Hauser Estate Winery

Yesterday, in the late afternoon before dinner, my grandma, mom and I drove to Hauser Estate Winery to sip some wine and take in the views my grandma raved about when she first told us about the winery.

hauser estate winery 024

My grandma said my grandpa used to call this part of Pennsylvania “God’s country.” It really is breathtaking.

hauser estate winery 025

hauser estate winery 019

When we arrived, we started talking with one of the women who worked at the winery who told us that their Jack’s hard apple cider varieties are quite popular.

hauser estate winery 023

The siblings who made the hard cider named it after their father, Jack. The sweeter version of the hard cider is named after their mother, Helen. Cute, huh? 

We had a taste of Jack’s Hard Cider and liked it a lot.

hauser estate winery 021

And then I tried Helen’s hard cider and was sold.

hauser estate winery 022

Fill ‘er up, buttercup!

hauser estate winery 029

hauser estate winery 030

My grandma also bought three small boxes of Wilbur Buds, the most delicious little chocolate drops.

hauser estate winery 027

Sipping the sweet hard cider and eating melt-in-your-mouth chocolate drops with my mom and grandma was the perfect 5 p.m. happy hour!

On our way home, we picked up some fresh vegetables from a local market for dinner and I prepared roasted wax beans to accompany the shrimp and scallops my mom made.

shrimp scallops 002

She followed Rachael Ray’s Venetian shrimp and scallops recipe and we all raved about the broth and were grateful for the garlic bread my mom served on the side for dipping.

Today is my last full day in Gettysburg and we have plans to venture into downtown Gettysburg and explore!


  1. Phebe says

    Wilbur buds are a childhood favorite! I live in Pittsburgh, PA but my family makes trips east JUST to go to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory. My mom stocks up on cocoa from there. She swears its the best and won’t use anything else!


  2. Allison says

    I love Wilbur’s Buds! The semi-sweet chocolate is the best and their cocoa is amazing too. I went to the store when I was little with my parents. Now we live too far away so we order the Buds from time to time.


  3. says

    What a wonderful experience to share with your mom and grandma…so sweet! The scenery is great. I live in PA (near Pittsburgh) but have not been to that winery. I’ll have to check it out!

    I was given some of the same chocolates once as a gift! They are delicious.


  4. Hilary says

    I am from Potter County Pennsylvania and it’s Motto on all of the signs is God’s Country! So funny! Looks like a lovely weekend with your family 🙂


  5. says

    So I love that you’re in PA and only about 30 minutes from me. I LOVE Wilbur buds. In my honest opinion, they’re FAR better than Hershey Kisses (yet another PA candy)


  6. says

    JULIE! Oh my goodness, I had no idea you were in Gettysburg. I seriously live 20 min from there. I can’t believe this didn’t come up on Friday. Ah, I would have loved to see you again!


  7. says

    I live in Gettysburg! I really hope you are enjoying your day exploring. Devils den is a fun place to visit! Ghost walks are fun especially at night. Go to the pub on the square for delicious food also! Enjoy 🙂


  8. Emily says

    Before you leave, you should stop by the Adams County Winery (there’s a store on Chambersburg St, a block from the square), and pick up a bottle of Rebel Red. Hauser’s has the best views, but ACW has the best wine 🙂


  9. Danielle says

    I go to Gettysburg College and I highly suggest visiting Wells Family Bakery on the corner of Chambersburg and Washington. It’s just a block from the square and the goodies are to die for! You can also get homemade ice cream from Mr. G’s!


  10. Amanda says

    Love that you had Wilbur Buds! I’m from Lancaster, PA and the factory is a few minutes from my parents house. We are actually putting little bags of them in our out of town bags for our upcoming wedding!


  11. Jess in Maryland says

    Oh my gosh!!!! i live 20 minutes from hauser!!!! My fiance’ and I go there all the time with our close friends!!!!!!! your g-ma is super cute!!!!!!!!


  12. Jess in Maryland says

    Ooooh!!!!! You MUST MUST MUST go to “The Pub” in Downtown Gettysburg and get their cream of crab soup in a bread bowl….it’s sinfully delicious!!!!!!


  13. Jenna says

    Ahhh!!! I read your post this morning and I was so excited. I’m from PA, currently living in DC, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack’s Cider. It’s so good and not super easy to find. Now that I know they have peach I must try it.


  14. says

    I was so excited to see that you ate wilbur buds! I am from LItitz, Pa and my grandfather worked there all his life. I will have to check out this winery, my family and I have been looking for some new ones to try out. You should definitely make a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania some time, you would love it here and I know you would find tons of inspiration for your blog (which I love)



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