Sarasota Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that you were able to spend some time with loved ones.

Ryan and I spent the weekend in Sarasota celebrating Mother’s Day with his family.

Fagan Family

Isn’t Sadie the best at posing for group photos?

On Sunday morning we woke up a little after 7 a.m. and sipped on our hot mugs of coffee outside in the already hot and humid weather. I think it’s safe to say summer in Florida has arrived!

A big Mother’s Day breakfast was planned for 9 a.m. and by the time everyone arrived to dig into the delicious food, I was more than ready to eat!

Mother's Day Brunch

We had a fantastic feast of scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit salad, pecan danish and French toast.


I started with fruit, a few strips of bacon, eggs and some pecan danish and went back for more bacon, danish, a piece of French toast and fruit.

Mother's Day food


Everyone refilled their plates a few times which is how family gatherings at my mother-in-law’s house always seem to go. The food is always too darn delicious to stop at one plate.


After breakfast, we meandered into the living room to hang out.


At one point, Ryan and I sat down and started playing around on his mom’s piano which was a blast! We used to play the piano together at my sorority house in college and it was fun to play around again.

We’re both pretty terrible, but have a lot of fun trying! The only song I can play somewhat well is “The First Noel,” and I can only get away with playing that song one month out of the year. Ryan can play “Unchained Melody.” We’re both one song wonders on the piano, with the exception of the songs everyone can play like “Heart and Soul.”

Our weekend in Sarasota passed way too quickly, but it was so wonderful to spend time with family. We hope to head down to visit again soon!

Question of the Morning

  • Can you play an instrument?
  • What instrument do you wish you could play?


  1. says

    Family breakfast/brunch is the best meal ever. Also, while we’ve definitely been having some beautiful weather here, we only get a couple real months of summer here. You lucky Floridians! (Though I’m not sure I’d want so much heat & humidity, to be honest.)


  2. says

    I can play the saxophone. Or at least I could in sixth grade. ;-)
    I think I could still play a few songs on it.

    I have always wanted to play the piano.

    My girls have the music gene. My oldest plays the violin and is self taught on the guitar and ukulele, writes music and sings. My youngest plays the violin and has the sweetest voice. I think the music gene came from their father’s side. Their paternal grandfather was an award-winning song writer. Their paternal great uncle is a signed musician that has toured and played with and for some of the biggest names in his generation.


  3. says

    The food looks amazing. Breakfast is my favorite meal : )

    I’m the same way with the piano. I took lessons when I was younger, and now the only song I can play with both hands is “O Holy Night.”


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