Beginning of Boot Camp

Today kicked off day one of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp! I previously followed the first boot camp program Tina offered through her Best Body Fitness online personal training site earlier this year and enjoyed it so much that when she announced she’d be offering another boot camp, I immediately signed up.

The workouts for this week focus on upper, lower and total body strength workouts and include supersets. Supersets are my favorite way to strength train (aside from basic strength training in circuit workouts) because they keep things moving and hold my interest.

Just in case you’re new to strength training, supersets are performed when you do two different exercises back-to-back without any rest in between the exercises. You can check out a superset workout from Fitness Magazine here. They are awesome!

Today’s workout also incorporated 20 minutes of cardio that I did on the treadmill.

My interval treadmill workout looked like this:

treadmill interval workout

All I can say is that the 20 minutes I spent on the treadmill this morning put my usual 20-minute elliptical warm up to shame.

One of my favorite things about following a workout program is the way it makes me push myself. It’s so easy for me to default to an exercise routine that is comfortable and one that doesn’t really challenge me. Today’s workout through the boot camp program said to complete an interval workout, so I did it without question simply because I was simply supposed to do it. Exercise is so mental. It’s crazy.


Breakfast this morning was a cold and creamy bowl of overnight oats.

overnight oats 002

I made the oats with plain Greek yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds and oats. This morning I topped them with crushed almonds and a drizzle of honey.

overnight oats 004



Before signing off for the morning, I want to say one last thank you for your kind words and comments on the post about my mom’s new ‘do! Your support was overwhelming and so incredibly kind. Many of you have been touched by cancer and my family and I really appreciate you sharing your stories with us. Big hugs from the Bream and Fagan families are coming your way!  Thank you.


  1. says

    This is my first time doing the boot camp and so far I love it! I agree with you on getting that extra push from doing a program, I feel like I need to be more accountable for my workouts. I did a similar treadmill workout this morning 60 seconds at 6.5 and 60 at 8.5 I was sweatin at the end!


  2. says

    YAY for tough elliptical workouts! That one looks fun 🙂 It’s always nice to have someone there pushing ya to really get in the mental game–and I love helping people reach their limits & then going beyond ’em. It’s the bomb!


  3. says

    I just looked back at your weekend post Julie, and your mom looks absolutely fantastic! You ladies are all so gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great workout this morning, and breakfast looks delicious too. Have a fab Monday! 🙂


  4. says

    I’m definitely the same way, I push myself so much harder when I’m following a plan. If I’m just throwing one together myself, I’m much more likely to take it easy on myself, even though I know I’m capable of pushing myself harder.

    Love intervals on the treadmill…necessary so that you’re not bored to death!


  5. says

    I’m doing the bootcamp as well. I was looking at the sheet thinking, pft, only ten minutes of intervals? easy! I was quite sweaty by the end. The other great thing is that I hate working on my shoulders and there was quite a bit of that today and it wasn’t torturous, so yay!


  6. Alexis says

    Just missed the registration deadline, oops! Though she’ll be doing another round alter this year, yay!

    Your mom looks fantastic. Wishing her the best in everything that comes next :).


  7. nicole says

    I was talking with my mom, who had breast cancer 4 years ago, this weekend and telling her your moms decision to change her hair. After chemotherapy my moms hair grew back grey. I remember her frustration when she was going back to work hairless and how she felt the need to wear a wig so as to not feel judged. After her experience I grew out my hair and then cut it all off for locks of love. It is amazing to me how simply having ‘normal’ hair again can make someone feel so much better. I hope your mom is loving her new do, it looks wonderful, and able to take one more step to her emotional post cancer recovery.


  8. says

    I’m definitely going to have to try Tina’s bootcamp one of these times. I’m still finishing up the FitMixer bootcamp which I LOVED but know that after it finishes, I’m going to need a few weeks of determining my own regime.


  9. says

    This cardio workout looks very similar to the one I do- this is very reassuring, I’m glad I’m doing something right haha. Also, thanks for sharing the link to the super sets, ever since you talked about them I wanted to incorporate them into my work out routine so now i’ll do that.

    And, I finally whipped up some of your overnight oats, and IM HOOKED! I’ve been enjoying them every morning- they’re very filling and tasty too!

    I really enjoy your blog, thank you so much for sharing!


    • says

      wow, Tina has a gratitude journal?! That is so cool–and I wouldn’t expected anything less from her! 😀

      And Julie, I agree that running many times DOES put the elliptical to shame! I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy running more than the elliptical–and time seems to pass by like a turtle! 😛


  10. Ashley Jackson says

    I’m doing Best Body Bootcamp the second time around too. I’ll be interested in reading about your goals. Mine are to work on my portion sizes (mainly with peanut butter and dark chocolate) and write in my gratitude journal on a daily basis. Due to my exercise schedule, I completed Workout A yesterday. WOW! I’m not use to doing supersets and my arms are really feeling it today. They may be sore, but it is a good sore – I know I did something right!


  11. T. says

    That is the way I feel about exercise, but I’m really confused. I don’t have any money for a gym or any equipment and things. And I know people love video based or laptop workouts, but I don’t have the space for that or the ability where I live. So, I know I see a lot of random workouts listed on blogs, but I don’t know how to assemble them into one program to follow from month to month (or week to week). Like, I don’t like just trying to do “this” or “that”. Plus, I’m not a runner, so I feel really discouraged by all this.

    The same with food. I never know what to eat and I really have no interest in anything particular or have interest in a lot of cooking or fancy ingredients. But I don’t know what “meal plan” to follow. Unlike a lot of people, I would like to have a meal plan structure to follow and have that done. But I don’t know how to find anything that seems appropriate for me. I don’t want to lose weight either.

    I guess I’m really confused on what to do when I can’t pay money for the resources, but I do want something that is set and actually productive and efficient and produce healthy results.


  12. JWien says

    Hey Julie, I am new to your blog and so far I am loving it.
    I just started training for a 1/2 marathon and my program calls for a day or 2 of cross training which I have been doing on the elliptical. I saw your above treadmill interval workout and was wondering what you normally do on the elliptical. To workout, I always stuck with the treadmill and never really ventured to the elliptical so I was hoping to get an idea of what a good workout would be.

    Thanks for your help!!



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