The Chief

Last night was one of those great nights for absolutely no reason.

After dinner, Ryan and I took Sadie on an extra long walk in the drizzling rain, came home and hung out on the couch while watching last week’s Modern Family on the DVR. I didn’t want to interrupt such a nice evening and pull out my laptop, so here I am this morning!

I hope your Wednesday night was relaxing, but if it wasn’t there are only two more days to the weekend!


Today’s workout was inspired by CrossFit.

You know I couldn’t wait to try a CrossFit workout after loving the experience at Reebok last week!

reebok crossfit one

For those of you who aren’t drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid, CrossFit posts a different workout of the day (WOD) on their website every day. This is pretty cool because it allows people who aren’t members of a CrossFit gym to do the workout on their own.

Ryan frequently looks at the CrossFit website for inspiration for his workouts and the other day he did a workout called “The Chief.”

  • 3 Power cleans (135 pounds)
  • 6 Push-ups
  • 9 Squats (no weight)

The workout said to do as many rounds of the above exercises as possible in three minutes before resting for one minute and completing a total of five cycles.

Today I asked Ryan about the workout and he walked me through it. I ended up changing it a bit because I wasn’t moving very fast and used a much lighter weight. My workout lasted a little longer (five cycles of five minutes of the exercises), but I did the power cleans with 50 pounds and included an overhead press and then did the majority of the push-ups on my knees.

I wasn’t dying at the end of the workout, but I think I definitely could’ve pushed myself harder had I chosen a heavier weight. My biggest complaint was how badly the bar ripped into my hands!

Regular CrossFitters, do you ever wear gloves? I feel like my hands would have crazy calluses if I did workouts like this all the time… or at least I hope they would because my hands were so sensitive and the harder skin would probably help protect them a bit. 


Today’s breakfast included vegetables!

scrambled eggs 010

I feel a small sense of accomplishment whenever I cram veggies in my morning meal.

Today I made scrambled eggs with two eggs, milk, shredded cheese, onion and spinach and served them with a toasted whole wheat English muffin topped with a bit of Smart Balance.

scrambled eggs 012

Plus a hot mug of coffee.


More writing is on the agenda for today!

Have a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    I’ve never tried CrossFit but I have done power cleans. My hands were hurting afterwards as well, I don’t think I could do it on a consistent basis without getting blisters! Hope you have a great Thursday! Some of the Florida weather is finally creeping up to Boston. I want to do nothing more than to be laying out on the beach! 🙂


  2. says

    I’m not a Crossfitter myself (although I’m curious to try it), but I’ve been running into the same problem!! They make some super cute pink women’s lifting gloves that I’m planning on snagging off Amazon 🙂


  3. says

    I’ve been so tempted to try crossfit but not gonna lie… I’m intimidated! I need a pair of lifting gloves though… I feel like I hold back on using heavier weights in Bodypump because I’m scared of the bar slipping!


  4. JB says

    One should properly learn the form of olympic style lifts before trying CrossFit on their own. I suggest a lot of YouTube watching otherwise someone is going to get hurt.

    And no, callouses are just part of it; dont wear gloves.

    And to the person above a power clean is not the same as a clean and press.

    again, YouTube.


    • says

      thankfully my husband is a youtube-watching fiend and watches a ton of crossfit videos. i totally agree that learning how to do the moves properly is very important. and good to know about the calluses. very hardcore!


  5. says

    I am so glad you mentioned the workouts were posted online. Somehow I missed that, haha… I’ve been trying to figure out how my husband and I will make it to Crossfit after the baby comes. Maybe we should just do it on our own! 🙂


  6. says

    The Chief is a killer WOD. My box did it Monday and it was a sweaty one! How many rounds did you do?
    A lot of Crossfitters do wear gloves or tape their hands. Calluses are kind of a source of pride for Crossfitters. My palms are so rough from akll of the moves and work, buti think it’s scars to be proud of!!!


  7. Allie says

    My boyfriend bought me a pair of gloves when I started doing crossfit workouts with him. He said boys don’t wear gloves because calluses show that he’s a real man. But he said he didn’t want me to have rough hands so I needed gloves! I really like them and it allows me to do some of the exercises that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. More power to the girls who can go without them! But I’m sticking with mine..


  8. Kanoe says

    I find eggs are the easiest way to slip veggies into your breakfast & I love it. I’ve never tried Crossfit & I’m scared to even look at it HAHAHA!! I’m excited about all this Florida weather. I’ll be in Florida in June & am so excited :-)! Have a great day Julie!


  9. Lauren says

    You don’t wear gloves when you do weight training?! Those were one of the first things I got after I started using weights, my hands were killing me. Plus, I found cute black and hot pink ones to match my sneakers. 😉 Get em!


  10. says

    When I lift (although it’s been a while) I wear gloves. I’m surprised you don’t wear them already! I guess it can be a source of pride – but why get callouses if don’t have to? (and my bodybuilder brother would agree – so it’s not just a girly thing!)


  11. Jordan K says

    I believe the RX’d weight for women would be 95# or at least that’s what my Box uses when the Men’s RX weight is 135#. I usually find that those weights are still pretty heavy though, as form is much more important with these sorts of lifts than going heavy is!

    Also, if you keep up the CrossFit type workouts you’ll definitely see your hands starte to get “manly” as I like to put it. Haha! I have developed some calluses which certainly help with the barbell work. I wouldn’t recommend usuing gloves unless you are doing pullups though……because that’s when your calluses can rip!!! ouch!!


  12. Brittany says

    i don’t wear gloves and no one else at my box does, i think like someone mentioned above calluses are a source of pride – we earned them! they don’t look pretty but your hands to toughen up over time. we did Karen on Monday – 150 wallballs in 10 minutes!


  13. says

    I’ve been crossfitting for about 18 months now and I’ve just gotten over the rough hands. I hate having to shake peoples hands because I can’t imagine what they must think! I used to wear gloves, but as traditional crossfit is done outside, gloves + Texas summer sweat are actually even worse on the hands than no gloves. Grab some chalk and a pummis stone. Rips and tears happen pretty frequently, but it’s all part of CrossFit!


  14. Lindsey S says

    No gloves! Your hands toughen up and you get used it. It’s not the most ladylike look but the pride of knowing you can back squat the guy you pass on the street makes it totally worth it 🙂

    Since the RX for guys for Chief is135# it would probably be 95# for women, which is still a lot of weight so you scale as necessary.

    Also, if you continue to work on these oly lifts, I would recommend going to a CrossFit gym to ensure that your form is solid so you don’t get hurt.

    Sounds like you had fun! Always enjoy reading your blog. Let us know if you stick with it!


  15. Amanda says

    I don’t do CrossFit, but I take a lifting class at the gym. The instructor recommended that I get gloves to protect my hands and my engagement ring! I got some cute pink and gray ones at Target for like 10 or 15 bucks.


  16. Angela says

    No Gloves my dear! currently sitting here with a blood blister and a torn palm on my left hand from working my kipping pull ups last night. Filing down your calluses help…and embraces the man hands lol Thats crossfit for ya!


  17. Megs says

    I second the thoughts on no gloves. Need to build callusses to help protect your hands. We rip because of friction. Gloves cause more friction (esp in pullups).

    Just and FYI Crossfit mainsite wods are really hard usually. Most affiliates post their daily wods. Also good to look their for inspiration. My gym even links to “at home/traveling” wods which are generally more bodyweight movements.

    Crossfit King of Prussia


  18. Lindsey says

    I am a regular CrossFitter and yes, I have calluses! They are really hard but they don’t look toooo bad (only if you feel them!) and it makes the workouts easier once your hands get tougher! I don’t wear gloves because even though they protect your hands, they can get a little dangerous. I once saw a guy at CrossFit fly right off the bar and hit his head on a kettlebell doing kipping pull-ups with gloves on. I’m scared now!

    The prescribed weight for girls was probably 95 pounds 🙂


  19. says

    Greetings and welcome to Crossfit. First off, leave your gloves at home, unless you want the hardcore ladies to hate you. Only the elite of the elite MAY wear gloves for long chippers where there is a lot of pulling movements, i.e., cleans, snatches, monkey bars, pullups (both kipping and butterfly), etc. The more you attend an affiliate, the more the care of calluses falls away, you’ll end up loving them.
    Have you two gone through elements yet? What affiliate are you attending? Also, the main sites programming is for crazy people. It’s not for everyone, even a scaled version. There are so many movements that take a period of time to even somewhat efficiently perform, especially the clean and the snatch, not to mention gymnastics progressions. Most affiliates never even look at the main site. Even the main site says that the workouts are built to exceed the capacities of the elite. Crossfit has changed so much in the past few years and the programming has become insane, just look at some of the elite females that are beginning to look like dudes. That comes from main site crazy programming.
    Also, don’t buy anything from Reebok, they’re killing my seven year long hobby. It’d be the same as buying CAFO cow over grassfed, supporting the wrong idea.
    One more thing, if you need any support or have questions, Lisa is the best resource I’ve seen in the HLB community, as she can perform all movements at a high level (she’ll win the open in our region next year, count on it) and she’s certified #PREBOK.


    • says

      Just read what Chad wrote — he is sitting next to me— he is certainly sweet— not sure that I will win the open next year — haha — but it’d be fun to try!

      Anyways, regarding gloves — I don’t wear them– you just learn to suck it up and love the callouses and rough hands. I know that some people make “tape grips” for things like pull ups, toes to bars, etc.

      You and Ryan should try a box close to you– you’d love it, especially if you guys could do it together. It’d obviously be right up Ryan’s alley.

      I know that joining a Crossfit gym is expensive, but I think it’s worth it. I love that I can only work out 3 days a week or so and I feel like I look and feel better than the days where I spent 6 days in a gym. You meet new people and get great support at the box as well.

      Anyways, love you! 🙂 And miss you. All of these blog events and seeing you and Courtney together made me ache to get together.


    • Meredith says

      couldnt have said it better myself. lisa is a beast. i saw those 10 kipping pullups at 30 weeks. beast preggers. ridiculous beast post baby. congrats baby daddy!


  20. Gloria says

    My boyfriend does CrossFit and is actually a certified CF instructor (I’m lucky, I know, haha), and he uses chalk on his hands. Might be better than gloves? I’m not sure but it’s worth trying out.


  21. says

    I CrossFit and do not wear gloves (although some people do). My sweet, girly, soft, dishwater hands have become rough, calloused, blistered man hands. At first, I was destraught by this, but now I feel like it’s a badge of honor I earned working so hard.


  22. says

    I have permanent calluses… Not just from Crossfit but regular workouts too. Pull ups and deadlifts are the culprits. I can’t train with gloves because they annoy me. I feel like I need to feel the weight. Also my dog chews them.


  23. says

    I don’t wear gloves for Crossfit. You’ll develop callouses pretty quickly from all the bar work, but your hands will always hurt a little on the high-rep WODs. I’ve found that gloves get in the way and I don’t have the same “connection” with the bar. But that’s just me! Do what works for you.

    Just a note – be sure to shave down your callouses as they build up or you can get some nasty tears. I use a dremel on mine at least a couple times a week, but a pumice stone in the shower works, too.

    And the main site WODs are great ones to do! Everything can be scaled to an appropriate workout for where you’re at! Love that you and Ryan are getting into CF. : )


  24. Heather says

    I was talking to my husband about this last night. He said that it’s against crossfit rules to wear gloves! No way. My hands would be torn up!


    • says

      If you go to a good CrossFit box, there will be lots of instruction on form before the WOD, and during the WOD, the coaches will walk around and make corrections to your form if they see it slipping. I’ve been CFing for almost a year now and have never seen or heard of any injuries at my box because my coaches are super diligent!

      I think you just need to make sure you’re going somewhere with instructors you trust.


  25. says

    I just started CrossFit (graduated to the regular classes from the ramp classes last night, woohoo!) and I asked the instructors about what to do with hands because mine ripped badly… they said put chalk on them and also that taping them works well. They said that they try to shave or pumice calluses off, though, because apparently calluses make it worse? But I think the tape is probably crucial because last night I did a bunch of lifting with a ripped blister… yep that hurt!


  26. Brittney says

    I just have to say, Julie, that I saw you busting a move on Sarah’s latest youtube video! Haha I had to watch that part twice- once to watch Sarah and once to watch you! Get it girl 😛 In all seriousness, that workout looked super fun.


  27. says

    I’ve also been thinking about trying crossfit, but I’m in NYC and it’s really expensive! I’m not sure that I can stomach $25 individual classes or $175 a month for two a week – especially when running outside in the park is free!


  28. says

    Wow Crossfit is as popular in the fitness world as 50 Shades of Grey is in the literary one! To be honest it kind of freaks me out- I’m really not competitive and I think I would feel bad about myself if I was on the board with the last time!


  29. says

    Yup, no gloves at CrossFit. My hands actually don’t look bad–I have definite calluses, but they’re not ugly or noticeable.

    It’s kind of like how runners are weirdly proud of their nasty feet…my friends and I are always comparing rips and calluses before a WOD!


  30. says

    I am not a crossfitter (although I want to try it!) but I wear gloves at the gym sometimes. I ripped a palm once on a barbell. It hurt. a lot. lol.


  31. D says

    I do not wear gloves. I welcome the calluses. It’s always documented at my box when you have your first ‘rip’…meaning your skin rips 🙂 Ridiculous, I know.

    Agreed with the poster that mentioned people should learn the proper form before venturing to their gym to do olympic lifts. Most boxes offer a Foundations Program that includes a 1 month membership (mine was $200) and they will teach you! We also offer Olympic Litfing Clinics where non-members can pay to attend and I think that’s also common. Totally worth it!


  32. says

    I have to wear gloves when I lift weights, because it hurts the skin on my hands waaay too much to not. Don’t want ugly callused hands thank you. Maybe its cause I’m a baby though that I find it painful 😉


  33. says

    I don’t do cross fit, but I lift regularly and do moves such as cleans.. and I wear gloves all of the time. I don’t have big bulky, heavily padded gloves…but just enough to protect my hands from bad calluses.


  34. says

    My hands are always all calloused up from the bars but I feel like a wuss wearing gloves. I’ve stopped wearing my wedding rings at the gym and that seemed to help a little bit. I think I hold the bar weird with my rings on to avoid scratching them up?


  35. Nikki Gerrard says

    I do a lot with free weights at the gym (as well as the machines) and I just started wearing gloves. The difference is amazing. I had to try on a few pairs of gloves to find just the right ones that hit in the spots of my calluses (or wear the calluses would be).


  36. says

    Hey Julie-

    I know a lot of ppl above have not worn gloves and I have not either during my CF workouts to date, BUT a lot of the ladies at my box wear gloves. I don’t care if the hard core ladies have a prob 😉

    I am very conscious though about when to wear them because of slipping and falling.

    I’m so excited you have gotten the CrossFit bug! I LOVE it!


  37. colleen says

    Found this blog while browsing the web. I too try to get veggies in everywhere I can. One way I do it at breakfast is a couple spoons of canned pumpkin in my oatmeal, add some cinnamon and stevia or raisins, mmm


  38. says

    After doing CrossFit for more than 2 years, I can say that your hands never get used to it. I have tried gloves and grips, but really the best thing to use is chalk. Also, if you are going to do more bar work, go buy a pumice scrubber and scrub your palms every day in the shower. This will strengthen the skin and help prevent it from ripping.



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