Mark’s Prime Steakhouse

Last night I planned a fun date night!


Early last week Ryan received a promotion at work and since I was awfully proud of him, I surprised him with dinner at Mark’s Prime Steakhouse, a local restaurant we’ve been dying to try ever since we moved to Ocala. We just needed a special occasion!

Mark's Prime Ocala

Since we’re sign people, I also had a silly congratulatory sign waiting for him when we arrived home on Friday night.

congratulations sign

Have you guys seen BuzzFeed’s “50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life” picture montage? I took the picture I included on Ryan’s sign from that article because we both thought it was way too funny when we saw it online months ago. Now we send a screen shot of the picture to each other whenever something happens that warrants an enthusiastic fist pump. That kid is awesome.

After a day out and about in Ocala, we headed to Mark’s for dinner.

Our meal began with wine (for me) and beer (for Ryan).

artesa pinot noir

When I explained my wine preferences to our wonderful waiter, Kevin, he recommended that I try the Artesa Carneros pinot noir. I thought it was fabulous. It was slightly fruity but not too sweet and very smooth. I loved it!

We sipped our drinks as we dug into a fresh loaf of bread.

Mark's Prime bread

It was warm and took the edge off while we waited for our main meal.

Ryan and I also shared the steak tartare.

steak tartare

Ryan wanted to try this dish and I wasn’t completely sold at first, but once I put everything together on a little piece of toast, I changed my tune. It was delicious!

steak tartare mark's

The main courses at Mark’s Prime are served a la carte and you choose your main dish and accompanying sides separately.

For my main dish, I selected a seafood dish that included shrimp, scallops, lobster and grouper.

seafood mark's prime

I ate everything but the about half of the grouper, which I saved for lunch today.

Ryan and I selected the lobster macaroni and cheese and the grilled asparagus as our sides and couldn’t stop raving about the lobster mac.

grilled asparagus

lobster mac and cheese mark's prime

I couldn’t get enough of the cheesy noodles and kept going back for more and more. I would’ve been happy with this dish as my entrée! It was fabulous.

We left Mark’s feeling full and happy! It was a wonderful date night!


  1. says

    That mac looks BOMB! I love your date night recaps. Since I’ve been reading your blog, my boyfriend and I have actually taken up the same date night idea and it’s a blast! We’ve tried so many new places that I have a feeling we never would have gotten around to otherwise.
    And congrats to Ryan! Love the fist pump picture haha


    • Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

      Lol! Ryan got a steak and I had some of his if it makes you feel any better. I’ve always preferred seafood. 🙂


  2. says

    Buzzfeed is seriously my favorite. I work in Social Media and my coworkers and I blow up each other’s new feed with amazing Buzzfeeds. Like this –

    Also had to comment – ARTESA! I love their wine and oh my goodness if you’re ever in Napa Valley, go to the winery. It’s so, so beautiful and serene and the best way to spend an afternoon. Your dinner looks wonderful!


  3. says

    Before I moved to Cologne I was very skeptical about steak tartare. Here they got me with mett, German version of steak Tartare. It’s served with a pile of onion and you can spread it to the peace of German hard bread. Looks scary, but tastes amazing


  4. AJ says

    Your seafood main dish looks AMAZING! There is so much food there! And look at that lobster claw on the mac and cheese….amazing! Congrats to Ryan on his promotion!



  5. says

    Congrats to Ryan!!! I think it is so important to build your loved one up when big/little things happen for them. Who doesn’t like to be recognized for their accomplishments and feel extra special every now and then? I always strive to be my loved ones biggest cheerleader. And I’m all for any reason to enjoy a great meal!

    My boyfriend always gives me a hard time for not ordering steak when we’re at a steakhouse too. I always look right to the seafood section when I open a menu. Good to know I’m not the only one.


  6. says

    congrats to ryan–that’s so exciting! I always put up signs or write small notes too — I think it’s so important to highlight the little things. Plus a night out and yummy food is always a bonus :]


  7. says

    I’m adding another prerequisite to my future prince charming check off list: must enjoy making signs. 😉 I think your tradition is so cute! Congrats to Ryan!

    Dinner looks delicious–especially your seafood plate. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


  8. says

    Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel more special e.g notes & signs! When I come home from a long day and I walk up the garden path I can see the flicker of candles through the window and that instantly makes me smile and forget the headache of the day!


  9. says

    What a great date night, and the fact that you two had something to celebrate it made it that much more special! Also, what a good idea to try and save some of your dish for leftovers the next day…I need to try this. I’m definitely part of the “clean plate club” when I go out to eat


  10. says

    artesa wine is AMAZING! that is one of the wineries we went to on our honeymoon to napa a couple of years ago. i think we may have finished all the bottles we brought back with us, but your post is a great reminder that we should probably stock up 🙂


  11. says

    They gave you a whole loaf of bread?! Yes, please. That sounds like my kind of place! Congrats to Ryan on his promotion! That fist pump story is super cute. Y’alls relationship makes me have faith in love. 😀


  12. says

    I’d probably eat all of that bread by myself and then ask for more… I hardly ever have bread in my house, or if I do, it’s very minimal because for some reason, I don’t get bread crazy unless I’m not at my house. it’s like I’ve never seen bread before when I go out to a restaurant… so bizarre.


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