Imagining Sadie on National TV

My mom and I shared dinner duty last night and while she prepared sweet potatoes and ribs, I made a veggie-packed side dish.


I know it doesn’t look like much, but we all loved it! I’ll measure everything out the next time I make it so I can share the exact recipe with you, but I basically combined coconut milk, ginger, curry powder, garlic and a sprinkle of salt in a pot with a sliced onion, chopped cauliflower and broccoli and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.


We spent the rest of the night reading and watching The Bachelor. Is anyone else watching this season? My favorite part of last night’s episode was when Sean surprised Sarah with her dog. I can only imagine what would happen if someone ever tried to surprise me with Sadie on national television. She’d whimper, froth at the mouth, roll over to show her girly parts and possibly and pee herself. Quality television, I assure you.



Breakfast this morning started with a base of Greek yogurt.


I topped strawberry Greek yogurt with Smart Start cereal, dried goji berries and almonds.



Dig in!

Question of the Morning

  • Bachelor fans: Who do you want Sean to end up with (if anyone) at the end of the show?


  1. says

    That was my favorite part, too. I thought that was so sweet of Sean to arrange for her dog to be there (or ABC…) I really like Desree the best so far. She seems very sweet & genuine, and their date was fun to watch last week. I used to like Kacie B a lot when she was on Ben’s season, but not as much this time around. I guess it doesn’t matter now! :/


  2. says

    I think I’ve mentioned this before but I love the zebra striped headband! I am still liking both of the Leslie’s and am hoping he gets to know the curly haired Leslie more but then ends up with World Record Leslie!


  3. says

    Nope – if I get started on a “reality” show then I can’t stop watching and before I know it, I’m suckered in 5 days a week. I have no restraint so I just don’t start. Those ribs from last night look absolutely delicious!


  4. says

    I seriously don’t know! Tierra-no, I kinda liked Desiree at the beginning, but she’s starting to seem a bit needy to me, and I sorta like AshLee, but wasn’t a fan about how she barged in on someone elses “alone time” with Sean after she already had a rose and was safe.


  5. says

    Well I was hoping Kacie B, but that’s obviously not going to happen. I really don’t have a favorite at the moment, so we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tiera make it until the end.


  6. Angela I says

    I really want him to end up with Leslie M.! It’d be pretty awkward to end up with someone else but still hold the kissing record with her… haha. Plus, I think she’s fun and cares about him a lot.


  7. says

    My breakfast of choice today was pancakes. Yum. I need to start watching the bachelor. Everyone is hooked on it and I feel like the kid that’s chasing after everyone else on the playground because I’ve never seen it!


  8. Laua says

    Yay! I love that you watch the Bachelor! It’s totally my guilty pleasure show. I think Des is my favorite (I couldn’t believe he had her be the last girl to get the rose!), but I also really like Lesley and Lindsay is really starting to grow on me too. Do you read Kristen Baldwin’s recaps on Entertainment Weekly? If not, you should check her out, she’s hilarious. 🙂


  9. says

    I haven’t seen last night’s Bachelor episode yet, so I suppose my opinions could change, but I think my top favorites are Desiree and Kacie B. Kacie does get a little emotional and dramatic at times, but I still would love to see her end up with Sean at the end.


  10. says

    I haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet since I have to wait until today to watch it on Hulu, so I’m really not sure yet! Haha and sadie would probably freak, especially with all the behind the scenes crew people around!


  11. says

    I really like Sarah, even though she’s kind of ditzy sometimes. Remember that story about her not being able to zipline? Now, don’t get me wrong. That was a touching story, that she wasn’t able to zipline even though she KNEW she could do it. But the part that she tacked on at the end about her dad telling her, “Someday, you’ll find a guy who will help you do the things you can’t do…”

    WHAT!? That cracked me up! I mean, what dad would say that??? I know if my dad was trying to comfort me, he would say, “I know you can do anything you put your mind to!” or something equally as inspiring, but you could tell that she tacked on that part about finding a guy to help her through life in order to appeal to Sean/the producers. BUT I still like her!!

    I also like Desiree and Lesley (blonde Lesley, I think there are two), but Tierra or whatever her name is? That girl is definitely the villan! This is my first season watching The Bachelor, and I’m totally hooked, which is so weird to me — I never thought I’d like it! I am always behind, though because the fiance is NOT a fan, so I usually watch the episodes when he isn’t home.


  12. Stephanie says

    I looovee Ashlee! Her or Des are the only ones that deserve him. He’s def the most down to earth Bachelor I’ve seen on the show, telling Kacie B she was being crazy, ha!


  13. Bailey says

    I love Kacie, I am from TN and she is a TN girl! I have not watched last nights episode yet! I have heard that he picks Catherine in the end 🙁


  14. Kristen says

    Des is going to go far. I mean, he’s already calling her by a nickname so you know she’s a frontrunner. Although they like to make you think Tierra is leading the pack I don’t think he’ll pick her.


  15. says

    I love Sarah. I think she is so mature and has a lot more to offer than the other girls. My husband however is rooting for Desiree with Sarah as runner up. I too loved the dog part, she seemed so happy to see her (or him?? I don’t remember) and it showed what kind of guy Sean is. I hope for ONCE (well, second.. Trista and Ryan are still married) a couple will remain together.. I’m kind of a sappy gal as you can now all see. Hahaha. 🙂


  16. says

    I really like Lesley, Desiree, and the girl (who’s name I can’t remember) that was adopted and went on the date to Six Flags with him. I’m so glad that Kacie went home. I didn’t mind her on Ben’s season, but she rubbed me the wrong with with Sean. I also think Tierra should go.


  17. PluvK says

    I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I couldn’t think of a sweeter gift! My dog would probably do the same as Sadie, except he’d show his “boyish bits.” 🙂 Your side dish looks good! Can’t wait for the recipe! I almost thought you had made cabbage with broccoli (which has been my new favorite side), but cauliflower is even better.


  18. Alyssa Loper says

    I just love Dez. I think she has what I like to call the Carrie underwood factor. Guys wanna date her and girls wanna be her best friend.


  19. says

    To be honest, the show’s kind of losing it’s luster to me. I’m trying to hang in there but not sure if I will this season. I’m actually one of those types that likes to read all of the spoilers up front, so I already know who “wins” – don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans here. 😉 Having said all that, I think I’d much rather watch Sadie on TV. 😀


  20. Sohannet Miranda says

    The veggies look great but I am feeling those ribs wink wink please post recipe they look cooked just right
    thank you!!


  21. says

    I loved when they brought her dog on, so sweet! That was sad she thought he was sending her home.

    I have 2 dogs and one of them would have been crying and jumping all over me but the other would go use the bathroom in the bushes first. I really like Sarah but it is obvious that him and Lesley have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ goin’ on…


  22. Rianna says

    Ah, the Bachelor…such a great show to make fun of but also secretly really enjoy! My favorites so far are Desiree and Leslie, mostly because they just seem like normal, nice people and don’t get involved in any of that stupid, unnecessary drama!


  23. Anne says

    So glad to know that my dog isn’t the only one who likes to splay out her legs and wishes you to rub her girlie parts. Sometimes she doesn’t even get up from the couch when we walk in; she just lifts up and leg and says “come rub me.”


  24. says

    I also loved that Sean brought Sarah’s dog on–I would have cried! I really like Sarah and Lesley and am really bummed that people posted spoilers on here–it kind of takes away from the enjoyment of watching the show!


  25. says

    If that side dish contains broccoli then it has GOT to be good!!

    I am a big Bachelor fan, and I agree that the surprise with Sarah’s dog was one of the best parts of the episode. Any guy who accepts my love for my dog would earn some major points. As of right now, Sarah and Desiree are two of my favorites!


  26. says

    I didn’t see last night’s episode yet but I’m really liking Leslie and Desie right now. I like Sara but something about her just seems a little dull. Can’t wait to catch up from last night though.


  27. says

    I was definitely team Kacie when the show first started, but now I am absolutely for Des (seems to be the favorite!) and Lesley! I just think her and Shawn have so much chemistry and are relaxed around another. If he doesn’t pick her, she would make an awesome bachelorette! 😉


  28. says

    I missed The Bachelor last night and am not able to stream it from the ABC. From what I hear plenty of drama including some created by Kacie. From the two episodes I’ve seen, I like Desiree the best!

    Your veggie side dish looks yum. Anything with curry powder is a hit in my books!


  29. Katie says

    Haha, I was imagining the same thing about my own dog when that part was on! He would go crazy! I like Leslie from the kissing date!


  30. Emily says

    So far I’m liking Lesley or AshLee. Like so many others, I like Desiree, but I’m nervous about her future on the show based on upcoming scenes :/


  31. Theresa says

    Pretty upset that some girls had to post spoilers on here. Just because I wanted to read the comments to see who everyone picked doesn’t mean I wanted to know the spoilers!


  32. says

    The bachelor is getting uncomfortable to watch! The girls are relentless….. but I really liked the dog portion. I would love my Golden to appear on TV! He is such a ham, so he probably would too. I also like The dog owner, I think her name was ashley?!? Not sure. I also cried during the adoption/childhood revealing…. I’m such a sap!


  33. says

    I cried when Sean surprised Sarah with her dog! Such a cute gesture… I can’t stand being away from my pup (even just being at work for the day) so can’t imagine what it’s like for those girls being away from their fury friends for so long!


  34. Naomi says

    So far I like Leslie and AshLee the best. Oh and Des too. Time will tell! Totally agree about the guilty pleasure though. My fiance thinks it’s ridiculous 🙂


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