BodyPump Obsessed

At lunchtime today, I took a workout break and headed to the gym with my dad. We had big plans for our afternoon workout.



I am just a little bit in love with BodyPump and have missed the class so much ever since we moved to Ocala. I took BodyPump multiple times a week when we lived in Orlando and since BodyPump is nowhere to be found in Ocala, I miss it terribly. Luckily my parents’ gym offers the class. We’re all members of the same gym chain, so I am able to use their gym for free when I am in town!

I took it easy today and used lighter weights during the songs that focused on squats and lunges since I’m still recovering from Saturday’s race, but I felt the burn big time during the upper body tracks. I loved it and my arms felt like Jello as I walked out of the class when it was over.  The burn I felt in my biceps and shoulders today reminded me just how much I adore the burn of BodyPump. It’s the best. Phew!


Lunch today was inhaled the minute I was done showering.


I assembled an easy meal of leftover whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce from Saturday night’s dinner and taboule.


I’ve tried taboule one or two times before and I adore it! I love all of the fresh flavors.


Now I’m about to head out to hopefully find a quiet place to work and study for the rest of the day. See ya later!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is your favorite group exercise class?

BodyPump is obviously my all-time favorite group exercise class, but I also loved the boot camp classes that my old gym in Orlando offered. And Jazzercise is pretty much the most fun workout on the planet.


  1. Erika says

    I like group classes. I use to take an awesome Kickboxing class and a really good Spin class – though I have found a lot depends on the instructor as to how good the class is. I’ve never done group yoga before and am signing up for a class in February – I’m a little nervous since I’ve only ever done yoga in the privacy of my house but I’m anxious to learn more.


  2. says

    I also love BodyPump and miss it so much! I currently don’t have a gym membership to save up some money, so I’ve been doing a lot of my workouts in our “home gym”, outdoors (when it’s not too cold), or using workout dvds. Even though it’s super convenient, I miss my favorite group fitness classes SO much! I also love spin and bootcamp classes. I’ve been wanting to get certified to teach group exercise for the past couple years, so I’m hoping to make it happen later this year after I get my body back after we have our baby.


  3. says

    Ooh BodyPump! This is how I started lifting and loved it. Especially the loud blasting music. We alternated Body Pump and Body Attack (cardio version of Body Pump) at our old gym and the instructors kicked my butt.

    This was followed by a close second with Zumba. That was just fun. Here it’s a bunch of older people in the class now, so not quite my cup of tea. But apparently there’s a bunch of Youtube videos online now, so I may just keep in my back pocket for a cross training sort of day


  4. says

    Completely agree with you on this, I am obsessed with group fitness – I always seem to push my limits so much more than when working out alone. The group energy is undeniably motivating. Tried Physique 57 (a barre type class) for the first time this weekend and it was so killer! Also love spinning, and a class called Butt Bustin’ at my gym (it’s a HIIT/boot camp/cardio insane mash up). Glad you enjoyed Body Pump, I’ll cross my fingers that Les Mills comes somewhere near you soon. 😉 In the meantime, maybe seek out some really passionate/high energy instructors at your current gym? They might have a random class that could surprise you!


  5. Ashley says

    I really love BodyPump too! I once had a trainer tell me that it is mainly cardio and I shouldn’t consider it strength training, which I thought was insane. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels (and sees!) a difference thanks to this class!


  6. says

    I used to do BodyPump at my old gym and I loved it too! Worked all of my muscles, the music makes it fun, and you do different moves/routines every couple of weeks, so you don’t get bored. It’s great! I miss it.


  7. says

    My spin teacher was talking about Body Pump yesterday and said that the downtown Y has been trying to drop Body Pump for a while, but it can’t because it’s so damn popular (it’s the only Y in Central Florida that offers it, unfortunately). She’s the coordinator for my Y and there are sadly no plans to offer it any time soon. Booooo! She does use a lot of the same principals when she teaches strength, but doesn’t like to be “tied down” to a set playlist/set of moves. The same goes with the Les Mill RPM class (plus apparently they are expensive?). So this is a really long comment to say I feel ya!


  8. Jen says

    Did your instructor say if you were doing the latest release today? The newest one is AWESOME!! My shoulders especially feel the burn. Other than Pump, Body Combat is my other fave group exercise class. Love me some Les Mills!


  9. rachel says

    oriental dance!! I joined a class in Turkey, thinking it was just an aerobics class. I was by FAR the youngest person in the group, and the instructor was a 60 year old firecracker!! It was fantastic, so much fun, although I felt so self conscious as most Turks dance like that from the moment they are born!


  10. Jenny says

    I LOVE Body Pump!! Love, love, love it. I also like Body Combat…Les Mills is awesome. I’m also a big fan of Zumba, Hip Hop and yoga. I really prefer group fitness classes to working out alone. It makes me push myself harder! I’m trying Pure Barre next month (yay Groupon) and am terrified!


  11. says

    YAY!! I love that you love BP 🙂

    I teach Les Mills BodyPUMP, CXWORX (core training <–killer), and now GRIT <–which is 30 mins HIIT. Les Mills knows how to deliver the burn & results, eh?? I love what I do. I STILL stick by what I said many months ago, you should look into getting certified! I bet you'd be great at it!

    p.s. I love 84. In general the music rocks & I love the moves. My fave is squats, triceps, shoulders, & core!


  12. says

    BP is my favorite but that’s probably because I’m a certified instructor 🙂 And it totally changed my body. I also think Piloxing is fun, and I take a circuit class that’s very P90X-esque that is really great in a butt-kicking sort of way.


  13. Bridget Quigley says

    I’m obsessed with Zumba, but in my current financial situation I can’t afford a gym membership! I have a gym at my apartment complex that I can use for free, and it’s pretty nice, just the basics. I seriously get depressed when I think back to the days when cross training meant a 90 minute Zumba class…. sigh….


      • Bridget Quigley says

        There’s a gym close to me that does and I think I’m going to look into that! Thanks so much!! My body is craving a Zumba burn and the DVD’s aren’t the same at all!


  14. Anne Marie says

    I have a lover for Body Pump too! 🙂 But I also recently tried Body Combat and I have to say I think it is my all time favorite at the moment! it’s awesome 🙂


  15. Jessica says

    The only fitness class that I have done is yoga. The university here has a yoga club. Each Saturday they have a different local instructor come to teach. It’s nice to you have a variety because there are different types of yoga to learn from.

    In the summer, I like to meet with a women’s running club. They work on speed work at the track. It’s a great way to meet other runners that are at the same training level.


  16. Annie says

    I switched gyms so I could try body pump and have been obsessed ever since! My body is still getting used to it though so I have to keep a few days between each classes but I agree, that burn is the best!


  17. Jennifer says

    I love the cardio kickboxing. I get all of my pent up frustrations out for the day and definitely feel the burn when I leave the gym.

    Congrats on the PR this past weekend!


  18. Cheryl says

    I haven’t taken the group class but recently purchased Les Mills Pump through Beachbody to start Feb 3rd. It’s the same as the classes but you can do it at home! It’s a 90-day scheduled program like the other Beachbody programs. They also came out with Combat recently. The barbell and weights are included. Can’t wait to get started!


  19. says

    I just tried a Latin dance class last weekend and LOVE it. Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not just latin music. It’s hip hop, 90’s, 80’s, pop, and latin. It’s so fun. The hour just flies by and before you know it you’re cardio session is done!

    When I first started working out I used to take a boot camp class. That was amazing. It’s what got me into weight lifting. Now I do it on my own.


  20. says

    What a coincidence — my best friend and I are trying Body Pump for the first time tonight. They just started offering it at our gym at school! I’m committing to go twice a week, worked it into my schedule and everything! 🙂


  21. says

    You have to try Season 52’s taboule! It’s the best I’ve had!
    I just text my gym owner and told them they seriosuly need to start body pump classes!! 🙂


  22. Lori says

    I love body pump as well! Julie, you should get certified to teach body pump and bring it to your gym. I bet a lot of other people in your area would be excited to have it. Love the Sadie pics.


  23. says

    I used to go to BodyAttack 4 times a week – Loved it sooo much.
    I really , really want to go to Pump but sooo intimidated that I’ll be completely lost during the whole thing…How do you know how much weights to use, etc, etc. i need to suck it up and just GO this year though since all these classes are free at my gym!


  24. says

    I’m a Zumba instructor so I may be a little biased. Nothing gets me going more than a little latin music.
    I’ve always wanted to try Body Pump but I’m so scared. It always looks to tricky for me. Any tips?


  25. Lindsey says

    Body attack by far is the best cardio workout. I always leave soaked with sweat, I love that feeling! Sometimes I’ll stay for body pump too! I can’t get enough!


  26. Kelsey says

    After following your blog for a few weeks I looked up to see if there were any Body Pump classes near me. a gym close by offered it so I joined and took my first class Sunday morning…needless to say I LOVED IT!!! They only offer it 3X a week and I can only make 2 out of 3 because of work soI’m a little bummed about that but you inspired me to join this gym and I’m so glad I did! Next i’m going to try kickboxing and spinning but prior to BodyPump I was an avid Zumba taker (and still am) I have no rhythm but I love Zumba and it put me in the best shape of my life in the summer…I’m hoping the mix of all classes will put me in even better shape…Thank you for introducing me to BodyPump!


  27. Diana says

    My old gym was taken over by another chain and they got rid of all Les Mills classes…I cancelled my membership and lift weights at home now (we have a great set up in our garage) but I miss BodyPump SO much…you would think it’s an actual friend of mine that moved away. I also really miss BodyAttack and BodyCombat….but Pump was my #1 favorite.


  28. Stephanie Gramlich says

    My favorite fitness class was offered at my old gym in Illinois and I miss it so much it was called H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) the woman who ran the class was an animal I seriously found myself on whole new levels after going there 4 days a week. If only i could move that class to Milwaukee *sigh* 🙁


  29. says

    I completely agree with you – Body Pump is great. I’m not one to make time to lift at the gym, but I’m always up for a Body Pump class. Something about the music just makes the time fly and guarantees a good workout.


  30. says

    Ahh I’m so curious about Bodypump as I’ve never tried it! Actually, I’ve never tried ANY group classes because I tend to have fun working out by myself and motivate myself quite well~but the fun music component and group work sounds like a fun change too. 🙂 Perhaps I SHOULD try it one of these days…..btw, do you see any pregnant women in there? I’m just not sure how the class feels in general especially for a preggie woman.


  31. says

    I am honestly obsessed with all of the Les Mills formats. Every time I try a new class, I just love how the music captivates me and totally gets me to push myself to the limit while working out and having fun. Tomorrow, I am teaching the newest BodyPump release (84) and I can’t wait!! It is honestly one of my favorites 🙂


  32. Amanda says

    I am planning to go to my first BodyPump class tomorrow morning! My husband and I recently switched gyms, and when I looked at the group classes offered I was SO excited to see BodyPump! I have been counting down the days until i could go! I knew it was a must after seeing you mention it so often! I’m a little nervous to go the first time, but I can’t wait to feel the burn!!


  33. Cate says

    I used to do Body Pump, but like you, my current gym does not offer it. We do have a relatively new and really awesome class called RIPPED. It’s choreographed to high-energy music like Body Pump, but it includes cardio intervals and plyometrics as well. It’s a great all-around workout.


  34. says

    I love love love Zumba workouts- with that music you can’t help but work it until your about to fall over! I also am a Pilates freak. It works muscles I normally wouldn’t in other classes 🙂 Never tried body pump though!


  35. Vanessa says

    I live in Jacksonville and that Y looks very familiar : ) I did Body Pump there all summer and LOVED it!!! I had to give up my membership when my son went back to school because the distance was too far from his pre school. You probably “pumped” with my mom this morning!


  36. says

    I have to admit something. As a CrossFitter, I kind of thought (in my head, never out loud since I’m not one to frown upon something like this) Body Pump was just another workout class. Thought it wasn’t a “big deal”. That is until I freaking went with my co-worker the other week and OH MY LORD. Even though the weights were minature and weird sizes, it was still a tough workout that had my body pumpin. Ha ha. Like what I did there?


  37. AJ says

    I LOVE taboule!! Especially with hummus! The freshness is great, especially in the summer. And Happy 5th Birthday to Sadie!!



  38. Heather says

    If you’re ever in Gainesville let me know and I can get you a visitor pass to my gym. We have body combat, body pump, and body flow (love, love, love them all) so that way you can get your body pump fix 🙂


  39. says

    totally rocked body pump today too. i LOVE it! it’a a 3 way tie between that, tabata and boot camp. hitting all the muscle groups in body pump is a slam dunk. and the change up in boot camp and tabata keeps my muscles guessing.


  40. Lia says

    After reading about bodypump so much on your blog I went to a different YMCA in my area that offers it (unfortunately the one closest to my house doesn’t have it) on Saturday to try it out. I was a little overwhelmed at first because everyone knew what to do without instruction and jumped right in. I’ve never really lifted with a barbell so I was just trying to figure out how much weight to put on and how to secure the weights. Once I figured all of that out I LOVED it. Like I said, I don’t really lift but the class made it doable and FUN! I was so sore yesterday which ended up not being very good since I had a 8 mile run (half marathon training) but I really felt like bodypump worked out every muscle in my body! Thanks for the recommendation. I intend on trying to go at least once a week.


  41. says

    Body Step is mine- and I also teach it! I’ve actually stopped Body Pump and picked up my own free weight training for something different. I also love Body attack (soon to be training it it), CX and Grit Strength!


  42. says

    Woo woo! It makes me happy that you got a little Pump in your life 🙂 It is amazing how effective those tracks are in just 5 minutes! You should go to BodyPump training! Even if you don’t have a gym in Ocala yet I’m sure you would enjoy and benefit from the workshop.


  43. Michela says

    Hi there! If you LOVE Bodypump, I highly recommend giving Cathe Friedrich workout DVDs and/or downloads a try! They are truly great workouts. Her latest from the last few years are my faves: Crossfire, Aftterburn, Cardio Leg Blast etc. HIIT, bootcamp, heavy weights, kickboxing- she does it all!!!


  44. Kelsey Y. says

    I’m actually going to be trying group classes for the first time this semester at my university. They offer quite a few of them, and all you have to do is purchase a pass for $50 and they are unlimited for the rest of the semester! I’m excited to add something new to my workout routine!


  45. eliza says

    I was trying to search your page but couldnt find it- what kind of protein powder is your favorite and what kind is the best value? thanks!!


  46. says

    PUMP IS MY LIFE!!!! I used to take it at the gym, then found that Beachbody had a home version. OMG I had to have it!! I’m doing it now as a matter of fact! Can’t get enough PUMP in my life!
    LOVE your blog girl, just found it. The name cracks me up, cuz I’m kinda a PB whore!


  47. Cari says

    Love body pump! I’m an instructor (I teach today, actually), and it’s great! I’m thinking about adding CXworks or GRIT instructor certification in the future 🙂


  48. says

    I love a good spin class. My favorite was cardio kickboxing, but the instructor left and they never got a decent replacement and ended up canning the class altogether. 🙁 As others have mentioned before this comment, Instructors make or break a class.


  49. Lisa says

    I just joined a new gym in town that has all the LesMills classes. I can’t wait to try them based on what you’ve said. How did you fit them into your exercise schedule? (Ex. classes a few times a week and alternate cardio?) I’m in Valdosta if you ever want to join me in a class!!


  50. Linda says

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  51. says

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