Spooky Circuit Workout

I’m not one to ever shy away from a circuit workout, so when two women at the gym this morning asked if I wanted to complete a functional training circuit with them, I was more than game.

My gym has a white board that features a different functional training workout once a week. I sometimes use the exercises on the board for inspiration when I make up my circuit workouts, but the workouts are usually quite short, so I often feel the need to amp them up a bit since I typically like my circuits to last 20 to 30 minutes.

Today we used the exercises on the white board as the base of our workout, but changed them up a bit and swapped in some different exercises. At the end of our first round, I quickly jotted the exercises down so we could repeat them and I could remember them to share with you guys!

In the end our circuit looked like this:

halloween circuit workout

I named this circuit the “Spooky Circuit Workout” even thought there’s nothing inherently spooky about this workout (unless burpees freak you out, which I fully understand). The new festive Halloween-themed features on PicMonkey (the website I use to create my workout images) have been calling to me since they first debuted a couple of week ago and I couldn’t resist any longer.

PicMonkey = Blogger Playtime!


All I wanted for breakfast this morning was a cold and creamy smoothie.

key lime pie smoothie

I ended up making my key lime pie protein smoothie and it hit the spot!

The key to this smoothie is the added lime juice, 1 1/2 frozen bananas (extra creaminess!) and the use of a quality vanilla protein powder so it doesn’t taste chalky.

gnc protein powder

I made my smoothie with GNC’s vanilla cream 100% whey protein powder that I received through my partnership with the company and it was perfect. Smooth, filling and not chalky!

healthy key lime pie protein smoothie

I wish I had cinnamon graham crackers for dipping!

I never think to buy graham crackers unless we’re going camping and I am buying s’mores supplies. Whenever I think about graham crackers, I am reminded of summer camp snack time. They were a staple!

Time to make myself a hot cup of coffee. That smoothie gave me the chills and I’m in need of a little burst of caffeine.

See ya at lunchtime!

Question of the Morning

  • What is the most unusual or creative smoothie you’ve ever made for yourself? Feel free to leave a link to it in the comments section so we can check it out!

Though it wasn’t really all that unusual, I think my banana cheesecake smoothie was one of the most delicious smoothies I’ve made recently. Mmm!


  1. says

    A couple weeks ago, I was trying to finish this can of pumpkin, and I’d been seeing all kinds of pumpkin smoothie recipes all over the blogosphere, so I made one. It was pretty tasty.

    I think I’m going to have to try your key lime smoothie, though. Key lime always reminds me of our family trip to Key West! Loved it!


  2. Melissa says

    I just raced in the collegiate championship for triathlon on Sunday, but before that was trying to lay off the sweets for a bit (hard to do!).
    I really wanted some chocolate peppermint ice cream so I blended frozen banana, greek yogurt, cocoa powder, and the tiniest amount of peppermint extract (that stuff is powerful!) together. – It completely satisfied my craving, and will be made again!


  3. says

    Have you ever tried graham crackers in milk? Growing up it was a favorite snack or breakfast for my brother and I. Just get a bowl of milk and either dip your graham cracker in like an oreo and eat it, or snap the crackers in half and let them float in the milk to your desired texture. Life changing and seriously addicting!


  4. says

    That workout looks great! I’m going to try it out! Hmmm… I’m kinda boring with my smoothies– I like bland kind of stuff haha but I do like my peach/blueberry vanilla smoothie 😀


  5. says

    I need to figure out pic monkey (aka spend time with it. Hah).

    Key lime does sound delicious! I really love my kale/chocolate smoothies with a bit of grapefruit. Sounds weird, but its quite delicious 🙂


  6. says

    I just want to say I enjoy your blog so much! I love smoothies….My favourite combination is a pina colada (minus the alcohol) smoothie. Pineapple, canned coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, coconut oil and a scoop of almond butter. Yum!


  7. says

    Looks like a great workout! Usually at the gym I run on the treadmill or take a class. I will have to try a circuit workout next time, it looks like fun! PS I love the Halloween graphics, so cute!


  8. says

    That looks like a great workout – I’ve been bored with my usual workouts lately, so I might throw this in to mix it up a little!

    I make a banana muffin smoothie that is awesome – the addition of oats makes it so filling and yummy! I love the sounds of a key lime flavour though – I’ll have to give your recipe a try!


  9. says

    Cute workout idea! That smoothie sounds super tasty. You have got to try avocado in your smoothie!! With a banana it is just about the creamiest thing ever!!


  10. says

    These circuits are super helpful — I’m doing circuits for the first time (as part of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer — I’m on the last week! ekk!).

    I don’t have any great smoothie recipes, but I’ve made a zillion protein ice creams, that unfrozen taste yummy and smoothie like 🙂 I’m sort of addicted: http://vanillaproteinalmondbutter.blogspot.com/2012/10/bustling-in-ice-cream-making-bliss.html
    for original recipe: http://vanillaproteinalmondbutter.blogspot.com/2012/09/clean-reeses-peanut-butter-cup-ice-cream.html


  11. Jessica says

    Your workout design is so cute! I love your circuit workouts. I put my favorites in a powerpoint slideshow! It’s so nice to have them all together.


  12. says

    I’m pretty normal when it comes to smoothies – either berry or peanut butter banana. And some might be protein or chocolate based, but otherwise they’re pretty standard. I can’t find my blender piece (it’s a small 1 cup blender) since moving so I haven’t been able to make any lately. 🙁


  13. says

    That smoothie seriously looks like a super thick milkshake and now I want one haha!! Thanks for the info on PicMonkey, which I’m sure I’ll love!!! I don’t know how you waited until the 9th to hold out on using the Halloween theme…I’d have caved long ago haha


  14. says

    Love the circuit workout ideas! I can always use inspiration to switch up my workouts…especially during this gross, transitional time of year. Bleh. My favorite smoothies aren’t super unique or inventive but they sure are good! Ohhh and I have a banana freezing technique that makes ’em extra thick and icy.

    Here it is + a 3 tasty smoothie recipes: http://wannabehealthnut.com/build-a-better-smoothie/

    You’re welcome. 🙂


  15. says

    Love your design for the “Spooky Circuit Workout” – so cute!! And so pin-able 🙂 A smoothie sounds so good right now. One of my favorite smoothie combinations (although not especially creative) contains: milk, chia seeds, peanut butter, spinach, frozen banana, and frozen pineapple. A “tropical green smoothie,” if you will. http://legallyblinde.blogspot.com/2012/03/tropical-ohio.html


  16. says

    Good morning!

    my smoothies are usually a lunch thing. I work on the road daily so its hard to get a healthy lunch. I use vanilla whey powder, a teaspoon of turmeric (for anti inflammatory purposes) one 1000UI drop of vitamin d and 1 tbsp of ground flax. I mix my smoothie with a chilled ‘chocolate energy black tea’ which I brew at home the night before and chill overnight . by the end of it its a delicious smoothie under 200 calories with enough protein and nutrients to keep me full and energized until dinner. if you are craving something sweet you could add stevia or a sweetener of your choice. I mix this up in a shaker cup to avoid the loud blender sounds in the morning.


  17. Lauren says

    Hi Julie – I’m a huge fan of your blog! Just wanted to let you know that I just did the Spooky workout and it kicked my butt! I’ve taken a mini break from the gym the past few days and this was definitely needed. Thanks!


  18. Lucio Richmeier says

    I WANT TO WIN THE REVEAL GIVEAWAY! I can’t wait any longer! I need Deity now! This series reminds me why I love to read!



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