Paranoid Pet Owner

To the five of you who are reading my blog today, hellllllllo! Since today is the busiest travel day of the year, I know many people are out and about riding in planes, trains and automobiles as they head to their Thanksgiving Day destination. If you are traveling today, I wish you safe travels!

Ryan, Sadie and I are leaving for my mother-in-law’s house in Sarasota late this afternoon. I am ready to get the Thanksgiving fun started!


Today’s workout began with a 30 minute walk/run treadmill workout before I hit the mat for some abdominal exercises. It felt good to sweat, but I left the gym with a light headache. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I’m hoping it goes away soon. I’ve had a sore throat for two days now, so I’m taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water and crossing my fingers for a healthy Thanksgiving weekend!


Once we arrived home from the gym, I ate a banana and took a quick shower before heading out to run a quick errand. While I was out, I popped into Starbucks for breakfast.

starbucks wrap egg white feta 012

I ordered the egg white, spinach and feta cheese wrap with a small peppermint mocha.

starbucks wrap egg white feta 013

I brought my laptop into Starbucks so I could blog as I finished my breakfast. I plan to stay here for a few hours to get some work done before I have to take Sadie back to the vet for a check up later this morning. The goop in her eyes is completely gone, so it’s just a routine follow up appointment, although she has this little bump on her skin that appears to be growing with every passing week. The rapid growth has me a bit concerned, so I hope we can get that little guy checked out, too.

Paranoid pet owner!


(I snapped that picture of Sadie last night as she was watching Paula Deen on television. She cracks me up! She was very invested in Paula Deen’s mini pork sliders.)

See ya in a bit!


  1. says

    I totally used to be that paranoid pet owner! My dog had a host of medical issues the first few years we had her, but eventually, after many talks with the vet, we figured out how to better read her cues and now don’t feel the urge to take her in for an expensive appointment for every whimper. For example: last week she jumped off the bed and must’ve landed on her paw wrong. She limped and wouldn’t put weight on it, yet would lie down right on it no problem! So, I let her ride it out and sure enough, by the next day she was 100% fine. Wouldn’t I have been a basket case if I’d paid $500 for x-rays of a perfectly healthy paw!?! Haha
    Happy Thanksgiving, Julie!!!


  2. says

    This will be my fist Thanksgiving in almost 8 years (just moved back to WI from FL) that we’re spending with my family. Fortunately, we only have to drive about an hour to Brunch with them tomorrow. I hope you have a safe trip to your gathering & I hope that the bump on Sadie is nothing. I know what you mean though, I worry every I find or feel something on my dog, or even if she acts different. After all, they’re our babies & furkids, right?! Pic of Sadie looks adorable, BTW. Now I’m craving a Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha… 😉


  3. says

    Hope everything is OK with Sadie! I used to have a cat (coincidentally, also named Sadie!) and anytime she showed the least bit of a physical problem, I would convince myself it was some sort of horrendous feline ailment and want to bring her to the vet. Pet owners can get a little nuts 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!


  4. says

    You’re a good puppy mama! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
    Btw I LOVE the peppermint mocha from Starbucks. It’s my absolute favorite and I take full advantage of it when the holidays roll around each year!


  5. mj says

    happy thanksgiving to you and your sweet little family! glad sadie is on the mend. 🙂 i’ll be getting my first peppermint mocha of the season on black friday!


  6. Kalyn says

    I’m one of the five!! I’m sitting on campus waiting (procrastinating during study time) to take an exam. Who gives an exam on the day before Thanksgiving?? AND it’s chemistry…yuck.

    Safe travels to all!!


  7. Tanya says

    Our vizsla had a bump on her shoulders about a month ago. We had to go to the vet for her puppy shots so we could just ask then. He gave her an antibiotic and it went away on two weeks. Still don’t know what it was. And now after putting drops in her eyes for a couple days I think her conjunctivitis is gone. At least I hope so because she won’t let us get near her to put drops in any more hA


  8. Tracey says

    I’m stuck at work all day, so I’m reading! I can’t wait to get out of here, though, so I can get home to bake and get to bed so I can rock the Thanksgiving 4-Miler in my hometown. I am hoping to PR this year and run it in 31:59! Then I will stuff my face. 😉


  9. Anna says

    Love the peppermint mocha! Have you tried the peppermint, white chocolate mocha? Or is that the same thing haha?

    I ran on the treadmill this morning and had a little headache when I left as well. Sometimes too much time on the treadmill does that to me thought. If you’re used to running outside, this may be the cause?


  10. says

    I flew home yesterday, so a nice lazy morning of blog reading for me! And my brother’s dog Molly will also watch TV, it’s hilarious! My brother has sent so many photos of her intently staring at the television, the last one was her watching the Bears football game last week!


  11. says

    Safe travels to you, Ryan and Sadie! My husband and I will be heading to New York tonight for the thanksgiving fun. First married thanksgiving!
    I am totally that paranoid pet owner too! We’ve had to take Annie to the emergency room a couple of times now and each time I’m a wreck! I can see the cogs turning in Chris’ head (is this what you’re going to be like if we have a kid??). Haha but I feel like its almost worse with a dog because you don’t know how they feel and they can’t tell you, it makes me sad! Poor little hounds. I hope Sadie’s check up is A- ok!


  12. says

    I was feeling sick the other day and had a scratchy throat, my mom told me to try 1 tsp honey with 1/4 tsp cinnamon 2x a day for 3 days and it worked! You are supposed to just eat it with a spoon but the thought of doing that grosses me out so I just put it in tea and drank it!


  13. says

    I have three German Short-haired Pointers at my parent’s house (which as you know are very similar to vizslas!) and they get little growths on them all the time. The vet always says it’s completely normal, but sometimes if they get big enough we get them removed anyway, even if it’s just for cosmetic purposes. Don’t want my little babies to be sporting weird growths!


  14. says

    I don’t have a pet of my own but I imagine I’ll probably be pretty paranoid. My boss brings his dogs into work everyday and every time I see a little spot on them I let him know. He probably thinks I’m so annoying! Oh well!


  15. says

    You are not alone in being paranoid about your pets! Just a few weeks ago we noticed a few red, almost scab like spots on our new puppy and then found a similar spot on our golden retriever. Being totally paranoid, we assumed the puppy had caught a skin infection and spread it to our other dog. We took them to the vet the following week and turns out the puppy simply has acne (which is completely gone thanks to one round of antibiotics) and the spot on our golden retriever was just a callous because she always lays on her left elbow on the hard, tile floor. Needless to say, we felt pretty embarrassed when we found out it was nothing, but also very glad!


  16. says

    I tweeted yesterday that this is one of the times a year that I wish I was an American… or at least had reason to celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday. I’m from Canada… and don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is great but there just seems to be that extra bit of festiveness when it comes to Thanksgiving in the US. It must be because its so close to Christmas and it makes for one big holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂


  17. says

    I bet you it’s a clogged sebaceous cyst (! Our neighbor’s dog has one on its back (it’s about the size of a golf ball and SO gross), and they have to regularly drain the crud out of it. Coincidentally, I have a small one on my scalp (you can’t see it because my hair covers it) – the same neighbor is a hairdresser and she says they are very common! Luckily they are harmless for people and dogs alike!

    Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


  18. Emily says

    Just a heads up, dogs can’t actually see what’s on the TV 😉
    And Canadian Thanksgiving has already come and gone, so just another work/school day for us! We’ll still read your blog!


  19. Cate says

    I’m working today, but heading home at 1:00 to bake and I’ll finish the day working at home. I hope you feel better! Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!


  20. says

    I am sure Sadie is okay but I am glad you are going in for the follow up. I, too, am a paranoid pet owner. Bella is seriously the light of mine and Keith’s life. She has brought us back to life after a very sad and trying year. I went to college with our vet and I swear I call him at least once a month. He’s a trooper though and always comes by our house on his way home from work to check her out and put my mind at ease. 🙂


  21. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    I’m paranoid with ya! Although the times that I have taken April to the vet, I’ve felt validated at the end. One time, she was bitten by another dog and although the cuts were small, they were deep. The vet said it could have gotten infected and turned into an abscess if we hadn’t taken care of it. Another time she started leaving smelly butt stuff on our bed. It turns out that she had infected anal glands (and gave herself a hot spot, too). See, it’s always validated!
    (Aren’t you glad you know about my dog’s anal glands?)


  22. says

    Have a safe trip this afternoon!

    This past summer, my dog was harassing me before bed and I noticed a new bump on his neck. When I investigated, I found out it was a tick. I DESPISE ticks more than any other bug because those things are scary as anything so I was freaking out. More than anything I was scared it had bit him and then I wasn’t sure how to go about getting it out (especially since it was on the front part of his neck, not the back part, which made things tricky). It was like 12:30 a.m., but my sister was still up, so I recruited her to help me. Thankfully the tick was just in his fur, not in his skin, so I was able to get it out with a lot of tugging. He was such a good boy throughout the whole ordeal. He doesn’t even like my sister that much (and she doesn’t really like him that much, either), but he just looked at her the whole time (that way his head was up which made it easier to get at his neck) and let me tug/trim his fur to get rid of the tick. It was all fine in the end, but I totally understand being paranoid about your pet!


  23. Bonnie says

    Hi Julie,

    Can you help me find a wristlet that you had blogged about many months ago? I fell in love with it, but lost the link to the company site. You showed a wrislet that has a pocket for your IPhone, then a blue shoulder strap style one also with IPhone pocket. I’d like to get it for my sister for Christmas, and one for me of course, so any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    Love the blog… keep the inspiration and energy!



  24. eliza says

    Hi Julie! Happy Thanksgiving.

    My fiance and I have been thinking about getting a dog for the past 3 years. How much do you spend per month on Sadie? Before you quit your office job, do you think she was active enough although she was home alone all day?

    Any info. would be much appreciated!!


  25. says

    I’m definitely a paranoid pet owner! One Saturday night this past winter, my pug was acting weird and looked bloated so I insisted we call the vet and take him in… on a Saturday evening… that “emergency” vet bill was NOT pretty.


  26. Bethany says

    I am not one of those travelers today heehee! I love to read your blog 🙂 It makes me happy! Also, I have been meaning to share a website with you that I thought you would like.
    It is and it is an amazing group of people who run for girls enslaved in India! I really want to do the half marathon in Chicago this summer- we shall see! 🙂 Anyways, have a great Thanksgiving! I am super pumped for mine lol! 🙂
    God Bless,


  27. Zoe says

    I skipped all the travel madness flying out of Baltimore on Monday afternoon and am safely back in my parents house!

    Poor lil dog, you’re such a good momma! I’m surprised the goop on the eyeballs process didn’t need anymore drama. My dog used to get tons of lumps and bumps, finally the doctor told us that “he was become an oatmeal dog” and was just going to be lumpy and bumpy!


  28. Merel says

    My dog actually has a large bump in her chest area. When she has just had her hair cut, you can see it really well and it looks like she has a third (or eleventh) boob. We sometimes call her ‘drie tiet’ (three boob in Dutch), that probably sounds really mean but it’s meant to be funny. The vet said the lump it nothing to be worried about… I hope Sadie is well also! Have a nice Halloween Julie, I enjoy reading your blog every single day 🙂


  29. Jess says

    Pshh 5 readers.. there’s already 53 comments! Haha, have a great thanksgiving at the MILs! And Sadie’s not the only one who falls into the Paula Deen trance every once in a while!(:


  30. Kristin says

    One of my dogs watches tv like that too. He likes sports and will bark hysterically at any animal that comes on the tv. Crazy silly puppies!


  31. Stephanie says

    Have a great long weekend and enjoy all the yummy Thanksgiving food!
    The hubby and I have a Starbucks date later today and now I know what I’m getting…thanks for the inspiration! Mmmmm…peppermint…. 🙂


  32. says

    Kona loves watching cooking shows too! haha
    we are definitely paranoid pet owners (my boyfriend moreso than me). Kona actually has 2 weird lumps under her skin which we had the dr check out and they are harmless cysts luckily but I feel like we check them everyday to make sure they arent growing!!


  33. Jess says

    I’m glad you are getting the bump checked out. My boxer had a bump on her leg that kept growing and it ended up being cancer. They removed it and now she’s travels to you today!


  34. Alex A says

    Omg I am a total paranoid pet owner!!! I have a puppy, maisy. She is 7 monthes old. She is sick right now also. I hope all is well with Sadie!!! I’m sure it will be nothing 🙂


  35. says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I’m totally a paranoid pet owner too. Between my toddler and my dog, it’s amazing I have any hair left! I’m sure it’s nothing – dogs get weird things all the time that are totally benign so, I’ll send out healthy Sadie vibes!


  36. says

    I swear most of us take care of our pets better than ourselves.

    When my puppy was very young I had a senior rescue at the same time. I called the vet on emergency three times in one week: twice for the baby and once for the old man.


  37. Abby says

    I love Sadie posts.. By the way, did you know (and this will probably be a long explanation) that when you watch TV, it’s really going on and off at a rate of something like 60 times per second. Humans can only see at a rate of 50 times per second, so it looks like a moving picture to us. But animals can see 70, so they actually see the TV going on and off, not a picture. Does that make sense? I’m pre-vet and our lab teacher explained it to us last week. Pretty interesting!:)


  38. says

    I’m a peppermint mocha fan all the way! I have yet to try their food options, but they look tasty. Glad that Sadie’s eye is doing well. The cat always likes to watch tv when there is something running across it (i.e national geographic/aniaml planet) I’m stuck at work until 7p today! Travel safe!


  39. says

    hope you have a truly blessed and wonderful thanksgiving!
    so i have never tried the peppermint mocha b4. is it good? i LOVE the gingerbread and the caramel brulee lattes!! amazing! only get to go once in a while though but when i do get to go its amazing! 🙂
    have you announced a winner for the sunglasses yet??


  40. says

    Since you brought up pets and you have a way larger blog following than me, could you do a public PSA regarding pets and travel? I keep seeing people with their smaller dogs riding in the back window of their cars since the holiday travel has started. This is highly dangerous for the pet and if their is a car accident this poor puppy is not going to survive. If there was someplace to call, I’d turn them all in.

    I feel better for getting that off of my chest.

    I hope Sadie’s bump is just a bump 🙂


  41. brittany says

    I’m a vet tech and I’d rather see paranoid pet owners than neglectful ones so brownie points for you! I’ve always admired how much love and compassion you have for Sadie and her quality of life, and just wanted to thank you for those qualities. It is hard to find people who care for companion animals and treat them as family anymore these days. Happy Thanksgiving!


  42. says

    The last time I attempted to see if an issue my pup was having before making a vet appointment, it got me so worked up that I had to shut my laptop. I was convinced that she must have some sort of rare terminal kidney disease based off of people who spend their time answering questions on probably not the best resource for real diagnosing :). I’ve always been good about not diagnosing myself online but I am crazy when it comes to our dog, hopefully raising her gets me more prepared for when any future kids have a cough!


  43. Jacqueline Reedy says

    I am very concerned about my pets as well. We have had 8 vizslas throughout my parents and my life. We love them!!
    We currently have Remi, he’s a year and a half with non stop energy and sticks to you like velcro. He is our “love muffin,” ha.
    A year ago, on June 25th 2011, we had to put our 8 year old vizsla, Bosley, down. It was extremely hard and to this day I really cannot talk about Bosley without getting choked up. Not to make you even more paranoid or worried, but I think you should be proactive and get that bump checked out ASAP, especially if it is growing quickly.
    When Bosley was 5yrs, that was the first time we noticed a bump near his leg. It actually took months before it really grew much and my parents waited too long to take him to the vet to get it checked. The bump didn’t phase Bosley, he was still hyper and full of life. When they finally did get this bump checked out, we found out some really tough news…Bosley had cancer, it was a cancerous lump. My parents arranged for them to remove the tumor through surgical procedures but the vet informed us that it can still come back and spread throughout his body. One year later, another bump popped up on Bosley’s body, where his front, right leg meets his chest. They took him to the vet and had it checked out, it was cancerous as well. My parents did yet another surgery to remove the tumor.
    One year later, around the beginning of June (2011), we spotted a new bump where his neck meets his chest. (Yet another cancer tumor) This bump grew to the size of a softball in less than two weeks and for the first time we saw Bosley being defeated by the tumor. He was fighting to breath, he couldn’t eat, hardly drank, was constantly sleeping/whining…it was the toughest thing to watch Bosley, our family member, fight to stay alive and in pain.
    As tough as it was, putting Bosley down was the best choice for HIM. He was no longer himself, he was in pain beyond our imaginations, and he no longer could eat or drink. He was one of the best dogs I have ever had in my life, I will never forget how excited he was every day…greeting us every morning and snuggling with us every night, his tail was always wagging, and he was just full of life. We loved that dog.
    I am telling you this, not to make you sad, upset or even afraid, but because I think if we had been more proactive when we noticed the very first bump, things could of been different. I do not know this for sure, but I do believe maybe we could of nipped it in the butt in the beginning.



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