First Trail Race

Today has been dedicated almost entirely to a freelance piece that I initially didn’t think would require that much time. For some reason, I just couldn’t figure out a way to begin the article, so I wrote the body, conducted a phone interview with a personal trainer and NASM instructor, and went back to tackle the beginning of the article once I was nearly done. Whatever works!

My due date isn’t until next Monday, but since it is the first article for a new client (The Training Edge), I want to submit it early.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was ready for a breather and a hot bowl of soup!

Harry & David Mushroom Leek Soup

Today’s soup tasted homemade but was ridiculously easy to make thanks to a Harry & David mushroom leek soup mix that I bought at the company’s Country Village store when I was in Oregon last year.

Harry & David Soup Mix

I added chopped chicken to the soup for a punch of protein and loved every last bite. So flavorful!

Moving right along…

First Trail Race

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m already psyched for this weekend.

This morning I signed up for my first trail race!

Long Play Trail Run

I’ve done some trail running on my own in Ocala (Sadie and I actually did a 5 mile trail run last Friday), but this will be my first experience as a participant in a trail run race.

Ryan registered as well, so we’re really looking forward to running the Long Play Trail Run together. I don’t have a time goal since I know I run significantly slower on trails, but I am pumped to run in a totally different environment. We registered for the five mile race, but there is also a half marathon and 33 1/2 mile option. Hardcore!

Of Possible Interest: Races and Fitness Challenges

  • In need of some workout motivation? Check out Amanda’s Spring Bootie Buster Challenge and you could win lots of fun fitness-themed prizes!
  • Participate in the Happy 5K Virtual Race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society anytime between now and April 12. All participants will receive a glittery medal!
  • For the triathletes out there, check out Caitlin’s IronMan March Challenge! Over the course of the month, complete 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and 26.2 miles of running.

Question of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever been trail running?
  • Do you have a race coming up on your agenda?


  1. says

    Happy Wednesday Julie! I have my first race of the year next Sunday, a St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K. It’s two days after my birthday, so my husband and I are thinking of going with a combo birthday/St. Patrick’s day theme. And thanks for telling us about the Happy 5K Virtual Race; I think I’ll sign up for that one :)


  2. says

    I’m going to be running my first 5K in May – just signed up! It’s the Color Me Rad Race where spectators and volunteers get to bomb you with paint while you’re running! I figured it’s an awesome way to enter into the whole race world!


  3. says

    My New Years Resolution was to complete a 5k for a cause I believed in! I signed up for the Susan G Komen race here at Dodger Stadium, LA! I am so excited! A trail race sounds like a ton of fun, if this race is what I hope it will be I will definitely add that to my next list of things to do! Love + Shine CourtStar


  4. Amanda says

    Hey Congrats on getting registered for your first trail race. I am registered for one here in GA in April. It is the Battle of Allatoona 8 mile trail race–I’m kind of nervous because I know how much harder trail running is than road running. Good luck with your trail race!


  5. Emily says

    Julie, I love reading your blog but I was wondering if you had some favorite blogs you read or others you could recommend to check out in addition to yours.


  6. says

    I did a 4 mile trail race this summer in GA and loved it– I even won my age group and was the 2nd place female overall! I’m hoping to do some more sometime soon!


  7. Caitlin says

    AAH! I signed up for my first trail race(s) just the other day. I went on a trail run with my new running group and LOVED it. I ended up being super spontaneous and signing up for a 4 race series with a total of 41 miles. :/ You’re gonna do great!


  8. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    Oh, awesome – you’ll love the trail race! I’ve done a few and have found the sense of community to be stronger, and the runners to be more laid back and friendlier than those at road races. The setting of running through nature is awesome, and though you might initially feel more exhausted, recovery is a lot easier since running on the soft surface is kinder on your body. Plus, the aid stations at any event where there are greater distances are chock full of goodies, because runners need to take in calories as they go along. Gummy bears, flat soda, and cookies? Don’t mind if I do! It’s great to experiment with different types of fueling.
    I have a 50k coming up in about 10 weeks (Ice Age Trail 50 / 50 in WI) – can’t wait!


  9. says

    I haven’t done a trail race for a couple of years but I used to love them. Unfortunately an ankle injury on the last one put me off for a while but I’m thinking of starting again.


  10. says

    I have a 10 K race coming up in about a month (my first 10 K), and then I’m doing The Colour Run in May! Super excited for that, it looks like it’ll be so much fun!


  11. says

    Jealous! I love trail running. I went trail running for my birthday last year and woke up at 5 o clock to do so and skipped school. Its a must in my agenda. But i haven’t been in a while because the weather hasnt been to dry :(


  12. says

    Next race isn’t until April! A race down the JFK runway, so I’m pretty pumped. We’ve done hikes before, but I would be terrified to do a trail race and trip. Being in NYC, there isn’t much in the way of trails


  13. Lara says

    Thank you for your referral to Spring Bootie Buster Challenge. I hoping it’s the push I need to get me through the rest of the winter months and primed for Spring! This is new to me, so I’m curious to see how it all goes. I mentioned your blog in my entry :)
    Thanks again for all of the wonderful stuff you post! I look foward to your email in my inbox every afternoon!


  14. says

    I did my first trail race last year! It was a 5 miler and I took my boxer Jakey along with me. He loved it! And we actually won a medal for being the first pet/owner duo to cross the finish line. :-)

    You’re going to love it if you love hiking. Good luck!


  15. Christine says

    I read the line “my due date isn’t…” and thought, Oh my goodness she’s expecting and I completely missed the announcement! (I’m playing catch up on your posts). Now that I’ve cleared that up, trail racing does sound awesome, I bet it’s alot easier on the knees rather than running on pavement!



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