s) but it was def fun!


  7. cristina says

    I vote Jersey Shore – we went to a JS-themed New Years party and it was hilarious! Lots of blowouts on guys, chains, tacky dresses. My husband wore one of my juicy suits and stuffed his shirt and was JWoww :)


  8. says

    Rubik’s Cube Theme – (you would have to start in someone’s room first). Everyone should meet up wearing one item of clothing for each color on the Rubik’s cube (white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow). Then, once everyone is there, you swap clothing items until you have an entire outfit of one solid color. Think accessories!


  9. Christina says

    The prom ideas sounds really fun, especially if you ladies could still fit into your original dresses! You could always do another decade, or a celebrity formal night – dress up as an iconic man or woman from eras past or present.


  10. says

    I love it! That dress is absolutely hilarious! I think you guys should dress EXTREMELY “matchy-matchy” next time. Like make it look like you totally planned to match … to the EXTREME. Yes, you will be “that” couple! 😉


  11. Kat says

    You’ve gotten some great suggestions for formal night!

    I wanted to ask if you’ve tried PB2. I use it in my protein shakes for that pb flavor and protein, but less fat. Love it!


  12. alissa says

    I have two ideas: High School Stereotype: dressing up as the cheerleader, band member, teacher’s pet, geek/nerd, skater, punk, stoner, etc.
    Or a classic masquerade party


  13. says

    We did a 20’s themed formal party one year for Christmas. It was a lot of fun – I found this amazing knee length velvet dress with a bedazzled peacock design down the front. We do a formal party every year but that year really stands out because the outfits were so fun



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