It’s Cookie Time: Troop Beverly Hills Style

This morning began dark and early with the buzz of my alarm at 4:20 a.m.

I arrived at the gym just before it opened and helped get everything organized for the day ahead. My shift passed by quickly, which surprised me yet again. Perhaps the constant interaction with gym members and the overall energy is to blame? Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

The high point of my shift came at 9 a.m. when I took a small group of women through a functional training workout.

Do you remember when I blogged about the whiteboard workouts at my gym? Well, a few times a week a personal trainer at my gym leads a group of people through the whiteboard workouts in an informal functional training workout.

The whiteboard workouts are posted all the time, but occasionally a trainer will lead a group through the workout, demonstrating the exercises for those who may be unfamiliar with certain movements and showing ways to make them more challenging for those who want to increase the intensity of the workout.

Today I took my group through the following functional training workout:

Functional Workout

I loved every minute of it and the women said they felt like they got their butts kicked in a good way. That was my goal!


I ate another delayed lunch this afternoon of tuna salad with a toasted whole wheat English muffin.

Tuna salad

Plus a cup of Greek yogurt with lemon curd stirred in for a little sweetness!

Greek yogurt with lemon curd

It’s Cookie Time!

After lunch, I got to work in the kitchen. I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to bring to Sarasota tomorrow since we’ll be spending Mother’s Day weekend with my mother-in-law!

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Cookie dough 074-001

Sadie managed to look pathetic enough to coerce me into sharing one of the beaters full of cookie dough. (Chocolate chip-less dough, don’t worry!)

dog eating dough

As I was making the cookies, the most random – yet fabulous – song popped into my head.

A box of them would be so niiiiiice

Cheap at even half the price

It’s cookie time!

Please tell me that a few of you are Troop Beverly Hills fans, too. My friend Kristen and I were just a little obsessed with that movie when we were younger. (Kristen actually just got engaged last weekend! Yay!) That song is so darn catchy!

Now I’m off to get some pizza with Ryan. I’ll see you guys in the morning! Have a great night!


  1. katie says

    love that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to ( still do) wish i was in there troop! lol have a great weekend! xoxo


  2. says

    OMG When I saw your dog licking the cookie dough I thought OH NOOOOO that’s chocolate but… Then I read closely – PHEW, chocolateless!!! 🙂 PS: Totally want to relive my youth and watch that movie again!

    I remember when I used to go to the gym at 4am, I would always think to myself how much credit I gave the gym employee because their shift was over at 6am, meaning they started at around 11pm, yeah, I could NEVER do that!


  3. says

    Looks like I found a good workout to add to tonight’s workout!! Thank you for sharing. I am sure my arms will feel those push ups tomorrow. I am going to see how many I can do without resorting to my knees! Have a great evening.


  4. says

    I used to LOVE that movie. I am not sure what made it so good, but I could watch it over and over and not get sick of it. Not that they needed any help, but I have a feeling that movie helped boost sales of girl scout cookies ;-).

    Love hearing about your experiences as a trainer. I’m at a bit of a career crossroads and evaluating what would be right for me…Personal training has crossed my mind but I’m not sure if I have what it takes or if I would even be able to do it…or if I would be any good!


  5. says

    OMG totally loveeeeeee Troop Beverly Hills- was just telling my son about it and I believe commented on someone’s blog that it was one of my favorite movies (maybe Tina over at Carrots n Cake last week, can’t recall for sure but I think so)…I need to get the DVD! Have a great weekend


  6. says

    I loved that movie! When I got my wisdom teeth out nine years ago, my husband (then bf) looked high and low for it and couldn’t find it anywhere!
    My favourite part is when the mom is telling a ghost story and the punch line, scary part is that she got a perm!


  7. says

    I admire the early shift workers at the gym so much. One of my friends used to work for our college rec and he’d have to get up at 5 to get to work on time. I’d be so cranky as an early morning worker!

    I’ve never tried lemon curd, but your greek yogurt cup looks delicious. And I’m a little more than obsessed with Fage 2%!


  8. says

    Lemon curd in Greek yogurt… Genius! Kind of along the same lines as apple butter which is one of my favorite yogurt add-ins. Either way, better than the sugar-added, fruit on the bottom stuff! Great idea 🙂


  9. Brittany says

    I wish you were my trainer. I am so intimidated by pretty much every trainer at every gym I have ever visited, and feel as though they look down on me and think they are superior. That’s just the jibe I feel, perhaps I am totally wrong and suck at interpreting those individuals, but you seem like you truly enjoy helping others with their fitness challenges and it is nice to hear of someone who is genuinely interested and invested like that! Have a good weekend!


  10. Gina c says

    Loved that movie!!! I wanted their re-designed uniforms and backpacks so badly! And I recall asking my mother if canary diamonds really did sing!!! Thx for bringing back wonderful memories!


  11. says

    Lemon curd added to greek yogurt is a great idea! I can’t wait to try it. I love reading your blog. I love reading about your adventures and seeing your workouts and food. Hope you have a great weekend!


  12. says

    So I don’t even like tuna but the last two days when you’ve put pictures up of that tuna salad, you’ve made me want some! It looks so good! I think I might try that with some shredded chicken 🙂


  13. says

    Oh man, I was obsessed with that movie. In fact I own it :). I love that tori spelling was in it too, one of the red feathers.
    I might have to watch that movie this weekend, lol!


  14. Jodea @ says

    When I first saw the lemon curd I thought it was an egg yolk! Great idea – the lemon not the egg :p !


  15. says

    That workout looks tough but a lot of fun, I’m going to have to give it a go as it looks like even a good one to do at home 🙂

    I don’t know if I would have been able to give up raw cookie cough beaters to be licked to my dog I would have licked them clean myself 🙂


  16. Kristin says

    Thank you for the random movie reference! I looooved that movie as a kid and haven’t thought about it in forever!


  17. says

    Holy canoli that workout looks insane. I can’t imagine doing 150 push ups. I’ll have to try this out since its a full body workout and I really do want to improve my upper arm strength.


  18. says

    This workout looks awesome and perfect for times when I’m traveling and don’t have any equipment. All the moves sounds pretty easy and doable on their own but I’m sure it’s a butt-kicking workout, just like the ladies said. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂


  19. says

    I just discovered your blog and added it to my reader. I know you’re a keeper because Troop Beverly Hills is AMAZING! I owned it on VHS and wish I still had a player to watch it. 🙂


  20. Merri says

    This throwback was hilllarrrrious!!!! I LOVED Troop Beverley Hills lol….omg i must have watched it so many times!


  21. Alisha says

    Love that movie! I watched it all the time! I even got my first kiss while watching it when I was 12 haha so romantic!


  22. Nicole says

    Hahaha! Loved that movie!! Maybe for Kristen’s bachelorette party, ya’ll need to come up with a personalized rendition of that song, complete with the choreography.

    A big boquet would be so nice,
    on the way out they’ll throw some rice.
    It’s wedding time!


  23. Jenny says

    Hi Julie! I know that this is an incredibly old post & I don’t even know if you’ll see this… I wanted to let you know that Jenny Lewis, who plays Hannah, has been a professional singer for year. She has an absolutely voice. She has a solo career and years ago she was in a band called Rilo Kiley. I think you’d really like her music, so just a fun fact if you didn’t know 🙂



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