Workout Playlist Trifecta

Brace yourself for my latest workout playlist!

salmon hash 006-001

This one is packed with three different types of music:

  • ‘90s hits (as usual)
  • Techno
  • 100 percent cheeseball music

It is my go-to playlist at the moment for tackling intense treadmill workouts when I need to simply zone out and dig deep.

Feel free to share your latest favorite workout song in the comments section. I am always looking for new music to add to my iPod!

Workout Playlist Trifecta


Past PBF Workout Playlists include:


  1. says

    I did a workout playlist post this week too! Actually, mine was the playlist I made for the 10 miler I ran yesterday, perfectly formatted and timed for each part of the race… haha. I’ll have to check out some of these songs!


  2. Alexis says

    My favorite workout song right now is Chris Brown’s Beautiful People. I LOVE it. Gets me moving every time. 🙂 My friend and I just did a 10k and she had me cracking up explaining how ricky Martin came on as she was going up a huge hill….”Do you really want it?! Do you really want it?!” it’s called “the cup of life” definitely going to check it out and give it a try!


  3. Sammy Jean says

    I love that you’re still posting while on your cruise… but auto posts lack…… Julie! No humor, no witty stories, no pictures of Sadie. Hope you’re enjoying yourself, can’t wait until you’re back! 🙂


  4. Lucy says


    I’ve been a long time reader or PBF and always liked your happy-go-lucky attitude.

    But these posts? I find them kind of insulting. If you need your blog to be alive then ask for guest posts or host a giveaway.

    To just pre-post a bunch of smallish things you’ve written back to back just to make sure your check is big enough at the end of the month? Tacky.

    This was just my two cents. Let’s now hear from your white knights:


    • Jane says

      I was just thinking the same thing!! Lame. Also how is this a trifecta? A TRIfecta has three elements… this is just one playlist.


      • Jennifer says

        Jane, she explained why she called it a Trifecta:

        “This one is packed with three different types of music:

        ‘90s hits (as usual)
        100 percent cheeseball music”


    • says

      Thanks for the feedback, Lucy. I appreciate your opinion. Everyone has different thoughts and in the past I’ve done giveaways and had guest posts when I’ve been away and had requests for posts from me, so there are just simply different strokes for different folks. I’ll definitely take your words to heart for next time and try to always consider thoughts from readers as I continue to blog and learn from my experiences. As a blog reader myself, I love coming to someone’s blog and hearing from them even while they’re away, so that’s simply what I tried to offer.


  5. says

    I always have trouble with workout playlists. I tend to like more mellow music, but then when I am running I find myself skipping all the songs. Then when I start to make my playlist I can’t bring myself to add more upbeat songs because at that moment I don’t like them!


  6. Lindsay says

    My new obsession is Somebody that I Used to Know but not the Gotye version, which is awesome. But for working out, I prefer the Lindsey Paveo (girl from The Voice) version. Omg it’s SO badass. She knows how to rock.


  7. says

    Somebody That I Used to Know has been my new favorite song ever since Blaine sang it on Glee with his brother! I need to download it right now for my next run!


  8. pluvk says

    I have a love for Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Gets me pumped! And in response to some of the posts above…. I love pbfingers, but if there isn’t a post that interest me (rare), then I don’t read it. If we were paying to read this, then I could understand complaints if we were unsatisfied. Thanks, Julie, for your posts… Whether short and sweet, or long and detailed, I’m a big fan of pbfingers!


  9. says

    Yayy! I’m so glad the FUN. got into your playlist! I love them and saw them on Friday night. They were so great and it was such a fun show!! P.S. that is my favorite FUN. song!!


  10. says

    Hi Julie! I just wanted to let you know that a) I always appreciate seeing someone else’s playlist! It’s so easy to forget about great songs, and hearing what other people listen to always helps to kick start a great playlist! b) I’m never a fan of guest bloggers, so do what you do. Like you said, different strokes for different folks. I appreciate you taking the time to post something at all; and c) CHILDISH GAMBINO! I LOVE working out to Childish Gambino! And Britney, of course;)


  11. Casey says

    here are some songs that always are fun to listen to during an intense cardio session!
    waka waka song by shakira
    right above it- drake and lil wayne
    Where them girls at – david guetta
    welcome to st. tropez- dj antoine (i think)
    the thrill (walking on a dream) – wiz khalifa
    empire state of mind – jay z

    these are better for a relaxing run
    one – yeasayer
    the seed 2.0 – the roots
    pumped up the kicks – foster the people
    color on the walls- foster the people
    drake and diane – the white panda
    closer to fine – indigo girls
    we used to be friends – the dandy warhols ( and OC throwback)

    recently i am trying to start getting back into shape again (i was abroad) and so i’ve been listening to the bottom part. i listen to the rap songs when i’m doing intense cardio


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