Water Fitness

It’s a wet, dreary morning in Ocala today. Rainy weather warrants working away in a cozy coffee shop, so after breakfast this morning, I drove to Starbucks to redeem my free birthday drink coupon and take advantage of their wifi.

Ocala Starbucks

FYI for all my Frappuccino lovers, tomorrow through May 12 is Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks from 3 – 5 p.m. Half off all Frappuccinos!

Frappuccino Happy Hour

Since I planned for today to be a catch up day for freelance and blog-related work (I am not working at the gym today), I welcome the rain. It makes it easier to feel motivated to work inside and get stuff done.

Backing up a bit to this morning’s breakfast…

Right after I woke up, I made myself peanut butter toast topped with a sliced banana and pumpkin pie spice.

Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

It was an easy morning meal and a filling one, too!

Water Fitness

Yesterday I got some exciting news at work! I am going to be teaching water fitness classes!

I will begin training with another instructor very soon and the plan is for me to teach the class two days a week.

I’ve always been a huge fan of water-based workouts (I was on the diving and water polo teams in high school and worked as a lifeguard every summer), but I know teaching water fitness classes will be a new challenge. I’ve taught swim lessons before and taken water aerobics, but teaching a water fitness class will take me out of my comfort zone a bit and I can’t wait. Lots to learn!

Question of the Morning

  • If you were going to teach a fitness class, what fitness class would you want to teach?

I really hope to teach boot camp or circuit workout classes in the future. And of course my dream is to teach BodyPump, assuming I can convince my gym to hop on board and bring the class to our gym. Fingers crossed!


  1. Beth Snyder says

    Julie, all your glowing endorsements for Body Pump have persuaded me to try it! I’m not usually a big fan of group exercise classes, but I bought a groupon for a local place that has Les Mills classes. Here’s hoping I enjoy it even half as much as you do!!


  2. Darrecia says

    I’ve become a huge fan of spinning over the last year. I would definitely like to become a Spin Instructor if the opportunity ever presented itself!


  3. says

    I need to add something else in to my workout routine. Spinning is a great idea. I have lost almost 30lbs. using good eating, the supplements I carry, as well as cardio. But I think a bike might be a good thing :)


  4. says

    I don’t know that I have the energy to TEACH a class but I love taking them! LOL And I’m super jealous of your soggy weather. I miss Florida. In NorCal we are having highs of 90 but with 20-30mph gusting winds.


  5. says

    I love that you are teaching a swim class! I have never participated in a swimming fitness class, but I hear they are intense. I have taught cycle, Ab Lab, and Step. I would love to learn to teach Pilates or Yoga, and then some type of strength or circuit workout class.


  6. says

    I taught water aerobics & swimming as college credit to college students when I was doing my Master’s degree. It was super fun! They loved it :) Water aerobics can be very challenging! I just bought a book & learned diff exercises & then added music! Will you be IN the water or on the deck? I did most of it on the deck–b/c it’s easier for them to see, but sometimes I’d hop in with them, which was a nice change up.

    I hope you get BP certified!! Then we could be Les Mills instructor buddies! I’d have lots of advice & tips for ya ;) I can’t wait to see that dream of yours come true! p.s. if you ever get a chance to, try Les Mills GRIT –it’s their new 30 min HIIT class. And it’s killer. xo


  7. says

    I think its awesome that you get to teach a water fitness class! I know those classes are most popular with an older crowd because it is a great low impact workout, but as a 22 year old college student I absolutely adore my water aerobics class! I think I would actually LOVE teaching those classes just based on the fact that when in a pool people generally feel playful and truly enjoy the waters soothing nature.


  8. Vanessa says

    I would love to teach pilates! I love pilates because it’s challenging and relaxing too. Maybe yogalates!? haha. Omg so excited for Half Off Happy Hour at Starbucks!!! BTW- I still haven’t tried pumpkin pie spice and I need to!!:)


  9. Ashley says

    I would love to teach spin!! At my old gym, our instructor had an accident on the way to the gym so a fellow gym member and myself got up front together and led the class. This happened to me one other time after that and I was hooked!!!


  10. says

    Yumm. A frapp sounds good right now.
    If I could teach a class it would be Body Pump. I have been taking the class for years now. I just haven’t made the huge step in becoming an instructor. It is on my bucket list.


  11. says

    Oh that water fitness will be good to know….you can get free vacations if you offer to teach classes while at the resort (water fitness is a big one, so is yoga)! Also good to know about the Fraps, thanks! I Love teaching bootcamps bc you you can do whatever you want/ feel like!


  12. says

    ooooh i love water fitness workouts. so much fun :) if i could instruct a fitness class my top choices would be: water fitness, yoga, and zumbe closely followed by cycling. i wonder how one goes about getting certified for a water fitness instructor. . .


  13. MK says

    YOU PLAYED WATER POLO?!? I get really excited when I hear about people that played, that I don’t already know, because its so rare! I played in high school and then went on to play at the University of Florida. Where did you play in high school? I am now living in Austin TX, which isn’t big on water polo, or water in general. They drain all the outside pools for half the year, which I’m totally not used to!


  14. says

    I’d really love to be able to teach spinning. I love the music side of it along with a gruelling workout.

    Hurrah for birthday Startbucks!


  15. Stephanie says

    Do you guys have Turbo Kick down in FL? Once you do it a few times you are addicted! The music is great and the moves are fun. I basically do it because it is so fun and end up leaving super sweaty and burn 500+ calories in an hour.


  16. Tamara says

    Yay that sounds like it will be lots of fun, and something you’re familiar and comfortable with!!
    If I could teach any fitness class it would be jazzercise. Mostly because I love being able to blast fun music ( dance mix ’93 anyone? ) and jazzercise classes are always a blast!


  17. Michelle says

    Congrats Julie! I love your blog! I have been teaching Group Power (which is Body Pump but with a different company, Body Trainings Systems) and Group Kick (which is equivalent of Body Combat but with BTS) for a couple of years now. I absolutely LOVE teaching a fusion of martial arts Kickboxing class, as well as resistance training! I am also going to start doing Boot Camps/Conditioning classes (for kids and adults). There is nothing like teaching fitness classes. You will love it…and I can tell you will like the water classes:)


  18. says

    Ooo water fitness is intriguing! I’ve never taken many workout classes, so I have no idea what I’d teach. You’ve really peaked my interest in BodyPump though. That’s the one type of class that I really want to try.


  19. says

    I teach a bunch of classes right now (Dynamax boot camp, SHRED/Total Body Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, UXF Burn), but if I could get trained in sometihng else, it would be TRX! Water aerobics would be awesome, too, as I have a lot of the same water sports experience as you do.


  20. Clara says

    there was a lady teaching ‘legs, bums and tums’ classes at my old gym and I thought I’d love doing that since I went to pretty much all of her classes anyway and she was always happy and talking to all the girls that came in every week. It was just like hanging out with friends but being paid to work out. Perfect! :D


  21. Andrea @pencils and pancakes says

    I’ve been going swimming because I’m limited from my back injury and I love it!!!


  22. says

    I’ve always wanted to teach a yoga class. I love doing yoga and wish I did it more often.

    I haven’t had a Frappuccino in a really long time. I usually only ever get Starbucks when I’m at the airport. Maybe I’ll go to take advantage of the deal!


  23. says

    I’ve never taken water fitness classes so I’m not really sure which is best. It’s something I always wanted to do for my cardie health. I think I’ll try a class this summer.


  24. AJ says

    I have never taken a real water fitness class so that sounds really cool! I would love to teach a crossfit-like class that does high intensity circuit training. Congrats to you!



  25. Andrea K says

    I teach group Pilates classes and adult ballet and just love it. I have been a dancer since I was little and sharing it with students such a great way to keep my love of dance alive.


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