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Quite a few of you out there seem to be sharing my summer slump attitude when it comes to recent work outs. There are also a bunch of you who are totally in the work out zone, which is awesome. Thank you to everyone who offered up some great workout programs and possible fitness goals in the comments section of my morning blog post!

Since quite a few of us seem to be in need of a fitness goal for a little extra exercise motivation, I figured I would highlight some of the recommendations you guys provided to me, as well as a few fitness goal ideas I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while.

  • Train for a sprint triathlon
  • Train for a duathlon
  • Barre3 Challenge
  • Create a yoga challenge (Example: Take x-number of yoga classes a week/month)
  • Insanity DVD
  • P90x DVD
  • Train for an open-water swimming event

One Piece Speedo

Lots of awesome suggestions!

I am most intrigued by Jess’ Summer Shape Up Plan and training for a triathlon or duathlon. My only hang up when it comes to training for a triathlon or a duathlon is the biking! Though I love spinning, I don’t own a road bike and do not want to invest any money into a bike since I’m not really into biking outdoors. Plus, it kind of freaks me out! I’m on the lookout for a race that incorporates only swimming and running but they’re really hard to find. If anyone knows of any in the Central Florida area, please let me know!


With all of your awesome work out suggestions rolling in, I felt 10 times more inspired when it came time to do my own workout today.

I ended up completing Day One of Jess’ Summer Shape Up, which included a legs and core workout. (Just FYI – Jess will be giving birth to a baby girl any day now! Very exciting!) I did a 30-minute workout on the treadmill to start before I completed Jess’ workout. The leg workout was short, so I completed an extra round before moving onto the core workout. I loved both components and am looking forward to the next workout tomorrow!


By the time I made it home, I was more than ready for lunch.

healthy egg salad

I fixed myself a plate of egg salad with pita slices for dipping and served it with a side of fresh strawberries and almonds for some healthy fats.

healthy egg salad recipe

It was a very satisfying lunch!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is one fitness-related goal that you have achieved that made you feel like a rock star?

When I finished the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in under two hours, I was really proud of myself. I was also really proud when I passed my NASM personal trainer exam.


  1. says

    Hey Julie! What a great list of potential goals! Have you considered eventually trying to get BodyPump available at your gym/being a BodyPump instructor? I recently started attending BodyPump and now I totally understand your obsession with it! It’s AMAZING.


  2. says

    It may seem like a small accomplishment, but the first time I did a chin up I felt like a rockstar! I have also been doing Insanity for some workout variety… I highly recommend it as a supplement to regular workouts but I question the safety of doing it for 60 days straight… seems a little insane (for lack of a better word!)


  3. says

    There are so many things that if I were blessed with crazy athletic ability and extra time to train, I’d love to do (triathalon and 50-milers, I’m looking at you!). Unfortunately, I have neither, so I’ll settle for my 10ks/halfs/possible fulls for now. 😉 (Because, you know, that’s not insane enough already!) Finishing my first half-marathon is and will always be one of the greatest moments of my life. Due to life circumstances, I didn’t do any training the last 2.5 weeks of my plan, and hit a giant wall with 4 miles to go–but nothing compares to that moment when you cross the finish line for the first time.


  4. Megan says

    I ran a Tough Mudder in April and absolutely loved it! Training for it was fun too because I had to incorporate strength and cardio, unlike training for a half marathon where the focus is centrally on running! Tough Mudder has workout circuits on their website that I used to build up my stamina and strength needed to get through the ten mile course.


  5. says

    I’ve looked into swim/run events, and I think they’re called “aquathlons”, in case that helps your search.

    My fiance and I both finished our first marathon together last month, and it was definitely the hardest fitness goal I’ve achieved. Now I’m planning to PR my next 5k, this September in NYC.


  6. says

    I finished my 3rd half marathon a couple of weeks ago and got a major PR, which was just awesome and so rewarding. Now, however, I’ve definitely fallen into a workout slump. I’m apparently very goal-oriented when it comes to working out! I signed up for Gina’s Summer Shape-up though and so far I’m loving that, plus it’s helping with the slump.


  7. says

    I’m about to run my first half but after that I’m thinking about a sprint tri, I’ve been swimming a lot as cross training and I never thought I’d be able to swim very far until I realized that I was completely miscalculating my distance and actually doing about a mile at a time! (still not very far for real swimmers but a lot for me!)


  8. says

    Awesome fitness goal ideas!
    I”m always looking for ways to improve my strength and get a little more muscles to my skinnier frame.
    Once I achieved my pilates instructor course I was really proud of myself, mostly because just two years ago I suffered from such horrible panic disorder that I couldn’t even leave the house. So getting up and teaching in front of people was a huge realization over how far I’ve come in that department.


  9. Esther says

    Until last summer my “swimming” skills basically consisted of doggy-paddling and staying afloat in deep water. I decided to challenge myself and took swimming lessons, which were great, but I was still really nervous about going to the gym and swimming laps on my own. After an injury kept me from running I bribed myself to go to the pool – the first time I just told myself I had to stay in the pool for 15 minutes, no matter how long I had to rest between laps. I kept going back though, and the day I swam 1650 yds was one of my biggest fitness accomplishments, up there with running my first half marathon.


  10. Naomi says

    I am currently doing Gina’s summer shape up! We are in week 2 and I am loving it so far. It’s a nice change of pace and just what I needed for some extra motivation. I definitely understand where you are coming from with the whole summer slump thing!


  11. says

    My biggest fitness accomplishment took less than a minute, but is still the thing I’m most proud of. I had to do a fitness test to get my job that included an obstacle course and a 150 lb drag. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the drag, but I did it! I do the test every year, but I’m still most pumped about the first one.


  12. says

    Hitting my half marathon goal time without going over or under by even 1 second was a great feeling!

    I’d love to run a marathon, but trying to train when travelling is so difficult. One day I’ll do it.


  13. Alex A says

    I did Jess’ day one workout yesterday. My legs, butt, and shoulders are super sore today!! I’m excited to continue doing her fitness plan.

    As for biking my mom really doesn’t like it either but she somehow puts herself through. I have been to a duathalon event and you don’t have to have a super nice bike. A lot of the duathalon a and triathalons you can do with a team as a relay. So if you know someone who likes to bike they could do that portion and you could do the running and swimming.


  14. Laurel says

    I know there are aquathons around here. I can’t remember where though. They are just another division of a triathlon so I’d start by looking at those races and see what types of divisions they have. There is a lot in Clermont, I know that! If you do the aquathon I’ll do the duathlon 🙂


  15. Angie says

    When I finished my first Sprint Triathlon, I felt like a TOTAL stud!! That was a goal of mine for quite some time. As a matter of fact, because I “didn’t like” to run, I started out running to train. Well….the running took off and I didn’t look back at the tri for another several years. With many 5Ks under my belt, I felt it was time to do what I originally set out to do!! I have only done 2, but I am trying for more (2 kids and full time job KINDA get in the way…but I am working on it!!! )

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

    PS…I found Jess from your blog…so THANKS for that,too!!! 🙂


  16. Jessica says

    I love reading Jess’ blog! I found her through you. When I found out I was pregnant, I was looking for workouts and information for exercising while pregnant and I remembered her guest blog a few months back. I would love to join in her summer shape up, but she has some great video and experience on exercising while pregnant.


  17. says

    Definitely finishing my first half marathon in under 2 hours as well! Thanks for posting the recommendations – I’m definitely in a workout routine slump and need to spice things up a bit.


  18. says

    When I completed my first triathlon when I was 15, I was beyond amazed with myself! I am training for a triathlon right now that is in August! I took a long break from them and I am stoked to get back into it! If you have any “brick” training ideas, shoot them my way! 🙂


  19. says

    I love these suggestions! I also love finding new blogs, and hadn’t checked out Jess’s before! I am on a mission to, and to check out the summer program. I didn’t have a chacne to comment this morning, but my motivation in the summer is hit or miss. I still like to do it, but I always feel liek I’m wasting time inside when I could be outside. I try to get it done in the morning so that doesn’t happen!


  20. says

    i attempted insanity awhile back, but got injured after a few weeks 🙂 it’s intense, ha!

    I definitely think my first marathon was huge, then getting my most recent half marathon PR. Both really required me to find out what I was made of!


  21. says

    I’ve been doing a quick yoga sequence nearly every morning that includes a 1minute plank. I used to struggle so much with planks, but now that one minute feels like nothing! So many great choices, it’s wonderful how many types of physical activities are there for people to find something they love and stick to it 🙂


  22. says

    I just finished my first ever Triathlon yesterday, and it was an olympic distance! The swim totally freaked me out and I almost grabbed onto a safety boat half way through but turned my negative thoughts into positive ones and finished! You should really consider doing one. I don’t have a road bike either and ended up borrowing a friends. I think you can rent them too!


  23. says

    Thanks for the inspirational tips… I have been working through a weight-training program with progressive resistance. I have hit a bit of a plateau, and need some kind of challenge to shake things up!


  24. Cally says

    I’m loving all the fitness stuff today! Honestly, your blog is very inspiring! I took note of a lot of your arm and leg workouts when I wanted to start lifting at the gym. I played sports through high school and would do cardio (elliptical and treadmill) and ab exercises to work out in college. I didn’t know a thing about lifting and was often overwhelmed by all the advice out there. Utilizing many of your work outs, as well as a few others, I felt inspired to start creating some of my own. The most amazing goal I ever reached was seeing results from lifting because I stopped being afraid of trying something new :).


  25. says

    I just committed to train for a triathalon and it is intimidating but do not let your fear hold you back. I just bought an awesome road bike (On Saturday) from Craigs List and am committed to do this on the cheap. I never even learned how to change gears (read my latest blog entry) so if I can do it, so can you. We should form a support group and do some of this stuff together. You Rock!


  26. says

    I love this! Just fyi, I’m a Beachbody coach which means I provide coaching for Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, etc. I’d love it if you wanted to post on that…maybe your readers want the extra support!!


  27. says

    I love your list of summer goals! Such a wide range of fitness ideas. And, thank you so much for listing my series AND trying it out. Would love your feedback: more of this…less of this, etc! I too have had figure competition on my list…wondering if it needs to resurface post-baby! I think YOU should go for it–I’ve always thought it would add another dimension to personal training too.


  28. says

    Actually starting to train for a triathlon myself!! Saving up for a bike, it’s crazy how many different things you need! But I heard once you do one you’re hooked. These are all awesome ideas to work toward though, I love having an end goal.

    Colorful egg salad! Will we see a recipe soon???


  29. Erin says

    I did my first Triathlon (the Rocketman Triathlon) as a graduation present to myself. It was great! Most tris will combine your tri and open water swim goals. Good luck on your list!


  30. Erin says

    The nice part of Rocketman was the cycling portion was done thru the Kennedy Space Center minimizing the creepy driver aspect. And you can rent road bikes.


  31. Heather says

    The Tough Mudder is AWESOME! Totally do it whenever you get the chance. It is so rewarding and honestly, the funniest time I’ve had with my friends at ANY race! And the Breast Cancer walks sound cool and I’ll definitely let my sorority know about that! Sounds like a cool event!


  32. Jenna says

    I have to say that I was totally stoked when I completed the 90 day TurboFire challenge. I was skeptical when my sister first recommended the DVDs to me, but they wound up being super challenging and TONS of fun. I’m never usually patient enough to stick with an exercise routine for very long, as I get bored easily, but this one really kept my attention, and I was super proud when I finished the challenge.


  33. says

    I just passed the NASM CPT certification last week! Now I’m not sure what direction to go… I want to start blogging about fitness and nutrition but it’s kind of a slow start.(I’m trying to figure out twitter 😉 ) I read your advise on reaching out to people and found the info very helpful! Thanks for all that you do. xo shree @squatsandgreens


  34. says

    Hey Julie,
    Just wanted to let you know that the ’30 day shred’ is actually an out dated workout, that even Jillian Michaels’ herself advises against. (I am WAY too addicted to her podcast 🙂 )- instead she recommends her ‘Ripped in 30’ workout DVD, which is a little longer of a workout, and set up a bit differently. Just wanted to give you the heads up 🙂


  35. says

    just finishing a half made me really proud of myself! I’m not a great runner, it doesn’t come easily for me, so crossing the finish line made me really happy.
    This is an awesome list…I’ve actually done p90x and 30 day shred – and I’m all for a yoga challenge!


  36. Trina says

    I’m training for my 2nd TOUGH MUDDER coming up in August!!! You will LOVE it!! It’s so awesome b/c its not a race, it’s a challenge, and the inspiration you get by participating in it is worth the brutalness!
    I printed out all of your great workouts – the fun graphic ones where you use that website and get all creative – and laminiated them to take to the gym with me! I pick a different one out of the pile to keep my workouts new and exciting! A lot of people have asked me about them at the gym! I always say, “I got it from my amazing blogger and tell them to check out, of course!” 😛 THANK YOU!!!


  37. Katie says

    My biggest fitness accomplishment hasn’t happened yet, but in September I start 9 months of Yoga Teacher Training and I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂 But my current accomplishment is getting into crow pose and holding it for several breaths. My upper body is naturally weak and not very open, so accomplishing this goal was just the confidence I needed to explore other upper body openers. 🙂


  38. says

    I definitely felt like a rockstar the first time I ran 8 miles. Running did notttttt come easy to me at first, but I kept going and now I love it. And I totally agree with the duathlon! I almost did one back in March (1/2 mi swim and 5k) but I didn’t want to do it alone. Now I seriously regret it…still sounds like so much fun!


  39. says

    Well, sheesh…I don’t know that I have any real rock star moments. Hmmmm. Maybe when I ran my first 5K just a few months after having my baby boy. I know that sounds pretty lame but I was NEVER a runner even though I had tried numerous times. Finally, something clicked(maybe the couch to 5K plan) and I was able to run and actually enjoy it. I was never a fast runner but when I ran a 5K in 28 minutes, I was definitely proud. Like I said…pretty lame, lol!!


  40. says

    I did the Insanity workouts to get toned before my wedding last year and they were AWESOME! I especially loved the first 5 discs! But the best part is how great I felt on my wedding day! Definitely recommend those!


  41. Laura says

    You can use any working bike for a sprint triathlon so don’t feel like you need an expensive bike! Lots of people are on the course using mountain bikes, etc. If you don’ have a bike, you could probably just borrow one from someone!


  42. says

    My rock star moments were finishing an ironman 70.3 and my first marathon in under 4 hours!
    Don’t get too hung up on the bike. As Laura said above borrowing one is a great option. Outdoors isn’t too scary either! I’m sure there are many gorgeous trails in the Ocala area that would be a safe way to get more comfortable in the saddle. 🙂


  43. says

    Love the Barre3 challenge and Jess’s Shape Up ideas. Thanks for sharing. I accomplished completing a 5k in under 35 minutes after just casually training for a year.


  44. Carly says

    Last year I set a goal that I would run a half marathon before I turned 30 and I accomplished that in April of this year. Now I am training for a full marathon this September! I’m excited because it will definitely be a challenge “) Aside from that I had set a specific number of miles I wanted to run this year and training for this marathon will help me accomplish that goal too!


  45. says

    You should totally do a triathlon!! You don’t need to go out and buy a road bike. You can always borrow someone’s bike or use a hybrid or mountain bike if you have one. Aqua runs are coming more popular these days, but still seem far and few between. I couldn’t tell you about any in Florida, but check out or even the USAT website for events.


  46. Kelley Fernbacher says

    This post is exactly what I needed to read today! I am good at achieving fitness goals if I have a plan and concrete goal in mind. Right now, I am waiting to to see if I get picked for a half marathon in October. Until then it is important for me to have fitness goals. I really like the idea of committing to a yoga and fitness class. My goal for the next four weeks is to go to 1 yoga class, 1 spin class, and one long run each week.


        • Robin says

          I heard it’s the end of June. I signed up with my co-worker. I ran through my entire pregnancy and the first month post-partum and got totally burnt out. 5 months later I need a reason to start again so this post about setting goals resonated with me. Nothing like a ridiculously hilly half to get you motivated, but at least we’d have firefighters, Tiffany necklaces, and Godiva chocolates waiting for us at the finish line. Good luck getting in!!!


  47. dee says

    This couldn’t have been more perfect timing! I really needed that list to kick me back into the working out spirit..once it starts heating up, I tend to fall off the “lets work out and get sweaty!” wagon. The most recent fitness-related goal that made me feel like a rockstar, or should I say, warrior, was completing a half marathon and a warrior dash on the same day 🙂 I was definitely feeling like a weekend warrior that day!


  48. Elena says

    On Sunday I completed my first triathlon! It was an all women’s sprint triathlon, and the swim was in a man-made beach, so it was a bit easier than open water. Perfect for a first timer! It was super fun… And I have a feeling I’m going to get addicted! Looking for more to sign up for this summer!


  49. says

    I really want to complete a triathlon but the biking holds me up as well!! I have a couple of friends who have been in nasty biking accidents during triathlons, which completely freaks me out! PLUS I don’t own a road bike either. The tough mudder and spartan races sound super fun and I really want to do one of the two in the near future!


  50. says

    Love that Tough Mudder is on your must do list! I just finished mine a week and a half ago. And it was TOUGH. But I was so proud to have finished! If you sign up for any New England ones, be prepared to climb multiple mountains multiple times, by far the hardest “obstacle”! I’d really love to do a sprint triathlon too. I’m toying with the idea of doing one in the late fall. I need to practice my swimming and biking a lot though! Might be more of a springtime goal for me.


  51. says

    I’m sort of with you on the whole triathonlon thing- but for me, I would want a race that is just running and bikinig! Haha. I have never really been good at swimming- I never really learned “the right way” to do it so I feel as though I would struggle with that part of the race for sure! Maybe you could organize a dual-athon with just running and swimming somewhere in your area?


  52. says

    Actually, my yearly fitness goal happens this week: do a fathers day 15 K…..Win a plaque for placing……sign it with kind words..give to dad for fathers day! Gotta do good, gotta do good Saturday- or dad will be presentless.


  53. says

    I think when I did my full marathon. I felt like poop after and didn’t really love the time I finished, but now being able to tell people I did one makes me proud.


  54. Beth Pierce says

    The other day, I noticed our gym schedule listed BodyPump as one of the classes offered, and my husband and I decided to try it last night (we usually just hit the weightroom and/or run on the treadmill). It was AWESOME! Thanks for the recommendation!


  55. says

    I will NEVER forget finishing my first race. It was only a 5k, but I was literally 10 years old and had never trained for running in my life. It was strictly sports conditioning. But when I was invited to participate, I fell in love with running and, cheesy as it sounds, I’ve never been the same. Hope you find a new fitness goal just as satisfying! 🙂


  56. Josette says

    This morning I did my first spin class. I thought it was going to be cake (because I have been trail running a lot lately) but it was not! So it is now my goal to spin twice a week. Nailed it!


  57. Samantha says

    Hi Julie!

    I’m in a bit of a slump too (if that’s what you wish to call it) as about a month ago, I fractured my foot. I’ve been in a boot since then, and my health journey has been lacking since I can’t seem to exercise. So, my question to you: do you have any exercises routines or ideas that I can do with an injury? I miss working out!

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


  58. says

    A fitness related goal I have had that made me feel like a Rockstar is;
    I joined a Hockey League again, so I had something to train for during the week…
    I progressed every week, and I eventually lead the league in stats, so I moved up to a tougher league… etc… Seeing results in the game makes me feel like a Rockstar.



  59. Stephanie Clement says

    Why not make your own swin-run duathalon! Plan it yourself and invole your co-workers and clients….nothing huge, but something to do!


  60. says

    The fitness goal I’m most proud of is completing a half marathon 🙂 I’m still not fully recovered from it (I hurt my knee), but once I am.. I’d love to do it again and try to beat my previous time!


  61. Jenn says

    I’m so interested in the Summer Shape Up Plan. I’ve been looking for ways to shake up my routine and try new exercise combos. I also love Body Pump (which I take Mondays and Wednesdays). How would you recommend combining the two programs??

    Thank you for sharing! You’re so optimistic and real about what it takes to exercise!


  62. Haley says

    I’m a competitive swimmer. I would recomend going to a swim meet, if you’re looking for a just swimming race. There are a lot of short events, but also longer ones, if thats more what you’re into. I would sugest doing a 500, 800, 1000, or mile swim(1650/1500 depending on the course of the pool). You can do more than one race in a day, and meets are super fun.


  63. AJ says

    I have done 2 Tough Mudders and they make me feel like SuperWoman when I’m done! They are SUCH a challenge but you and Ryan would love it. Also, you might be able to sign up for a tri as a team with someone and have them do the biking and you do the other two? Or maybe you can rent a bike?



  64. Kayla says

    I have done Jillians 30 day shred and you will feel accomplished after completing it! I also love a cardio dvd Bob Harper has….I’m ready to break them back out again!



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