10 to 6 Workout

Oh my gosh, do I have a workout to share with you guys today!

Check it ooout!

10 to 6 workout

I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished this workout today.

I used a 50-pound bar for the squats, a 40-pound bar for the lunges and a 25-pound kettlebell for the kettlebell swings, but If you’re looking for an At Home Workout, you could easily use your bodyweight for the squats and lunges and substitute something like high knees for the kettlebell swings. That would make this workout a living room friendly circuit that requires no equipment!

I got the idea for the decreasing reps in this workout from a workout that I pinned earlier this week on Pinterest from Annica Nicole. She’s way more hardcore than I am and her workout decreased reps from 10 all the way to one. Annica’s workout also involved more core exercises, so I changed it up to incorporate more cardio and total-body exercises, but decreased the overall reps. Annica is legit!


Breakfast this morning hit the spot.

scrambled eggs with hummus 001

Hummus scrambled eggs with broccoli and yellow squash + Sweet wheat Alternative bagel + Gouda cheese

scrambled eggs with hummus 007

This breakfast is sitting like a rock in my stomach. I ate it as I clicked through my inbox this morning and think I kept eating past my normal point of fullness. Voluminous veggies are filling! I guess that’s why you’re not supposed to eat with any distractions, right?

When it comes to eating with distractions, I eat breakfast, lunch and my morning and afternoon snacks in front of the computer nearly every day. It’s only at dinnertime that I will sit at the table and eat distraction-free.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you eat in front of the computer or television or are you a distraction-free eater?


  1. Emily says

    Thanks for this! Will definitely try it at home today 🙂
    Are you not doing dinnertime posts anymore? I’ve noticed that lately you seem to be posting twice a day as opposed to three times! Just curious 🙂


    • says

      no! i still hope to! i just had a lot of freelance work this week and at dinnertime just didn’t feel like posting a blog post after writing all day. the posts would’ve been something insanely lame like, “tonight we had salmon and it was good.” 🙂


  2. says

    I did a very similar type of workout – same countdown concept, but starting from 15 and going down to 1, with different exercises on Thursday. It was a killer!! As for eating, I don’t watch much tv at all but am very guilty of eating in front of my computer while blogging!


  3. says

    It’s terrible but I rarely eat at the dining table: breakfast/lunch are in front of the computer whereas dinner in front of the tv…this needs to change!


  4. says

    I almost always eat breakfast in front of the computer…I find it’s my time in the morning to decompress post-workout, get mentally ready for the day, and click through e-mail and blogs. Interestingly, when I don’t take this time in the morning, my morning feels so frazzled!!!


      • Emily says

        Speaking of salmon – when you cook it, do you remove the black skin on the bottom after it’s cooked or leave it and just fork the fish out? I love salmon, but I have a hard time preparing it myself because the skin gives me the heebie jeebies.


  5. says

    I’m the same way. Breakfast and lunch are at my desk as I work, and then (sometimes) dinner is distraction free. Other times it is while I watch tv though, especially if my husband is still at work. It’s something I need to get better at, but it is hard!


  6. says

    Julie. that breakfast looks like mine this morning. Mine was Egg scramble, with leftover green pepper, leftover diced onion, and leftover can of Rotell tomatos. Instead of a cheese bagel I stirred my scramble in oatmeal!


  7. says

    I always eat breakfast and lunch in front of the computer. Usually I have a hardcore running practice in the morning and its my way to relax after running. Dinner is usually with family at the table or just something light. One thing i hate is eating while standing up.


  8. Elisabeth says

    I eat breakfast in front of the computer, lunch is at work 5 days/week where I always read a book and dinner is in front of the tv. Ha! I know they say not to eat distracted, but I only serve myself a set amount of food & don’t eat seconds of anything (dinner included), so it’s not really a problem for me.


  9. says

    I am guilty for eating in front the computer almost every morning and most days if I come for lunch then too. For supper we usually eat in the kitchen but probably once a week in the livingroom while watching TV.


  10. Eileen says

    I see no problem with distracted eating as long as you portion control in the kitchen before heading to the computer or couch. It is a better use of time! Great post, thanks for keeping me interested day after day PBF!


  11. mel says

    I also eat breakfast and lunch (and snacks) in front of the computer or while studying. Honestly, It doesn’t bother me too much becuase I portion out my serving and lets get real…I would finish it even if there were no distractions. haha


  12. Annie says

    I have breakfast in front of the comp (check my mails, fb and so on), then when I’m home I’ll usually switch tv on for lunch or read my book. If I’m at my dad’s or with my boyfriend we’ll have dinner together without distractions but if I’m home alone it’ll be the same as lunch. I’m a slow eater though, especially if I’m reading at the same time!

    ps: that workout looks awesome!!


      • T. says

        I do this also. I always always have to finish my plate.

        As for the question, I am always distracted while eating. Either TV or just mind thinking really fast , so my fast eating habits are always there and it’s not something I’ve been able to stop.


  13. says

    Ooooh ME likey! I love drop sets-type workouts. They are tough!

    I don’t ever eat meals with distractions–b/c then I don’t feel as satisfied, and could eat beyond fullness. It’s hard sometimes, but the mind/body needs a few breaks throughout the day with no technology or screens staring back 😉 hah.


  14. says

    Ha! Reading this as I eat a very, very late breakfast, obviously, in front of my computer. I feel like I am constantly checking up on twitter, blogging, (brand new blog to get up and running) and reading blogs of amazing, inspiring people like yourself 😉


  15. says

    that looks like an awesome workout! pinning it! i don’t like eating in front of the computer and/or tv and rarely do it. i find that i don’t enjoy my food as much when something else is distracting me. i’m kind of bad at multi tasking! haha.


  16. says

    I’ve noticed a big difference in how much I eat when I’m distracted by tv or my computer v. just eating. But I also think about food when I’m bored. I can breeze right through mealtime if my hands are busy or I’m studying. If I’m at work and am 15 minutes late to lunch, you better believe I’m giving the stink eye to someone!!


  17. says

    I have phases. Sometimes its breakfast in bed. Or while blogging/blog reading. Or TV. Rarely will I eat in pure quiet. Although, I do notice that the rest of my eating on the days bfast isn’t in front of the TV is WAY better. But sometimes, I just have to have a little Kelly Ripa in my morning.


  18. Heather says

    Love decreasing rep workouts! I go from 10 to 1 (but not nearly as many exercises are you). I tell ya, when you get to 6 reps, it feels like the worst is over!


  19. says

    That does look like a good workout! I eat breakfast in front of the computer – I know you’re “supposed” to eat distraction-free, but I actually eat a lot slower when reading blogs on the computer!


  20. says

    I almost always eat breakfast at my desk (and lunch, if I’m at home), in large part because we don’t have a dining room table anymore. Hopefully, we’ll be replacing the table soon! I look forward to being able to sit and mostly distraction-free; I enjoy my meals much more that way!


  21. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this, and giving suggestions on how to change it up to be able to do it at home!! I’m fairly new to the “workout world” and can’t always make it to the gym, so I love this!! You rock, Julie!!


  22. says

    I drink my protein shake breakfast in the car, eat lunch out distraction-free (most days), and usually eat dinner in front of the TV. I probably should eat distraction-free more because then I won’t be glued to the TV haha!


  23. says

    I did a workout like this recently too except mine was a countdown of sprints from 10 to 1 in between 55 reps of different strength and toning exercises….definitely nice being able to say every time though, “this is one less than last time”!!!!

    I usually have breakfast and sometimes lunch while in front of the computer…dinner is usually either at the table or in front of the TV depending what time I actually sit down to eat 🙂


  24. says

    I am definitely guilty of eating in front of the computer or tv! I usually eat by myself since my husband works second shift & isn’t around during dinner time. I need some sort of background noise or something to occupy me… I’d feel so weird just sitting at my kitchen table eating in silence!


  25. says

    I love it! I am scheduled for a 30 min walk but I am feeling a circuit workout today. The simplicity of the circuit makes me very happy because we don’t have the income for a gym at the moment so I love the fact that I can do it at home.

    I always eat with distractions but I fill myself up with something green first so I don’t end up over eating the heavier stuff.


  26. says

    Funny how you talk about eating at the computer… I just cleaned my lap top last night for the first time in a long time.. and I was incredibly embarrassed at how much much food was on my computer.


  27. says

    Love the workout! I’ll have to give it a try. I have to be doing something while I eat, if I’m alone and either eat in front of my computer or TV. I think it’s more of a habit than anything else. Have a great weekend!


  28. says

    I consider myself in good shape and that workout looks like it would kill me a little bit! Especially Annica’s extended workout. Jesus, that women is in good shape.

    I’m so bad for doing that…literally 95% of my meals and snacks are in front of the tv or computer (or both!) Must.work.on.that.


  29. says

    Nice workout! Your scramble looks yummy too. 🙂 My husband and I almost always eat in front of the TV, and I notice that, on the rare occasion that we don’t, I get full so much faster! Oops…


  30. says

    I HAVE to try that workout! It looks like a doozey!!

    And I eat breakfast and dinner in front of the tv. I really should stop eating dinner there, but after working all day, all I want to do is relax and that’s how I relax!


  31. says

    Almost everyday I eat breakfast in front of the computer. I also, check Facebook, emails, twitter etc at that time and then I get ready for work or the day. It’s usually dinner time that I’m not on some sort of electronic device!

    How do you get the “pin it” button under your pics?

    Thank you!


  32. says

    This is AWESOME. I wanted to get a quick workout in today before going out to dinner tonight for a friend’s birthday and now I’ll do this at home so I won’t have to worry about making the haul to the gym! 🙂


  33. says

    I always eat with at least one distraction. It reminds me to slow down and fully chew each bite. It has really helped with my digestion. And I pay attention to how hungry I am. I dish everything out, even if I’m having chips. I just eat what I’ve been served and don’t feel like I need to just keep eating because the bag is in front of me.


  34. Kasey says

    Omg I totally did your circuit this morning after my run!! It was amazing to be outside and strength train :). Also, I’ve been wanting to ask for awhile, what is your skincare routine? You have amazing skin!!


  35. says

    I love countdown workouts. I’m going to have to checkout her workouts now. I’ve posted a few 10 – 1 rep workouts before on my blog. They seem to go by way faster and don’t feel so overwhelming at the start of the workout because the most you do at one time in 10. They are so fun in an odd way. I definitely eat while distracted. I’m either watching TV or on my computer, then I get mad because my keyboard gets crumbs on it sometimes. Not good for the computer.


  36. Bailey says

    For the planks, is holding it for 30 seconds considered one rep? and you do that ten time before moving on to the next exercise? Or do you just do one plank and then move on?


  37. says

    I have been trying to eat mindfully and generally (now) always eat breakfast computer free. I try for lunch and snacks but it very rarely happens. Dinner is usually at the table nowadays but sometimes in front of the tv.


  38. Hannah says

    Thanks for the workout! I tried it out this morning and was a fan. This may be a stupid question but am I supposed to do ten, nine, eight sets of 30 second planks or just 30 seconds each round? I wasn’t sure


  39. says

    I try not to eat in front of the TV or computer. I used to all the time but lately I’ve been doing my best to avoid it so that I can not only enjoy my food more but realize when I’m full & eat less!


  40. says

    Wow! I just did the workout – with AC and a fan – and got just a sweaty as I did yesterday running 6 miles outside. Q: are you supposed to do 10, 9, 8, etc reps of the mountain climbers & jumping jacks? I did 30 seconds for each round b/c I’m not used to counting reps for these.


  41. says

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