Today was quite the productive lil’ Saturday! We’ve been out and about since I hit “publish” on my morning post.

The first activity on the agenda was exercising Sadie.

hiking 015

dog with stick

Clearly she was feeling quite chipper this morning.

Ryan and I drove out to some nearby trails to take Sadie on a 4.75 mile hike around 10 a.m.

hiking 009hiking 005hiking 017

I think Sadie loved every minute of the hike except for the random stops to check her for ticks.

hiking 011

hiking 012

I’m pretty sure that’s Sadie’s “hurry the heck up” face.

The ticks are really bad right now and during and after every hike, Sadie gets a full pat down.


After our hike, we were ready for showers and lunch.

hiking 019-001

Lunch included roasted Brussels sprouts paired with sautéed peppers, onions and al fresco chipotle chorizo sausage.

hiking 024

hiking 028

The sausage did a great job of seasoning the peppers and onions so no extra spices were needed.

On the side Ryan and I split a a toasted honey wheat Thomas’ bagel topped with Smart Balance and a bit of honey.

hiking 032hiking 034







All Over Ocala

After lunch, it was errand time.

When Ryan suggested beginning our errands with a quick stop at Starbucks, I was completely on board.

hiking 036

hiking 038-001

Our errands took us all over Ocala, first dropping unwanted clothes, books and accessories off at Goodwill before browsing around in search of red, white and blue apparel to wear on the self-imposed America-themed formal night of our upcoming cruise with our friends.

Sadly Goodwill didn’t have anything to offer, but Hobby Lobby did!

hiking 041

They are already decked out for the Fourth of July which was a great thing for us!

I didn’t end up buying this crown, but it sure is a fancy little number, huh?

hiking 043-001

I bought some fabric and a few other trinkets and we headed on our way.

Our final errand took us to DSW where I stumbled upon these babies:

hiking 039


No, I didn’t get them, but does anyone else remember jellies?

Perhaps this will refresh your memory:

jellies '80sRyan looked at me like I was a nut job when I yelled out “JELLIES!” in the middle of the store, but as a child of the ‘80s, I was pretty psyched to see jellies apparently making a comeback… at least according to Steve Madden.

If only we were doing an ‘80s-themed formal night on our cruise, I would’ve been set.


On our way home from all the errand-running, Ryan and I spent a solid 20 minutes debating different dinner options. I said pizza. He said Cuban food. I said homemade pizza. He said Chinese food.

Mmm. Chinese food!

Once we settled on a cuisine, we stopped by a local take-out place and ordered General Tso’s chicken and steamed vegetables with rice to share.

hiking 045

hiking 046

Of course the food came with fortune cookies.

hiking 048

Hope your Saturday is treatin’ you quite nice.

I’ll see you folks in the morning!


  1. says

    JELLIES! I remember thinking that such a classic look would never go out of style… I had a rainbow of colors chillin’ in my closet at home. Great with jean overall shorts and a side ponytail 😉


  2. says

    haha – I did the SAME thing at a store yesterday (that’s similar to DSW), couldn’t believe that they’re trying to make a come back! I loved those things when I was younger


  3. says

    Haha, Hobby Lobby always gets their themed decorations out SUPER early! I do love that store – I could browse for hours, I think. Oh man, I definitely had that exact pair of jellies growing up. Wonder if they’ll actually make a comeback!


  4. Lisa says

    We dined on Chinese as well tonight. We have an amazing Chinese/Malaysian restaurant 15 min. from home. Yummy!
    I am also a child of the 80’s (and I was born in the 70’s) so jellies were part of my childhood. Loved them.


  5. says

    Jellies! I rocked a pink pair (even though I was a 90s kid), actually I think they’re still hiding in the back of my closet somewhere. I remember running around at recess my feet would get super sweaty and slide all around in them. They also had that perpetual nasty plastic smell that never went away no matter how many times you wore them.
    But they sure did look cool!


  6. says

    Jellies!!!! I loved mine so much that I remember I actually slept in them one night because I was so excited to wear them to school. I even remember the smell of them (which I fondly remember now but I bet wasn’t that great).


  7. says

    omgsh! Haha, I remember how popular those were, and how expensive they were back then too~at least in Argentina (where I grew up). 😛 And that’s smart to check Sadie after the hikes! Ticks are one of my “fears”, lol.


  8. Brooke says

    HA! Ive had those Steve Madden jellies for 2 years and I LOVE them. When I bought them I was totally brought back to my kiddo days.


  9. says

    I have THE CUTEST jellies from JCrew from last summer.. I can’t find them on google though, and I’ve never seen anyone where them ever!! They are peep toe flats that are clear but you cant really tell because they are packed with gold glitter. They are soo comfy and adorable!


  10. Lily says

    Sounds like the perfect Saturday!!! Make sure you and Ryan check yourselves for ticks too… They can carry all sorts of diseases!


  11. says

    uggh, tick season is the worst. My mom always made up tuck our jeans into our socks when we were kids to help keep ticks away. We looked awesome, let me tell you.
    And am I the only person that hated jellies?! They always gave me the worst blisters and dirt would get in them and leave these really funky dirt patterns on my feet.


  12. says

    uggh, tick season is the worst. My mom always made my brother and I tuck our jeans into our socks when we were kids to help keep ticks away. We looked awesome, let me tell you.
    And am I the only person that hated jellies?! They always gave me the worst blisters and dirt would get in them and leave these really funky dirt patterns on my feet.


  13. Julia says

    I totally have the jellies that you tried on. My husband thinks I’m nuts for buying them, but I don’t care! I wore jellies for as long as I could find them in my size 🙂


  14. Christina says

    Do you use preventative flea and tick treatments on Sadie such as Frontline or anything like that? I just bought some from my vet but questioning how safe these products are.


  15. says

    Jellies! I remember wanting a pair of jellies so bad when I was little and my mom said I couldn’t have them because I would hurt my feet when I played outside. Eventually she gave in and got me some. Not two weeks after having them I was playing outside in my jellies, I tripped and fell and scraped my toenail off! As I sat there crying my little eyes out, my mom was across the yard with her arms crossed giving me her “I told you so look”. No more jellies for me 🙁


  16. Rowen says

    Wow, I don’t think I would ever have thought of jellies in my life again if I hadn’t read this post 😛 I loved those growing up!!


  17. Amy says

    Julie, I love your outfit. I see u got the navy blue shorts from J crew. Where did you get the tops u layered.
    Makeup vlog PLEASE!!!!! You always look so nice and natural.


  18. Sarah says

    Hey Julie!

    How do you decide what to order when you go out to restaurants? Do you have any tips on how to decipher “healthy” options?


    • says

      hey sarah! when i go out to eat, i look for items that are grilled or those that come with a side of vegetables (or i’ll request veggies in place of another side). i try to avoid heavy sauces for the most part (i genuinely prefer marinara anyway!). sometimes i’ll order a more indulgent dish and try just remember to keep my portions in check.


  19. says

    Oh no, they are not coming back in style. Yikes! I remember when I was younger and they were popular, I bought a pair and they used to give me the worst blisters and I was so jealous of my friends who could wear them without foot pain haha oh man



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