20 Minute Elliptical Workout

Today is day three of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp! I am skipping the cardio workouts prescribed for Tuesdays and Thursdays in favor of running on my own because I have a half marathon on the horizon next Saturday, but my Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts are all about boot camp!

Today’s boot camp workout began with an interval workout on the elliptical.

20 Minute Elliptical Workout

After 20 minutes, I was nice and warm and ready to head into the weight room to complete the core circuit workout that was on the agenda for today. It was a good one and the scorpion exercise absolutely kicked my butt!

Check it out:

The Scorpion


Holy burning abs!


Breakfast this morning was rather basic.

scrambled eggs 012

Scrambled eggs + Chicken sausage + Banana

scrambled eggs 013

It did the trick!

Time to work on a freelance proposal before heading out to a Taste of Ocala committee meeting at lunchtime! See ya later!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated yesterday.


  1. says

    Ouch! That scorpion workout looks intense but I’m not sure I would have enough balance and coordination to do it! I feel like I was smack my foot on the ball as I was coming down! Definitely going to have to try this!


  2. says

    Love your posts! LOVE your pup! Just started following you in December…it is so great to read thoughts and actions of someone who thinks so much like myself! Old Navy online is out of stock of the top and pants you showcased yesterday (in my size)! But, as a testament, I do have the compression jacket…and it feels great, so I can only imagine how great the compression tights feel. Have a great day and good luck on your half! Thanks for giving me fun to look forward to daily. 🙂


  3. says

    I noticed you have sausage a lot in your meals, which I love! Especially sausage with eggs-it looks so good! I always worry about the sodium in sausage though. Have you found a low-sodium brand? Or does the sodium not blow you up like it does me? Haha! 😉


      • says

        I stumbled upon a low-sodium sausage today! I found it on Harris Teeter’s weekly sale list. They’re called Thin n Trim and have some amazing-sounding flavors, like apple cinnamon, wildfire buffalo and chipotle peach salsa. I’m buying some tonight and will be eating them tomorrow and through the weekend–I’ll post my review of them on my website, knotliving.com, if you haven’t had them and are interested.


  4. says

    Hi Julie, in your cardio posted above, what’s a Crossramp? I normally use the treadmill and not as familiar w/ the elliptical. Also, what would the incline be on the elliptical? (my guess…incline = level and crossramp = speed to maintain?)


  5. says

    I took a 365-rep class in honor of the New Year (actually, I took it twice), and we did the scorpion. And it was tough enough without the ball (especially when you add in the 120 burpees we did). It’s something to try, though!


  6. MC says

    What is the type of black BIC band that you’ve posted a picture of you wearing called? (April 28, 2011 posting is as an example). Seriously thinking about buying one. Love your blog– been reading it pretty much daily for 2 1/2 years now.


  7. says

    I actually thought the first move was the hardest. I kept falling over, lol. I didn’t read well enough the first time through and thought we had to do 15 scorpions per side like the other moves. Made the next two rounds seem a lot easier!


  8. says

    OMG…the Scorpion, I KNOW.
    As I was doing the scorpion workout in BBB, I was like, “I think this should be called SCORPION DEATH!”

    Killer. Glad I wasn’t the only who got their butt kicked by that one. 🙂


  9. Deanne says

    I tried to sign up for the bootcamp. I knew it started on January 7th so I figured I could wait till the new year and missed the sign up. Tina was unable to help me so I guess I am out of luck 🙁 Really wanted to give it a try. I am going to Hawaii in April with my husband for our honeymoon.


  10. says

    That’s so exciting that your half marathon is just around the corner! I’m excited to sign up for a 10 miler soon. Scheduled runs always motivate me to run outside in the winter 🙂


  11. says

    Today, after walking Louie, I tried one of your circuit workouts. I started with the No Nonsense Circuit. I can’t do it 4 times, but I’m proud of myself non the less. Hopefully after doing it a lot I will build up to 4 times. Louie went nuts, by the way. He has never seen me do jumping jacks or anything like that. 😉


  12. eliza says

    Hi Julie! I went to my PCP a few weeks ago and told them about my hip problems I have been having (really sore and achey). I got a referral to a P.T. but with my schedule I unfortunately havnt been able to make an appt yet 🙁 Would you suggest that I rest completely? I have been, with some random x-country skiing and walking which doesnt seem to bother it too much. I feel so lazy though! Any suggestions for me for work outs? Do you think I should just lay off anything that involves my hip?


  13. Julie Lenamon says

    HI Julie! When you put incline on the above elliptical workout, do you mean resistance? I thought crossramp and incline were essentially the same thing??


  14. Christine says

    The scorpion is a really great ab exercise if you ask me. What brand of chicken sausage do you use? I see it alot on your blog.


  15. says

    I’d forgotten how tough the elliptical can be when you push yourself. Taking it a bit easier on the running front so I’m mixing it up with the elliptical! This is a great one! Do you go for a certain amount of movements per minute or a speed when your doing it?


  16. Claire Chappell says

    Julie, maybe you meant to put resistance instead of incline in the third column of your graphic…since crossramp and incline are the same thing on an elliptical normally, right ?


      • Claire Chappell says

        No worries, that is what I thought you meant, but it seemed like a few other readers were confused so I thought I would comment. Looks like a good workout! I have done your other 20 min elliptical workout lots of times and it works! I did the 50 min one + the 20 min walking incline workout on Sunday for a good long sweat session and I definitely felt the effects the next day, in a good way!


  17. Molly M. says

    Hi Julie, I think the model in the scorpion video is Katrina from Tone It Up, they are my favorite trainers ever, if you’ve never tried their workout videos I highly recommend them.


  18. says

    I’m doing BBB as well and actually did Wednesday’s on Tuesday. I’m not sure which was worse, the Scorpion or the plank toe-taps! I was a jiggly mess by the end and I have been VERY aware of my obliques since then (as in OUCH!). Call me crazy, but I’m lovin’ it!


  19. says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! I signed up after I attempted to get personal training at my gym until I saw the price tag ($500 for 5 sessions?!?!). Crazy! I am LOVING it so far and incredibly thankful for the flexibility it brings. I hurt my foot this week so I’ve been unable to attend my usual bootcamp-style classes but I’ve been following her plan! So perfect! And those scorpions, WOW! I was very nearly cursing as I was doing them but so proud I could!

    Anyways just wanted to thank you! I also tend to wake up and decide what to eat for breakfast based off of what you or Tina from Carrots ‘N Cake had! 🙂



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