Literally a Princess

Last night Ryan and I randomly started talking about the meaning of our names. Apparently Ryan means “little king.” Julie means “youthful.”

And guess what Sadie means?


princess sadie

We should’ve known.


Ryan and I both had trouble sleeping in this morning so we made it to the gym nice and early.

On Saturday mornings my workouts are often a little more relaxed than weekday workouts for no other reason than the fact that it’s the weekend.

I was pretty pumped when I ended up feeling rather motivated in the gym this morning and completed a pretty stellar upper body workout.

upper body workout
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It left my arms shakin’ in the best possible way. I was a fan!


Breakfast this morning was prepped last night.

overnight oats 010

Overnight oats!

I actually prepped this breakfast twice because I ended up eating batch number one as an evening snack. It happens more often than I’d care to admit when it comes to overnight oats. They call to me from the fridge!

I made the overnight oats with pineapple Greek yogurt and topped them with a sliced banana and nectarine this morning for a punch of fresh fruit.

overnight oats 005

overnight oats 006

And now it’s time to take Princess Sadie on a hike.

Other plans for the day include splitting up to tackle our annual Valentine’s Day Mission. I can’t wait!


  1. says

    That’s so cute! I had no idea Ryan meant Little King. Here are the meanings behind our names…

    Brianna (aka Bee) – Noble, strong, virtuous
    Cornelis (aka Casey) – Horn, horned (bahaha!)
    Zeke – “God will strengthen”

    Wow, what a crazy family we are!


  2. says

    That is so cute! Princess Sadie’s name fits her perfect 🙂 We always laugh because my mom’s name is Paula and it means ‘small one.’ It fits her to a tee because she is barely 5’1″ and as tiny as can be! Her name was chosen perfectly too! lol


  3. Kate says

    Once again, you make my cold Saturday morning hilariously fun with Sadie’s captions… 🙂 Can we please address her by ‘Your Highness’ from now on? It would be appropriate, I assure you.


  4. says

    Julie, I am LOVING these little workouts, and the cute colored box I can save to my desktop. I recently cancelled my gym membership so I have been using these at home…most of them I do do with my at home equipment and they are so simple, fun and effective! THANK you!


  5. QueenofFitness says

    so cool that you wrote this post. sarah also mean princess. i am an elementary school counselor and just the other day i conducted a lesson on the meaning of names with a kindergarten class. i first read the book chrysanthemum and while the students drew a picture of themselves the teacher and i walked around and wrote down what each of their names meant. (i looked up everyone’s names prior to visiting). it was a really fun activity. i was surprised how many of the students already knew what their names meant.


  6. Judi says

    Sadie, is a little princess. She is such a sweet little girl. I need to find out what my husband’s name means. I would think it would be tall crazy jamaican if it were to fit his personality. 🙂 I think my name is Hebrew Jewess (Judith – la di da) 🙂


  7. Mama says

    Look what I just found for Susan. I knew of Lily, but “There is another meaning for Susan. In Hebrew it can mean either ‘graceful white lily’, or, (along with Sally, Sadie and Sara) it can mean ‘My Princess’?” Sooo Sadie and I are both the family princesses! xo Mama


  8. Courtney says

    My boyfriend and I did the same thing with our names recently. Big mistake! Now when he is feeling extra ornery he asks that I address him as “Matthew, gift from God”. My name means “short nose”…..



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