Beat Boredom Treadmill Workout

I looked like a maniac at the gym today.

I hopped on and off the treadmill a handful of times and I’m pretty sure the guy running on the treadmill next to mine thought I was some kind of a nut job.

All that crazy jumping around was totally worth it because I completed an awesome 45-minute treadmill workout that absolutely flew by. Seriously, I felt like I was working out for maybe 20 minutes.

Check it out:

beat boredom treadmill workout

All of the exercises noted in bold were completed off the treadmill (duh), so there was a lot of hopping around and changing things up. The perfect recipe for a workout that keeps boredom at bay.

I got the idea for the workout from the June issue of Fitness magazine where they detailed a 40-minute treadmill workout that incorporated squat jumps, jumping jacks, crunches and pushups. I figured I could change it up a bit and do something similar and ended up loving this workout.


Breakfast this morning was an egg wafflewich!

egg waffle sandwich 010

I toasted two Van’s waffles and topped them with a slice of muenster cheese, two fried eggs and raspberry jelly.

egg waffle sandwich 012egg waffle sandwich 014

Eat up, buttercup!

egg waffle sandwich 017

A cup of hot vanilla caramel coffee rounded out my morning meal.

Time to get crackin’ on a new freelance assignment. See ya after lunch!

P.S. For my fellow Bachelorette fans, I watched the first episode last night and my two favorites were Doug, the single dad who got the first impression rose (loved the way he talked about his son!), and Ryan, the sports trainer who works with kids. Don’t let me down, guys!


  1. says

    That treadmill worout looks tough but awesome! And your breakfast always looks so darn good.
    I’m going to be emailing you my Still Missing review today. Can’t wait for the next book. Your book club choices are always something I wouldn’t normally read, and I love it!


  2. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    I did a (somewhat) similar workout yesterday at the gym with my trainer. While I was on the treadmill he handed me two 7.5 pound weights. I would do bicep curls, tricep extentions, tricep kickbacks and arm lifts for 30 seconds alternating between each arm workout and 30 seconds of walking. As each round passed he would increase the incline and speed. It was a great workout to get every part of my body working!! I felt like I was able to get an hour + of a workout done in 30 minutes!

    Happy Wednesday! 🙂


  3. says

    You’re so lucky that you can hop on and off the treadmill like that! Even though I’m at the gym so early, once I get a treadmill I have to stick close to that thing–otherwise another early bird will steal it. Hopping on and off would be a recipe for disaster!

    I’m really glad Doug got the first impression rose, too–he seemed really genuine, which I liked. My roommate and I also swooned juuuust a little bit for Alejandro, the guy from Colombia who spoke Spanish. 😉


  4. says

    I almost bought that mug at anthro! cute! Also- I adapted your lower body workout from the other day and wrote about it on my blog today. Thanks for the fitspo! 🙂


  5. says

    I am only a half hour into the bachelorette so far, but I love Emily and can’t wait to see more! I DVR’d it due to the 9:30 start time and am hoping to finish the rest tonight. I have heard great things about the single dad too!


  6. Emily says

    Isn’t the sports trainer the one with the weird hair? I don’t know what was going on with his ‘do, but he’d look so much better with different hair! Also, the one with the long hair who kept tucking it behind his ears could have been so much cuter with shorter hair.
    Agreeeed on the single dad, except that letter his son ‘wrote’ to Emily was such an obvious ploy.
    That guy with the green shirt who kept bad-mouthing helicopter guy made me laugh SO hard although he’s clearly a jerk :p


  7. says

    That workout looks awesome! I however would probably fly off the treadmill and face plant onto the dashboard! I actually did that two weeks. I was jamming to my music when I decided to turn up the speed to 8.5mph. However I lack coordination and my iPhone and headphones were tangled with the emergency cord. The emergency cord pulled off and I face planted into the dashboard. Once a klutz always a klutz :).


  8. Kristin says

    Looks like a fun workout, however, there’s no space to do that by our treadmills. I could do it outside though! Sounds fun.

    I also like Doug on the show! He seems really genuine and like a potential good match. I also like Charlie. He seems very sweet and humble. The one guy I really don’t like so far is the one with dark hair who wore the bright green shirt under his suit. He kept scowling about all the other guys and just seemed generally unpleasant. Overall though, I’ve been sucked in again and I just adore Emily. =)


  9. Whitney says

    I agree with your bachelorette picks…Ryan and Doug all the way!! 🙂

    Other than those two, I’d be running if I was Emily! There seem to be a bunch of weirdos in the mix this year!


  10. says

    I like those hop-on, hop-off style workouts and they definitely beat boredom, but like you, I always feel like the people around me must be thinking “what the heck is wrong with her?!” Ah well, I’ll enjoy my endorphins, thank you! 🙂


  11. says

    I don’t know if you ever read Dana’s blog Possessionista. But she loves The Bachelor/Bachelorette too and was part of an after party segment.

    They referred to Ryan as bump it because of his hair! But, I’m with you…I love him and Doug. I also liked the bobble head guy. Chris, I think?! Randy – The Grandma – also makes an appearance on one of the segments.


  12. says

    I’ve never had a waffle sandwich before. I want to try it. It looks yummy. 🙂

    I thought some of the guys were really interesting that were on the Bachelorette. I read a spoiler site so I already know who the final 3 are. 🙂


  13. Emily says

    I like Arie & Ryan! Doug is sweet, too… I was just glad that Bentley didn’t make an appearance, though I’m not putting it past the show to not throw him into the mix of things once it starts getting serious like they did with Chantel on Ben’s season. <<<< I'm such a reality TV bum lol 😉


  14. Nicole says

    I LOVE Ryan and Doug too!!! And Arie, trust me she’s going to be loving the race car driver I saw that gleam in her eye. Those are my top 3. Not impressed with anyone else, especially not the guy with the chopper 😉


  15. Shalini says

    Hey Julie I just have a question, with your coffee do you add white sugar or use something like stevia? I’m trying to cut down on sugar especially when drinking coffee but it’s really hard to cut out the taste when using something besides real sugar. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!


  16. says

    This looks like a great workout! I loved Doug too … but I can’t remember Ryan! I like Arie … and Jef (with one F – which is weird). Ohhh I’m so glad The Bachelorette is back in our lives 🙂


  17. says

    What a great looking workout!! There are some days that I can totally get in to a straight 40+ min on the treadmill, and some days it seriously feels as though each second drags on forever – so this is a great way to beat boredom! However, maybe it’s just me, but I always feel so awkward doing circuits that involve a treadmill where I’m jumping on and off. One time I was doing one and this girl totally jacked my treadmill in the middle!


  18. says

    Ehhh, I thought the guy who brought the letter from his son was totally using his son to get brownie points since he knows she’s also a single parent. Seems kinda sleazy to me.


  19. Brandi says

    I’m glad you like the same 2 guys I did on the Bachelorette, when Ryan came on, I was like jeez, that’s him. Haha


  20. kristina says

    Ugh, this seems so fun! I wish I could do this at my gym, but its like 18,000 square feet and the cardio is on one side and the box jumper thing is on the other and there is no room behind or beside equipment to do this 🙁 maybe ill try to adapt it!


  21. Madeleine says

    Sounds like a great work out! How long did it take you to be able to work your way up to a 9 speed on the treadmill? I started running/working out regularly about 4 months ago, and I feel like I max out at 6. Any faster and I think I’ll fly off the back! Any tips on how to improve running longevity/lung capacity? I seriously can’t get through a mile jog without taking walking breaks. Pretty sad for a 20-something who’s in good health.


  22. Laura says

    OMG those were my two favorites too! My boyfriend liked Ryan (the trainer too). I knew he was going to since he himself is a trainer. This season looks good, but it seems like one of the guys ends up being a “Courtney” according to the previews for the upcoming season!


  23. says

    Great workout post Julie! Any circuit I perform is one I found here. I agree with you on Ryan! I just couldn’t believe she kept the skateboarding dude!


  24. Caryln says

    This is really so random and has NOTHING to do with this post but the other morning on the news there was a story about someone who found a black bear in orlando and they ended up relocating it to ocala! I just thought it was kinda of funny given your talk of bears on the blog!


  25. says

    I have to thank you for opening my eyes to Vans waffles! I always see you post about them, but I’ve never seen them before (which I attributed to living on the other side of the country) but then I saw them in the organic freezer section, tried them and LOVED them!


  26. says

    so funny. i’m training for a marathon w/TNT and for our interval workouts we’re supposed to do various exercises (situps, mountain climbers, etc) in between sprints.

    the team meets at a track for these, but the weekly email outlining the workout always says “this can be done on a treadmill”

    i always think of how silly i would feel going on and off the treadmill like 8 times! but maybe now you’ve given me the courage to try it 😉


  27. says

    Haha I’m loving how you wrote not to complete those on the treadmill, hilarious. Imagine you saw someone trying to do that! I really liked Doug too! He’s a cutie pie


  28. Kate says

    I did the beat treadmill boredom workout yesterday morning after you posted it and absolutely LOVED it! I always get bored running and then have to get off and do strength training exercises. This was a lot more fun and went by way faster than normal, also working other parts of my body. Thanks so much!



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