Blogging from the Sky

Hello from the sky! I am currently typing away in in the air as we make our way from Dallas to Oahu, though I’ll be publishing this blog post once we land in Hawaii and I have access to the internet again.

We’re expected to land around 2:30 p.m. in Oahu or 8:30 p.m. Ocala-time. Ryan and I are planning on powering through the time difference and staying on Oahu’s schedule from the get-go to make adjusting to the time change a bit easier in the long run. We’re hoping to grab dinner around 7 p.m. which is 1 a.m. Ocala time! Yikes!

Day of Travel

Our morning began bright and early (or should I say dark and early?) at 4 a.m. in Ocala. We made sure to have our bags ready to go at the door, so after a quick change out of our pajamas and into comfy travel clothes, we made the drive to Tampa to catch an early flight to Dallas where we had  layover on our way to Oahu.

travel to hawaii 012

A hoodie and extra long scarf that doubles as a blanket are necessary travel items for this girl because I am always freezing on any airplane. 

In case you are wondering how my fearful flying partner is faring on our trip, he’s doing really well. I got a little nervous about Ryan’s ability to handle the long flight yesterday when he mentioned that he Googled a way to get to Hawaii that avoided flying. I laughed at this image:

kayak across pacific ocean

Kayak across the Pacific Ocean. No biggie. 

Ryan boarded the plane equipped with ear plugs (he says they help him ignore some of the little noises that freak him out), a snazzy neck pillow and a new book. 

dallas 009

Have you guys ever traveled with one of those neck pillows? I thought they were ridiculous until my mom let me try hers and I was instantly smitten. They make sleeping upright much more feasible.

Our flight from Tampa to Dallas was  a smooth and relatively empty one and we arrived in Texas ahead of schedule around 9:30 a.m.

dallas 002

dallas 005

Since it had been a solid four hours since I ate breakfast, I was more than ready to dig into a morning snack when we landed. 

travel to hawaii 013

I ate a KIND bar and it did a great job of tiding me over until lunchtime.

Our flight from Dallas to Hawaii ended up being delayed by about 45 minutes and even though we knew lunch would be served on the plane, we decided to grab something to eat at the airport and eat our airplane lunches around our Ocala dinnertime. 

Since I had a feeling our airplane lunch might not include the most nutritious options, I was on a mission to find something healthy and ended up buying a chicken salad.

dallas 007

It wasn’t as hearty as I was hoping it would be, so I dug into the bag of raw cashews I packed which kept me satisfied until our airplane lunch was delivered.

dallas 006

Aside from typing up this blog post, my time on the plane has been spent watching What to Expect When You’re Expecting (I thought it was cute, but not a “must see”), perusing the incredibly fantastic Sky Mall magazine with Ryan and reading A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay.

dallas 010

I started the book on our first flight to Dallas and ended up finishing it on our current flight. I thought the book was entertaining enough to hold my interest, but it was not nearly as captivating as Sarah’s Key, the first book I read by de Rosnay. It’s a pretty fast read, but I missed the historical fiction component that I adored so much in Sarah’s Key.

The pilot just announced that we’re about 25 minutes away from landing! I’m ready to get this vacation started!


  1. Nancy says

    Kudos to you for blogging and traveling! I must’ve missed in a post (or few!) that you were headed to Hawaii!! Can’t wait to hear/read all about it!!!


  2. Mama says

    Sadie misses you and is being a good girl. We hope you have a great time. So glad to know Ryan did so well. He will be ready for Africa, for sure. XO M


  3. says

    Did I see that y’all are flying first class or just at the front of coach? I hope it is first class because the extra leg room is SO nice on long flights!!

    Glad to hear Ryan handled the flight pretty well and I am sure even he will think it was worth it once y’all are enjoying the beautiful Hawaii weather and activities!!


  4. says

    So exciting to read abut your travel! We’re getting married in Maui in two weeks and also traveling from the East coast. I’m hoping they’ll serve food on the planes but have already stocked up on lots of Kind bars and trail mix!

    Hope you’re having a great time!!!


  5. Leilani says

    I cant wait to see pictures of your trip! I live on The Big Island of Hawaii so I know your gonna have fun. Have a great Vacation!!


  6. says

    Yay! So excited for you two! I’m here in Oahu right now! You’ll have to look up uncle bobo’s and try their fish and redneck rice if you can. So yum! Also wahoos is another fav 🙂 I’m looking forward to some posts about what you’re doing while you’re here! I’ll have to hit up any good place you find 🙂


  7. says

    I have that same pink Camelbak and I bring it EVERYWHERE! Love it!
    Have fun in Oahu!
    If you guys get a chance have dinner at House Without A Key. It sits on Waikiki Beach, you can see Diamond Head from your table, they have an amazing sunset view and a Strawberry Basil Martini that’s to die for!. You should get there early because it fills up quick and try to sit on the patio. It can be super romantic 🙂


  8. Stefanie says

    So glad to see I’m not the only person out there who wears comfortable clothes and yoga pants when flying! It seems so obvious and yet no one else ever does! Have fun in Hawaii!


  9. says

    Have a great trip and good luck with the time change! When I went to Hawaii I was awake every day at about 3 or 4am! It did mean that I got my workouts done in the AM before the heat.


  10. Lisa says

    Safe travels and have a great vacation. Noticed ou were in the bulk head seats. Love them, but no room to keep your stuff (petite person + overhead compartment w/heavy bags=no fun). Just curious, from a person who is also always cold and hungry on plane rides what are some of your must have items to snack on that fill you up and keep you warm (besides the hoodie and scarf)? Enjoy Hawaii and can’t wait to hear about your adventures there.


  11. Casey says

    I used to live on Oahu, it is the best! If you get a chance, you MUST check out Lanikai juice… they have the best all natural smoothies and acai bowls.. none of that Jamba Juice crap! They have locations in Honolulu, Kailua, and Haleiwa. Enjoy your trip!


  12. says

    I recently just finished reading ” A Secret Kept” and I didn’t like it nearly as much as “Sarah’s Key”. It was a good book but didn’t enjoy it or hold my attention as much as Sarah’s Key.


    ps i agree about traveling with a sweater and scarf. I’m always cold. Enjoy Oahu!!! We went to Maui for our honeymoon and loved it 🙂


  13. says

    My best friend and I googled directions to Japan once, it told us to jetski across the pacific ocean! I hope you have a great trip. The salad looks okay for airport food!


  14. says

    I travel all the time (which is why I have a travel blog ☺), but it never occurred to me to take a super long scarf & use as a blanket on the plane. I also freeze on the plane! but I use the airplane blanket, which kind of grosses me out. Thanks so much for that idea. I will be using it for sure!


  15. Arelis says

    Soooooo happy for you guys and the chance of spending this wonderful Hope you have a blast because those memories will make both of you happy for years to come 🙂 Julie: loveeeee you scarf!! you look adorable!! 🙂


  16. krista says

    I can’t believe you blogged about Texas and put that ugly gross nasty longhorn pic on here! 😉 Thankfully not all of us Texans are longhorns, saw em off!


  17. says

    CUTEST TRAVEL OUTFIT EVER! Enjoy yourself, love!

    Oh, and about those neck pillows…

    My Dad has one and I always made fun of him when he used it, but they actually aren’t THAT bad. They kind of make me nauseous, though so I just take my pillow with my every where haha


  18. says

    I almost bought A Secret Kept at Barnes and Noble last month for the same reason, I absolutely loved the history in Sarah’s Key. Thanks for the mini review, looks like I should save my money!

    Traveling with an oversize scarf/blanket = GENIUS.


  19. says

    Looks like you’re having such fun!!!!! I bought one of those neck pillows for my son when he was three to keep him from flopping over in his car seat when he went to sleep in the back seat of the car. It worked like a charm and it’s the beset $10 I’ve spent in a long time :-}


  20. says

    Looks like he did great on the flight – but what will really cure him is having a baby (if you guys plan to). Once you’re focused on entertaining someone else and keeping them happy, you don’t have time to have anxiety. Making sure Lucy’s having fun prevents me from even noticing too much turbulence – VERY different from how I used to be!


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