Incline Walking is No Joke

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Incline walking is no joke.

You know you’re working hard when thinking about jogging instead of walking sounds like a break.

Can you tell I tackled some incline walking this morning?

I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill completing this workout:

incline walking workout
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Keeping the speed at 4.0 while haulin’ hiney at a 12.0 incline is tough!

After my time on the treadmill, I completed an upper body workout that focused on my chest, triceps and shoulders and included the following exercises:

  • Push ups
  • Upright rows
  • Tricep dips
  • Overhead press
  • Chest press on exercise ball
  • Side shoulder raises
  • Tricep extensions
  • Front shoulder raises
  • Tricep pull downs

Great workout!


My morning meal repurposed last night’s dinner!

I chopped up the remaining slice of the artichoke and broccoli quiche and added it to a scrambled egg mixture made with two eggs, milk and fresh mozzarella cheese.

scrambled eggs with artichoke 028

Served with a side of whole wheat toast.

scrambled eggs with artichoke 031

I am also on day two of sipping on a new kind of coffee.

newman's own coffee

I bought Newman’s Own vanilla caramel coffee at Publix on Monday and after my first cup yesterday, I wasn’t sure it was going to be a winner. I’ve come to realize that it often takes me trying a new flavor of coffee two to three times before I really start to like it. I think this is because I have an idea of exactly how the flavor will taste in my mind, so when I actually try it, it’s never quite right.

Luckily this flavor is growing on me! I would power through it even if it wasn’t though because I’m not about to throw away $7 worth of coffee.

Time to get to work! I will be going out of town again on Friday afternoon, so I want to be sure to get a lot done in the next two days.

And I’m off!


    • Beth says

      That is great for an even tougher worout try incline 15 for 20min. at speed 4 and run in between on same incline. You can easily burn 230-260 calories in 20 min. Keep up the good work.


  1. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    Yesterday I was at the gym and was doing an incline workout and I thought the same exact thing! I would have rather been jogging than speed walking at such a high incline. BUT it felt worth it after I was done 🙂


  2. says

    Whew! That incline workout looks like a winner. I just might have to bust my booty on that tomorrow!

    I am the same wiay with coffee, too. It takes me a few sips to really get into it. Newman’s coffee rarely disappoints, though. Come to think of it, for $7, it should never disappoint. 😉


  3. says

    Julie! How the heck do you do this without flying off the treadmill? I think I look like a hunchback little old man meets Steve Urkel (think his posture!) when I try to do these major incline walks on the treadmill. Butttttt… i do love them so thanks for sharing 😉


  4. says

    i absolutely agree – incline walking is NO joke! i need to work it back into my cardio this week… it’s been awhile since i’ve done it! question: what is your current workout routine like? i’ve tried to figure it out, but i know it’s changed a few different times with your half marathon training and such. just curious!


    • says

      i don’t really have one at the moment. i just try to strength train upper body & lower body 2x a week each, then throw in circuit/cardio works for the other 2 days, with one day off. 🙂 after talking to a trainer at my gym, i’m actually hoping to change things up a bit and split up some muscle groups. i just try to keep things interesting for myself!


  5. Yellow Haired Girl says

    That’s a yummy looking breaky! I love using leftovers to make a breakfast something entirely new and different. Have a wonderful day!


  6. says

    You are so right- it is NO joke! Well, if you don’t hold on to the sides, that is (like I see so many people do!)

    When I work out on the treadmill, I typically alternate sprint intervals with an incline pyramid- almost exactly like what you posted! It’s funny though- because I always, always am glad to get back to sprint intervals after doing inclines because they are much easier in comparison!

    Isn’t it always great when a workout leaves you humbled like that? 🙂

    Oh, and I love that you bulked up your quiche leftovers with additional eggs- great idea!!!


  7. says

    Oh, I’m a big fan of incline walking! My friend in PT school says incline walking is actually better for your joints- especially if you have weak/bad knees!


  8. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life says

    I love inclined walking outdoors. My parents have a house in the Pocono Mountains and the streets are super steep. I do a three mile loop and my booty can feel it the next day.


  9. Kara says

    Julie- I’m currently training for a fitness competition and last night, I cranked out an incline treadmill workout that was created to really challenge your quads and butt. It included walking BACKWARDS at 3.0 mph! By the end, I was backwards walking up a 15% incline and dripping sweat! I posted the workout on my blog last night if you’d like to check it out =)


  10. says

    Hey Julie! I was incline walking yesterday and found myself NEEDING to hold on to the rails when gettin’ the incline up to a 10 or 12. Am I the only one doing this – are you holding on? Thanks!


  11. says

    incline walking is definitely tough work! at 4.0 for you, so impressive! I usually do 3.8 😉

    after all your yummy posts involving eggs, i’m thinking breakfast for dinner tonight myself!


  12. says

    Love incline walking! I’m one of those runners who consistently finds herself on the injured list if she runs too often, so incline walking has been SUCH a saving grace for me. I think it’s just as good a workout if you really put energy into it, ya know?


    • Megan says

      I always think of him as the hot guy from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof who just happened to make some yummy food too…lol. 🙂


  13. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    I swear Newman’s Own always surprises me with all of their new products! I just found a coupon in the paper the other day for their salsa, frozen skillet meals, and frozen pizzas! Who knew! I’ve always just thought of him as the salad dressing guy 🙂 Once I spot a coupon for their coffee I will be sure to give it a try.


  14. says

    That sounds like a great workout, I’ve definitely had some troubles with running recently and might try it soon, anything to get me moving right now!
    Also, the egg scramble looks fantastic, what a great idea 🙂


  15. says

    I agree! Incline work outs can totally be just as tough and effective as HIIT work outs, just in a different way! I used to love incline training, but haven’t had the opportunity in a while without having access to a treadmill. When I get a gym membership, this type if work out is one of the first one’s I am going to do! 🙂


  16. says

    Hauling hiney, haha! I have a k-cup machine which I love so much. Sometimes I purchase a sampler box of k-cups so I can try different flavors of coffee and determine which I like best. I currently have an espresso blend and a french toast flavor!


  17. Elizabeth says

    J– that is so funny and exactly like me. It has taken me four weeks to finally break down and buy flavored coffee. I love it but I am cheap!! I bought WM off brand and it is really good. It was 5.50. I think vanilla caramel sounds yummy. You can always mail it to me if it doesn’t grow on you and I’ll mail you some WM off brand!! Take care! E


  18. says

    Hey, Julie! I’ve never tried incline walking before, because I always favor the stairmaster for my warm-up, but maybe I should change things up a bit today and do this instead of my usual routine. I feel like I’ve kinda been hogging the 1 out of 2 stairmasters everytime I go work out, anyway. 😉

    Haha, by the way, it’s Ash Wednesday today, and Lent’s starting! I’m giving up nuts (yes.. all nuts, and nut butters– I don’t know how I’ll survive, because I’m basically an addict, but I’m hoping I do– people with allergies manage without them everyday, and I keep telling myself that) and one of my usual days of working out in the gym after school so that I can spend time with family and friends.. I just wanted to know what you’re giving up this Lent! 😀


  19. says

    I agree, incline walking is challenging. We went hiking this past weekend (not totally the same but similar idea) and it was SO exhausting. I felt more tired after that hike than I normally do after a workout. The ups and downs work different muscles as well… I actually kinda like the soreness the next day – I feel like I accomplished something!


  20. says

    Courtney (Sweet tooth sweet life) has a few AWESOME walking treadmill workouts and they are insane! I cant run more than 5-10 minutes but I love walking uphill, I seriously get a great sweat! I am going to pin this!


  21. Mary says

    Love the walking treadmill workout! PS. Happy Ash Wednesday! I’m giving up desserts this year for Lent. Are you?! I need some inspiration/motivation!


  22. Jocelyn says

    Any ideas on what you’re giving up for lent? I’m still trying to figure something out. Love your blog! You have the best outlook on life!


  23. says

    You definitely got your incline on! I would love to incline on the treadmill but many times my knee hurts when I do so. And its also started hurting when hiking. So unfortunate. The last time I had to walk down backwards just so it wouldn’t hurt. Can you picture that? LOL.

    Love me some veggie scrambled eggs. making me hungry!


  24. Stacy says

    So, I keep seeing you eating those egg sandwiches with Jelly on them. I tried it the other day and I am now obsessed with it! I’ve always loved egg sandwiches with cheese, but have never tried it with Jelly. The jelly makes it 100x better! 😉


  25. Molly says

    I just found an awesome site via Pinterest I thought that you would like to know about Julie!

    You put in the title of a book you like and then it gives you recommendations of books that are similar and that you may like! SO cool! Just had to share this with you because it’s neat.


  26. Ruth says

    I know this has nothing to do with what you are writing about, but have you ever done Savory Oatmeal for breakfast? I was just looking up something different to do with my oatmeal and came accross people doing eggs on top of their oatmeal.


  27. says

    Holy Cow…you are right about incline walking. Way to keep the speed at 4.0! That is so tough! I always start at 4.0 and there are times when I end up at 2.5! ha!


  28. says

    Wow, 4.0mph is basically a jog for me and my short legs! Wowza! I do incline work to get my HR up since I don’t jog at all due to my knee right now–and weight–but I might just have to try this at 3.5-3.7 where I normally work. Thanks for sharing!


  29. Mickie says

    Incline walking is the best for me! I am 51 years young and find its getting too hard on my knees to jog. I found your blog on pinterest and love it! I have cousins in Florida and I live in central Oregon!! Thanks for the ideas!!


  30. says

    Hi there! Found one of your circuit trainers on Pinterest and have been perusing your site for the last 20 mintues. What awesome stuff you have! I’m participating in a Biggest Loser challenge with some friends and have been blogging about it. Today I blogged about my favorite Treadmill Routine. Next Monday I’m going to feature your site, if you don’t mind! Thanks so much for sharing!


  31. Chuck says

    Stumbled upon your kale smoothly blog as I have lots of kale in my garden. Do you use fitness walking music for your workouts ? Am looking for preloaded MP3s to restart my walking program. Any thoughts ?? Also, am down by the Sheriff sub station south of Ocala. If you can use some kale, call me @ 620-5336. Ann and I can’t eat it all.


  32. says

    My wife and I wanted to give you a big shout out for having such a great site. My wife did the incline walking workout last night while we listened to a couple of your play lists. Great site Great Job!



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