Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout

Good morning and Happy Weekend!

I hope the next two days are filled with relaxation and fun for you! If they’re not, then I hope this picture of Sadie makes you smile.

dog pajamas red 046

How long until it’s Christmas again? I’m awfully tempted to bust out Sadie’s doggie Christmas pajamas on this fine March morning. I still can’t get over the adorable butt flap!

Jumping Jacks Circuit Workout

I was feeling awfully indecisive this morning when I started to think about what I wanted to do to get my heart pumpin’. I initially wanted to go for a run, but it’s rainy outside, so the weather changed those plans.

Instead I popped on Pinterest as I ate a plum and browsed around my fitness board to look for workout inspiration.

When I stumbled upon a workout I pinned from Annette’s blog, I jotted it down and used it as a rough guideline for a circuit workout.

After a 15-minute warm up on the elliptical, I hopped off and completed the following circuit workout:

jumping jacks circuit workout
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The hardest moves for me were the mountain climbers (as always!), tuck jumps and jumping lunges. They made my heart rate skyrocket!


Taking a page out of yesterday’s breakfast book, this morning I ate a bowl of muesli overnight oats.

muesli oats 007

This time I used Muesli Fusion’s Athlete Fuel muesli as the base. I loved all the nuts and seeds!

muesli oats 010

(That little rogue oat on top of the banana slice in the middle of the bowl is driving me crazy! I just want to flick it.)

This morning I added a splash of milk to the overnight oats because I made them a liiiittle too thick last night and topped them with a sliced banana.

And with that, I’m off!

Time to blow dry my hair and get dressed. My sister and her boyfriend are arriving around lunchtime and we have a fun day planned!


  1. says

    I didn’t even notice the oat until you pointed it out and now it’s bothering me too! 😉

    I forgot how hard jumping rope can be until I did it this morning. I feel like as a kid it was just fun, not hard work…Am i showing my age? haha


  2. says

    that is indeed an incredibly adorable photo of sadie! 🙂 your workout looks like a heart pumpin’ one for sure! jumping lunges and mountain climbers always get my heart going all crazy too. have fun today with your sister and her boyfriend!


  3. Amy @ In The Mixing Bowl says

    Jumping rope is no joke! I love that I could do this workout at home with no equipment…I don’t even have a jumprope but I’m pretty sure I could jump like a goof instead!


  4. says

    Wahoo glad you liked the workout (thanks for the link love!) <3–and then could make your own! This one looks way hard.

    I too, love/hate tuck jumps. My all-time fav are jumping lunges–when done correctly, they are killer for the glutes, quads, and hamstrings! Oh the burn 🙂

    Have fun today with the sis and bf!


  5. Kanoe says

    Happy Saturday/Weekend to u!! Definitely as always the pics of Sadie can’t help but make me 🙂 . She’s just so adorable! That muesli overnight oats looks good. I’ve got to try that… I keep saying I’m going to try the overnight oats & then forget LOL! Have an awesome weekend!


  6. says

    I never would have noticed that oat, but man what is it about wanting to flick it? I had to scroll down so I could resist my urge to flick my computer screen! lol


  7. Haley @ Fit, Young, and Fabulous says

    WHERE did her jammies come from!? I have a Vizla-lab mix and she would love, love, love some! Winter…or not! (:


  8. says

    i love workouts that dont require the gym! I use workouts like this one early in the morning before a day shift when my gym isnt open yet!
    thanks for posting this 🙂


  9. says

    I love tuck jumps! They are so hard when you go all out and do a bunch in a row.. But hey I also like burpees and mountain climbers too- so I guess I just like kicking my own butt!


  10. says

    I want some butt flap pjs for Gunner! John would have no part of that though, Gunner is only allowed to wear badanas since he is a boy, but what Gunner wears when John is not around is my business. 🙂
    I’ll have to try this workout. I did a pretty intense upper body/treadmill blast workout today that kept me sweating and I’m pretty damn sure I won’t be able to lift my arms tomorrow!


  11. says

    Awww what a cute picture of Sadie! I love the butt-flap. too! Wow, awesome circuit workout – can’t wait to try it. It’s great that it can be done anywhere. What are the toe touches? Like a cheerleader jump?


  12. Lisa says

    Awesome workout! I love plyometric moves! Have you tried bodyrock? How do you create your workouts like that? do you use a special program?


  13. says

    Mmmm your oats look so yummy and multigrain! I’m with you on jumping lunges, those are HARD. I usually do a pyramid of them (for example, 8 then rest, 7 then rest, 6 then rest, 5 then rest, 4 then rest, 3 then rest, 2 then rest, 1). Have a great day!


  14. gijuly says

    Hey girl, I’m LUVIN your stuff, thanks for all the great ideas!! I’m a personal trainer so I’m pretty sure I’ll be ‘enjoying’ this stuff in my own workout tomorrow along with all of the clients aka guinea pigs coming to my group classes later today!! Thx again.



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