Gettysburg Battlefield Walk

Guess where I am?

gettysburg battlefield 036

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!

When I found out about the wonderful opportunity to head to Baltimore for FitBloggin’ thanks to GNC, I immediately thought about how close I would be to both of my grandmothers who live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I really wanted to see them but wasn’t sure whether or not it would work out since I was still a solid 90 minutes from their houses and neither of them are comfortable driving long distances.

Then my grandma who I call Mimi (the one you guys loved in our wedding video) had surgery last week and my mom flew in town to be with her. Since my mom was able to make the drive into Baltimore, she picked me up on Saturday night after FitBloggin’ and we drove back to Mimi’s house together to spend the next few days with my grandma and my Aunt Laurie who drove in town from North Carolina.

The four of us have not stopped chatting away since the moment I arrived. It was so nice to sit around the table and sip hot coffee out of my grandma’s mug and talk for hours on Sunday morning.

gettysburg battlefield 005

I love family time!

My Aunt Laurie made scones for breakfast using the most delicious orange scone mix from Harry and David.

harry and david scone

I topped my two scones with a bit of butter and jelly.

gettysburg battlefield 011

gettysburg battlefield 012

And then I took care of those nasty chipped nails you see in the above picture!

opi japanese rose garden

As we sat at the table talking away, my Aunt Laurie and I painted our nails and then repainted the ones we smudged because neither of us can sit still for long enough to let our nails dry properly the first time.

Lunch was leftovers from dinner that my mom made.

linguini with shrimp

Linguini with shrimp and feta cheese warmed my belly.

Gettysburg Battlefield Walk

After lunch, my grandma took a little nap while my mom, aunt and I drove out to the battlefield to walk around.

gettysburg battlefield 021

gettysburg battlefield 017

gettysburg battlefield 019

We spent a couple of hours walking around and picking wildflowers to bring home to my grandma.

gettysburg battlefield 027

gettysburg battlefield 023

gettysburg battlefield 028

The weather was in the 60s and the cool, crisp air told us fall has officially arrived in Pennsylvania.

Leaves are beginning to fall off the trees and light sweatshirts were necessary. I bet it will be another two months before we get this kind of chill in Florida!

I wore my new heather gray Reebok jacket that the company sent me last month and was grateful for the warmth and soft, cozy fabric.

gettysburg battlefield 029

And the finger holes! Why do finger holes still amuse me!?  gettysburg battlefield 025

When we arrived back home, we took some time to relax before breaking out some appetizers and beer before dinner.

bllue moon orange Blue Moon with an orange slice for me!

On the dinner menu for the evening: Grilled chicken, rice casserole, baked peaches with currant jelly and spinach salad.

grilled chicken 004

grilled chicken 005

grilled chicken 006

I cleared my plate in no time and refilled it with more rice casserole and two peaches. A fantastic dinner!

We spent the rest of the night watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel that my mom rented. The rest of us had never heard of the movie, but we all thought it was really cute and liked it a lot. Perhaps we liked it even more because we watched it while eating York peppermint patty ice cream bars. Everything is  a little better with ice cream!


  1. says

    Sounds like such a fun weekend with the family!! I live in the northeast so i know what you mean by needing a sweatshirt!!

    I absolutely love family weekends like this!! Most of my relatives live farther away so I only get to see them once or twice a year. It’s always so comfortable and relaxing when I do get to spend time with them!!


  2. says

    It’s awesome that you could go spend some time with them and all the logistics worked out.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Gettysburg. Everyone learns about the historical significance, but notany get to visit and appreciate it.


  3. says

    Haha I LOVE finger holes! And that’s so great you get to go spend some time with your family, every time I go home to Kansas City I try and make a point to see my grandparents at least once if not a few times. I love spending time with them and catching up, right now they’re in Europe! I can’t wait to hear about their trip!


  4. says

    I love being with my mom, aunts and grandma and hearing all of their stories from when they were growing up! I love that sweatshirt and I love the thumb hole sweatshirts have these days, they are truly amazing and I dont even know why!


  5. Laura says

    I never understood why athletic gear had those finger holes, until like a week ago when I was riding my bike on a cold morning – it kept my knuckles nice and warm!


  6. Mary says

    Finger holes are up there with pockets on dresses for me!!! Love them both!!

    Oh btw did you know it’s illegal to pick wildflowers? I won’t tell on you though


  7. says

    Love! I visit my family in Gettysburg every year. My uncle and aunt run the athletic program at Gettyburg College. You should go to lincolin square and pose with Mr. Abe there. 🙂


  8. Jeannie says

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend!! Fun! Your mom looks like such a great cook. 🙂
    I have a similar jacket from target with the holes lol…
    Btw I love OPI nail polish…what color is that one?


  9. says

    My dad’s a big history buff, so I’ve been to Gettysburg a few times; I was really little, though, so I don’t remember a lot of it. Those baked peaches look delicious! When The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was in theaters, I saw it with my grandma, mom, and sisters–it’s such a good “girls night” movie. 🙂


  10. says

    How wonderful that you were able to pull off a family visit while you were traveling for FitBloggin!!

    One of my good friends lives in Pennsylvania and it is one place I really want to visit in the Fall. Actually, I would take any of the Northern states with crisp cool air and changing Fall leaves to visit!!


  11. says

    Aw, family time is the best! Sounds lovely 🙂 I had a Blue Moon with an orange slice on Saturday night – always a good choice! Although I am looking forward to some seasonal ales with the cooler temps. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  12. says

    I LOVE your purple shoes! Purple is my favorite color!

    I thought that movie was pretty serious and thought provoking. You can tell I am closer to retirement age then you are. Although, I am still really far away. 🙂


  13. says

    What a wonderful time! I’ve been to Gettysburg twice and really enjoyed the experience both times. It’s such an important place in our American history, and standing on the battlefield thinking about everything that happened there is so impacting.


  14. Jen says

    I’m also a Florida girl, and my thermometer read in the low 60’s this morning! Definitely light sweater weather! I’m sure it will end up in the 80’s later today, but cool mornings are a good sign, right?


  15. Jackie says

    It is such a small world! I’ve never commented before, but I feel obligated to now that we not only share the same birthday, but I’m a student at Gettysburg College! I started freaking out when I saw this post, it made my day! I hope you had a good time, it’s a great place.

    Love your blog!


  16. says

    Sounds like a wonderful visit! I love family time. Glad you had a good time. I also love sweatshirts with finger holes; when I was in high school (before pre-made finger holes were big), I used to cut some into my sweatshirts so that I had some.


  17. Fizz Hiser says

    Awww too cute! This makes me miss my grandparents soo much! Mine are all the way in Australia! Along with every other member of my family. I miss family times!!


  18. says

    Scones are the best:)

    And Gettysburg is gorgeous!! Why is it that places like battlefields and cemeteries are so peaceful to visit?!? My friend went to college in Gettysburg and loved it there!


  19. says

    Yay, you’re in my state. 🙂 I’m not very close to Gettysburg, though. It’s definitely been quite cold here. Not a fan of the cold AT ALL but I do love my hoodies with the finger holes! Enjoy seeing your family!


  20. says

    My grandmother used to live in Gettysburg too! (RIP). My aunt and uncles still live fairly close and PJ and I were just visiting there last September. We took the double decker tour since I had not been on one since I was a little girl. 🙂 So, next time I visit my family, can I come to your grandmother’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?? haha!


  21. says

    Awh lovely end to your weekend! Love getting to catch up with family. Oh and thumb holes are just funny! I remember in school we had to wear a uniform and some girls actually created holes in their woolen knitted jumpers!


  22. says

    How fun! I went to Gettysburg when I was a kid because my dad is a history and war buff. I never understood the appeal (but then again, I was like 7 years old). That’s awesome that you got to spend some time with family!


  23. says

    This was the first Fall-feeling weekend here in good ol’ North Carolina and I’m loving the cooler weather!
    I’m also so jealous you visited Gettysburg – Hubby and I are huge history buffs {read: nerds} and look forward to a trip up that way.

    And wow, those peaches and scones look incredible! What are the chances you’d share the peaches recipe? 🙂


  24. elyse says

    Just went to Gettysburg for the first time in June! Glad you got to.go. Plud, it’s one of the places on the list you posted a few months back of places you have to see before you die. Cross that one off!


  25. says

    ooo good thing you didnt’ get caught by a park ranger… I did a history teaching workshop at Gettysburg this summer and they told us that there are strict park rules about removing ANYTHING from the park, even a stone.

    I’m glad you were able to visit:) It is such an emotional and humbling experience..


  26. Brooke says

    I had to comment because this post is near and dear to my heart. I too grew up in Gettysburg but moved to DC when i was in 6th grade and my grandmother who we also call Mimi still lives there!! Such a small small world. You’ve inspired me to walk the battlefield for memories sake when I go back!


  27. says

    The weather is like that in STL too. Perfect!

    What a great opportinity to meet with your family. You all eat so well. I wish I had someone cooking that yummy food for me!


  28. AJ says

    I am amused by thumb holes in sweatshirts too! And your purple shoes are awesome, I need those!! Reebok too?

    I call my maternal grandmother Mimi too, but for some reason we spell it Mamie. Either way, its cuter than grandma!



  29. says

    My brother suggested I may like this blog.
    He was once totally right. This put up actually made my day.
    You can not believe simply how much time I had spent for this info!



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