Go, Go Gadget Face Sweat

You know you look like a hot mess when the person at the front desk at the gym says, “You must’ve had a good workout today!”

My red face and sweaty hair clearly gave me away.

Today’s workout included a 45-minute treadmill workout that left me huffin’ and puffin’.

treadmill workout
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I completed the workout while listening to my Savannah half marathon playlist which totally pumped me up. “Still Not a Player” by Big Pun appealed to the ‘90s-music lover in me. Woop!

It’s been a while since I’ve felt as sweaty as I did this morning after a workout. There’s something about running that apparently engages the sweat glands on my face. Go, go Gadget Face Sweat!

I ended up rounding out my workout with another 10 minutes on the elliptical and some abdominal work on the Bosu ball while I waited for Ryan to finish his leg workout.

After our workouts and a quick one-mile walk with Sadie, it was breakfast time!


Even though the weather appears to be warming up lately, I wanted a hot breakfast and decided to make myself steel cut oats on the stove top.

pumpkin oats

I added a few egg whites, pumpkin, honey roasted almond slices and pumpkin pie spice to the oats before they were completely done and topped them with more almond slices before digging in.

pumpkin steel cut oatmeal

It kind of looks like butternut squash soup, huh?

Now I’m off to get ready because I am meeting up with my mom in about an hour and we’re driving about two hours to take care of some personal business for her. I’m looking forward to some quality time with my mama!

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  1. says

    I used Ryan’s super shoulder workout for the first time this morning! I’m feeling the burn!! I forgot I had muscles up there!

    I am always red faced and sweaty too!


  2. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free says

    That looks like a great workout! I notice that I tend to sweat more when I do incline intervals or when I lift heavy.


  3. says

    OMG…I feel your pain. I am the queen of having a read, sweaty face. I’m always the sweatiest girl in the room after a workout, which is funny as I’m a group exercise instructor!

    I just tell myself that my body is *very* efficient at cooling itself 🙂


  4. says

    I sweat so much when I run on the treadmills! When I run outside I sweat a lot too, but inside with no wind to cool me off it’s so much worse. I have learned to embrace it, and wear my red face with pride.


  5. says

    I’ve found the same thing: a circuit workout will leave me significantly more out of breath but a treadmill workout leaves me dripping sweat every which way! Maybe it’s because with the treadmill, even when doing intervals, you never get a true break?


  6. says

    I’m not TOO bad of a sweaty mess but for some reason my face is always bright red within minutes of hopping on the treadmill! Charming.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve heard of GymPact. It’s a new website/iPhone app (but apparently they’re working on an Android version) where you can set monetary stakes for going to the gym – i.e. dock yourself if you don’t go, get paid if you do. I haven’t decided if I’m going to sign up – that’s setting the stakes pretty high! – but I enjoy keeping up with your blog and thought it’d be interesting to hear your opinion on it as a well-informed member of the healthy living community!


  7. says

    that oatmeal looks sooo good! sometimes i wish i had time in the morning to make myself oats on the stovetop..i usually just have to make myself instant oats at work instead 🙁


  8. allison says

    Ha! That sweaty face comment made me laugh. One time I was at Chick-fil-A and the cashier asked me if I had a good workout… umm I had not worked out that day. fail


  9. Valerie @ FreshMutz says

    It takes a lot for me to get sweaty but the treadmill gets me glowing (umm errr dripping) in five minutes.

    Enjoy the Mommy time.


  10. says

    I love it when I’m so sweaty that people know I just killed my workout!

    That oatmeal looks delicious – since it was warm here today (70 when I woke up!), I enjoyed a nice chocolate coconut smoothie for breakfast!

    Enjoy the day with your mom!


  11. says

    Big Pun! haha yaaaaaa used to love that song! still do i have to admit. i like when i get all sweaty and gross i feel like i actually accomplished something! same with being sore..love it


    • says

      If you don’t mind my answering Stacey, I usually put egg whites in my hot oats towards the end. I leave just enough time to let it fully cook, yet not too much. Note that you don’t want chunks of egg, so you need to stir it constantly on medium heat till it evenly incorporates in the oats. IT doesn’t take that long either! 🙂 Hopefully this helps.


  12. says

    Love your blog heading!
    I totally remember watching the cartoon!!

    Have you tried cottage cheese in your oatmeal? I eat both c.c. or egg whites in my oats, but think I prefer c.c. You should try (if you haven’t yet).


  13. Mara says

    I did this treadmill workout this morning and it kicked my boo-tay but I loved it and it made my workout fly by! Love days like!!!


  14. says

    I did the 45 minute treadmill workout this morning…it was awesome! I had been feeling like my workouts lately weren’t challenging me but this one kicked my butt. Thanks!! Please keep posting more of them!


    • Natalie says

      I agree! I was sweating from the top of my head to the tip of my toes! This workout was quite the challenge, but dang when it was over, it was the best feeling in the woooooooorld! LOVE IT!


  15. says

    That looks like an awesome treadmill workout. Its been pretty chilly outside so running outdoors is less appealing to me then being in a nice hot gym! Cant wait to do it tomorrow! 🙂 You always make the most creative treadmill workouts!


  16. says

    I did this treadmill workout this evening… I definitely left drenched in sweat! But thanks for making that 4 miles go by so fast- that was the best dreadmill experience I’ve had in a while 🙂 I may have to rescind my nickname for it!



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