Campaigning to be the Favorite

As I’ve said on the blog before, I’m pretty sure Ryan is Sadie’s favorite.

dog's favorite

dog fetch

talking to your dog


You see, when I go out of town, Ryan and Sadie are best buds. As he said in his first guest post, they do just about everything together. I think that my time away from the house is when Ryan solidifies his role as Sadie’s favorite. I mean, I can’t compete with someone who makes the dog her own burgers and plays Frisbee with her for hours on end.

Well, when the new year started, I told Ryan that this year would be my year to be the favorite. 

Mommy 2012!

Let the campaign begin!

Now, whenever Sadie does something to show preference toward one of us, we yell out, “Mommy 2012!” or “Daddy 2012!”

Imagine my chagrin when I turned around on our evening hike yesterday and saw this image.

man and dog

“Daddy 2012!”

I will keep trying. I’m not going down without a fight.


This morning I made myself a big bowl of chicken for breakfast to share with Sadie.

Mommy 2012!

Just kidding… though I think that would help my campaign.

Breakfast was two pieces of French toast made with two eggs, milk, cinnamon and honey wheat bread.

french toast 022

french toast 025

I topped off the French toast with a sliced banana, chia seeds and syrup.

french toast 017

Not a bad way to start a Friday!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you notice or have you ever noticed your pet or previous pets playing favorites? Were you the chosen one or was it someone else?

If you are/were the “chosen one” please share your tips on how to steal the crown from those currently reigning. Smile


  1. whitney says

    My husband is the “playmate” for our dog and I’m the “cuddler”… What makes me laugh is this is so a kid’s mentality a lot of times… dad is fun, mom is comfort! 🙂


  2. says

    My dog definitely favors my dad! I swear that men have an advantage with dogs…
    But, I always argue that she only likes him better because I left for college six months after we got her while he lives with her year round. Definitely not a fair fight!


      • caryn says

        i actually think that’s true! when my family got our puppy, it was in the summer and my sister, dad and i had work, camps, etc. and were gone during the day. my mom was at home w/sadie (our dog’s name too!) all day. now she’s basically my mom’s shadow. i really think they latch onto whoever is around the most the soonest.


  3. says

    Oh, my dog is totally all for my Father, it’s insane. She’s like a growth on his hip when he’s on the couch. She does love me for a cuddling sesh though 😉 When he tries to talk on the phone, she just barks, whines and has pooped on him before. How’s that for an attention whore? Haha


  4. says

    My dog clearly prefers my older sister, and I don’t think there is anything that can be done about it! After all, she is the fun one that takes him hiking or lets him off the leash in the park! I’m way too scared oh him doing something crazy, picking a fight to let him run free outside a dog area


  5. says

    It might not be that Sadie likes Ryan better, but since dog’s are pack animals she sees him as the “alpha” and wants to suck up to him more. Maybe if you start bossing Ryan around and making him roll on his back with his belly in the air, Sadie will see you as the true alpha 😉


    • SarahB says

      ha! There is actually some truth to this probably! We adopted a dog that was about 1.5-2 years old and she had some behavior problems, mostly due to the fact that she REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to be alpha. We worked with a behaviorist and one of our issues was that she saw my husband as the alpha and wouldn’t listen to me as much (I got bitten a few times a little too hard, so it was important for me to fix this). He made us practice, my husband got to play/rough house with her for a few minutes to get her all wound up, and I had to come in and make her calm down. I still think she “prefers” my husband, but at least she now knows mommy is a boss too 🙂 Plus I get good snuggles!


  6. Heather S says

    Mine totally plays favorite depending on the second! Whoever has food or yells outside is the winner 🙂 we also joke about it around our house and since we just had a baby whoever is the doggie favorite isint as hard anymore since now you are either baby or her pick for the moment!


  7. says

    I’m not sure who my family dog prefers. When I used to live with him it seemed like he favored my sister more. Now since I don’t live with him anymore, he gets really excited to see me. However, if my fiance comes over, forget about it. He won’t leave his lap, side or anything. It’s weird with dogs!


  8. says

    I used to think Olive liked Isaac more but she’s been cuddling with me every night and Isaac has been commenting on how much Olive likes me more than him now. I like being the favorite.

    It has nothing to do with the extra treats I give her when I come home for lunch during the day. 😉


  9. says

    The roles with my cat are the same as others have mentioned…she goes to my fiance when she wants to get all riled up and play rough, and she comes to me when she wants some kisses and a nice warm lap to curl up on 🙂


  10. says

    My husband is Remington’s favorite as well. I think it has something to do with gender roles when you talking about dogs. My husband is the pack leader in our house and that is why I think Remington favors him. Do you think it might be for the same reason in your household?


  11. says

    my older poodle I got in HS used to favor my mom and it made me sad. She assured me it was just b/c she was home with her all day every day and she fed her.

    Now, I have her and another poodle. Now I work from home and they follow me around all day and favor me over hubby and HE gets his feelings hurt. Ha!


  12. says

    So cute!
    My husband had his dog, Tyson, before we even met. Tyson was fiercely loyal to him, often waiting until Danny got home to eat and waiting at the top of the stairs for him. I loved Tyson but he usually looked at me like he thought I was invading on his territory!


  13. eliza says

    With all the pregnancies in the blog world (healthytippingpoint, katheats) I thought you were going to segway this post into the fact that you are pregnant :)!!!


  14. jenny says

    I’m the chosen one — I walk our German shepherd, ‘make’ her do tricks and feed her treats. In other words, I do all the things with her that she loves the most — easy 🙂


  15. says

    Aw I think you will win! You spend all day with her that’s git to give you bonus points! From the beginning my dog picked me as his favorites, even before we brought him home he dubbed me his favorites by finding my lap and not leaving. Now my kitties have chosen my dad as hid favorite, my mom is really jealously about it too!


  16. says

    Our cat likes my husband WAY more. Even though she was supposed to be my cat. She always lays on him and follows him around, but could care less about me unless I have treats. Total brat. My husband thinks its funny how hard I try to get her to like me more!


  17. says

    Food works. The fastest way to become the favorite.
    My husband is the “play-buddy” but they want me when they are tired, sick, etc. And they are VERY protective of me when someone else is in the house. I work from home (like you) so it won’t be hard to be the fav in no time!

    The Kidless Kronicles


  18. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free says

    I’ve had my dog for years before I even met my husband but he is definitely her favorite! I think it’s because he is a chef, so he is home during the day with her. She favors me when she is scared or sick but he is still the “cool dad” who scratches her belly for hours.


  19. says

    My husband and I had this conversation while laying in bed last night {the exciting things we do in bed} and HE decided that HE is the favorite person. I disagree, and of course I am right. 😉


  20. says

    Ginger gets really excited to see either of us when we come home but I KNOW she prefers my husband b/c he gets on the floor with her, hops around like an idiot and will play with her like he’s another dog. My allergies (and dignity) prevent me from doing that so I’m pretty sure if she had to pick, he’d win.


  21. says

    Well, I got my dog a couple years before I met my fiance, so I am TOTALLY her favorite!!! She follows me around and definitely looks to me for everything she wants/needs. With that said, my fiance is the better trainer – he has taught her some great new tricks. And, he likes to give her really special treats like pepperoni, which makes her love him a bit more, but still not as much as me 🙂


  22. Kristin says

    Too funny Julie! I totally relate…not sure maybe it has something to do with the female dog…our female boxer was all about my husband, but I am the for sure favorite with our male boxer…we joke about it all the time!! Maybe your next dog should be a male?? 🙂


  23. says

    Our dog is definitely in love with my boyfriend (but she lives at his house and I’m only part time there)… but she’s generally a whore so she loves everyone equally. It always makes me laugh when people cuddle with her and they think they’re special, and I’m like no, she does that with everyone! Slut mutt 🙂


  24. says

    LOL about the chicken! I never really noticed our pets playing favourites, but I definitely did it myself! I’d let one of our puppies jump into my bed but the other one wasn’t allowed because she would shed wayyyyyy too much. Having said that though, she was also a super lazy dog and rarely jumped or did anything that would require more effort than walking around the house!


  25. Jamily says

    Our dog definitely loves my husband more! We show her the same attention and play with her all the time. I think girl dogs prefer guys as their ‘alpha’ if there is a male in the house.


  26. says

    Our dog totally likes my husband better, but that’s because he lets him get away with ANYTHING. I’m kind of the disciplinarian, which is no fun.

    The girl cat likes me better, though. Our other cat just hates everybody equally.


  27. Emily says

    I think I’m AJ’s favorite 😀 Zach would probably beg to differ though!

    He’s a miniature Schnauzer and is totally spoiled… and it’s definitely my fault. When he gets tired, he climbs up in my lap and wants to be rocked to sleep while being held like a baby. I do not think he knows he is a dog! I always joke and say that I need to get one of those baby straps that you strap to your chest and stick him in it… he would love it!

    Speaking of babies… we babysat a friend of ours six month old littler girl and AJ was soooooo jealous! He wanted nothing to do with Zach and I for at least a week… and he’s kind of been a little terror ever since (accidents, chewing on the trim, chewing up Zach’s glasses… lol). We need to socalize him more!


  28. says

    I really do feel like pets have their favorites! It annoys me so much because our current dog, Spanky, loves my mom the most because they spend all day together (since I live on my own) but I picked him out! Ugh! I still love him to bits and pieces though 🙂


  29. Christina says

    With Roxanne(yorkie) it depends on who she is with.. or who is feeding her lol.

    If she is sitting in my lap and my dad comes up to and taps me on the shoulder she goes insane but its the same way if my mom is holding her and I go to touch my mom. its hilarious. There have been many “she’s my momma” battles.

    But in reality she is attached the very most to my dad, they are traveling buddies.

    She is also the only dog I’ve seen that when you call her she doesn’t come running automatically.. she will come near you and look at you as if saying “what?” and then decide if what you are offering is good enough for her to come to you.


  30. says

    hahaha this post made me laugh…me and kevin have a similar rivalry in our house…nacho was originally my dog, i’ve had him for 8 years…and hes a grumpy old chihuahua who hates everyone but it was love at first sight for them..and now all he ever does is cuddle with him and do the butt dances that used to be reserved for me when he walks in the door..even though im the one who has taken care of him for years. i die a little, but its insanely cute and ironic!


  31. says

    Colby goes back and forth on who is favorite is.. so it is fine by us! One day he won’t leave MY side… and the next day he won’t leave my fiance’s side! Works for us.. because it is nice to get a break from a dog attached to our leg!


  32. Hannah says

    I swear it has something to do with the fact that he is a male and she is a female dog. The one male dog we had growing up was ATTACHED to my mother. We’ve had female dogs ever since, and even though my mom i the primary care giver, they still love my dad the most! It’s really weird, but interesting if you think about it! As for my pooch, it’s just me&her so i’ve always been mommy of the year 🙂


  33. says

    My dog always loves moms (mine or whoever elses) because they always baby him. I’m the discipliner, the one who doesn’t feed table scraps, and the one who cuddles, but I still somehow end up the favorite in the end. No clue how that happens!


  34. Andrea says

    We have two dogs. I always thought our oldest dog prefered my husband then we got our second dog a girl. I now see that my older boy dog does not really have an the time favorite but the girl dog is totally in love with my husband goes up to him all the time has to walk next to him on walks. Maybe Sadie has the same deep love for Ryan.


  35. says

    Don’t take it personally, dogs tend to like males better. My brother and sister-in-law got a golden retriever puppy this summer, Molly, and she definitely likes my brother best. She always listens to him and considers him the “leader of the pack.”


  36. Traci says

    We have a cat, not a dog, but I feel like many of the favoritism traits carry over. Our cat is obsessed with my mom and follows her EVERYWHERE around the house. I think it has to do with the fact that my mom is the one who feeds her, brushes her, and pets her all night. Just grab Sadie whenever you can and brush her, feed her before Ryan gets to it, and slip her some chicken for dessert every night. 😉


  37. says

    Cute post! My dog likes certain people for certain things. For example he knows that I always cave and give him a treat when he sits by the treat cabinet so he’ll always do that when I’m in the room!

    Random question: What program do you use/how do you put those speech bubbles on your photos? I don’t like my current method, since it leaves the speech bubble opaque and ruins my pictures!


  38. says

    we have a chocolate lab and a yellow lab… our yellow lab totally favorites my husband through and through, except when i take him on a run, then i’m all of a sudden his favorite for about 45-60 minutes of the day. 😉 our chocolate lab just loves any attention anyone will give her, so she’s easy to win over. i usually win at being her favorite. 🙂


  39. says

    I am the reason our family even has a dog but of course she loves my dad the most. She always waits for him to come home after a business trip and will listen only to him. She will even refuse to go on a walk with me if he is home. – haha.


  40. says

    We have three dogs. One is clearly so attached to me it is as if my husband doesn’t exist. The other mostly does her own thing and mostly attends to us equally.

    The third dog is actually both of our favorite. I know, you’re not supposed to have a favorite but we do. She used to be attached to me, but over the past year, hubby has brought her over to his side(that’s only if her grandma’s not around; then she’s all for grandma) and I hate it!!


  41. JessieBee says

    My big pup loves me more than anything – except my husband…If I sit next to him on the couch, she (all 60lbs of her) will launch herself into my lap and force herself between us and alternate between kissing him and “biting” my ears and chin. Then she gets my wrist in her mouth and trys to drag me off the couch! Lovely little monster. I would also appreciate any campaign tips.


  42. mel says

    My dogs love me more (although my hubby would disagree) but my male pit/hound mix esp loves me! I saved him (he was wandering around in the middle of the road and homeless) and he is forever greatful! My lab resue is spoiled rotten and I’m her “play buddy” because I chase her all around. Both of my dogs protect me more than my hubby and freak out if anyone they don’t like comes near me. Dogs are the best


  43. Cynthia says

    My dog definitely plays favorites with my husband. I can tell she loves him just a little more than me. It used to bother me (a little), but then I realized that dogs are pack creatures. It is in their nature to have one pack leader. If there are two leaders, it throws them into chaos. So I guess Ryan is Sadie’s pack leader. 🙂


  44. says

    My little dog loves my fiance. He follows him around the house… Lays beside him… If I try to take them for a walk he looks at my fiance to see if he is coming too. If not, he will not go. He use to do that with me. It makes me sad. I rescued him and he doesn’t even love me anymore :'(


  45. says

    I think I am our dogs’ favorite and my husband thinks he is the favorite. Any time they do something that shows preference towards one of us, we point it out to the other. In particular–my beagle does this thing where he rubs his neck on your face. We call it “giving hugs.” I used to always get hugs, until I moved to a different state for a year . Even though I came back almost every weekend and have been back for 2 years, I have not had one hug since.

    My husband gets hugs all the time. Grrrr….


  46. Amanda says

    Our one dog loves my fiance the most, because he’s technically his dog. I have won his affection though, by taking him on long walks on Saturdays when my fiance works. We just rescued another dog a few months ago and I am definitely the favorite!! Henry (the dog) is still a bit skittish and I don’t think my fiance is as gentle and soothing as I am. I also think he has a fear of men in general, so I WIN 🙂


  47. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    My dog Buddy is RIDICULOUS with my dad; he is pretty much his shadow. He sits next to his chair in the living room, waits for him on the landing of our stairs when he leaves, and sticks his nose under the door to the garage when he comes home. It is pretty cute to watch, but I do get a bit jealous 🙂


  48. Ashley says

    Every time my bf and I come home we do a contest to see who my pup Charlie gets more excited to see. Whoever loses has to take him out to pee. I ALWAYS win.. probably because hes my dog and my bf is only around part of the week.


  49. Jenn says

    We have an American Bulldog and a Pitbull. The pit, boozer, follows me around everywhere! He even sits outside the bathroom to wait for me. Lola, our Bulldog, is a total daddy’s girl….Until Grandma comes around. Then its like she’s not even our dog!


  50. says

    Hahha both our cats think im the favorite, and my husband is always upset by this. I tell him, “All you have to do is FEED them once in a while!” LOL thats the only reason i’m the fave… Mommy’s here!!! Dinner!!!


  51. says

    When I lived with my mom and her dog, my mom always thought that I was the favorite. And now when my husband and I go to visit, HE is the favorite … probably because he plays with Sophie for longer periods of time without tiring out!


  52. says

    Ha, I’m pretty sure I’m the favorite with our dog Hunter. But I think it’s because I spend more time with him. Hunter will always get better handouts from “dad” though!


  53. says

    My husband was easily the favorite in the beginning! I think it’s because our breeder was a man so she had natural preference. However, she always weasels her way onto the bed (and under the covers) in the middle of the night, and she ALWAYS chooses my side. I think I’m gaining ground. 😉


  54. says

    So we have a very similar situation as you and Ryan, but reversed roles. I work outside of our house and my husband works from home. When we got our first dog, I was worried that he would favor my husband because he spent more time with him all day during the day. But then it seemed like he always favored me more and still does! So I wonder if they just get so “used” to the person at home being around, that they seem to favor the other more when both are there?!

    Now we got a second dog and he has a bit of attachment issues (rescue dog) and he clings to the hubs more so it works out…


  55. Beth says

    I had a chihuahua that we rescued from the local animal shelter in Austin. (Aptly named Elvis…he sings!) Elvis was MY dog. I took him on rides and he went everywhere with me and loved everyone.

    Then I left for college…and somehow he and my dad became besties. And what’s so funny is that Elvis is now a grumpy old man, much like my dad. When I puppysat for my parents the other week, I truly felt like I was on Elvis suicide watch! He missed my dad THAT MUCH.

    I have my own puppy, and she loves me the most (of course) but she’ll go to my mom for snuggles when we visit. Who can resist Granny snuggles!?


  56. says

    Lmao this made me laugh. I had to comment because I have the same problem with my dog. I think they think that the male is the head of the household. If it was between my brother, my mom, and I, my dog would go to my brother first, my mom second, and me last. I just scratch his belly for hours on end so he ends up coming to me more haha


  57. Ruth says

    We have two small dogs, and our little poodle mix Sadie seems to love my Boyfriend best, she lays in his lap with her little arm on his leg and looks at me like “my man..ha!”. Our little min pin and I went to obedience training together and that seems to have made a bond between us that I am her fave. lol… I have noticed her going to him for cuddles more lately. hmmm…is he smearing bacon on himself????


  58. Nicole says

    My mom is usually our dog’s favorite…unless she goes away for an extended period of time! Whenever that happens Sophie will ignore my mom for about a day after she returns and only wants to play with me. Sooo funny!


  59. says

    so I wanted a girl dog for the longgggggest time but when we found a breeder we liked, she only had 3 boy frenchies left and I was sad. Jon, my husband, grew up with about 8 dogs (his mom was a trainer and groomer) and said that almost 100% of the time, the dog clings to the master of the opposite sex. And now I am seeing the truth in that! Our frenchie, Ernie, loves my husband dearly but he is my little shadow and my little baby. He has to be by me all the time and sleeps in my arms at night. And same goes for my sisters dog who is a girl and obsessed w her husband!


  60. says

    For my dog, the sun rises and sets with my dad. He sometimes just sits there staring at him, follows him everywhere, and is depressed whenever he goes on business trips. But when I come home from college I get a little tail wagging and that’s IT! Although we always joke that he HATES my mom. My dad is his best friend and plays with him, walks him, feeds him but I am the nurturer. He hates rainstorms so he always comes to my room during the night and whenever he is sick he comes to me too. But he will literally growl at my mom if she comes near us – it’s pretty funny!

    Besides walking, feeding, and playing with her, I’m not sure how else you could raise the stakes. In my family my mom NEVER feeds or walks the dog by herself, while me and my dad do (and my dog is just plain scared of my brother.) so it’s easy to see why he likes us better. But it looks like you and Ryan share most of these responsibilities. Maybe try some tummy rubbing or some extra peanut butter and this might just be your year =]


  61. says

    hahha this is too cute! I have allergies to my fiance’s cats, and one of them, Sheba, is really skiddish and jumpy all the time!! She’s very uptight about many things although she’s super sweet, and doesn’t let people do things like pet her with their foot and stuff.

    However, I think she’s really smart and knows that something’s wrong with me. And so she lets me pet her with my foot all the time now, and I like to rub it in Greg’s face b/c she never lets him do that. I take that as a compliment from her and get so happy thinking about it haha!


  62. says

    That is so funny! Our dogs totally favor my b-friend. I often wonder if it’s because a male voice is more dominating and dogs are pack animals…they want a leader. I also think it has something to do with him taking the dogs for walks more often than I do (due to work schedules) but I make up for it by giving them more treats and sneaking in opportunities for them to lick out pb containers 🙂 I also give our white lab 1/2 of my banana every AM (the black lab’s stomach is too sensitive) and I let him lay in bed with me when I read.


  63. Lisa says

    My fiance found his cat, Ears, when he was ten. SIXTEEN years later Ears is still around and it pains Wilson to admit that Ears may have grown to love me a little more in two short years. I can’t help it if I let Ears lick out the salmon cans or sneak chicken to him under the table or put catnip in his Christmas stocking. The best is when Ears will follow me upstairs at night to go to bed. Wilson will say “don’t forget who rescued you, Ears! Without me you’d still be on the side of the road in West Virginia!”


  64. Isabel says

    Oh yes….our dalmatian Lefty definitely plays favorites! Although I am with him more (hubby has 24 hr shifts since he’s a firefighter), when my hubby comes home, Lefty acts like he hasn’t seen him in YEARS! He howls and dances around the hubby, practically bowing down to him! Hubby doesn’t help b/c he spoils our big baby by cradling him in his arms (no joke!) and considers Lefty one of his ‘boys’ (we have 2 sons). So funny! For some strange reason, I don’t get that response from Lefty when I get home…but he will wait by the door for me…so I’ll take whatever I can get.


  65. says

    When I still lived with my dad MY cat liked him better. Now my cat likes my hubs better. I think it’s b/c the cat is a girl. She automatically likes guys better.
    If that’s true, you might be fighting a losing battle with Sadie 🙁


  66. says

    Our family dog is a male lhasa apso and he actually strongly favors the women in the family over the men! He is a little dog, but he thinks he is a big protector! He stands between my mom and dad when my dad goes to hug my mom. If my brother jokingly beats up on me, the dog barks and goes nuts at him! If you need a protective dog little dog that actually can’t hurt a fly, get a male lhasa apso! 🙂


  67. says

    Just came here from the FF page–trying to make the rounds of many of my fellow ambassadors. And holy cow are you popular girlfriend! Nice job.

    I have become my dog’s favorite after it had been my husband’s title. I just got lucky, though–I work from home and spend more time with him, so he’s gravitated toward me! Good luck on your conquest.


  68. says

    Our first puppy Zoey was a housewarming gift about 2 weeks after we bought our house and I wasn’t ready for a puppy at all. My hubby on the other hand had been wanting a puppy and loved her from day 1. Don’t get me wrong, I love her now, but Darrell has had the upper hand since Day 1.


  69. says

    Cute pics.

    If Sadie is an Alpha-female Ryan will always be her favorite and pack leader. She may love you, but will always see you as subordinate to herself…. that is canine think.

    But she is beautiful!


  70. says

    When I first got my cats, I decided to let him feed them wet food (their favorite) when he would come over to stay. I started this because they weren’t warming up to him, so I figured it would be a great way for them to bond. Fast forward to a year later and those very cats that loved me so lose their minds when he walks through the door. I quickly lost the “favorite” title!


  71. says

    I finally found Chia seeds in a local store and have been enjoying them for the last few days. Thanks so much for featuring them so often on your blog. Love ’em!


  72. says

    This post cracks me up!! I am pretty sure Jesse is our Sadie’s favorite, though sometimes she gives me all the lovin & affection. But, he is the one who rescued her, so I think it’s only fair he be her favorite. Good luck with the campaign!! Maybe since you’re home with her all day you can use the extra time to your advantage!


  73. says

    i am so not the chosen one. my house is “daddy 2012”! lol. we always like to be the one our dog curls up next to, and then if he picks the other person we try to lure him to us…i always lose.


  74. Ashley says

    my daughter and i call our Maltese(male dog) donkey(his real name is dodger) and My Husband Shreck because where ever he goes around the house the dog goes and when he leaves in the morning the dog searches for him
    so our line is
    “Shreck we can stay up all night swapping manly stories and in the morning…. im making waffles!” HAHA its pretty funny to watch


  75. dee says

    I think Bailey (he’s a meagle!!) Favors my boyfriend..he DOES live with him and he always gets to sleep and nap with him. But for some reason, my boyfriend thinks Bailey likes me the most 🙂 and I’ll take it!! Apparently, Bailey jumps the highest when he sees me coming, and I even get a little doggie hula dance number from him. I made him a little blanket the other day (since he gets so cold!), and I hear he cuddles with it! 🙂 he even dragged it off my boyfriends bed and laid it on a random spot on the floor to cuddle it! I bet it’s his way of telling the world he misses me. I AM the one who picked him up from the shelter, so maybe that helped me out a little 😉


  76. Ivy says

    My husband and I’s dog favors me for sure, everytime he asks her to do a trick she always looks at me as if to say “should I really listen to him Mom” My husband gets so angry! I love it. My husband tells me when he gets home from work our dog is happy to see him but then sits by the door until I get home. I love that sweet baby!


  77. says

    Lucky for me I am a solo act so my dog has no choice but to prefer me. Treats always help though, and of course hours of endless games. My girl and I have Wed and Fri TV and cuddle time where I turn off all social media and just pet her and watch something mind numbing.


  78. says

    Hahaha, I love it! The way to the hearts of my two boxers is totally through their stomachs. The parent who fed them last is absolutely the favorite of the moment 😀


  79. kyla says

    My parents dog, Stella Bella, favors my dad easily. Apparently after being out of time this week, last night once my dad got back she attached herself to him and followed him around. I think it’s because during obedience class, he was in the ring with her.


  80. Bree ltc says

    I’m not sure if this applies, but I’ll throw it in: I strongly believe in the “Marvin Sandwich.” That’s where I hold to my chest the most amazing cat in the world, Marvin, and my husband gives us a huge bear hug. It’s pretty much the cure for everything and a most intense feeling of love. Even with a hyper dog, I think you could practice to make perfect your own version with the Sadie Sandwich.


  81. says

    Our Border Collie puppy totally plays favorites. My husband blames it on the whole male/female thing, but we all know it’s only to make me feel better. Though it’s clear she’s a daddy’s girl, she prefers to cuddle with me when we go to bed at night, so until I can completely steal the crown, I’ll work with that Mommy 2012!


  82. says

    Growing up, my dad was always our dogs’ favorite. Actually, my mom (now widowed) is often in shock by the attention her new dog gives her. She isn’t used to all the love 🙂

    In our house, it is an interesting dynamic with two dogs. They flip flop from time to time, but our hound mix typically favors me and our lab favors my husband. It has worked out nicely – It would have been really sad if both of them favored just one of us.


  83. Alyssa says

    Let me start off my saying, I absolutely LOVE Sadie’s witty comment bubbles. They are always so suiting to the situation. LOL…

    My fiancé and I have a bunny together and though they are not known for being so loving, she really believes she is a dog. She does the weirdest things and most of the time responds to commands. It’s hilarious that she chooses “mommy” or “daddy” and when we have challenges to see who she will take a piece of lettuce from first she will ALWAYS choose my fiancé. I swear she only comes to me when he is NOT around. It’s so depressing!

    I think that as women we have a disadvantage when we have female pets! They automatically are drawn to the male first. Competition perhaps? It may also be because our voices are higher, I want to be up in Winnie’s face all the time and when she tries to sleep I ask her if she’s sleeping since you just never know…yeah, that’s probably why.

    Regardless, when we do get out of our apartment and get a Vizsla, I’m still getting a girl hoping she will be just like Sadie! 🙂 I hope you win this year! MOMMY 2012!!!


  84. says

    My previous dog Lucky, adored my husband. She tolerated me. I think she finally started to love me when she turned 8 or so. My hubby and I always joke about it. Lucky lived to be 15.

    We just adopted another dog, 8 month old puppy. I held her in the back seat on the way home and she curled up in my arms. This one is definitely mine, and my husband has said the same. She hates it when I leave, and doesn’t cry as much when my husband leaves. She loves him too, but leaves him for me 😉


  85. says

    I am obsessed with Dachshunds (and that’s an understatement!) so right before my now husband and I moved in together, as my graduation present to myself I got a brown Dachshund named Leo. It was going to be our dog but I picked him out and he was my dream puppy! Well, sure enough, who ends up being his favorite? MIKE! I think it’s a man thing haha! We always joke around about it also and as much as I try, Leo will always choose him over me. It’s so funny though, watching my husband cuddle up and talk baby talk to this little weiner dog. Adorable!

    PS I just recently entered the blogging world and all your posts about blogging really helped me get started! Thanks so much! Love your blog and read it all the time now!


  86. Marie says

    Our dog totally prefers my husband but I think it’s the whole pack leader thing. My husband has grown up with dogs, came home at lunch to let Bailey eat & potty, and trained him. He comes to me for cuddling & naps, though. 😉


  87. says

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog!! My husband and I have two vizsla’s! Boy are they a handful together!! Our female adores my husband and our male follows me everywhere!! I am pack leader and my husband role is with the dogs! They roll around together and playlike crazy, it’s too cute! It seems Vizsla’s are becoming quite popular!



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