Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

It’s not quite as simple as my favorite two-ingredient honey goat cheese dip, but this pumpkin cheesecake dip is pretty darn easy.

Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

It only requires five ingredients and comes together in less than five minutes.

pumpkin dip ingredients

I tested this recipe last night because I am heading to a girlfriend’s house this evening for a potluck and said I’d bring a festive dip and sweet potato casserole. I wanted to be sure this dip got the approval of every member of the Fagan household before I made it to bring to a party for others to try. (Sadie isn’t exactly a hard sell when it comes to recipe approval, but Ryan always promises to be honest.)

Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip - ONLY 5 Ingredients

Well, this dip nearly morphed into our dinner last night because Ryan and I could not stop dipping honey wheat pretzel twists into it over and over again as we waited for dinner to finish cooking in the oven. 

I think that’s a good sign! 

Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip


  • 1 1/4 cup whipped cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 3/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 2/3 cup chopped glazed or candied pecans


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir vigorously until ingredients are combined and a smooth texture is achieved.
  2. Garnish with additional pecans and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice if you wish. Serve with apple slices, honey wheat pretzels, graham crackers or cinnamon sugar pita chips.

Don’t forget the pecans! They add so much texture and flavor to this dip!

glazed pecans


Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your all-time favorite dip?

This question is way too hard. If I must choose, I would probably say guacamole or this honey peanut apple dip that my mom makes on occasion.


  1. says

    I really love cream cheese with pepper jelly mixed in. I also LOVE homemade caramel dip with fresh fruit! I’m also hosting a women’s night tonight and we are doing a fall theme. I’m excited to see what others bring! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I just love everything you post!


  2. says

    Yum! I’m sure the candied pecans make a world of a difference… Those things are like crack to me! My all time favorite dip? Ohhh my, probably 7-layer bean dip or spinach artichoke dip. It’s so hard to choose though! Dips are my weakness!


  3. says

    Probably either my mom’s marshmallow fruit dip – delicious, but i’m pretty sure it negates the healthy part of the fruit – or the King’s hawaiian bread spinach dip recipe. She very rarely made them when I was a kid so they were always extra special!


  4. Carly says

    Ummm…is this real life? Yes I will be making this immediately 😉 Thanks for sharing, Julie! I love getting ideas from your blog! You are awesome!


  5. says

    I think if I had to choose my favorite dip of all time, it’d be Mexican queso! But guacamole is just as much a favorite, I always enjoy it more because I truly love eating healthy foods and avocado is my favorite ingredient!

    *I also salivate over any pepper jelly+cream cheese combos like you and Aimee mentioned above!


  6. Lauren says

    I actually have a potluck to go to next weekend, so I might bring this along with the other dish I’m bringing.
    I think my all time favorite savory dip is buffalo chicken dip (which I can eat by the spoonful) and one of my favorite dessert dips is Funfetti cake dip 🙂


  7. says

    Ahhh I think I have to agree with you on the guac. I could eat just guac for dinner and be happy. Sigh. I love all dips… I like pretty much every dip mentioned in the comments above. Add charleston cheese dip to the ever growing list…


  8. says

    Sounds great!! Tip for going forward – can we please get a way to print your recipes out a little bit easier? It stretches into 16 pages when I try to print! Even after I remove the comments it is still ridiculous.


  9. says

    I can’t decide between hummus and guac! 🙂

    I make something like this too but add in greek yogurt. I haven’t tried it with the pecans…just may need to do that next time! 🙂


  10. Kaylan Michelle says

    I can’t wait to try the dip! I’ve been wanting to make something festive.

    And the food I always come back to is peanut butter and jelly on pita bread. I will eat it till I’m sick and do it again next year.


  11. says

    Oooh, this sounds good!! And I almost forgot how much I love honey wheat pretzels – I’m definitely craving them now. Recently, my favorite dip has been Gina @ The Fitnessista’s Tuscan white bean sundried tomato dip – it has plain yogurt, Italian seasoning, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, and cannellini beans in it. (http://fitnessista.com/2009/06/robbed-of-the-rawness/) Very delicious and definitely a crowd-pleaser!


  12. Kristen says

    I make a warm dip with cream cheese, feta, red peppers, & pesto. It’s always a crowd pleaser! Honestly, I think I found it on the back of a Wheat Thins box a few years ago when I was looking for a new app recipe! 🙂


  13. Lisa says

    Favorite dip hands down is hot spinach and artichoke dip (and I am not the biggest spinach lover) from Applebee’s. Chili’s is a close second.


  14. says

    that looks delicious! thanks for the recipe!

    i think my all-time favorite dip is cilantro hummus. i found it at a local grocery store, but i think it would be easy to create at home. yum.


  15. says

    Guacamole for me for sure with spinach and pinenuts at a close second!

    My mum rang me last night and wanted me to thank you for putting her onto The Maze Runner series. She’s read book 1 and loved it and it onto the second already. Her library didn’t have them so she actually had her newsagent order them in for her to buy. So a big, big thank you to you from my mum 🙂


  16. Laura says

    I think sweet dip would be good, but I’m more of a savory dip person. I would rather have a savory dip while watching football than sweet. A fav of mine is southwestern corn dip!


  17. Laura says

    My boyfriend is allergic to nuts and as much as I LOVE nuts I try to make things that both of us can enjoy. Do you think there is a good substitute for the pecans in this recipe?


  18. says

    Oh man, I LOVE guacamole but for some reason I don’t consider it a dip. I don’t know why.

    This, though, I call it “crack dip” because it’s addicting like crack, is SO good:

    16 oz sour cream
    1 packet Ranch dressing mix
    3 oz bacon bits (in the bag not jar)
    1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

    Mix together and refrigerate 24 hours. Serve with chips and/or veggies.


  19. says

    My favourite dip would be my mums dip she use to make with gucamole, sour cream, cheese and paprika- not exactly healthy haha, or her corn relish and sour cream dip! Mmm. Haven’t had those in years- childhood memories 😛


  20. says

    This looks absolutely delicious, and I’m loving the simple list of ingredients! Not as simple as two ingredients, true, but this still looks like it comes together pretty fast! I kind of want to spread it on a waffle and call it breakfast!


  21. Kelly says

    I made this dip and it was so tasty. I added a sprinkle of brown sugar to the top. Can’t go wrong with that! I had bought regular pecan chips and made my own glazed pecans. Super easy – just mix butter,brown sugar, and maple syrup and cover the pecans then bake for 6-8 minutes!



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