Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet event in New York City.



I was able to attend the event thanks to FitFluential and was very excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers, see old blogging friends, meet the people who work for Fitness magazine and chat with sponsors of the event. 

The event began at 10 a.m. and I walked there from the hotel where I was staying with Theodora and Anne (pictured below), Tina and Courtney.IMG_0099-001


I was so, so excited to see Courtney (above) again after many months apart. She’s one of my best blogging buddies and ended up staying with me in the hotel last night after an all-too-enthusiastic reunion in the hotel lobby that morning. Quality time, baby!

From the moment I arrived, I felt like I didn’t stop chatting until the event ended. Everyone was so friendly and excited to be there. I loved meeting Heather and Caitlin for the first time!


And Mia Hamm!


Crazy, right!?

She was signing little soccer balls and I had her sign one for Ryan since he’s way more into soccer than I am and played throughout high school.

Annnd she definitely signed the soccer ball, “To Bryan.”


I didn’t have the heart to correct her and figured Ryan would get a bigger kick out of her signing something for “Bryan” anyway. (If any of you out there happen to know a soccer fan named Bryan that would love this soccer ball, shoot me an email and I can send it to you so a real Bryan can cherish it!)

Attendees of the event were encouraged to walk around and visit all of the sponsor tables and fill out a card, earning stars for visiting each booth that you could then turn in for a swag bag full of goodies at the end of the event.


Hello, Reebok! We shall meet again tomorrow! Smile 

When I visited the Oakley booth, I was shocked to see sunglasses that were really cute!


For some reason, in the past I associated Oakley sunglasses with those goggle-like running sunglasses that aren’t the cutest, so when I saw their new line of performance sunglasses  that are great for running but also look cute, I was impressed!  They had little grippy things on the nose to keep them in place when you start sweating and they fit snuggly without being too tight. I think everyone was stoked to be able to bring a pair home.

The swag bag we got a the end of the event after visiting the sponsors was pretty amazing.


It was filled with everything from a CamelBak water bottle to a pair of Reebok sneakers. Lots of great goodies!

The event itself had a lineup of speakers who talked about a variety of topics ranging from why fad diets aren’t worth it, fitness, make-up and beauty tips and Q&A-style presentations.


The first half of the event flew by and by the time lunch rolled around, I was ready to eat!


The food was fantastic and they did a great job of providing healthy options that were both flavorful and delicious.


The farro salad was my favorite. I loved the chewy texture and the savory flavor from the hazelnut oil. 

After lunch, my nerves started to kick in since I knew I would be speaking on a panel at 1:45 p.m.


The panel itself was basically a question and answer session all about blogging, freelance writing and building a presence online. I was a panelist along with Kelly Olexa, Carla Binberg and Tina Haupert.


I was worried no one from the audience would ask questions and we’d hear crickets, but people participated and our time on the stage passed by quickly and ended up being fun! I really enjoyed listening to the advice from my fellow panelists, so I hope the people in the audience enjoyed our time on stage!

Once I could finally breathe again after our panel was over, it was snack time! I grabbed two little funnels of apple slices and brie cheese and later went back for two mini cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies.


The apples and cheese were a perfect pick-me-up. Brie cheese is one of my favorites and I need to keep this combination in mind for future afternoon snacks!

The Meet & Tweet event concluded with a workout coordinated by KiwiSweat which was crazy energetic and very, very fun! I didn’t realize a legitimate workout was part of the event even though we were all told to wear fitness apparel, but it felt good to move and sweat a bit at the end of the day.


Thank you so much to Fitness Magazine and FitFluential for such a fun event!


  1. Beth B. says

    I have those Oakley sunglasses and am absolutely in love with them. I will never buy another type of sunglasses for running/outdoor activity wear.


  2. says

    Ahh you have no idea how crazy jealous I am that I wasn’t there (and super duper proud of you at the same time for rocking your panel talk!!) This looks like such an amazing event. I’m with you on the Oakley thing – I’d normally associate them with the silver-y goggle-type sunglasses but those ones you found are really cute!


    • Liz says

      So awesome they gave you Birks! I’ve been in love with them for about 14 years – I still remember buying my first pair with my first paycheck when I was 16. Now I have about 18 pairs, including a few pairs I wear to work at the hospital. We def need a pic of those 🙂


  3. says

    Way to go, Julie! Public speaking is not always my favorite thing either. This event looks like such a blast! I need to start thinking about attending my first event as a blogger now. Would love to meet you as you sometime!


  4. says

    I got the biggest laugh out of the ball being signed to “Bryan”, rather than Ryan!!

    The swag bag is incredible! How awesome to go to such a neat event AND leave with a nice bag full of freebies.


  5. says

    Looked like a great event! Can’t wait to hear how Boston goes. Your shoes in the last pic are so cute. What are they?

    The bag filled with stuff… WOW!


  6. Sarah says

    How cool! Yea, Courtney is one of my favorite of all time bloggers!
    Go STSL!
    And PBFingers, but I really didn’t need to say that 🙂


  7. Mae says

    Looks like a fun event and great food and swag! My last name is Bryan, and my husband is a big soccer fan if you don’t find any other takers for the “Bryan” ball. 🙂


  8. Tori says

    If you want, there is a trick you could use to erase the “B”! All you need is an expo marker. There is a chemical in the expo marker that cuts through permanent marker. The. All you do is wipe if off and voila, it’s good as new! (:


  9. Chloe says

    Do you know the model name of those Oakley sunglasses pictured? I’m in the market and would love a pair like that – looks cute and is functional!


  10. says

    Glad to hear it went well! It’s funny–no matter how many times I’ve spoken in front of large groups, I still get a little nervous. You just never quite know what to expect!

    Hoping I’ll get to attend in the future!


  11. says

    Great job on speaking, I would have had a heart attack. I hate public speaking, I am the worst at it. Looks like a fun event! Too bad she got Ryan’s name wrong 😉


  12. De says

    Funnily enough, my brother’s name is Bryan, he was a soccer player (same with me) most of his life, but if I were to get it, all it would end up being is a new toy for my 2 year old nephew, and a signed Mia Hamm ball should not live that life! Oh, man, she was a total hero to me my entire high school soccer career.


  13. says

    You seem to have had one truly amazing day (not to talk about the goodie bag). I’m sure you did great and you truly deserv everything good that’s coming to you!


  14. says

    Wow, looks like so much fun!! Glad you are having a great trip 🙂 I love the Oakley sunglasses…one of these days I will spend more money on sunglasses, for right now I like not having to worry if they get banged up or lost!


  15. Phoebe says

    Julie, thanks for the post! I’m getting obsessed with your site recently and was tracking back your earliest posts (hope I didn’t freak you out lol). It was amazing how much your reader pool expanded!

    Thanks for all the inspiration – I tried some of your treadmill workouts and you convinced me that gym does not necessarily means boring! I love how the sweat pours down my face :p

    I also tried your favourite sweet and salty egg-cheese-jam muffin, which is surprising good! I’ll make the PB protein bars tomorrow, will keep you updated! (but I’m only going to make half a batch so I won’t wolf the entire thing xD)

    ps. can you tell us what’s in the bag of goodies? I’m so curious :p


  16. Nicole says

    I always think it’s cool/fun to see some of my favorite bloggers come together for events like this. You and Courtney ( write two of my favorite blogs I keep up with!


  17. amber says

    Hi julie.

    I was looking online for the nike frees that you have becauser I LOVE the color but I can’t find them anywhere. I looked on Dick’s website also. Is there anyway that you could provide a link to them? Thanks so much!


  18. says

    Great recap of a long but fun-filled day! Funny about the ryan/bryan mixup, but agreed that it makes it even more of a keepsake. It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and chat over dinner at Tortilla Flat’s, swapping dog stories 🙂

    Thank you for coming out here to ‘meet and tweet’, and share your experience and knowledge during the panel! Your advice is invaluable to newbies like myself. Hope we get to meet again soon. Enjoy Boston — can’t wait to hear about Reebok!


  19. Mary Anne says

    My 10 year old travel soccer player’s name is BRYAN! He would love love the ball…….Looks like a great trip….love your blog…read every day.



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