55 Minute Treadmill Incline Walk/Run Workout

Ready to get sweaty?

Check out today’s 55-minute Treadmill Incline Walk/Run Workout!

55 Minute Treadmill Incline Walk-Run Workout

This morning when I arrived at the gym, I figured I’d complete a cardio hodgepodge workout and jump from machine to machine. In the end, I decided to play around with the incline and speed on the treadmill to fight boredom and completed a 55-minute incline walk/run workout.

Treadmill Workout

If you think incline walking is a joke, think again! I honestly felt like running at a 6.5 was easier than haulin’ hiney at at 12.0 incline.

The workout only includes 15 total minutes of running but the running is spread out throughout the workout, so if you’re not a big fan of running on the treadmill, this workout doesn’t include a ton of it!

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When I arrived home, breakfast was waiting for me in the fridge.

Last night I prepped a bowl of overnight oats, but also added some cooked barley and quinoa to the mix since I ran out of oats.

overnight oats quinoa barley


Breakfast has looked better, that’s for sure, but it was nice and filling.

Hope you have a great Thursday! (Does it feel like Friday to anyone else???)


  1. says

    Hey Julie!
    I get such enjoyment from reading your blog. I’m a florida native (living in Orlando) so I can relate to many of the locations you mention on the blog. I grew up in Bartow – so the Tampa/Sarasota area is familiar to me as well. And Sadie – oh she is a STAR isn’t she?! and so photogenic – we should all be so lucky, right! Anyway – I’ve been following along for about 18 months now and look forward to reading each night. On another note….
    Incline walking can be soooo hard! Do your hip flexors every hurt when you increase the incline? Mine really tend to give me trouble after doing inclines on a treadmill. ???

    Have a great Friday – it will be here for real – soon!


  2. Jess says

    Thank you so much for all the workouts you post! I’m almost 6 months pregnant now so I’m starting to incorporate more walking into my runs, which I feel so-so about because I love to run fast, but your incline run/walk workouts really do the job keeping me motivated and challenged. I also made the recipe for salsa chicken in the crock pot, soooo good!


  3. Kayleen says

    I did this workout tonight! Awesome. Inclines are seriously no joke. The constant changing and watching the minutes made the time go by really fast too! I actually love to run, but know that I need to change it up sometimes. This workout helped!



  4. frank jones says

    I love your blog! So many great articles… I thought you might like to know that Dentist.net is offering 10% off their products with the code ORALCARE :)


  5. Erica D says

    I did a rendition of this Tuesday night on my treadmill. I ran for 1/2 a mile at a high speed then walked for .25 at a high incline with a lower speed. Every time I switched I’d up my speed or incline so it got harder as I went along.


  6. says

    ooooh, i have to give this workout a try, next time i am on the treadmill. I used to do some hill workouts years ago and it’s been a while. By any chance do you have any elliptical workouts or know of any good ones?


  7. Chloe says

    Does anyone know if Star Trac and Exelsior treadmills differ in their speeds? I tried this workout but didn’t find it too taxing. Am from the UK so not sure if treadmills have different speed settings over here. Have tried googling it but no luck! Any advice would be most appreciated!

    Thanks :)


  8. Willis says

    Hey I have a question, in the 55 mins workout . I’m just wondering it seem like you starting from 0 to 55 mins in the chart but on the treadmill you have to start from 55 mins down . So should I start from 55 mins going down ?


      • says

        Thanks for the quick respond .
        The gym I use the treadmill start at 0 also . If you put the mins on 0-2 or 2-4 once you get to 0 the treadmill will cut off . That’s what I was asking . Should I start at 55 mins and go down , this is a great fat burner walkout
        Thank you



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