Pottery Painting

It’s kind of crazy how sleeping in until 6:30 a.m. can feel so much different than waking up to a blaring alarm at 5 a.m.

I opted to stay curled up in bed for an extra hour and a half this morning and skipped my usual workout. I am hoping to head out to a hot power yoga class at lunchtime today instead.

After purchasing a package of five yoga classes, I’ve only used one and I want to make sure to use all of them before the package expires. Not wasting the money I spent is a great motivator to get my booty to yoga, that’s for sure!


Breakfast this morning was a hot one.

egg bagel sandwich

A hot two-egg, cheese and jelly bagelwich and a hot cup of coffee!

anthropologie initial mug

breakfast bagel sandwich

Fun fact: Ryan actually painted the above plate himself on a date we went on to a pottery painting studio in college. Yes, I planned that date and he was quite a trooper!

pottery painting 021

He also painted the fun pink mug that currently holds all of the pens and pencils on my desk in our home office.

pottery painting 026

It says “Lil’ Squirt” which is one of his nicknames for me. We have about a million nicknames for each other that have accumulated throughout the years and we can’t even remember how half of them originated anymore!

Question of the Morning

  • What is the strangest nickname you’ve given to someone or that someone has given to you?

One of the nicknames I hear most frequently is “Juju” from my dad. I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard my dad call me Julie!


  1. Kristin says

    When I was about 4, my sister was just starting to talk and for some reason, she couldn’t say my full name, so we told her to say “kris” and she said kris. Then we told her to say “tin” and she said tin. Then we told her to put it together and say “kristin”. She immediately yelled out “dee dee!!” Apparently she was just good at saying da da, ma ma, and came up with “dee dee” ?? So anyway, that’s what my dad has called me most of my life. I used to get mad at him in high school when he would cheer for me at cross country with that name…


  2. says

    I can’t believe I’m actually typing this … but my ex-boyfriend used to call me “Poop.” Yes, that’s right … Poop. And he didn’t mean it unkindly at all … he truly used it as a term of endearment.

    Hmm … I wonder why THAT relationship didn’t work out. 😉


  3. says

    I opted to sleep in this morning instead of going to work out, too – I will have to hit the gym this afternoon but I think it was worth it; the extra sleep felt so good! I still need to try your egg + jelly combo – I love your breakfast sandwiches! That’s really sweet that Ryan painted that plate for you :)


  4. Kanoe says

    My Mom calls me BooBoo LOL! She has called me her BooBoo for 30 years of my life and she ain’t stopping now LOL! Even in front of friends of mine & EVERYONE HAHAHA! I’m used to it now and know it makes me special :-)


  5. says

    My sisters have called me weasel for as long as I can remember. They started doing it pre Boy Meets Worlds, so of course we were a little miffed when that was a nickname on the show.


  6. says

    Juju!! that is so cute!
    My parents have always called me “bug” since forever because when i was little i had HUGE eyes (i still do but it doesnt look so weird now haha)
    and my boyfriends dad started calling me “drea” (like dree-uh” in high school and it ended up sitcking!
    and i call torrance dum-dum haha
    Love ryans painting! pretty cool, hes a good sport about it too!


  7. says

    I have no idea when it started, but my boyfriend calls me “girlfriend” and I in turn call him “boyfriend”. It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even use each others’ real names anymore and it’s such a habit that it even happens at work (we work in the same building) and people laugh about it all the time when they hear us doing it! All in good fun :)
    BUT Boyfriend asked me the other day what will happen when we get engaged and then married and I told him that we will never change the nicknames!


  8. says

    My mom’s been calling me “Little Monkey” since I was a baby. Apparently I liked to cling to her? Then sometime in college my sister started calling me Helen Cakes and it’s stuck. When she calls me that it usually means trouble, like she’s trying to butter me up to do something for her.


  9. Dione says

    I’m really short (4 foot 9) so when I was in university years ago I had a boyfriend who called me Smurfette all the time. His grandmother called me Sprout (as in the little guy from the Green Giant commercials). I think they rarely ever said my real name ha:)


  10. says

    Strangest nicknames from my boyfriend:
    1. Booboo dookins
    2. Jobadenia (Job-UH-deen-yah)…like Joban from I love you man, but for a lady haha.
    3. Claira-Souix

    I call my boyfriend Hoo-die…yes we are special :-)


  11. Jennifer says

    My college boyfriend called me Thomas Jefferson. He knew that I used to babysit for a little girl that couldn’t pronounce Jennifer, so she called me Jeffener. He thought it was hysterical, so he ran with it…


  12. says

    I love nicknames. My dad calls me “Celery” because a neighbor used to call me that when she was younger—she couldn’t pronounce “Hillary!” Celery turned into Cell which turned into Cell Phone (yes, really). You should see my friends’ faces when they hear my parents call me Cell Phone. It’s hilarious.


  13. Mandi L. says

    How’s Ruby Doo and Rooney for nicknames? Those would both be mine and being the my name is Mandi I can totally see where those came from…not.


  14. Amanda says

    My family calls me Mandy or Mand. In my opinion, there are certain people who fit the nickname and I’m not one of them. Haha.

    My fiance calls me, “D.” I think it originated from the fact that I told him I hate the nickname Mandy so he shortened it to “D”. I love it though.


  15. says

    I am known for giving nicknames to people, especially at work!
    I now work with Boots, Bumbles (aka Lady Bumblesworth), SlowCowboy, J$ (pronounced : Jay-Money), E-Dawg, SueBJooB, and Creep.

    I don’t know why they let me get away with it.

    My parents always called me Doodlebug when I was little!


  16. says

    Brian (my fiance) and I call each other poopy butt…how cute, right? haha, also, my dad calls me Tarenski (pronounced like Tear-en-skee) haha!! Ryan is a trooper for doing the pottery painting date, I asked Brian if he wanted to do that with me once and he said that was a “girl” thing…oh well!


  17. says

    Haha! Love the nickname. My boyfriend calls me chicken and I call him rooster. I’m not positive where it came from, but I think it had something to do with the fact that he says I look like a chicken when I wear my “turd bun” to the gym, and his cell phone alarm used to be a rooster. He even bought me a chicken stuffed animal (it’s a cute webkins one though!) for some holiday – can’t remember, and so I bought him a matching rooster one.


  18. says

    Hehe, how nice of Ryan to stick through it! 😀 My “now-husband” has always wanted to go with me too! Also, lil squirt is such a cute nickname, lol! Errr we sometimes call each other mr. mrs. poopoohead, not sure why! 😛


  19. says

    I had a couple of friends in high school that one day sophomore year decided to call me B-Dawg, so for the rest of high school that was my name to them haha. it makes me sound about 203498230498 times more gangster than I actually am 😛


  20. says

    My brother named me Pigeon/Pidge as I’m short and busty and like to hang around the house.

    People at work call me Momma as I’m mothering in nature!


  21. says

    One of my nicknames is Whitler as in Hitler which is HORRIBLE! I’v actually set up 2 of my friends with my husband’s friends (one couple got married and one is engaged) and there was a 3rd couple I was trying to bring together and I can’t remember who it was but one of my friends said I was being like Hitler and trying to create my perfect society/world. It was funny at the time but now the name has stuck. Totally awkward to be out in public and have to respond to Whitler.


  22. Christine M. says

    My family still calls me “Bean,” as Christine was somehow mangled into “Crisp Bean.” Other variations were “Chrideen,” “Crispy,” and “Chrispalina.”

    My ex had a wise arsenal of names for me, including “Snugglesaurus” and “Napadactyl” (depending on my couch behavior.) We also threw around the term of endearment “Stink Butt.” Yeah, that’s over!


  23. Julie says

    I’m a Julie too and my cousins call me “juju,” friends in high school just called me “ju” half the time and an old boyfriend always called me “jujubee!” Today, I get called Jules the most…have to admit I like juju and jujube the best though! So cute your dad called you juju too. :)


  24. Angela says

    My grandpa has called me “Mangy” (in place of the usual “Angie”) for as long as I can remember. However, being called an infectious skin disease for the entirety of my life has not been too damaging to my self esteem!


  25. chelsea says

    As long as I can remember my dad has always and still calls me “bubby” no, its not pronounced like boobie…its more like “buh-bee” I’m 22 and he still calls me that, its kinda strange but I do love it :-)


  26. says

    My wonderful and loving friends call me Anus!! nice huh! It originated because of my name – Jane became janus which rhymed with anus and there you have it :)


  27. says

    You’ve got me craving an egg and jelly sandwich!

    My friends have given me the name Strudel, because my last name is Trudel. I wonder if my parents planned silly nickname out when they named me…


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