Revised Leg Workout

On our way home from the gym this morning, Ryan said, “I wonder how we’re going to function today without a ton of sugar?”

Needless to say, this weekend was full of delicious sweet treats.

I’m waiting for the sugar withdrawals to kick in, but fortunately I’m not craving cake and candy just yet. It is only 7:30 a.m., so I’m not sure this is really a victory, but I’ll take it.


Breakfast was low in sugar, with the exception of a light smear of jelly on my egg sandwich.

father's day weekend st. pete 040

father's day weekend st. pete 047

I wasn’t going to leave that out though because the little pop of sweetness adds so much flavor to an otherwise savory sandwich.


Breakfast tasted great after a pretty intense leg workout this morning.

Last nigh I jotted down the LiveFit Phase Two leg workout, but forgot it at home this morning.

After 20 minutes on the elliptical, I ended up doing my own leg workout, incorporating the LiveFit exercises that I could remember, so my workout looked like this:

leg workout

I’m anticipating some soreness tomorrow!

Time to work!

The cable/internet guy is also coming by between 8 and 10 a.m. today because our internet keeps going out and needs some loving attention. Hoping to resolve all the issues today!

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  1. says

    I hear ya on the sugar thing.. but I think sometimes it’s refreshing to re-load on fruits and veggies after a weekend of sugary sweets. Sounds like you had a great leg workout! I’ve been doing tons of walking lunges on my leg days and I don’t think they ever get easier… they don’t feel so bad at the time but the next day… well, that’s a different story!


  2. says

    Hi Julie- was just wondering how come you do so many reps for some of the exercises? I’ve always heard that 15 is ideal, and if you’re not fatigued by then you (general you) should increase weights. I could be wrong so just wanted to clarify :)!


    • says

      for the leg extensions, i used those essentially as a warm up w/ really light weight (for me) – i’d normally do those at about 70 – 75 lbs. if i were to do 15, so doing 30 at 35 lbs. was relatively easy. for the lunges, they were 15 reps/leg or 30 lunges total. as far as how many reps to do in a workout, it depends on your goals/fitness level. this question is is another reason why i want my personal training certification! i have a vague understanding but want to learn more!!


  3. Christina says

    Hi Julie! Just wanted to say that I love your blog! You have inspired me to do the morning workouts, and on that note, how long are you typically at the gym for? I know your normally do your cardio for 20 minutes but how long does a typical weights session take you?


  4. says

    As a runner do you feel like incorporating these leg exercises has been beneficial? I just ask because I’ve recently started doing some weight training but because I run 3 days per week wasn’t really sure if targeting my legs was necessary. I mean running is working my leg muscles, right? Just wondered what your thoughts were as someone who both runs and weight trains. Thanks!


  5. says

    Ohhh sugar haha. I was stuffed after dinner last night, but still wanted something sweet so I had Cinnamon Life cereal. I need to back off on that habit asap haha. And that looks like a killer leg workout! Wide stance squats are awesome- they always seem to work other parts of my legs than regular ones.


  6. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    I had never tried jelly on my egg sandwich until I started reading your blog. Now it’s the only way to eat it!! 🙂


  7. says

    whew! That does look like a good leg workout! I think I’m going to try and wean myself off of sugar, I was doing so well in the fall, and then after christmas it was all shot! Now I’m constantly craving candy and ice cream. No good!


  8. says

    I’m pretty sure after all the sweets my family ate over the weekend, my body is going to be detoxing today. I need to get in a workout like you did to kick start the week!


  9. says

    I’m in a bit of a sugar coma this morning too! It’s hard to eat healthy on the weekends, especially during the summer with all kinds of family cookouts and get togethers. I’m relieved that it’s Monday and I can get back into my normal routine!


  10. says

    Sugar withdrawals are the worst! I always find that if I eat a lot of sugar for several days in a row, my sweet tooth is on FIRE. But once I go a few days without excessive sugar intake, I feel SO much better (mentally and physically) but I also don’t crave nearly as much. Interesting how that works..


  11. says

    Hey Julie.. quick question. When you do these workouts, and you say 2 sets, do you do the exercise and then repeat a second set immediately after or do you run through all of the exercises and then repeat certain ones for a second set. For instance with today’s workout, would you do the leg extensions 30 times, pause, and then repeat for the 2nd set? Thanks! 🙂


  12. says

    Hey Julie! I’ve noticed a few bloggers posting leg workouts lately that mention squatting with a large amount of weight (ie your barbell squats at 100lb). Can I assume that you are doing them squats on a Smith machine, or is someone assisting you?

    I can only imagine dropping the weight and making a total ruckus while I struggle to get it off my chest!!



  13. Serina says

    My leg exercises are fairly simple and I genuinely prefer to stick to using the leg-press machine. I’m already fairly lean, so I don’t have to work too hard to see muscle definition. However, I was thinking about starting barbell squats. How many repetitions would you suggest for a beginner?



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