Piloxing: My First Class

That lunchtime yoga class I meant to take this afternoon? It didn’t happen.

But a different exercise class did!


Have you guys heard of Piloxing?

According to the Piloxing website, the workout “uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape.”

When we moved to Ocala and I saw Piloxing on the group exercise schedule at my gym, I was very intrigued, but all of the classes were offered in the afternoon and since I like to workout in the morning, I never took one.

As lunchtime approached and I thought about going to yoga like I planned, I just wasn’t in the mood. My head wasn’t in the right place (it would’ve been a yoga class like this one, I’m sure), so I looked up the group exercise schedule at my gym.

Piloxing at noon? Sounds good!

I went to the class expecting a Tae-Bo type kickboxing workout. I’m not sure why I thought “kickboxing” because the class description doesn’t reference kickboxing at all, but that’s where my head went!

In actuality, the class incorporated a lot of boxing and jumping to get you nice and sweaty and paired the quick cardiovascular movements with stationary bodyweight Pilates movements that made my muscles burn.

The class wasn’t as challenging as Physique 57 in my opinion (that class really fired up my muscles), but the short, repetitive movements reminded me of that class a bit.

I found myself smiling throughout the class like a total goober, which obviously meant I had a good time. It reminded me a bit of Jazzercise in that regard. I really enjoy workouts where I’m jumping around like a lunatic and doing fast bursts of explosive cardio movements, so I loved the boxing aspects of the workout. A fun one for sure!


After my workout, I came home ready to dig into lunch.

I made myself a veggie pizza bowl! 

veggie pizza bowl

I combined the leftover turkey pepperoni from our pizza night on Tuesday with chicken, sliced zucchini and eggplant in a small pan. I topped everything with marinara and shredded cheese and stirred it together until the cheese melted into the tomato sauce, thickening it up a bit.

chicken veggies marinara

After topping it off with parmesan cheese, it was time to dig in!

veggies marinara

For some reason, it felt like I was eating dinner for lunch. I guess this dish seemed more like something I would eat at dinnertime, perhaps because it was hot and took a little more time to prepare than a simple lunch.

Back to work!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What was the last group exercise class you took? What did you think?
  • What is your favorite group exercise class?

My favorite group exercise classes are BodyPump and Jazzercise. Both are a blast and I really wish my current gym offered them!


  1. Nicole says

    That class sounds great – I wish my gym offerred it! I take an abs/toning class twice a week early in the morning. I love it because it is a total body work out and she always changes it up so I never quite know what to expect – but it is always hard and kicks my butt! I am definitely the youngest person there, but that only motivates me more – if they can do it, I can definitely do it too!


  2. says

    That sounds like fun! I love group exercise classes. Recently I’ve enjoyed taking some zumba classes with my mom – those definitely make me smile while I’m working out, mostly because I can’t dance and look kind of ridiculous, but have a blast anyways. I love spinning, too, and have recently discovered TurboKick which was really tough at first, but I’ve found myself craving it!


  3. says

    I have actually done both P57 and Piloxing. I enjoy both, but you’re right that P57 burns a heck of a lot more! I used to take both dance classes and kickboxing, so I guess it isn’t a surprise that I enjoy those two! Glad you liked it!


  4. Emily says

    My favorite class is cardio kickboxing. I’ve tried piloxing once, but also did not feel like it really worked me out. It was OK. I really want to try a CrossFit class at some point!


  5. says

    I am not a huge fan of group exercise classes but I used to go to spin often, and then went so much I got sick of it and have not been in over a year. I think the main reason I wasn’t a fan was sticking to the class schedule versus my own. I would love to try a body pump class sometime but it is not offered here yet.


  6. says

    We have a class here called Fitmix, kind of like bodypump I guess, definitely my favourite. The step class teacher is also amazing which make her class super fun!


  7. Tara says

    I take group fitness classes 3 times a week at lunchtime. Usually they’re all cardio/weight interval based. The class I took today though was more like Bootcamp and it totally kicked my butt, everyone in the class was sweating like CRAZY 🙂


  8. Kristin says

    I love teaching spin classes! I come from a road cycling background, so I teach with less emphasis on matching the workout to the songs and more emphasis on quality hill work, sprints, and steady state intervals. I tell my classes to “work hard when it’s supposed to be hard and go easy when it’s time for recovery” — most people tell me they burn more calories/get a better workout this way because they actually work hard during intervals if they know they get a short rest after – as opposed to spin classes where the instructor doesn’t really give any recovery time during the workout.

    As for other group workouts, I like bootcamp style classes (especially ones outside!) and yoga if it’s not too crowded.


  9. says

    I was SOOO excited when I saw this! Piloxing looks amazing – so glad you enjoyed it. I wanna try it sometime soon as well, but since I don’t belong to a real gym (just a condo gym), I don’t have access to group fitness classes. I think much like you, I’m big on weight workouts and doing mah own thang. I do love the occasional yoga or pilates class, but tend to stick to cardio/weights in a gym setting! I did once take “amazing abs + butt” at Goodlife and looooved it. There’s nothing I love more than working my booty!


  10. Shannon says

    I swear by group exercise. I take 5-6 classes a week. Two strength, two cardio and one that’s a combo of the two. I have several favorites but I LOVE Step Aerobics and Bodypump. I also take a class that’s a hybrid of the two…talk about a challenge 🙂


  11. says

    Your lunch looks so delicious! I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of combining marinera and veggies but it’s so simple and yummy! And I LOVE group classes- I find them motivating and a way to totally forget that you are working out!


  12. Valerie @ FreshMutz says

    I hear you on the dinner for lunch thing but I enjoy larger meals midday. I think it’s an italian thing which is fitting for your italian-influenced bowl.

    My last group class was either hip hop dance or spin. I can’t remember since it’s been awhile. Spin is definitely my favorite. I want to try a pole dancing fitness class but am a little embarassed to go by myself.


  13. says

    I teach group exercise classes and I am obsessed with them all. I love teaching my Circuit Training classes and doing a bootcamp style, so I would have to say I’m partial to those. But Kickboxing is a close second — in addition to teaching at my local Y I belong to a studio called Corpbasics, where their Kickboxing classes are all choreographed to different songs. It’s so fun!!


  14. LG says

    Hey Julie,

    I wanted to write to thank you for posting all about Bodypump before you moved. I recently joined a gym that has this class, and your posts helped give me the confidence to try it out, because I felt like I knew what I was getting into. :0) Really enjoying it, so thanks!!!


  15. says

    I used to take Krav Maga as a fitness/self defense class. I(That’s actually how I met my boyfriend!) But sense he’s away at Medical School, I’ve been doing working out on my own at the gym (strength toning and cardio) and then I also do Zumba for a fun, feel good class. While my primary fitness routines are independent in the gym, Zumba is a great way to get the body moving after sitting in the office. Plus, you can get a little sassy with it, though I’m sure I look like a dancing string bean or something ridiculous.


  16. says

    haha what a funky name for a workout class! I think there’s something else that’s new called “hot hula”? Sounds really fun! And I’m the same way–if my lunch is really hot or at a certain heat level, I consider it dinner-ish.


  17. Meisha says

    I took my first Piloxing class this semester and LOVED it. We have a great instructor here that kept things really exciting and made me feel like I was dancing. I had a great sore-all-over feeling the day after that was AWESOME.


  18. says

    This is the new fad, combining random exercises into a class. They don’t always work though. I love spin although my gym doesn’t offer it and I want to try bodypump SO bad but my gym doesn’t offer it either, lol.


  19. Kat says

    I joined a gym to take kickboxing and love it! It is an MMA focused facility but the kickboxing doesnt involve one on one contact for the most part. I just beat up the bag with cute pink boxing gloves! It is part bootcamp, part pilates, part kickboxing, part whatever hell the instructor invents for that day and it is awesome!

    On a side note, I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing with us!


  20. says

    Love love yoga classes.

    Found a gem of a teacher at my newish gym. Unfortunately I’ve been down and out with arm injury the last few weeks but managed to go for the first time in ages last night, hurrah!

    Ended up doing many a tripod-like downward dogs and one handed balancing positions haha!

    Love kickboxing also, but sadly that’s where the injury happened!

    Gorgeous Sadie cuddling photos btw 🙂


  21. says

    The last group fitness class I did was the Pilates class at my gym, but I have to say that Body Pump is my favorite! I am weights-challenged so I need all the group motivation and instruction I can get. But soon I’ll be quitting my gym – any suggestions on how I can keep up strength training in my apartment’s gym and out of the (fitness) classroom?


  22. Stephanie says

    I love group fitness! Every week, I take kickboxing, TurboKick, BodyPump, Boot Camp, and TRX classes. There’s something about the atmosphere that gets me pumped in a way no elliptical, stationary bike, or (the horror!) treadmill can.


  23. says

    I try to take body pump twice a week. For strength training, it’s my go-to workout. Although I love taking yoga at actual studios, I feel like at my gym they never progress, so It’s always a beginners/newbies class.


  24. says

    I am not a big fitness class person however my mother in law loves bodypump so when we visit her, she loves to take me! I actually really enjoy it, and enjoy doing it with her.

    I took a barre class with my sis-in-law a few months back too,but wasn’t a huge fan.

    Great looking lunch!


  25. says

    That class does sound like a blast! It’s nice to have the option of a noon class.
    I must say I don’t do group classes. BUT, at work they recently started a noon yoga class once a week that I’m planning on attending. Maybe I’ll become a convert?!


  26. says

    I’ve always been intrigued by Piloxing, but never have given it a shot! I’m a big fan of outdoor boot camps, but need to pump up my strength training a bit. Maybe my local gym has a Body Pump class? Fingers crossed!

    Also, love your blog! It inspired me to start one of my own…we’ll see how THAT goes 🙂



  27. says

    The last class I took was a spin class. As I am a spin / BodyPump instructor, I enjoy taking other instructors’ classes to see different teaching styles and to get inspired by their choreographies. Taking a FighKlub class tomorrow. It’s pretty much like kickboxing (contact, not a shadowing). It KICKS butts. 🙂


  28. says

    I tried a beginning yoga class on Monday. I’d done yoga once before years ago and hated it so I thought I’d try a super basic one. Turns out it was a little too basic but at least I didn’t feel like an idiot, not knowing how to do anything. My fave class is Zumba. I avoided it for so long because I thought it was stupid, now I LOVE it. It’s a great cardio workout.


  29. says

    I absolutely love kickboxing! It’s great to be able to punch and kick your stress away. I really like fast paced cardio classes, too! I tried to get into spinning, but for some reason, I just get bored and find myself checking the time every 2 minutes.


  30. lindsey says

    I’m an aerobics instructor, so I teach a lot of different classes (my favorites are Zumba, cycling, pilates and yoga). The gym I work for is working on getting Piloxing into the building as well as a few different Barre classes. Exciting to start taking and teaching them!


  31. Amanda says

    My mom and I just started piloxing at one of our rec centers and it really surprised me how fun it actually was! The cardio, dance and boxing moves are a perfect mix to get me pumped up. I think my sister and I might try to do a class this summer too! We both love your blog an all the healthy foods as workouts you post!! We also have a vizsla just like Sadie, only our old girl Penny is still kicking at 11!


  32. Katie says

    I love Zumba and my gym also has a group kick class that is fun. I enjoy them both but I always feel pretty awkward hehe! I really need to start working out in the morning so my head doesn’t get in the way of my workouts.


  33. says

    Ah I am so glad you posted this!! I want to teach BodyCombat (which I think you would LOVE, by the way), but my gym is already full of instructors and they’re not really looking for anyone, they’re already fighting over classes as is! I want to instruct it eventually, but another nearby gym just started offering Piloxing, I will have to look into it. I love Pilates AND boxing, so it could be good!

    I also loooove BodyPump. Truly changes the shape of your body. Barre classes are fab, too. And yoga! Oh man, I am a class whore.


  34. Melissa says

    Julie I’m obsessed with piloxing. I’m certified to teach! Have been going in LA since ’08 when my boyfriend’s roommate introduced me. Crazy it made itself to Ocala.


  35. Sanaz "Leah" Ebrahimi says

    I just came back from my Rooftop Yoga class tonight! Yogi with the stars right above me and fabulous music was just what I needed after a long day at work in the office! 🙂 ahhh
    But I LOVE Body Pump and just returned to my first class yesterday after taking some time off from the gym. I am SOO sore but it feels great! I wish my gym offered this Piloxing stuff though! Sounds fun! Love your ambition girl!!


  36. says

    I have taken a few Piloxing classes. I really like it. The first time I did not use the weighted gloves but the next time I did. I know they don’t weigh much at all but I could tell a big difference! I leave there sweating! I also love TRX!


  37. says

    Because it rhymes with boxing perhaps ;)? The only thing i would change about my gym is that they don’t offer classes…I generally prefer working out solo but it would be a nice change every so often!


  38. says

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