Campaigning to be the Favorite

As I’ve said on the blog before, I’m pretty sure Ryan is Sadie’s favorite.

dog's favorite

dog fetch

talking to your dog


You see, when I go out of town, Ryan and Sadie are best buds. As he said in his first guest post, they do just about everything together. I think that my time away from the house is when Ryan solidifies his role as Sadie’s favorite. I mean, I can’t compete with someone who makes the dog her own burgers and plays Frisbee with her for hours on end.

Well, when the new year started, I told Ryan that this year would be my year to be the favorite. 

Mommy 2012!

Let the campaign begin!

Now, whenever Sadie does something to show preference toward one of us, we yell out, “Mommy 2012!” or “Daddy 2012!”

Imagine my chagrin when I turned around on our evening hike yesterday and saw this image.

man and dog

“Daddy 2012!”

I will keep trying. I’m not going down without a fight.


This morning I made myself a big bowl of chicken for breakfast to share with Sadie.

Mommy 2012!

Just kidding… though I think that would help my campaign.

Breakfast was two pieces of French toast made with two eggs, milk, cinnamon and honey wheat bread.

french toast 022

french toast 025

I topped off the French toast with a sliced banana, chia seeds and syrup.

french toast 017

Not a bad way to start a Friday!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you notice or have you ever noticed your pet or previous pets playing favorites? Were you the chosen one or was it someone else?

If you are/were the “chosen one” please share your tips on how to steal the crown from those currently reigning. Smile


  1. says

    Cute pics.

    If Sadie is an Alpha-female Ryan will always be her favorite and pack leader. She may love you, but will always see you as subordinate to herself…. that is canine think.

    But she is beautiful!


  2. says

    When I first got my cats, I decided to let him feed them wet food (their favorite) when he would come over to stay. I started this because they weren’t warming up to him, so I figured it would be a great way for them to bond. Fast forward to a year later and those very cats that loved me so lose their minds when he walks through the door. I quickly lost the “favorite” title!


  3. says

    I finally found Chia seeds in a local store and have been enjoying them for the last few days. Thanks so much for featuring them so often on your blog. Love ’em!


  4. says

    This post cracks me up!! I am pretty sure Jesse is our Sadie’s favorite, though sometimes she gives me all the lovin & affection. But, he is the one who rescued her, so I think it’s only fair he be her favorite. Good luck with the campaign!! Maybe since you’re home with her all day you can use the extra time to your advantage!


  5. says

    i am so not the chosen one. my house is “daddy 2012″! lol. we always like to be the one our dog curls up next to, and then if he picks the other person we try to lure him to us…i always lose.


  6. Ashley says

    my daughter and i call our Maltese(male dog) donkey(his real name is dodger) and My Husband Shreck because where ever he goes around the house the dog goes and when he leaves in the morning the dog searches for him
    so our line is
    “Shreck we can stay up all night swapping manly stories and in the morning…. im making waffles!” HAHA its pretty funny to watch


  7. dee says

    I think Bailey (he’s a meagle!!) Favors my boyfriend..he DOES live with him and he always gets to sleep and nap with him. But for some reason, my boyfriend thinks Bailey likes me the most :) and I’ll take it!! Apparently, Bailey jumps the highest when he sees me coming, and I even get a little doggie hula dance number from him. I made him a little blanket the other day (since he gets so cold!), and I hear he cuddles with it! :) he even dragged it off my boyfriends bed and laid it on a random spot on the floor to cuddle it! I bet it’s his way of telling the world he misses me. I AM the one who picked him up from the shelter, so maybe that helped me out a little 😉


  8. Ivy says

    My husband and I’s dog favors me for sure, everytime he asks her to do a trick she always looks at me as if to say “should I really listen to him Mom” My husband gets so angry! I love it. My husband tells me when he gets home from work our dog is happy to see him but then sits by the door until I get home. I love that sweet baby!


  9. says

    Lucky for me I am a solo act so my dog has no choice but to prefer me. Treats always help though, and of course hours of endless games. My girl and I have Wed and Fri TV and cuddle time where I turn off all social media and just pet her and watch something mind numbing.


  10. says

    Hahaha, I love it! The way to the hearts of my two boxers is totally through their stomachs. The parent who fed them last is absolutely the favorite of the moment 😀


  11. kyla says

    My parents dog, Stella Bella, favors my dad easily. Apparently after being out of time this week, last night once my dad got back she attached herself to him and followed him around. I think it’s because during obedience class, he was in the ring with her.


  12. Bree ltc says

    I’m not sure if this applies, but I’ll throw it in: I strongly believe in the “Marvin Sandwich.” That’s where I hold to my chest the most amazing cat in the world, Marvin, and my husband gives us a huge bear hug. It’s pretty much the cure for everything and a most intense feeling of love. Even with a hyper dog, I think you could practice to make perfect your own version with the Sadie Sandwich.


  13. says

    Our Border Collie puppy totally plays favorites. My husband blames it on the whole male/female thing, but we all know it’s only to make me feel better. Though it’s clear she’s a daddy’s girl, she prefers to cuddle with me when we go to bed at night, so until I can completely steal the crown, I’ll work with that Mommy 2012!


  14. says

    Growing up, my dad was always our dogs’ favorite. Actually, my mom (now widowed) is often in shock by the attention her new dog gives her. She isn’t used to all the love :)

    In our house, it is an interesting dynamic with two dogs. They flip flop from time to time, but our hound mix typically favors me and our lab favors my husband. It has worked out nicely – It would have been really sad if both of them favored just one of us.


  15. Alyssa says

    Let me start off my saying, I absolutely LOVE Sadie’s witty comment bubbles. They are always so suiting to the situation. LOL…

    My fiancé and I have a bunny together and though they are not known for being so loving, she really believes she is a dog. She does the weirdest things and most of the time responds to commands. It’s hilarious that she chooses “mommy” or “daddy” and when we have challenges to see who she will take a piece of lettuce from first she will ALWAYS choose my fiancé. I swear she only comes to me when he is NOT around. It’s so depressing!

    I think that as women we have a disadvantage when we have female pets! They automatically are drawn to the male first. Competition perhaps? It may also be because our voices are higher, I want to be up in Winnie’s face all the time and when she tries to sleep I ask her if she’s sleeping since you just never know…yeah, that’s probably why.

    Regardless, when we do get out of our apartment and get a Vizsla, I’m still getting a girl hoping she will be just like Sadie! :) I hope you win this year! MOMMY 2012!!!


  16. says

    My previous dog Lucky, adored my husband. She tolerated me. I think she finally started to love me when she turned 8 or so. My hubby and I always joke about it. Lucky lived to be 15.

    We just adopted another dog, 8 month old puppy. I held her in the back seat on the way home and she curled up in my arms. This one is definitely mine, and my husband has said the same. She hates it when I leave, and doesn’t cry as much when my husband leaves. She loves him too, but leaves him for me 😉


  17. says

    I am obsessed with Dachshunds (and that’s an understatement!) so right before my now husband and I moved in together, as my graduation present to myself I got a brown Dachshund named Leo. It was going to be our dog but I picked him out and he was my dream puppy! Well, sure enough, who ends up being his favorite? MIKE! I think it’s a man thing haha! We always joke around about it also and as much as I try, Leo will always choose him over me. It’s so funny though, watching my husband cuddle up and talk baby talk to this little weiner dog. Adorable!

    PS I just recently entered the blogging world and all your posts about blogging really helped me get started! Thanks so much! Love your blog and read it all the time now!


  18. Marie says

    Our dog totally prefers my husband but I think it’s the whole pack leader thing. My husband has grown up with dogs, came home at lunch to let Bailey eat & potty, and trained him. He comes to me for cuddling & naps, though. 😉


  19. says

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog!! My husband and I have two vizsla’s! Boy are they a handful together!! Our female adores my husband and our male follows me everywhere!! I am pack leader and my husband role is with the dogs! They roll around together and playlike crazy, it’s too cute! It seems Vizsla’s are becoming quite popular!



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