Triathlon Playlist

Even after eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, eggs were all I wanted at lunchtime today. Eggs are easily one of my favorite sources of protein because they taste great and are incredibly inexpensive. Double win!

I used two dippy eggs as “dressing” on a salad that was inspired by a salad I had a long time ago at Le Coq Au Vin in Orlando.

eggs on top of salad 001

As you can tell from the above picture, I had a bit of an issue when I tried to flip the eggs today and both ended up looking a little rough, but the taste was all there.

eggs on top of salad 005

I broke into the yolks (well, the one yolk that wasn’t already broken) and stirred everything up so the yolks could coat the salad.

eggs on top of salad 007

My goodness egg yolks make a fantastic dressing! I highly recommend giving it a go if you’re a fan of dippy eggs like I am.

In the salad:

  • Spring mix
  • Two dippy eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Green peppers
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Goat cheese

eggs on top of salad 010

I rounded out my meal with three dates that I ended up dipping in peanut butter.

eggs on top of salad 012


Triathlon Playlist

Last Saturday morning, I created a playlist to help me power through my first indoor triathlon. I wanted a few upbeat songs to get me through the 15 minute bike and a 15 minute run portion of the race and ended up creating the following playlist:

triathlon playlist 2

Based on timing, this playlist could also easily work for a 5K!

As I was creating the above graphic this morning, I notice that, yet again, I created a workout playlist with ‘90s music. I can’t seem to help it!

In addition to featuring some ‘90s jams, this playlist also incorporates a lot of music from old BodyPump tracks that I loved when that wonderful class was still in my life before we moved out of Orlando.

Oh, and those shoes in the background of the image?

reebok 002

They are the new Reebok SmoothFlex Run in “Tin.” I immediately fell in love with the neon shoe laces and color combination when I opened up a box from the company last week.

reebok 003

I always love lots of color and “pop” in my gym shoes and these shoes have quickly become my go-to sneakers. They are incredibly comfortable and lightweight thanks to the mesh on the top of the shoe.

Back to the playlist talk!

Just in case you want to check out any of the songs from my playlist, I’ve listed them below and linked them up with a YouTube video that plays the song right away (no waiting for advertisements) if you’d like to give them a quick listen.

I love listening to a new playlist because it’s fun to see which songs immediately pump me up when they come on during my workout. “Poison” and “Scream” were my favorites from this playlist. There’s something about that Usher, baby. His music always seems to get to me in the middle of a workout and make me want to run faster!

I’ve also found myself surprised at some slower songs that have energized me in the past. Back in college, I couldn’t get enough of “Champagne High” by Sister Hazel. It’s quite an odd choice for a workout song, but I love it!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is an unexpected song that you love that always seems to pump you up?

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I feel like I could run for days when I listen to “Crazy Beautiful” by Hanson, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a crazy Hanson fan like my sister.


  1. says

    ohhhh Hanson! lol. I feel old b/c of the fact that I know them -_- And uhhh I loove eye of the tiger from rocky! haha, I used to listen to it and crank some crazy circuits and pushups with them. Thinking like Rocky really got me in the groove! And I really like those sneakers, they’re adorable!


  2. says

    looks like you’ve overcome your “fear” of incorporating dried fruit into your diet due to the high sugar content! I personally love dried fruit, figs and dates but I never know when enough is enough ^^ hehe


  3. Lauren says

    I may have to buy me those tennis shoes! Hanson is from my hometown and I will occasionally see them shopping with their families. Every time I see I start singing Mmmbop in my head 🙂


  4. says

    I always get pumped up listening to Shipping up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys when I run. Also- anything by U2. This is weird, because I primarily listen to rap.


  5. says

    Putting fried eggs in a salad sounds like a good idea, I unfortunately can’t get into dippy eggs, runny eggs sort of freak me out. I will forever be pumped up by Jay-Z “dirt off your shoulder” and Nelly “number 1”


  6. says

    Ahh Mickey Modelle… I LOVE that song! It’s on one of my RPM releases and I make my class ride to it a LOT. Such a good energizer for the end of a playlist! I’m doing a half marathon this weekend and have my entire playlist ready to post tomorrow. There’s an awesome remix of Call Me Maybe that you might like! 😉


  7. says

    I really like Usher too! An unexpected song that gets me pumped up is “Call Me Maybe” and anything by PitBull. But I guess that’s not unexpected….I also like MmmmmBop (like the girl above). Hah.


  8. Nicole says

    I went to see Hanson on their Albertane tour and it was my first concert! They will forever be my favorite band because of this!


  9. Jess says

    I love dates and peanut butter, but I go an extra step and stuff mine with pb. Yummy snack, I used to have it all the time in high school…


  10. NIcole says

    Julie, I love those sneakers! I want a pair but do you think they’re not completely stable? As in, I needed to get fit for a sneaker to protect my ankles from turning in when I run so I’m worried those might not have enough stability around for my ankle (which in turn helped my strained calves)


    • says

      hi nicole! do you live near a running store by any chance? i went and got fitted for running shoes and now i run in mizunos and have no issues with blisters, etc. that i did before. i wear shoes like the reeboks above and my nikes for strength training, the elliptical, stair master, circuit workouts, etc. for me, running requires a different shoe, though i know everyone is different. i think a professional could definitely help you find the perfect shoe, as i know there are shoes out there made especially for stabilization.


      • NIcole says

        That’s a great idea to wear them for those activities and then have your running sneakers seperately. I’m going to get fitted soon I’m running a 10k in October yay! Thank you 🙂


  11. says

    i absolutely LOVE eggs! i used to eat only egg whites all the time, but once i started eating the whole egg i realized how much i was missing out on. they are so much more filling! the other day i made a tasty bowl with sauteed green beans and mushrooms, steamed lentils, and dippy eggs – it was my first time using the yolks as a ‘dressing’ of sorts and it. was. bomb.


  12. says

    Have you heard “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes? It’s my latest workout jam! Every time it comes on my iPod at I keep repeating it over and over – it’s seriously impossible to let yourself leave the gym while it’s playing! Inspiring AND pumps you up 🙂 Also I love the Rockapella shoutout on your triathlon playlist!


  13. says

    I’m also a fan of Dragonette! Her song “Let It Go” is a good one too. I also like listening to Girl Talk when I’m working out. His music is great because it’s upbeat and a mix of a ton of different songs, so your ears never get bored. Also, going along with the 90s theme, Third Eye Blind is another one of my favorites (specifically 1000 Julys and Semi Charmed Kind of Life).


  14. says

    That’s a great playlist! My no fail pump up song is “What is Love” by Haddaway– yes, the one from Night at the Roxbury. So corny, but so good!


  15. says

    Ace of Base’s “I saw the sign.” That has to be my all-time most favorite 90s tune. Whenever it comes up on my workout playlist, I have flashbacks to my elementary school dance days… lots of scrunchies, keds, and spandex.


  16. Samantha says

    Hi Julie!
    That salad looks amazing! Question: have you been gearing your diet more towards the Paleo side? I only noticed because I tend to eat Paleo-style and have noticed that more and more of your daily eats match the kinds of things I look to make. Just curious! Have gotten some great recipe ideas! Love the breakfast scrambles in particular!


  17. Kris says

    Hi Julie! I have started to put “dippy eggs” on top of my veggies because of you, and I LOVE IT!! 🙂
    Do you have a ‘trick’ for keeping them extra dippy/runny? I always seem to cook them too long!?!
    Thanks for your help!


  18. Lauren B. says

    Really random song on my gym playlist: “St. Elmo’s Fire”. It totally gets my body moving’ whenever I hear it!


  19. Erika says

    Love your sneakers! I have a new pair of Nike sneakers with the same colored laces. I like to listen to the soundtrack from the Rocky Horror Picture show when I workout. It has a good beat! 🙂


  20. Rachelle says

    I was in France earlier this summer for 5 weeks on a study abroad. One night for dinner my French Mother made Ratatouille and put a dippy egg on top. Holy Smokes! It was SO good! Must try with the vegi’s in season.


  21. says

    I am embarrassed to admit that I have MIley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” on my running playlist. For whatever reason that song makes me want to put my hands up!


  22. Trina says

    Before I even read the comment above from Cait #31, I was going to devuldge my love for Celine Dione and how I could listen to her whenever, wherever!! I work out to her, clean to her, fall asleep to her…a bit of an obsession!
    I also love your picks, too, as well as a little “REGULATORS” by Warren G.
    Our HS bball team used to come out to Hanson’s “mmm..BOP” before our games!! LOL


  23. Renee J. says

    I love the idea of having the egg yoke be the dressing… Totally going to try this tomorrow. I wonder how it will taste preparing in the morning and packing it for lunch and not eating til lunch time. Do you guys think the egg yoke would not be so runny anymore?


  24. Priscilla S. says

    so it seems I get a bit ghetto fab when I work out…. and I tend to lean towards some pretty hard core rap…. LOL I go from jack johnson and jason mraz by day, to teach me how to dougie and a little gem named “dance ass” by big sean in the gym. Something about the hard stuff makes me wanna MOVE (or run?!)


  25. Lauren C says

    That made me laugh that you called them dippy eggs. When I call them that no one knows what the heck I’m talking about. Yep..I’m from Pa too!


  26. Shannon G says

    I’m sorry, but those dates look almost exactly like huge palmetto bugs! I had to do a double take. Ha ha ha! I absolutely love the song “Ricochet” by Shiny Toy Guns and “Bangarang” by Skrillex w/ Sirah because they get me so pumped!!!


  27. Elizabeth says

    Slow Motion by Juvenile is one of my favorite “slower” songs that I love to run to….sometimes I’m so glad no one else can hear what’s playing on my ipod!


  28. Rebecca says

    Great timing! I’m doing a tri this weekend and keep trying to find good sing-along-in-my-head songs during the event. Call me maybe and party in the USA were definitely on my list. Ace of base has now been added. The cheesier the better!!


  29. Laurie says

    I’m trying to get out of my habit of eating a lot of bread at each and every meal. I don’t know why but for the last few months, I just have to eat bread with every meal. I think its maybe cause I used to deprive myself of it in past (?). I don’t know.

    Can I ask how you made your salmon scramble in the morning? (how many eggs (yolks?) and how much sallmon, oil? etc?

    I eat eggs every day (in a salad with a ton of oil and avocado), bread etc on the side.


  30. Laura says

    “Crazy Beautiful ” is one of faves. I never expected to see a Hanson mention on your site. It’s like my worlds collided. : )


  31. Lauren says

    Seeing your dates reminded me of one of my favorite snacks! Have you tried stuffing a date with a pecan? Oh my gosh soo good. It’s literally like a mini pecan pie. :).


  32. Katie A says

    I also am a HUGE fan of eggs! I typically eat the whole thing (as in, not just whites), but I do wonder – how many eggs is too many? I know that there is quite a bit of cholesterol in the yolk so I don’t want to overdo it. Any insight you have would be awesome!

    P.S. Egg yolks as “dressing” is going to be happening in my salads very soon.


  33. Viv says

    “Let’s Go” by Neo is my current ‘get pumped’ song. I only play it at the end of my runs because I made a pact with myself that whenever it came on (no matter how much I wanted to quit) I MUST run the entire song before ending. I imagine him as my personal coach shouting “let’s go” in my ear. And boy do I GO!


  34. Laura@ Backstage Balance says

    Rockapella’s “Carmen Sandiego?” Awesome!!! You just earned a few cool points in my book, Julie 🙂

    Funny story, I once attended a radio station’s Holiday client party and proceeded to get kind of intoxicated. The radio station jock went on the stage and said that they had a big surprise for everyone… And guess which musical group came out to perform… Rockapella! I was beside myself, at the time it was the coolest possible thing (and most hilarious) that I could have imagined.


  35. Kristin says

    hey Julie!!!! I have a 40% off coupon for Reebok and totally want those shoes!!!! i normally wear a 7 in most shoes…do these shoes run about normal for sizing? Or do they run small like nikes?



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