Roasted Cabbage

I absolutely love corned beef and cabbage but only seem to make the dish once a year on St. Patrick’s Day. Though most people praise the corned beef part of this traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal, I actually love cabbage just as much. 

While corned beef was extra pricey at the grocery store this week, cabbage was nice and cheap, as always. Ten points for cheap veggies!

I bought a head of cabbage, promising myself to use it in a new way. I remembered seeing Kalyn roast cabbage on her blog nearly a year ago and searched her blog again this evening to find the recipe.

barley bowl 008

Fortunately her recipe was incredibly easy! I followed her technique, but rather than use two tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice on top of the cabbage, I opted for two tablespoons of Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette which ended up being a great decision.

barley bowl 004

After trimming the cabbage and cutting it up into eight pieces, I brushed the vegetable with the vinaigrette using a pastry brush.

barley bowl 003

I roasted the cabbage in the oven at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes.

It was fantastic!

Ryan and I ate the cabbage alongside broiled salmon, shrimp sautéed in a bit of butter and Old Spice and a small sweet potato.

barley bowl 014

barley bowl 012

I seriously loved this dinner so much. It combined by love for seafood with my love for delicious vegetables, making me one happy camper. Mmm!

Off to crack open the third book in The Maze Runner trilogy!


  1. Becka says

    I just finished the third book in the maze runner trilogy. I LOVED them all! I think I loved them even more than the Hunger Games (gasp!)


  2. says

    oh man, i’d be in love with this dinner too!!! shrimp & salmon are easily two of my favorite seafoods, and i LOVE sweet potatoes. i’m sure i would love the roasted cabbage too… i need to buy cabbage more often. it’s a veggie i always forget about. i’m sure i would love it roasted though – i pretty much love every and any veggie roasted!


  3. Charliss says

    I started the Maze Runner series after you posted about it and I just finished the second one today! Unfortunately a bunch of books I had on hold just came in to the library, so I might have to break up the series to read Tina Fey’s Bossypants first. Who heard of 1 week rentals from the library? But I can’t wait to finish the series!


  4. Traci says

    I actually love cabbage too! I should really make it more often. I had saurkraut tonight though – another one of my favorites.

    Thank you so much for turning me onto the Maze Runner series. I’m halfway through the first book and absolutely love it.


  5. Kate says

    I just finished the Maze Runner trilogy, I liked it, but not as much as I liked, or rather LOVED The Hunger Games!

    I’ve never though about roasting cabbage, sounds great! I’m hoping you seasoned the shrimp with Old Bay and not Old Spice! Might burn a little bit otherwise!


  6. says

    Roasted cabbage is so delicious!! It gets so nice and buttery!

    I keep meaning to read the maze runner, but i haven’t gotten the chance, thanks for the reminder!


  7. says

    I love roasted cabbage! I am not a big fan of that veggie raw so this works great. I think I would pretty much eat anything roasted though, haha why does it make every veg taste so delicious?! 🙂


  8. Laura@mypurposefullife says

    That dinner sounds perfect!! It’s got pretty much all my favorite things on one plate 🙂 I’ve never cooked cabbage that way, though, and now I just have to! Yum!


  9. Lauren says

    Finished the third book in the Maze Runner trilogy last week! Still can’t beat The Hunger Games, but I enjoyed it thanks to your recommendation! Think thy will make a movie out of it?? Can’t wait to hear what you think of the ending!


  10. says

    Gahhh Julie – I made cabbage in a recipe on Monday (recipe went up this afternoon on my blog), and then i basically died. It killed my stomach – i guess bc I rarely ever eat cabbage, so I wasn’t used to it? Anyways, I hope your tummy holds up – I’m traumatized by my experience haha.


  11. says

    My favorite way to eat cabbage in a “new” way is to boil a halved head of cabbage and use the soft, peeled away layers almost like a wrap. My family usually uses some sort of grain (typically rice) and meat. It adds a nice delicate flavor, and who doesn’t love wraps?


  12. says

    I’ve been dying to try roasted cabbage. Adding the garlic gold was a great idea!
    And I definitely need to read the Maze trilogy. I’ve heard only positive things about it.


  13. says

    That cabbage looks good! I would have never thought to roast it. I just finished the Hunger games, and will have to check out The Maze Runners.

    BTW, I’m really enjoying your blog. Your food is is so realistic compared to some other blogs I’ve seen, and I’m in love with Sadie! We just put a deposit on a black lab puppy and her name is Sadie too : )


  14. says

    Cabbage is one of the few veggies that I don’t like – but your salmon looks yummy.
    I loved the Maze Runner series. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the third book! There’s supposed to be a prequel coming out too!


  15. Amanda says

    B/c of your recommendations, my husband and I have sped through both Divergent and The Maze Runner trilogy after reading The Hunger Games. (Well, we’re on The Death Cure). We thought The Maze Runner trilogy really gives Hunger Games a run for its money!! The second book in the Divergent series comes out in May… until then, we’re both anxious about what book could possibly hold our attention like these did until then!!


  16. says

    I LOVE that roasted cabbage recipe. It’s now a staple in my weekly menu. Even the kids love “the lettuce.”

    Hope you enjoy the 3rd book – it’s not my favorite, but at least there’s an ending!



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