Slow Cooker Carnitas

Now that the Crock Pot Challenge is in full swing, I find myself feeling more and more motivated in the kitchen. Trying out new recipes is a lot of fun, especially when the recipes involve the crock pot and aren’t overly complicated.

Yesterday I made Lindsay’s slow cooker carnitas.

Carnitas Crock Pot

I followed the recipe on Lindsay’s blog exactly and after eight hours, our house smelled fantastic and we had a delicious no-fuss dinner on our hands.

Crockpot Carnitas

While I thought the pork was good, Ryan was a huge fan. He said that this pork was “restaurant quality.” It was extremely flavorful (placing the pork back into the sauce is a must) and I think it would be a great dish to make on Super Bowl Sunday to feed a whole gang of hungry people.

slow cooker carnitas

We paired the carnitas with steamed veggies and a sweet potato topped with a bit of Earth Balance.

When I went to put the leftovers away, Sadie broke out her best pitiful “please gimme some carnitas” face.

Sadie Vizsla

She gets me every time. I’m such a sucker.


This morning I hopped on the treadmill at the gym for a 40 minute workout. I ran four miles, followed by a .25 mile cool down walk and some stretching.

40 minute treadmill workout

I’ve been extra mindful of my hips lately and try to take a solid five minutes to go through some of my favorite hip stretches after a run. I’m hoping this will help keep my running injury free since my hips seem to be my “problem area” when it comes to injuries and pain. So far so good! Knock on wood.


Pancakes for breakfast!


I planned to make whole wheat pancakes, but ended up making the pancakes with half white flour/half whole wheat flour because we ran out of wheat flour at the last minute.

I have a feeling I’m going to be digging into my morning snack a bit early since I doubt these pancakes will keep me full for long. I should’ve added some almond butter to the batter for some staying power. Next time!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you stretch before and/or after a workout… or not at all?
  • Do you take special care to target your stretching based on past injuries?


  1. says

    I don’t usually stretch before a run (though I probably should). I try to stretch after a run and use the foam roller, but I’m rather uncoordinated on it. Sometimes I have my boyfriend roll out my calves for me, which he seems to get a sort of evil joy out of. I also try to do yoga when I feel really tight, especially in my hips, because it helps loosen me back up.


  2. Deanne says

    I stretch before. When I started running I had pain in my shins and plantar fasciitis, I read online that those can be from tight calfs so I try to stretch them out as much as possible. If I do stretch the shin pain is gone, I still struggle with painful feet though. Nothing seems to help that. I developed it before I started running and it just would not go away. Once I started running I noticed that if I take a break for a few days my feet get better, weird.


  3. says

    I try to do 5-10 minutes of stretching/foam-rolling after a run. And I’m usually pretty good about it… but some mornings I’m so ready for breakfast or a shower that it gets clipped off pretty shortly.


  4. says

    I actually stretch my leg muscles quite a bit and I also do stretches for my feet. I am prone to plantar fasciitis and once it hits, it is a pain {literally} to get rid of!

    Those carnitas look amazing!


  5. says

    Yes, stretching is a must for me allllll throughout the day, before and after a workout! Sometimes even a little during a workout. It just makes me feel so good and refreshed, and it’s kind of addicting I must say! I don’t know how one could be injury free without stretching b/c I think I’d be hurting all over then! hah


  6. says

    I loveee stretching after a work out. We always stretched in HS/College and it’s a habit that has stuck with me. It makes a huge difference. I love hip stretches because they just feel amazing, but my problem area is my joints, so I try to do a lot of restorative yoga for them on top of my normal stretching.

    I’ve used my pot three times this week already for the challenge, and I love how it takes no time to prep for! My husband is going to be sick of crock meals by the time Feb rolls around!


  7. says

    That pork looks amazing. For years I didn’t stretch before or after I ran and it didn’t affect me at all. Now I do a brief stretch beforehand and a brief on after. The only time I really feel the repercussions of not stretching is if I take a few days off… basically it’s motivation for me to be consistent!


  8. says

    I also have problems with my hips and have started doing the pigeon pose since I saw your post on it. :) I definitely try to stretch after workouts but not before. I remember hearing it was bad for your muscles to stretch them when they are cold.


  9. Beth Snyder says

    I don’t stretch before I run at all- I’ve read a lot that it can actually be harmful to stretch while your muscles are “cold”. AND… I know I should stretch when I’m done but I rarely ever do! It’s definitely a habit I need to get into. I think I stretch more often when I’ve run outside vs. running on the treadmill.


  10. says

    I have to work on stretching my hamstrings, calves, and hips because they get so tight and I’ve had injuries in the past because of the tight muscles. It’s really hard for me to make myself stretch and foam roll, though! I’m not sure why, I guess because it doesn’t seem that essential? It’s something I’m making a priority after hurting myself on a New Year’s Eve half-marathon.


  11. Dee says

    I actually don’t stretch before my runs, and although I should stretch after, I don’t :( I found that after my runs, I want to be productive and get on with the day. But I do make sure to walk a little after! My problem area is my knees! I dont know any knee stretches, but if the pain flares up, ill wear my brace for the day :)


  12. says

    I am terrible about stretching but ive never had an injury to scare me into stretching. I need to not let it get to that point though. I have started trying to do yoga once a week though as an attempt at getting more stretched out. Better than nothing!


  13. says

    I love when Sadie makes the blog!

    I am notorious for not stretching before or after workouts, so I have been making a conscious effort lately to be better. I realize that my body no longer responds to a long run the way it did when I was in high school and college and that I need to stretch.


  14. says

    I was just thinking about how terrible I am at remembering to stretch before and after workouts. I”m usually good about stretching after runs (it’s really helped my shin splints!), but I rarely stretch when doing strength workouts


  15. says

    I at least stretch for a good five minutes and do all my stretches 3 times through. It makes a huge difference. My cross country coach was really about making sure we didn’t get injuries. The running stretch is my fave move to stretch the hip flexors really good.


  16. Amanda Bass says

    Thanks for posting the hip stretches. I also struggle with hip/lower back pain from running. I see a chiropractor once a week and that seems to really help along with the wonderful foam roller. I notice mine when I run too much in a week or increase my mileage too quickly.


  17. says

    I do target my stretches- usually to hips/groin and calves, oh and hammys. I’m a bit slack with stretching- definitely don’t do it as much as I should. All my classes finish with stretching and I never stretch beforehand. I do foam roll daily though after my classes and teaching.


  18. Jenn says

    Absolutely love your blog! I found it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and have been following you since :) Tried the carnitas and they were delicious. Served them with tortillas and had cilantro, salsa, fresh mozzarella, limes, black beans and cabbage as toppings… I too am a fitness and health food junkie and you’ve inspired me to start a blog of my own- very excited!


  19. Laurie says

    That pork looks delicious. I want to try it but everything I cook in my slow cooker fails. It is newer and I’m wondering if it cooks at higher temperatures then other ones. My beef is always dry. I’ve cooked steel cuts oats and has to be on warm, not even low and I cooked it for half the time it was recommended. I bought a new one because my last one was the same. Any suggestions?


  20. Julie Grant says

    Made the crockpot carnitas today! My husband could smell it in the garage when he got home from work. They were amazing!! Cilantro, sliced avocado and tomato plus a dollop of plain Greek yogurt made this dish heavenly. My husband was so impressed and my parents just loved them! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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