Yoga: Take Two

Man oh man.

I am so glad I tried hot yoga again. SO glad.

not so overnight oats 007

Do you see that?

That’s a post hot yoga, red-faced, I-just-had-sweat-practically-burning-my-eyes smile.

A smile!

I’ve taken a decent amount of yoga classes throughout the years, but most (okay, all but one) have been at a local gym. From what I’ve been told, the yoga classes offered at many gyms are quite a bit different than the yoga classes you might experience in a yoga studio.

not so overnight oats 013

Of course this isn’t always the case, as many people who teach yoga at a studio also teach at local gyms, but this notion always scared me away from taking yoga in a studio environment.

I didn’t think my abilities were on par with those who really practice yoga, despite being told that yoga is all about going at your own pace and making each practice your own. That’s all fine and wonderful, but if everyone else is in a handstand and I’m in the fetal position on my mat, I’m gonna feel a little demoralized.

downward dog

Well, the one time I got up the guts to go to a real studio, I had a pretty horrific experience that left me feeling embarrassed and totally out of my element.

Those who love yoga urged me to try another studio.

Try again.

I am so, so glad I did because today’s experience was 10 million times better.

The instructor was aware of which poses might test the class participants a bit and offered alternatives to make things easier which I appreciated since flexibility isn’t exactly my strong suit. She was kind, introspective, athletic and encouraging.

I will definitely go again!


After yoga, my appetite was practically non-existent. Friends who usually practice hot yoga, is this normal? I though I’d be ravenous after class, but I really wasn’t.

My mid-morning snack was larger than usual since I knew I had a sweaty workout ahead of me, but I was still surprised!

Since I wasn’t about to eat my arm when I arrived home, I took some time to prepare a batch of overnight oats for lunch… only they were not-so-overnight overnight oats. More like 30-minute overnight oats.

not so overnight oats 004

not so overnight oats 006

I let my mixture of one cup of strawberry banana Greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds and milk soak for about 30 minutes before digging in.

not so overnight oats 009

They weren’t as thick and soft as overnight oats, but they were still tasty!

I also ended up stirring in a chopped banana at the last minute when I remembered that we still had a few bananas in the pantry that weren’t quite brown and spotted enough to be make it into we-must-freeze-them-now territory.

not so overnight oats 011

After snapping this picture, I wondered to myself whether or not most people actually eat a banana like that? Straight out of the peel?

I always peel the banana, break off the little nubbins on both ends (they’re weird!) and take away all of those weird stringy bits before eating it. I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten one straight out of the peel!

Back to work for a few more hours. And I should probably shower at some point. Probably.


  1. says

    If I’m going to eat just a banana, I eat it straight out of the peel! Or if I’m eating it with peanut butter I’ll take the peel off and put it on a plate, but it takes a lot of time to take the stringy-thingys off. Lol


  2. Caroline says

    I eat a banana straight out of the peel almost every morning! That way is just so quick and easy!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the hot yoga class. I’ve wanted to get into yoga for a while, but I just feel like I don’t get much of a workout when I do it-maybe hot yoga would be different!


  3. Caitlin says

    I always eat my bananas straight out of the peel and I eat the top end, but not the bottom. But usually I break off pieces because otherwise I feel dirty lol


  4. says

    well, people eat apples without cutting them first, right? its not weird to eat a banana in a peel. thats how people mostly transport em and eat them on the go, no?!


  5. says

    YAY! Glad you didn’t give up on yoga! Was it a Bikram Class? or hot Vinyasa? :)
    I started teaching yoga because of a horrible experience I had at hot yoga, so I know how you feel!
    When people say “Oh i tried yoga, I didn’t like it” Thats like saying “Oh I tried a salad once, I didn’t like it”
    There are so many versions and variations and studios and you have to find what works for you :)


  6. says

    I take hot yoga every week, and I am never hungry afterward either. All I want is water! And as for bananas – I’m with you, no nubs or strings. But my dad eats them straight out of the peel every morning…even when they’re seriously black. Blech! :)


  7. says

    man you’re weird! lol just joking. Before I found out i was allergic to bananas, when i ate them i just ate them out of the peel, i did however usually discarded the little nub ontop.


  8. Debbie says

    This post was such a pleasure to read Julie, not just because of the topics, but because it is very well written. Your happiness and ethusiasim comes through your words. Love it!


  9. Jules says

    I practice Bikram yoga a few times a week. Sometimes I would have no appetite after class – especially in the beginning when I was getting back into it, or if I’m having an off day (sick or crampy). A lot of times I leave class craving 1 particular item – for instance JUST plain apple sauce or sauteed spinach! I’ve been known to kill an entire bag of spinach post Bikram. :)


  10. Liz says

    If I’m eating a plain banana, it’s always straight from the peel. However, I usually eat them with natural PB (the salty PB helps cut the sweetness), so it’s often out of the peel. :)


  11. Morgan says

    I’m so glad to hear that your hot yoga went amazing! :DD

    also, I eat the banana out of the peel all the time. maybe I’m a weirdo haha I thought everyone did!


  12. says

    I definitely never eat a banana like that straight up…those stringy bits are kinda ick! Although you know what they say, if that is your preferred method of eating it, don’t make eye contact ;)!


  13. says

    I only eat them straight out of the peel when I’m somewhere far away from a sink. I hate banana mush on my hands so I like to be able to have a place to rinse it off. Yum, bananas!


  14. Janice says

    Your banana question confused me, I thought everybody eats it out of the peel. How do you hold a banana otherwise.. Don’t your hands get dirty? I work at a desk all day so I can’t imagine taking the time to put it on a plate or using utensils.

    If I’m extra hungry, I use one hand to use a plastic knife and spread a little almond butter onto the banana before each bite. That’s the part I think I’m probably weird for.


  15. Anne says

    So glad you tried another studio! I’ve gone on a crazy groupon-ing circuit with hot yoga, and I’ve loved more studios way more than others–one I only went to one class with because I hated their routine. I tend to like classes that have more of a vinyasa flow to them!


  16. says

    So glad you had a better experience with yoga! I love yoga & it makes me feel oh so good! I went to a yoga class last night that I was feeling a little intimidated about but it turned out so awesome! Glad you did it!


  17. says

    Have you seen the video of how to REALLY open a banana? They don’t open it by the stem, but by the bottom of the other side hah. Youtube it! It’s so cool :) I’m never turning back.



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