15 or 30 Minute Incline Walking Workout

2012 Halloween candy trends according to the informal Fagan family candy poll:

  • Most popular candy: KitKats, Peanut M&Ms, Twix
  • Least popular candy: Baby Ruth, 3 Musketeers

We had a lot of trick-or-treaters last night and I was quite thankful that Ryan bought another two bags of candy on his way home from work yesterday or we would’ve run out. We have some leftover candy, but our leftovers are limited to 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Milk Duds and the occasional mini Snickers. All my favorites are gone!


Today’s workout was a 50 minute cardio hodgepodge, followed by some planks that made my abs burn!

My 50 minutes of cardio was split between three different cardio machines:

  • 10 minutes stair master
  • 15 minutes treadmill incline walking 
  • 10 minutes stair master
  • 15 minutes elliptical

Hopping on and off various machines really helps me fight cardio boredom!

My time on the treadmill was spent completing a 15 minute incline walking workout that could easily be repeated for a 30-minute walking workout on days when a longer workout is more appealing.

incline walking workout

I covered one mile during my 15-minute workout and the fast pace coupled with the inclines really had me haulin’ hiney.


Breakfast this morning started with a banana…


And ended with scrambled eggs that I made with a splash of milk, shredded cheese, onion and yellow bell pepper.

eggs pepper cheese onion

The yellow pepper in my eggs kind of looks like pineapple to me. You know I love the whole sweet and salty combination thing, but I’m not so sure about pineapple scrambled eggs. Ick.

Time to work! I’m heading out to deliver Meals on Wheels lunches at 10:30 a.m. and am hoping to wrap a freelance article before then. Catch you after lunch!

P.S. We reached more than 1,000 giveaway entries on yesterday’s New Balance giveaway post, so New Balance will be donating $1,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. THANK YOU so much for your help!!! The giveaway winner will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow morning.

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    • says

      fact: i ate all the almond joys during the days leading up to halloween (we bought our candy on saturday), so none of them made it into the candy bucket for trick-or-treaters… :)


      • says

        I ate all of the Almond joys prior to the kiddos coming too! Looks like we could have had a serious showdown for those sacred almond joys had we been in the same house!


  1. says

    Oh my gooooooosh, I haven’t had a KitKat in AGES! My favorite treat during Halloween time are those chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkins and/or the snickers pumpkins.. I didn’t see any in the stores near my apartment this year though!


  2. Sarah says

    Pinapple in scrambled eggs is actually really good! I make Hawaiin scrambled eggs with pineapple, red onion, light laughing cow wedge and egg whites.

    Also, what is the trick to using the stair master? I’ve gotten on it a few times determined to make it work for me but I just can’t figure out the pace/resistance – I desperately want to use it!


  3. says

    The day after Halloween used to be one of my favorite days of the year as a kid because you have about a year’s supply worth of candy in your possession. If it even made it to the next day…and in that case November 1 was the day of the tummy ache


    • Rachel says

      I think I would find the workout she posted too difficult. I think 4.0 is a FAST walking speed. I suck , I know. I always thought I was a relatively really strong walker too!


  4. Cat Griffin says

    I did the last incline treadmill workout you posted and it was awesome so I can’t wait to try this one! Question though, and this probably makes me sound so lame, but when the incline gets up to 11 or higher, I have to hold the handles! Do you think that hinders the workout?


  5. Rachel says

    QUESTION: Can a beginner treadmill walker do this? Or would it be too intense? The inclines and speed seem like a lot. I have tired legs :(
    But I feel like a failure for being unable to walk vigorously on treadmill or outside. I’m SO slow.
    IS this a beginner type of workout? Should a beginner be able to do it? And if not, then what is a beginner incline treadmill walking workout?
    Or for outside? Since I don’t have a gym for much longer anyway.

    Also, your scrambled eggs look like oatmeal. Ha!


    • says

      hi rachel! i would not call this a beginner walking workout at all. the speeds and inclines are really high. i really hope to post some beginner workouts once i have my personal training certification, so i hope to have something to show you relatively soon!


      • rachel says

        Thanks…I don’t belong to a gym :(
        But the last time I was at one, I tried the treadmill walking and I managed to do a speed of 3.5 – 3. 8 walking, but could only squeak up to incline 12. TIRED :(
        I do walk outside a lot but am tired easily. Winter is tough cause I live in COLD cold weather, so this isn’t the greatest situation. I don’t have money for gym and don’t have space for videos. Not sure what to do. I feel like I need to do something intense. But maybe I need to just be grateful and be kinder to myself. Do what I can and be thankful for that. I tend to WORRY and complain a lot. I need to work on my perceptions of things.


  6. Megan says

    Thanks for posting the how to help hurricane sandy victims link-all of us here at the Jersey Shore appreciate it :)


  7. says

    Those Baby Ruths would be gone in a heartbeat if I was around, just sayin. Way to go with the 1,000 entries, that is so impressive, and you should be so proud for thinking up such great way to raise money for a cause. You’re a smart cookie, Julie :-)


  8. says

    I had to play games in my head with the cardio machines this morning so I didn’t get bored! Sadly my IT band hurts so no running for me. But I do think it’s weird that 10 min on the elliptical is boring but I could run forever!


  9. says

    We had tons of little kids around the neighborhood but unfortunately neither I nor my roommate were home to hand out candy. At least there’s two bags of it sitting in the closet now :)


  10. says

    Love the incline walking workout…

    It is SUCH a nice change from a normal running workout – and certainly works your glutes. I picture myself hiking a mountain while doing the incline walking, visuals always help!


  11. says

    Living in an apartment complex, we don’t get any trick-or-treaters :( That means no candy in our house at all haha.

    Could not have been more excited when I got to work yesterday and saw the daycare across the street getting ready for their Halloween parade!


  12. says

    This was my first Halloween as a person providing the candy, and I think I got a little too excited and waaaay overestimated the amount of people that would visit the house. We have a TON of leftovers…my favorites (mini snickers and reese’s) included! Danger zone!!


  13. says

    Haha I think KitKats are my least favorite but it seems to be everyone else favorite. That or Reeses. You can never go wrong with chocolate and PB.


  14. says

    Jealous that you got so many kids! I only got -four-, but considering the fact that it was snowing, I’m surprised to have even gotten those. And I’d definitely be sad if the KitKats were gone because those are my favorite!


  15. says

    VEry cool that you reached 1,000!

    I don’t realyl like the ones you don’t like either. We should be friends! ;)

    We didn’t have any trickortreaters since we live in condos and there are hardly any kids.


  16. Karen says

    the 3 musketeers didn’t last 5 minutes in this house!

    i might have to stop reading your blog!!

    just kidding.


  17. says

    I envy your trick or treat traffic! I have lived in a college town and then the country for 5 years with no trick or treaters. We just moved to a nice family suburb and I was anticipating tons of kids, but we only had 5. I was so sad! Now I have a bowl full of candy in my house….ugh!


  18. Kelly says

    I am the queen of cardio boredom! I look like I have really bad ADD whenever I’m in the gym because unless I’m running I’m hopping on and off all the equipment :)


  19. says

    Really? 3 Musketeers are my favorite! Maybe because they seem the least sinful. I like to switch up the cardio machines too or else I also get totally bored! There’s only so much elliptical or treadmill I can take!


  20. Sharan says

    I would be pretty stoked with having leftover Milk Duds. Those are one of my favourites! But a lack of KitKat bars would mean trouble.


  21. says

    OoOO those are some of my faves too! Hehe, I was eating a tiny butterfinger today and thought of you! It’s one of my faves as well, and I think you mentioned it a few times before? :D


  22. Lauren says

    I hate cardio bordem and find myself fighting it far too frequently! Have you ever tried the Tracy Anderson treadmill routine? It makes you look ridiculous and will call for some stares at the gym but it was a challenge and made me sweat!
    Here’s the you tube video breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVLD5TOi6g4


  23. says

    3 Musketeers are my favorite! I wouldn’t mind having a lot of those leftover ;) I definitely thought the yellow peppers in your eggs were pineapple at first too haha!


  24. Christine says

    This. kicked. my. butt!!! It was my first time trying an inclined walking routine, and, holy moly, I don’t think I have ever sweat so much on the treadmill before. Definitely adding these to my workouts more often.
    Thanks for posting :)



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