St. Patrick’s Day Running Gear

Lunch today snuck up on me!

Before I knew it, my stomach was grumbling and I needed food!

Fact: This meal looks horrendous. 

cauliflower sausage scramble

But lots of shredded cheese has a way of making me overlook an unattractive dish! 

I began by sautéing a chopped chicken sausage in a skillet while I steamed some cauliflower in the microwave. I then added leftover roasted Brussels sprouts to the skillet, followed by the mashed steamed cauliflower and a boatload of shredded cheese.

sausage cheese cauliflower brussels sprouts

Easy, satisfying, ugly and delicious!

March Book Club

With the majority of the votes, the winning book for the PBF March Book Club  is…

the fault in our stars john green

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. We’ll be discussing this book on the blog on Friday, April 5. I can’t wait to start reading!

Now let’s talk about St. Patrick’s Day running gear…

St. Patrick’s Day Running Gear

Are any of you out there planning to run in a St. Patrick’s Day race?

Ryan, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend and I will be running in a 10K on St. Patrick’s Day and ever since we signed up to participate, we’ve been sending each other costume ideas. You know we like to dress up for races together!

Here are some winners:

running leprechaun st patrick's day


This guy gets a gold star for running with a pot o’ gold.

running st patrick's day


Make your FACE into a shamrock. I like her style.

savannah shamrock run


I admire their commitment to the color green. (Bonus points for the Lucky Charms boxers.)

Green tutus


These girls look so cute in their green tutus!

More St. Patrick’s Day gear that caught my eye…

Green sparkle running skirt

I saw a bunch of women wearing fun sparkly skirts over their leggings or compression shorts at the Women’s Half Marathon a few years ago and thought they looked awesome! (Bachelor fans, I think we know Tierra would be all about this one. Sparkle.)

St. Patrick's Day Headbands

You guys know how obsessed I am with these headbands by now. When I saw the shamrock headband on their website, I just had to have it. A headband that doesn’t slip that’s also peppered with lots of little shamrocks!? Oh yes! (Get psyched because YOU have a chance to win a $40 BICBands gift card that you can use toward one at the end of this post!) 

  • Target $1 Bin Finds

St. Patrick's Day Costume

Surely I’m not the only one out there who gets suckered into the Target $1 bins? I found a bunch of goodies in the $1 bins last weekend that I picked up for our upcoming race, including blinking bracelets, wigs, light-up rings and more. I was especially pumped about the neck ties!

Shamrock Suspenders

Just in case your running shorts are a little too big.

Pro Compression Shamrock Marathon Socks

I’m not gonna lie, these PRO Compression shamrock socks shamROCK my socks off. (Sorry, I just can’t help myself.) I saw Monica and SkinnyRunner blog about them last week and was so excited when they sent me a pair to try! (You can use the promo code MARCH for 40% off any of their marathon socks or calf sleeves right now!) I can’t wait to wear them during next Sunday’s 10K!

  • More Fun Knee-High St. Patrick’s Day Socks

Target Shamrock Knee High Socks

Shamrock Socks

Target comes through in the clutch again with a bunch of knee-high St. Patrick’s Day socks for only $5!

Green Running Tutu

I found this little gem in the Race Junkie’s Etsy shop and thought it was adorable!

BICBands Giveaway

Now for the giveaway!

St. Patrick's Day Headbands

One PBF reader will win a $40 gift card to use on to pick out a handful of awesome workout headbands! (Just FYI, the owner of BICBands is offering all PBF readers 10% off BICBands throughout the month of March with the use of the promo code PB312!)

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me about one of the following:

  • A favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory
  • A St. Patrick’s Day tradition you have with your friends or family
  • A St. Patrick’s Day race you’re planning on participating in this year
  • Your favorite food to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day

I will randomly select a winner on Monday.

Good luck!!!


  1. Marie says

    My favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory would have to be building little cardboard lepracon houses with my parents before St. Patricks Day. Then on the morning of St. Patty’s, my parents would paint little lepracon footprints outside the house. So cute and fun!


  2. Sarah E. M. says

    My favorite St. Paddy’s Day memory is from when I was about 8 years old and went to the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade with my aunt. I dressed to the nines in an Irish sweater, green beads, and shamrock stickers to celebrate my 100% Irish heritage. A local news reporter came up to me and my aunt in the middle of the parade to interview us on camera! She started asking some questions about how we were enjoying the day, and then turned to me at the end of the interview. “So what nationality are you?” she asked smiling. I’m pretty sure she thought she already knew the answer, what with my Irish garb, red hair, freckles and all. I looked straight into the camera and triumphantly said, “English!” My reasoning was that since I spoke English, I must BE English, no!? My aunt looked mortified as paraders marched down the street with banners that read “England, Get Out of Ireland!” and the news reporters laughed and sent it back to her colleague in the newsroom.
    A day I’ll never forget!


  3. Lindsay says

    I ran the Westport St. Patty’s day fun run in Kansas City yesterday! It has been a tradition for my friends and I for the past 3 years. I love this tradition because even my non-runner friends participate and dress up for the race! ( I think the green beer and green jello shots right before the finish line help with participation.) After the race we all meet up at the Irish bar for a few drinks. I look forward to the event every year!


  4. says

    No real St. Patty’s Day traditions as of yet (although i did enjoy copious amounts of green beer in my younger, wilder, pre-kids days). This year we are planning on having green smoothies and green eggs and ham for breakfast, cabbage rolls for dinner and homemade shamrock shakes for dessert. Fun!


  5. Val says

    Favorite thing to eat on St Patricks Day is a large green smoothie for breakfast and then a little later a few green beers of course!


  6. Michelle D says

    My favorite food to enjoy on St. Patrick’s day is green beer of course!!! I know its just food coloring but I get such a kick out of it!! :)


  7. Carissa says

    My birthday is the day before St. Patty’s Day, so I enjoy getting to spend my birthday and St. Patty’s Day with my friends and family. Spending quality time with those I love two days in a row is the best!


  8. Stacy says

    St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday! I love going into NYC to see the parade. I used to march in it every year with my elementary school band and now I get to see my nieces play!


  9. Raquel says

    Our family drives up North to the cute little town of Clare, MI to enjoy their Irish Festival. Friday and Saturday day is kid time.They have a have 10K, 5K and Kids run which our family participates in. Then we watch the parade for a little bit (it’s a very long parade – 1.5 hours long!), take a swim in the hotel pool and eat lunch. After lunch my step mom takes our two little ones for the night so the adults can have a few black & tans and yummy Grasshoppers!


  10. Courtney says

    This St. Patrick’s Day my family will be enjoying corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot. We enjoy celebrating our Irish heritage! :)


  11. Rebecca says

    One St Patrick’s Day I ran a half marathon in the morning, then went to an all afternoon/evening pub crawl in DC with my friends that I ran the half marathon with! What made it even better was that it was WARM that day! No coat necessary!


  12. Danielle Dumont says

    My favorite (new) tradition that I just started this year is going into downtown Detroit (I’m a midwest girl through and through) and watching the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with family. There is a 5k race before the parade and the costumes are out of this world. Perhaps next year I will add to the tradition and race, too!


  13. says

    I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day every year because we have a bunch of friends get together for corned beef & cabbage, Irish soda bread, and lots of fun beverages. It’s such a great time!


  14. Alissa says

    My favorite St. Patrick’s day memory is “Kegs & Eggs” at my brother’s college house. Though we are not Irish at all it was a good excuse to tap a keg at 7AM.


  15. says

    I love St. Patty’s Day, even though I am not a bit Irish. The last few years I have started two St. Patty’s Day traditions. The first is either attending or volunteering a Childhood Cancer benefit in Ma called Cure Me I’m Irish! The benefit is very fun and includes beer tasting, a band, and some great raffle items. Then second tradition is running the New Bedford Half Marathon in New Bedford , Ma. The race is put on by the Friendly Sons of St Patrick, and a local track club, so it typically falls on or Before St. Patty’s. The race is a great course and the after party is awesome!Thanks for the fun costume ideas!


  16. says

    My favorite (only?) st patty’s day memory is last year. I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time ever. I worked with a man at the time who is authentic irish from chicago (I’m in Jacksonville, fl). His mom always makes that dish for the holiday. I brought him a dish and he was so grateful he was nearly in tears. It made my day to be able to bring a little home to him!


  17. Alison says

    I loved running the Detroit Corktown St. Pat’s race this year. The weather was GORGEOUS (aka sunny and 55) and everyone was in the best mood. It’s great to see so many people enjoying a city that definitely needs some support.


  18. Kristina says

    My mom on a previous St.Patty’s day made Guinness Brownies! I love Guinness and chocolate so it is a match made in heaven. However, it didn’t have a strong Guinness taste so it is a recipe must-try!



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