Single Leg Deadlifts

Another week begins!

Happy Monday!

As you may remember, I am very loosely following the LiveFit workout program and today kicked off the third week of workouts. I was getting a little bored, so I was happy to see the workouts for this week change a bit, even if the changes are only minor.

Today’s workout was a leg workout that included three sets of 10 repetitions of seven different exercises that targeted the legs and calves.

My favorite move of the day? Single leg deadlifts.

one legged deadliftone legged deadlift2


I used a 40-pound barbell when I did the deadlifts and felt my entire lower body working. I loved the way the exercise focused on both balance and strength. I even felt it up in my booty!

I want to incorporate this move into my Burnin’ Legs & Abs Circuit Workout. Such a great challenge!


Breakfast today was a lovely little wafflewich made with two Van’s waffles, muenster cheese, two fried eggs and raspberry jelly.

waffle sandwich

cheese on top of waffle

Always a hit!

waffle egg cheese sandwich

I’ll be back soon with the books we’ll be voting on for the PBF June Book Club!

Stay tuned! Smile


  1. says

    Single leg deadlifts are one of my faves too! They definitely make the butt burn! I usually hold dumbells in my hands and let them hang straight down towards the ground the whole time, but I’ve also seen variations where you hold the dumbells straight above your head the whole time. That one is harrrrd!


  2. Amy @ In The Mixing Bowl says

    I just started Livefit last week…I think I like it so far! It pushed me to explore more of the scary weight room section of the gym 🙂


  3. Gabby @ Gabby's Gluten-Free says

    Single leg deadlifts are killer! I always feel them in my hamstrings the next day,


  4. says

    Just curious, when you do these workout programs, do you print them out and bring along with you to the gym? I always hate having pages to carry around with me, so I usually write them down on an index card. But if there are new moves, I often like pictures to ensure my form is correct.


    • says

      it depends. for this workout, i just wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper and brought it with me. when i was doing tina’s boot camp, i printed off her workouts! i will also often draw my own little stick figures to remind me how to do certain exercises if they’re more complicated or very new to me.


  5. says

    Hey girl!

    I did this move for the first time ever this morning (what a cowinky dinky) during a circuit work out!
    I found it so difficult to stay balanced – but only on my left leg. I incorporated a bent-over lateral arm raise in order to tackle more muscle groups at once! I was using much lighter weights, however.

    Forty pounds! Go you! 🙂 That is definitely impressive when doing it on one foot!

    Stay sweet


  6. says

    I have a love/hate relationship with single leg deadlifts! I LOVE them because they work the booty oh SO well but I hate them because I feel like a clutz trying to balance!

    Where do you buy the Van’s waffles? I have not seen them at any of my local grocery stores. Maybe a health food store? The wafflewich looks SOOOO yum!!!


  7. says

    Single leg deadlifts are the best!!! i feel like they work my hamstrings way more than regular deadlifts. Can’t wait to see the books you’re thinking about for the book club! Hope you have a great day Julie!!! Just wanted to say that it’s always a pleasure reading your blog! <3


  8. says

    Single deadlifts look so hard! I can barely balance on one leg! Im excited for this upcoming book in June. That waffle egg combo looks amazing! Teach me oh wise one ;)! Love your blog!


  9. Jillian says

    I am starting week 3 of this program this morning. I am scared for this move hopefully I don’t fall over! My balance is not great on 2 legs should be interesting lol I am excited that the program is starting to change from week to week. I was bored myself even though I am not used to any weight training.


  10. Jodi @ I Run for Food and Wine says

    I love Van’s waffles! Excited to hear what the June book club is.
    I just attended my first Taste of a City (Taste of Music City) and got SO full, haha. I always remember reading how full you got at those events, and now I know why!


  11. Courtney says

    Julie, is there a specific form to follow when doing deadlifts? I ask because I was also doing Livefit until a couple weeks ago. I was doing the deadlifts with a kettleball in the opposite hand of the leg I was lifting and oddly enough, pulled a muscle in my hip (of the leg I was lifting)…so the muscle I pulled in the hip was the opposite hip of the hand I was holding the kettleball. Needless to say, my hip is STILL giving me problems (this happened 8 weeks ago). Did I use too much weight…I think I used 20lbs (I’m a beginner) or did I do them incorrectly? Basically, I just bent down at the waist with my knees straight and lifted the leg opposite of the hand I was holding the kettleball.


    • says

      there are different types of deadlifts, so i would definitely ask a trainer at your gym to watch the way you’re doing them to make sure you’re doing them properly. did you see the video on the livefit site? i think they’re really great for teaching proper form, too!


  12. says

    you’ve got my hooked on waffle sandwiches – seriously I’ve had them for lunch for the past couple days 🙂 Muenster cheese just happens to be one of my favorites.


  13. says

    Totally waiting for my next book!

    OK, clearly I need to bring up my deadlift weight…LOL. Anyway, I do single leg and I like them although that is a different than how I do them (the leg doesn’t come up as high) so I may need to play with that.

    When it can be incorporated, I like single leg about anything in weight-lifting.


  14. says

    I LOVE single leg deadlifts. I discovered them from LiveFit too and now I try to incorporate them a lot. It definitely is hard to balance and my entire body shakes. Aaaand my butt burns immediately after doing one set!


  15. says

    I do that move in one of the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout videos. It’s killer! It works your whole backside…and you have to balance all at the same time!


  16. says

    oOOoo you’re going to be so sore tomorrow Julie! As if you didn’t already know 😉 I think deadlifts is one of THE BEST weight exercises yet so easily overlooked by most people. It really balances out the muscles in the backside.


  17. Brooklyn says

    Yummm I LOVE vans waffles. Oh and single leg deadlifts are killer. The first time I did them I could hardly walk the next day 🙂


  18. Aubrie says

    Have you noticed a difference with this workout since you aren’t doing much cardio anymore? Just wondering if it’s toning you up more now?


  19. says

    I don’t know why I never thought to use a barbell for single leg deadlifts. I always used dumbbells. I really liked using the barbell instead of dumbbells…I actually thought it was easier keeping my balance. It’s funny when you get pregnant, your balance is one of the first things to go & I find myself often laughing because I’m always all over the place when I’m doing weights, but I found using the barbell is much easier to blance, so thank you!! 🙂



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