BBBC Round Three

This morning kicked off round three of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp.

Best Body Boot Camp

Earlier this year I completed the previous two rounds of the boot camp and fell in love with the workouts, so I was really looking forward to beginning round three at the gym today.

The first workout of boot camp began with a 20 minute interval workout. Tina provided basic guidelines for the intervals, but it was up to participants to figure out how fast to complete the intervals according to their personal comfort levels.

Since I have a habit of falling into a bit of a cardio rut, I appreciate a workout program that incorporates intervals and kicks my butt a little bit. I tend to default to chillin’ on the elliptical with a magazine for cardio, so today’s interval workout was a welcome challenge! 

I did my interval workout on the treadmill and ended up completing the following 20 minute treadmill workout:

treadmill interval workout

After a quick five-minute cool down, I wrapped up my workout for the day by following “Workout A,” a total-body superset workout from the boot camp.


Breakfast this morning included a plate of scrambled eggs with onion and turkey bacon.

scrambled eggs with muffin

Plus a homemade oatmeal pumpkin muffin on the side!

Now it’s time to make myself a cup of coffee. It’s nice and chilly in Ocala this morning, so a hot cup of coffee is calling to me.

Question of the Morning

  • Do you ever find yourself falling into a cardio rut? What type of cardiovascular workout is your default workout?

I definitely fall into cardio ruts. The elliptical seems to be my default cardio workout. I can’t read magazines on the treadmill, so when I want to zone out and flip through magazines, the elliptical is my go-to machine.


  1. Becky W. says

    My go-to cardio workout is spin class. I love it! It makes me push myself harder than I would normally if I was on the treadmill or elliptical.

    Also, I just started BBBC this morning as well! Thank you so much for getting the word out. This is exactly what I need to get me back into the workout groove! 🙂


  2. says

    I feel like I’m constantly in a cardio rut. The treadmill is my “happy” place so I tend to always default to that. I like the treadmill because even though I’m always on the same machine, it is easier to vary your workouts on it.


  3. says

    I definitely fall into cardio ruts! Normally if I do, I will just settle on a brisk walk with my dog (my favorite!), or the elliptical like you do. I have one at my home so there is nothing like catching up on the DVR while breaking a little bit of a sweat! I rarely go to the gym these days, so treadmill workouts have not been completed in quite awhile!


  4. Liza says

    Julie–have you ever used the Arc Trainer? It’s my favorite cardio machine. The best way I can describe it is a cross between an elliptical and a StairMaster (when you turn the incline all the way up.) They can be hard to find, but it’s my favorite machine of all time for cardio! The only place I have found one up here in Atlanta is at the Y. I’m curious to see if you have ever used one before!


  5. says

    I start the BBBC today, too!! I didn’t drag myself out of bed at 5am though so I will be doing it this evening.

    As far as cardio, I get soooooo bored doing it on a machine that I almost always have to turn it into intervals to keep from throwing in the towel. It is steady state cardio that I have such a hard time with.


  6. Jennifer says

    I seen you this morning on daily motivation! Great seeing the two sites I must check first thing in the morning in the same place. 🙂


  7. says

    I default to running/walking outside. But now that it is cooler I seem to favor the elliptical as well. When I am on the treadmill I cannot stop myself from watching the minutes/miles tick slowly on….. I can distract myself when I am on the elliptical! =)


  8. says

    I enjoyed day 1 of BBBC very much! First time working out with a stability ball – huge fan! I didn’t have enough time to get to the gym and it was too dark to run, so I just did some generic cardio – so yes, I’m in a cardio rut these days.


  9. Kellye says

    I told myself that if I didn’t win the BBBC giveaway I would sign up for it anyway and it seems like exactly what I needed! I completed the first workout this morning and LOVED it


  10. Katie says

    I get into bad cardio ruts also! The elliptical is also my go-to cardio machine. I’ve been trying to get back into the stair climber, it’s such a good workout and has me DRIPPING when I get off.

    It’s hard to mix it up; but I love your treadmill workouts for that!


  11. says

    I also loved doing the intervals this morning. I hadn’t done any in months since I’d been doing so much distance for marathon training so it felt great to sprint it out on the treadmill! I was surprised how I was able to go up to 8, 8.5 and 9.5 for a lot of the speed intervals! Haha didn’t think I had it in me!


  12. Sidney says

    I signed up for bootcamp on your recommendation, and I love it so far! The first circuit workout was great—I never incorporate that many stability moves and I could definitely tell that it is something I need to work on! 😉


  13. Tessa says

    Hey Julie! This is really random, but can you tell me where you purchased your luggage? The yellow is so cute and I’m trying to find some! Thanks!


  14. melanie says

    I am always in a cardio rut with running. I’m so glad that I saw your post earlier last week about Round 3 of BBBC. I signed up! I haven’t done the first workout yet today but I’m really looking forward to it.


  15. says

    I really enjoy running races, which means I spend nearly all of my cardio time running. My running season is more or less over for the year, though, so I’m definitely looking to incorporate some new kinds of cardio into my workout routine. I’m doing Best Body Bootcamp as well, so I imagine that will help me get out of any ruts I might have fallen into (if I don’t die along the way haha).


  16. says

    I’m not much for cardio machines bc I get so bored. I’m a runner so thats definently my cardio of choice. If I can’t run or am injured I’ll try a spin class or stationary bike. I’ll have to try one of your workouts, that might spice things up a bit for me! 🙂


  17. says

    I am a runner so I get plenty-o-cardio, I fall into the rut of easy runs though. I can run a marathon and long distances, but my speed and pace are lacking. Ready to get fast, well faster 🙂 I also get into the rut of strength training, I know it’ll make me a better runner, but sometimes I just want to run.


  18. says

    My go-to cardio is the arc trainer. I love that thing. It is capable of being so challenging, which of course, if I feel like zoning out, I don’t do it hard. I have my “normal” resistance and incline, but still get a pretty darn good work out on it. You should try to find one and give it a shot— made by Cybex.


    • Liza says

      Ahhh finally another Arc Trainer lover! I am OBSESSED with it. They are so hard to find though. When touring a prospective new gym after moving, I practically jumped for joy and hugged the 75 year old lady who was showing me around when I saw it! Haha!


  19. says

    I definitely get in cardio ruts as well! My go-to cardio is running because I can just walk outside and start but if I’m at the gym I love walking the treadmill with a magazine. The elliptical makes my feet fall asleep so I don’t do that very often.

    Tina’s boot camp sounds awesome. Can anyone join or does it cost money?


  20. Sarah T says

    I recently had a back injury that laid me up for almost two months. Once I was allowed to go back to some exercise I was restricted to the elliptical or walking, which made me feel like I was in a major rut. I am now allowed to go back to any activities I wish and I signed up for the BBBC and cant wait to begin! I’ve most enjoyed getting back to running thus far. I never thought I would miss it as much as I did!


  21. says

    I used to get into a cardio rut ALL OF THE TIME because all I would do is run. But now I’m teaching spin 3 x a week, focusing more on strength and finding other alternatives that it makes me love running so much more.


  22. says

    Yes! I definitely fall into cardio ruts. I hate interval training, but love long runs outside, so I usually end up just sticking to those. For me they are relaxing, but I sometimes don’t feel like I really get as good of a workout in from when I do intervals.


  23. says

    I am SO guilty of this. I used to spend hours on the elliptical! I do prefer it now when I intend on just warming up and cooling down, but I’ve turned more to running outdoors (gotta love living in Florida!) so that keeps me sane for now!


  24. says

    My go-to machines are the stepmaster, spinning, and treadmill! I do elliptical once in a while when I want to give my joints a smooth workout, but..I don’t know if it’s just me, but time goes by sooooooo sloooowlyyyy when I’m on the elliptical! haha. 1 min. literally feels like 5 minutes, so I usually don’t end up staying on it for longer than 20 minutes. 😛


  25. Kristin says

    I loved your treadmill workout today! I did it twice and finished out the 5 mile with an ease recovery jog! Thanks for making my indoor workout good this morning!


  26. says

    I have definitely been in the cardio rut before, but I find that by mixing it up with indoor cycling and signing up for races really helps me get out of the funk 🙂


  27. says

    I’m right there with ya! I get in an elliptical rut for my cardio. It seems like time crawls by on everything else to me when it comes to cardio and strength training FLIES by!


  28. annika says

    my rut is running without a plan. which isn’t all bad i guess 🙂 when i run with my GPS or on the treadmill with my hrm i work harder. i need to do more weights, but i don’t feel like i am working out unless i work up a sweat.


  29. says

    I was bummed to miss cut off registration on this. Listening to you talk about has made me interested and it sounds like I can do it at home.

    I am a multiple time a week hiker (if I am lucky every day). But it doesn’t feel very default and always gets the blood moving.

    Ironically I struggle with cardio routines in exercise classes. I would guess my body is well conditioned for hiking which I keep a pretty good clip, but that is very different from some of the stuff I see in classes.


  30. says

    Thanks for posting your interval workout! I was struggling for ideas today and was dreading the treadmill, so i thought id try it out…this definitely spiced things up…I rarely do intervals so found this tough but FUN 🙂


  31. says

    I get into cardio ruts all the time, and when I don’t have the time or patience to get creative with a new workout, I’ll just add some squat jumps or other plyometic moves at the end of my run and it makes me feel like I did a littttle something different!


  32. says

    Excited to be back for round 3 of bootcamp. I’m on a personal training plan with Tina and had a great workout today.

    As for cardio, it’s my favorite and I like to mix it up but my go to is the spin bike. We have two in our home gym since we love it so much but I also switch up the elliptical and treadmill and do workout videos. Now when it comes to strength/weights, I have to push myself to do them since I would much rather be doing cardio lol

    Way to go on your workout!



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